Mixed Martial Artist Ronda Rousey in Self Magazine


Name: Ronda Rousey

Age: 28

Nationality: American

Occupation & Titles: Mixed martial artist, current UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion, Strikeforce Women’s Bantamweight Champion

Height: 5’7” / 170 cm

Weight: 134 lbs / 61 kg

Posing here for: Self Magazine

On how she relaxes after a fight:

I eat about 50 hot wings. I love hot wings. After my last fight, one of the UFC owners flew in a private chef from São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro so that he could make me hot wings, because there are no hot wings in Rio! That’s how important they are to me.

On her usual day:

I’ll wake up, eat my little chia bowl, train. Then get a sandwich, go home and make out with my dog, watch TV shows about how the universe was made while playing Taichi Panda. If you have crazy, crazy days, doing nothing is such a luxury.

… says Ronda in Self Magazine.


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48 thoughts on “Mixed Martial Artist Ronda Rousey in Self Magazine”

  1. I love that she’s a fierce athlete but I really think she weighs more… I think she weighs 135 at weigh in but not here… She looks good though

    • If you know about weight classes and what people to get there, her weight may be 135 after spending hours in the steam room, not eating the day before, running in 2 sweatshirts, not eating any salt for a week. In other words, she weighs 10-15 lbs more than that in reality.

    • Totally, I think she walks around at around 150-155. Why would this magazine say that she’s 134? She’s only 135 for about 3 hours on weigh in days.

    • Yeah, I was thinking the same thing.. I am a bit taller, and when I used to weigh 62 kg, I was quite thin, even though my bone structure is medium.. She’s very muscular, so I guess 150-155 is more accurate. She’s strong and beautiful!

  2. I’m just glad to see an actual athlete in one of these magazines. I know this isn’t exactly the sam, but it drives me crazy when I see the tiny little VS Angels in their athletic wear ad campaigns. I’m like, “you know athletes have amazing bodies right? Why not just use them in the ads…”

    • Right? That last VS ad was utterly terrible and made me roll my eyes so hard I could see my brain. Bench pressing a plastic barbell and whatnot..

      • Agreed- it was embarrassing, and also very limiting. Sort of a “women should only exercise enough to still look pretty while doing it and please never get strong enough to be able to hold your own or look stronger than an average man.” I hate VS.

  3. That’s the spirit! I just read about her teenage bulimia. It’s great that she recovered. You go, girl! She looks really powerful.

        • You said she’s rich and spoiled. Spoiled infers doesn’t deserve.l, or unappreciative. Yes, she’s rich so she can jet sone wings

          • I didn’t put words in your mouth, Google the meaning first then if you don’t understand or comprehend a word. You misspoke.

          • You put words in my mouth. I understood the word, I later on googled “spoiled” and IT MEANS pampered, and indulged, etc. So I was right. You were the one that asumed immediately that I meant something bad.

          • Then why did you need to clarify yourself? It’s ok, like you said English is not your first language and you don’t understand the meaning of spoiled.

          • I needed to clarify myself because the word has different meanings and some people assumed I meant she was a brat.

          • Well in the English language, spoiled doesn’t mean rich or indulged, it’s looked at as a negative term. Like I said unappreciative, given money for no work, etc. Keep practicing the English language before you insult Americans. Thank you.

          • When did I insult Americans? What the heck? Lol, are you a republican?

            And you keep practicing your own language:

            spoil verb (TREAT WELL)

            › [T] to ​treat someone very or too well, ​especially by being ​extremely ​generous: When I’m ​feeling ​miserable I go ​shopping and spoil myself – a ​couple of new ​dresses always make me ​feel ​better.

            Took it from cambridge dictionary, google it, I can’t paste the link because my comment gets under moderation.

          • And if I was Republican? You seem very judgmental. When you call an athlete spoiled and it doesn’t make sense (in the English language) you will get called out. Let me stoop to your level, you must be Russian

          • Sure, I’m being judgmental, I *asked* you (not assumed) if you’re a republican because from what I’ve seen, they are very nationalistic. You said “keep practicing your english before you insult Americans”, I never mentioned americans and you felt like I attacked your whole country. I only said she was spoiling herself, which, according to the dictionary, also means treating yourself very or too well. But you keep insisting that I don’t know english and that I insulted her. So I have to stop answering you here.

