Kimbereley Walsh Reveals Her Size: UK 10 on Top, 12 Below


New Look’s image and Girl Aloud’s member Kimberley Walsh was kind enough to share her size with us (and it’s not the overly-popular-in-Hollywood-must-be-size-2) and a few thoughts about body image. From Daily Mail:

‘I’m always being told I should do a lipstick ad because of my huge mouth,’ she laughs. ‘But I think my skin might be too old for a beauty campaign. I’m 28 now. The wrinkles are starting to show!’

‘I’m like any other normal girl, I have ups and downs; I can focus and be healthy for a few weeks and then I’ll have a bad week. If I ate what the rest of the girls ate I’d be three times the size, but at the same time, I’m not vain enough to starve myself. I’d much rather be content in my life and a normal size. I’m a 10 on top and a 12 below. I think it’s quite good for young girls that in the band we’ve all got different figures.’

About her first quote: Yeah, right! She’s gorgeous.

I know that there are endless debates on this topic, but what would you say: A UK size 12 is the equivalent of a US…? And a European size… ? Anyway, she’s the only band member that maintained her shape and weight since the beginning of her career (while all others have lost weight).

See more pictures of Kimberley after the jump! She’s 5’5” in case you’re wondering.




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64 thoughts on “Kimbereley Walsh Reveals Her Size: UK 10 on Top, 12 Below”

  1. I think her UK sizings sound/look right. However, I don’t think the US-UK conversion and US vanity sizing gives her credit.

    Anyway, she is gorgeous and is truly embracing her body. In the UK, she is the only GA member who gets consistently POSITIVE press about her figure rather than the others who are always too thin, gaunt, skinny, tired etc.

  2. The internet converters usually say a size 12 would be a European 40 / US 10, but in my experience a 12 is more like a 38, idk if that’s an 8 in the US, some say it would be a 6.. Anyway at these pics she looks about 38-40 to me, and i think she seems like a grounded nice gal, and is very beautiful.

    • UK 12 = US 8 = Europe 38/40
      UK 10 = US 6 = Europe 36/38

      I think you’re right about the more often than not 12 is 38, and 10 is 36.

      • How is it possible?
        If US 6 is size EU 36,
        then US 4 is size 34
        and US 2 (which is sooo popular in US) is a EU 32, which does not even exist, even though people are thinner in Europe than in the US.
        So what would a size 0 be? or a 00?
        How is this logical?

        • I agree, I am wondering the same thing all the time.
          I am from Europe, super skinny and a size 36. It simply kills me when people say I am a US size 6 or 4. It really affects me 🙁 because it makes me feel that I am so much bigger than all these celebrities.

          • Count me in. I am europe 34/xs (and in certain brands that is too big yet they do not make anything smaller!!!) so i’m no way, no how us 4. Conversion is outdated. It affected me just like you in the beginning than i just said, oh what the heck, that’s bs that makes no sense. And i googled it and i found out that actualy the infamous size 0 is a regular eu 34 (sometimes 32 but again, they don’t usually make that; whenever i came across a 32 was in brands that had a bigger than normal 34)

          • That´s because US sizes are so much bigger than European. When I´m in the US I have to go at least two sizes down from what I normally wear. In jeans I use 28 or 29 inches, but when I buy jeans in the US I always have to buy 26 inches to get a pair that fits.

        • US size 0 is a UK size 4 (but I’ve never seen a size 4 on the rack – it exists in very few places). Mostly sizing starts at size 8 (US 4), maybe 6 (US 2).

          I think that, while Europe is “thinner” than the US in general, they are thinner in the more “normal category, so UK 6 – 12, say, rather than lots of people been really really skinny. More like on an average, people are thinner because neither extreme (skinny minny or obese) is too common.


          • Not really; just on a normal day walking down the street i see so many young women in the range 18-30something who are very skinny, hollywood skinny. What we consider average is considered thin in other places…

          • In America the actual sizes are much different, too! I went to NY when I was a UK size 8 and got into a US size 2 (which should be a size 6, right?)…their clothing sizes are much bigger…so a size zero in US would really fit a size 6 etc…
            whereas in experience I have find EU sizes to be quite small, especially in countries like Italy.
            It’s less the size on the label and more the physical size… hence why women can be a size 8 in one store and a 12 in another 🙂

            I think Kimberley looks amazing, she is bigger than the other girls sure, but her waist is tiny if you actually look at it and she is very toned and in shape 🙂 great role model for girls everywhere!

  3. I would say maybe American 6 on top and 8 on bottom? I usually just subtract 4 although many just subtract 2. It really depends on the fit! In Canada I fit into a 4-6 and in the UK I am now an 8-10, but it depends on the fit, sometimes I need a 12 for my butt! Haha. In any case she looks so amazing 🙂

    • I substract 6… or even 8! 🙂 I actually bough the same classic cut type of dress for my job in all these parts of the world.

