Kourtney Kardashian Is 116 Lbs at 5 Feet Tall


Updates on her post-baby weight loss:

‘it’s Monday! Ps: I’m 5 feet tall, so everyone relax I’m on a workout kick, trying to bring some Monday motivation.’

… says Kourtney while posting proof on Instagram.



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16 thoughts on “Kourtney Kardashian Is 116 Lbs at 5 Feet Tall”

    • Amen. They don’t work! I can see people getting fuller faster. I used to have to wear steel boned corsets in a few Victorian plays, and would have them on every day from 6pm-11pm and could only have a very little dinner and a few sips of water without getting really uncomfortable. So I lost a few pounds that way, but I still don’t really see how these tight flimsy things are actually going to help. They seem to be marketing them as a way to actually change your figure and spot-shrink your waist.

      I heard they even work out in them. That just sounds unsafe.

    • its total bunk. its like saying wearing a push up bra will eventually make your b❆❆bs bigger permanently..

      sigh. please schools, teach science better

    • Of course she doesn’t NEED to lose more but I am about her height (a little taller) and I can understand that she feels uncomfortable at this weight. My natural weight is 105 lbs and I would feel very uncomfortable if I would weigh 10 lbs more all of the sudden.

    • I was 110 5ft4 but a lot more toned with muscles so I guess she can go down maybe max 10 pounds but not more. The thing is at 116 or at 106 she will look almost the same since she has a lot of curves.

  1. Really? A waist trainer? Please invest in a proper corset, that plastic shiet doesn’t do anything for ya. I really don’t think she weights 52kgs, I’m the same height as her and the same shape, seriously, that’s nowhere near 52kgs… She’s a good 5kgs or so heavier.

  2. She looks good, especially for having recently given birth and 3 kids within the last several years. She would probably look best with about a 10 lb weight loss but baby weight takes 9 months to put on and doesn’t just fall off afterwards.

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