Pretty Little Liars Actress Sasha Pieterse Talks about Her 70 Pound Weight Gain

sasha-pieterse-weight-gain - Pretty Little Liars Actress Sasha Pieterse Talks about Her 70 Pound Weight Gain

Pretty Little Liars actress Sasha Pieterse, who is currently on Dancing with the Stars, opened up about her 70 pound weight gain caused by a medical condition. The full story from NY Daily News:

The 21-year-old actress told partner Gleb Savchenko that she had gained nearly 70 pounds over the past two years and only recently discovered the medical condition at the root of it all.

“I gained 70-ish pounds over two years,” she said. “It was really, really hurtful the way people reacted. People were saying stuff like, ‘she’s pregnant, you’re fat.’ They were angry, they were mad that I look like this,” she explained.

Pieterse then shared that she was diagnosed with the hormone imbalance disorder, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), very recently and “finally” she knew what was happening to her.

“’I think most importantly, I’m feeling like me again,” she said. “Being on the show, I’ve lost over 15 pounds.”

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29 thoughts on “Pretty Little Liars Actress Sasha Pieterse Talks about Her 70 Pound Weight Gain”

  1. This condition does requires empathy, but while it is quite common I am not so sure I would be ready to blame it directly for weight gain. (Then again maybe in her case .) We really should be be recognising how unhealthy lifestyles as one of the main driving factors for weight gain, but without judging over-weight people as being more greedy or lazy than those that aren’t. I know the feeling of eating unhealthy foods and feeling compelled to eat more beyond the stage of being satisfied. When I made the shift to eating more home-cooked foods prepared from mostly whole foods it was mind blowing how I no longer had to apply self restraint and would automatically stop once I had reached satiety.

      • I don’t think thats possible, I’ve been living with PCOS since i was 14, now 19. I managed to even lose 40 lb while treating my PCOS. This disorder needs you weight to be at its best because weight gain contributes to this disease. She shouldn’t blame her condition for her gain, the oppisite she should’ve tried to keep the weight off.

        • @ayrisd “it’s never happened to me before so therefore it is impossible and this woman must be wrong about her own body” is what you’re saying

          …how utterly presumptuous of you. I mean, it’s not like ppl’ s bodies react differently to certain conditions. And if you’d bothered to read, she’s already losing weight.

  2. So i had this condition and im cca 52 kgs at 170 🙂 sorry but i dont think this is the only reason for the weight gain.
    That being said – she is deff “bigish” but has a cute face. 🙂

  3. I have PCOS and the only time I ever had a weight problem was when I was eating and drinking to much. I’m sure it can affect people very differntly, but I also see it used too often as a “reason.”

    • I agree, most people easily blame some type of hormone imbalance for their tremendous weight gains. While it may cause you to gain some level of weight, you can easily counter most of it by eating less and more healthily. 70 pounds is a huge amount of weight especially for someone who was so small before. While perhaps her eating habits were the same before and after the “condition”, it doesn’t mean her eating habits before the condition were good.

    • It is really hard for me to lose weight whilst having pcos. I do know that I have to eat low-carb and watch how much I eat. Now I’m about normal weight but you really shouldn’t use it as an excuse. But I can empathize with her. Living healthy, with pcos especially, is super important and I’m happy that she is now losing it. 🙂

  4. I don’t have PCOS so my words are not from experiment but I am a doctor .So while the disease may cause weight gain and the weight gain makes hormonal imbalance worse,70 lbs sounds just way too much.When I read the title I thought the disease might have been Cushing’s disease immediately ,then this amount of gain would be understandable.But no,I think it is not fair to blame it all on the disease.
    She has a cute face and a nice skin.Hope she find the balance and gets to manage the disease..

    • Well then clearly you are not a very good doctor. I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 16 by accident during another medical test. I was a normal weight up until I hit my early 20s and in the span of two years, I gained over 75 pounds. This gain was in spite of watching and journaling everything I ate (for doctors like you!) and exercising 4-5 days a week for over an hour.
      I ended up getting so fed up with doctors that I decided to see a naturopath and do my OWN research. Turns out, PCOS can increase insulin resistance drastically (akin to diabetics).
      I have found eating a gluten free, low carb diet has helped IMMENSELY with this disease, allowing me to lose most of the weight. Additionally, I take a supplement called Insinase which helps to decrease insulin resistance. No thanks to assuming doctors. Do your own research people and do not just assume people with this disease are using it as a crutch to be fat. No one WANTS to be fat.
      This disease can also be extremely painful, leading to ovarian torsion and ruptured cysts.

      • I had exactly the same experience as you. Gained about 15 kgs over about 4 months after being skinny all my life. Diagnosed with pcos and insulin resistance. Was put on metformin and the weight fell off. I stopped the metformin since and controls it with a low carb diet. So for those saying pcos cannot cause weight gain, if it goes together with insulin resistance it certainly can. Any doctor should know this.

      • Sorry to hear about your experiment but then you have to take it into account that your metabolism changes a lot after puberty.And yeah PCOS walks hands in hand with insuline resistenca that is why we take a blood test and calculate the homa index to see the resistance.There is even a point that you can start on metformine to break it.The weight gain induces insulin resistance and vice versa,but truly,it is not COMMON for the disease to cause this much of weight gain.I didnt say it is impossible because I like the approach “there is not disease,there is paitent”.So each case is different.
        Last but not list,you do not do anything for doctors(even the ones like me)you do it for yourself.It is your effing disease,so yeah whatever you do,you do it for yourself.