  4. I am solid UK 12 as well. I moved a lot this last year and I bought clothes size 38 in Europe and size 4, occasionally 6 in US.
    My weight didn’t fluctuate. So in my experience, uk 12 = us 4 or 6, that’s how I fit.

  5. it’s nice to see someone being honest about their weight, she actually looks like the size she says she is and she is a good size. i bet she could fit in a 10 on the bottom, the fit of a size can differ depending on the brand and the store anyway

  6. Personally I am not a huge fan of her body shape, but I can’t deny she is a very pretty girl! She seems to have a good head on her shoulders! I also think she looks really hot in the last photo, her waist looks teeny.

  7. A UK 12 is about equivalent to an US 8, but she looks for like a US 10 to me. She looks good, though. My only criticism is that her calves could use some more definition.

  8. The last time I was in the UK, I found adding four to my normal US size would give me a pretty equivalent UK size. Sometimes I needed to add six, but generally four was a good fit.

  9. In that picture of them in the purple none of them look real! Eughhh. I hate the look these girls go far. It’s trashy and I don’t think any of them are remotely attractive.

    Size wise, size 10/12 uk is size 6/8 us. I’m a ten uk, and I’m definitely skinnier than her, but considering she is 7 inches shorter than me i’d say she is the size she claims.
    Good on her for being comfortable with her body.

  10. Wow… she is a beautiful women. It is so nice to see someone who is healthy, honest, and comfortable with their body. I have struggled and battled so much with my weight over the years. I am naturally about her height with a very large booty and she gives me the reassurance that it is okay not to be 6ft tall and 100 pounds 🙂

  11. Uk12 is EU 38/40, depending on the brand. If no vanity sizing is applied a eu 34 is uk 6, so uk 12 is eu 40. But if vanity sizing is applied or i don’t know what else, well, go to the store and figure it out! She is probably a size M, regardless the sizing chart you are applying.

  12. I’m a 8/9 in Australian sizes and I’m pretty pretty sure that means I’m a 4/5 in American sizes but ack! I don’t know
    Does anybody here know?

  13. hahahahah this size thing is all funny. And a little depressive, actually. Convertions say I should be a size 12. Please let me laugh…
    I live in Eastern Europe and I am a size 42. And I have multiple pairs of jeans which I bought in US which are all size 4.

  14. I’ve never really noticed her before, but she is exactly the same height and clothes size as me…and her figure is similar to mine so I guess she’s telling the truth!

    And I think it’s near impossible to convert sizes, especially when they vary so much anyway. I own clothes ranging from size 6-16 and I’ve always been the same size!

  15. About the size thing: I’m Italian, and I’ve lived both in France and in the Uk, and I can tell you that I am a British size 8, which is an exact size 40 in Italy and an exact size 36 in France (European size). That means that a british size 10/12 is a european size 38/40.

    American sizes are quite a mistery to me though… Again, I am a European size 36 but my Abercrombie jeans are a size 0 waist 25… So I guess that in the US this girl could fit into any size from a 2 to a 6…

    • i had the same experience with the sizes, and i agree with your conversion…UK 10/12 is italian 42/44 and EU 38/40! but i never understood US sizes…they vary very much depending on the brand.

  16. I think she is being honest, and I am glad someone is, for once. I like her quote, she seems like a responsible person and her figure looks good in my opinion.
    The only thing I wonder about is how all the girls in the band have suuch different bodies?! To me, as far as I know, they’re all very thin except for Kimberley?

  17. I’ve lived all over the place. Currently in Europe and regularly travelling around (including to the UK). I’m a UK 8, EU 36 (sometimes 34, depends on store), US 2, but was fitting into more and more 0, 00 and 000 when I was close to leaving (about a year ago now). Vanity sizing is happening faster there than in the UK and Europe (more than a decade ago I was a UK 10 without any weight change). So, despite what I’m going to guess from my experience I don’t think the US sizing will be accurate if it has continued the way it is going… She might be a US 4 on top, US 6 on bottom. EU 38 on top, EU 40 on bottom.

  18. Personally, I kind of like clothes shopping when I don’t know what size I “really” am if the clothes use a different sizing system. It kind of helps me focus on how the clothes fit instead of some (arbitrary?) number.

    I would also like to say that regardless of size, finding clothes that fit one’s body is the best way to look good 🙂

    • lol i totally agree with you! in the last year and a half i stopped looking for the sizes, i just look at the overall shape and usually i get right! of course in the dressing room i bring also a size smaller/larger only to be sure, but i usually get it right! i do that due to the fact that with h&m/zara and all these other high street brands the sizes became a total mess…every brand has its own!does it happen to you too?

  19. i so agree with her; id rather be content with my size then try to be a size that isnt natural for me and be miserable. and she can so do a beauty ad campaign, shes gorgeous!

  20. She has such a good body, really flat stomach and round everything else. She is the only one in the group that has not tried in desperation to get as thin as possible, becuase she knows she has a body worth keeping. She always looks good in pictures, she carrys her weight brilliantly.