          • lol how many languages do you speak? I’m gonna assume you only speak English and this person you’re telling to “keep practicing English” speaks at least two, so get off your high horse.

          • You call her judgmental then claim her to be a Russian later on?Such logic much wow. And I hate when native speakers bash down foreigners for linguistic errors. I bet she speaks her mother tongue perfectly.
            As for Rhonda’s quote re hot wings, it bugged me as well. She could simply say she loves them much and wanna consume everyday. Talking about make a private chef fly for hot wings is not the most modest so yeah she ended up sounding somewhat spoiled to me.

          • That’s exactly what I meant! It might have a slight negative connotation but that doesn’t mean she’s lazy or a b!tch. I just don’t see “That’s how much I love wings” as the logical conclusion of “I have a private hot wings chef traveling with me”.

            But I’m guessing she has a lot of fans, I’ve seen worst, mean things said about other people on this site and nobody batted an eye.

          • Most often “spoiled” ( adjective ) denotes negativity. “Spoil/spoiled” CAN refer to light- hearted pampering, especially when referring to oneself or joking. However, your use of it sounds negative, especially paired with “rich”. The definition you provided is correct; it’s just that there’s more to it when you look at the living language aspects of it. Word pairings, relationship, tone play into it greatly.

          • Not to go all “words” on you, but look at the forms of pampered and indulged. They end in -ed. Meaning she was being pampered or being indulged, implying “by someone else.” The other commenter certainly didn’t put words in your mouth. She just interpreted the common use meaning of the word you used. Which is what most people do, including professionals in that sort of thing.

            Your defensiveness turned what could’ve been an “oh that’s not how j meant it! I meant…” Into a big, frustratingly non-communicative waste of time. Sorry to be harsh. I just hate seeing these comments spiral into totally off topic things.

          • If you don’t like these comments spiral into totally off topic things, then don’t keep feeding the off topic argument x).
            You’re not harsh. I think I’ve said enough.

          • Well, the topic thing was too late. I guess I meant spiraling in a combative way. I just don’t get the arguing when it’s so easy to avoid- it’s not that y’all actually disagree on Ronda and her lifestyle. But whatever, I’m just in a peaceful mood for some reason lol

    • she’s not spoiled at all, she actually said in an interview that she felt guilty about the wings chef because she didn’t want ppl to think she was a brat. if you see her talk you can tell she is not spoiled at all, just very hard-working and lucky in her talents!

      • I meant “spoiled” as indulged (had to google that since english is not my first language), not as she’s a little brat, and honestly she could only achieve having a chef traveling with her by being rich.

  4. So glad they featured such a strong woman. She is a great role model, she shows that girls can be both girly and tough and that women really are multi-faceted.

  5. I loved her the day she made no apologies for her body and said “every fibre of my body is trained for a purpose. Just because I don’t have a body tailored for ****Ing millionaires. I’m not a do-nothing-b—“

  6. 61Kg my ass…for her heigh,for all the muscle mass she might have,she would weight more than she looks,and not less than she looks. She looks like weightin 63-64 for 170heigh, that means she could be 66-67due to body composition.
    When i was training in martial arts,i was 172cm at the time, i was 58kg but looked more like 54-55max, cause my weight was made by my muscles as well. My 58kgs untrained looked different,slightly bigger.

    • i doubt she’ll lie about her weight, don’t they do weigh-ins for competitions? she might weigh more when she’s not training thou

    • No, her weight is only monitored for her weigh-ins, when she is massively dehydrated and what not. She herself admits in plenty of interviews that 135 lbs is her competition weight and not something she maintains all year round.

    • Lol, I’m positive she meant cuddle and let it kiss her. I personally don’t like my dogs slobbering all over my face,but we have been known to have major spooning sessions on the couch when I watch tv!

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