        • I hope it’s not too late for people to read this. 70lbs weight gain is possible, despite following a healthy (medically approved) diet and exercise regime. I was hit by PCOS *and* hypothyroidism a decade ago and gained over 60lbs in under a year, when previously I could eat a whole lot more and move a whole lot less and easily maintain a 5’6 115lb frame. The two often go hand in hand, sometimes due to mutations in what’s called the methylation panel. Perhaps Sasha has undiagnosed hypothyroidism, too? It’s often overlooked or misdiagnosed as simple over-eating and laziness.

          Unfortunately I have other complex systemic medical issues which preclude me from taking Metformin, but I consume several teaspoons of Ceylon cinnamon daily which does help, and with continued strict diet and exercise have managed to lose 12lbs in as many months since starting on the cinnammon. I’m stuck at this current weight though and cannot do anything about it. It just refuses to budge.

  5. She must be under a lot of pressure, especially considering that her PLL co-stars are all very slim. I’m not a doctor so I don’t know if what she’s saying is correct, what I do know though is that I gained weight by going on the pill a few years back despite counting calories and working out, so I’m inclined to believe that hormonal imbalances alone can cause SOME weight gain.

  6. It’s a heck of a condition. I know enough people who suffer from it. There are mild cases where there isn’t weight gain, but others… and the unwanted hair growing everywhere. Plus it can be painful. It’s one of those cases where food has nothing (or very little) to do with it. She was pretty skinny so I don’t think she suddenly started eating 5 big macs a day. I feel for her, it’s one thing to be responsible for your weight gain, but to see it happening and have no control over it must be very frustrating and depressing.

  7. I feel so bad for her. That condition can be so utterly painful.

    I blame the costumers for PLL when it comes to the negative comments she received. They dressed her horribly and accentuated her weight gain instead of her curves and I feel that fueled a lot of the nasty comments about her weight.

  8. When will people realize that people’s minds and bodies can respond differently to the same condition? Since you don’t know for sure what is going on with someone else’s body, it is foolish to make DEFINITIVE statements.

    I’m glad she is on the road to better health. She’s pretty, even if her acting is atrocious.

  9. 5 years ago, i wouldn’t have believed her and probably would have thought similar things to what people are saying on this forum but i have a similar experience and so empathise with her a lot. at 170cm, i sat around 53kg until 27 years of age, and then in a 8 month period, i put on about 20kg. It was devastating and i was told it was because i was overeating yet my lifestyle remained unchanged – always exercised regularly and ate mindfully. so, people can say it isn’t possible but you never know how other people’s bodies react.

  10. OH hey it’s me! Seriously though, this condition is a real bitch to deal with. Not just the uneven periods, increased vaginal/cervix cancers, but on the outward appearance – excessive male-pattern facial hair, weight gain. When I was diagnosed I was eating quite healthy, at least according to my GP who had me write what/quantity/when I ate. This was to eliminate migraines that might have a food origin, and it worked really well for that. As my weight climbed steadily, and I dropped a few things from my diet, he realized something wasn’t adding up. A short test later, and looks who happens to be almost diabetic! After cutting out a large amount of sugar and limiting fruit too.

    I feel for her, it’s frustrating to say “I have ___” and people turn around with “Well, I have ___ too and I’M not a fucking whale, so you’re lying”. Like, great if that’s not what happened to you, but how shitty to tell someone they’re just exaggerating or using it as an excuse. I used to weight 97 lbs (very short) and now I’m almost 125, with no difference in diet and actually doing more working out.

  11. I watched Pretty Little Liars during its run and I was honestly disturbed by the reaction to her weight gain. “fans” of the show were brutal and quite nasty. They demanded an answer from her as if they owned her body and deserved an explanation. They harassed her on social media the whole time and wouldn’t give up even after she gave at least two in depth responses to explain her weight gain which they didn’t even deserve. I wish her the best because she’s very talented and gorgeous regardless of her size.

  12. i have the same condition and I knew something was wrong with me as my weight just wouldn’t bulge no matter what I did. I did Kayla’s guide, ate at 1200cals no carbs, and went to bed hungry every night. I did get a little lean (lost all my butt but my arms & belly still remained flabby and same size). I read researches that women with PCOS tend to have android body fat (upper body fat) and it made sense.

    Right now, I eat 1800-2000 cals, I eat carbs but I lift weights. I am a little “bigger” but I have built muscle and with that I am able to eat this amount without gaining weight so fast. Built myself a butt and am curvier. My waist is now the same size as it was when I ate 1200. It’s a long fitness journey story but to all you ladies who have PCOS and hv been trying to lose weight with doing cardio only. Try lifting weights.

  13. I love how some people react a certain way to an illness and its all of a sudden they are the know-all on the disease and everyone else allegedly should react based on their own experience with the disease. Everyone is different. Some may be able to control their weight with pcos, while others may find that despite diet and exercise weight doesnt budge. NOT EVERYONE IS THE SAME EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT OKAY

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