  21. Well Kimberley has always been the prettiest member of the band in my opinion. I mean everyone goes on about Cheryl but a lot of her beauty is down to extensions, expensive beauty treatments and fake tan. I definitely admire Kimberley for having the strength and confidence not to slim down to be like her band mates. She does look noticeably bigger than them in concerts but that is cos they are all like sticks (apart from Nadine who is an extreme apple shape with a tummy but the skinniest legs ever)

  22. really pretty. good example of working with what you have.
    i wouldnt want her legs but i would love to have her waist… if she was one of those crazies who starved until her legs got slimmer, she would look emaciated and unhappy from the waist up.

  23. hey guys.
    I live in Germany and I am a XS/34 Europe size. I’m not “skinny” but I am quite petite 🙂 My figure is similar to Kim Kardashian’s but my butt isn’t as huge as her’s. I would like to order some nice stuff of the TopShop-Online store but I am not sure which size sits well on me. A 4? or a 6??? any help?

    • I would say u’re a 4 UK, but buy a 6… u can always alter a dress that’s a number bigger, but there’s nothing u can do if it’s too small. Hope it helps, although I’m very confused with the conversions also.

      One other thing you can do is measure yourself and use the store’s online size chart.

      Good luck.

  24. i’m not a fan of pear shapes (which i think she is) and i also think that she could lose some weight on her legs(not much, just a couple of pounds-they remind me of mine, on the chunky side XD) but if she feels ok in her own skin then kudos to her, plus i really REALLY admire her for not being stick-thin like the other girls, and think she looks much more beautiful and sexier, especially in the third pic, compared to the other girl’s legs she looks great while the other girl looks just miserably skinny (imo-and the again, maybe that’s her natural size)

  25. Versus, I have a question. 🙂

    While we’re on the subject of pear shapes, I as wondering if you could answer a question for me about my body type. I have a very pear-bottom (the characteristic curvy hips and upper thighs, and slightly undefined lower thighs, but with more toned that characteristic for a pear calves.) With a pear-ish top (small waist, but a little more love-handley like an hourglass) and large breasts.

    I always thought I as an hourglass, but in my observation I’ve found true hourglasses to be a little slimmer in the legs than I am. I’m not sure whether I’m an hourglass and chalk my slightly-larger legs up to muscle, or if I’m just a deformed pear.

    • 🙂 I would have to see you to be truly accurate!
      But…. you sound like an hourglass, since you mentioned you have large breasts and slight love handles – if your shoulders are aligned with your hips (around same width), then you are one.
      The size / tone of your legs is not an essential element in this case, since pears and hourglasses usually have similar legs (non-skinny, thick thighs) – it’s true that the typical pear has thicker calves as well, like Kimberley here, and hourglasses mostly have thin calves, but there are exceptions.

  26. I’m a size 8/10 UK, a size 4/6 US, and a size 40/42 EU (I shop online a lot :D)

    However, if I use size conversion charts, I get different sizes than those.

    Apparently a 10UK is a 8 US (not a 6, the one that fits me) and a 38 EU (which might be way tight on me)… funny, ha?

    • Conversion charts are sooo out there useless. A 10 UK in Topshop (which is a pretty standard size, without vanity extra inches) has a 35.5 inch hip. No way in hell is that an 8 US.

      I’m a 36 inch hip, and I USUALLY fit a 36EU, 8UK, and 4 US.

      But it’s not so rare that I find myself swimming in a pair of 6UK, and at the same time barely squeezing into a size 10UK on some pants.

      Also I have 34EU pants as well as 40EU pants which fit me the same.

      Also have a US 2 pants which fit me perfectly, and a size 0 pants which are too big in the waist (huh?).

      Sizes don’t mean anything anymore.

      • if there is one thing i learned from this comment (as well as some others on this post) is this: don’y buy online; don’t buy until you try it on. Cool lesson for today, what can i say lol

  27. she looks like uk 12 on top and 14 below to me, though of course it’s rather relative – i guess she could ‘squeeze’ into a uk 10 and 12. nadine coyle looks amazing there! her tan and gorgeous legs.

  28. oh wow! she’s absolutley stunning. I adore the dress in the first picutre with the huuuuuuuuuuuuuuge corsage! its lush. And with regards to her figure she is a very attractive women with a killer body, she may not be stick thin, but if you ask alot of the men in britain, she would beat the others in girls aloud, or joint with cheryl because she’s soo natural in everyway. shes a very lucky lady !!

  29. I can only speak from my own experiences of buying clothes, but in general I buy a size 34/36 in EU sizes, size 8 in UK sizes and size 0/2 in American sizes.
    Then there’s the French and Italian sizes, which are a completely different story.

  30. I dont think she is being entierly honest. She looks a 12 on top and at least
    a 14 on the bottom, her legs her too heavy for her to be classed as a uk 12.

  31. wow did she really say she’s “not VAIN enough to starve herself”? does she really think anorexia is about vanity? that is so shallow, uninformed, and insensitive.

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