Serena Williams in a Bikini!

Serena-Williams-in-a-Bikini - Serena Williams in a Bikini!

Weekend bikini treat!

Today’s beach body: professional tennis player Serena Williams (28), who was spotted in a green bikini on the beach in Miami yesterday afternoon.

According to various sources, Serena is…

Height: 5′ 9″ (1.75 m)

Weight: 150 lbs. (68 kg)

Do they sound (remotely) accurate to you?

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Serena-Williams-in-a-Bikini-2 - Serena Williams in a Bikini!

Serena-Williams-in-a-Bikini-3 - Serena Williams in a Bikini!

Serena-Williams-in-a-Bikini-4 - Serena Williams in a Bikini!

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89 thoughts on “Serena Williams in a Bikini!”

  1. i think it is almost unbelievable – huge thighs but nearly no body fat – i mean otherwise those tiny bikini bottoms would show it!

    • Agreed again. I know that everyone has a different “body style” but it’s commons sense that this lady is pure muscle and with her “thickness” and at 5’9 I would have guessed 165+

      Great body though, a true athlete’s build and tone (though I would prefer never to be that muscular).

      • What is with women being afraid to have muscles? I’d say she has just the right amount for her size. It accentuates her curves, and gives her that big, round, cellulite-free booty! Oh, I forgot to mention – muscle gets rid of cellulite!

    • Yes. She is unbelievably fit. I wouldn’t want to be that muscular, but she looks great; what I would expect an athlete like her to look like.

  2. I think she heavier. I’m 173 cm tall and 157 pounds heavy… and I look thinner than her….. + muscle mass weights more than fat…..

    • I agree. I’m 175cm (5’9”) like Serena and I weigh 69kg (152lbs) and look smaller than her. Then again, she looks to be solely muscle, no fat. So I don’t know. Still 150lbs doesn’t seem accurate

      • No. Muscle actually gives the illusion of a person being larger. And it does not collect around the joints like fat, giving the person smaller joints and contrast larger at the mid points (muscle bellies), further exaggerating the illusion of being larger. Example, have you been at the beach and seen a muscular guy who seems quite large, then another guy or group of guys walks up, and only then is it clear that the first guy now appears quite short? Having a lot of muscle serves to exaggerate any existing illusion of size.

    • actually muscle does not weigh more than fat..if theres 5 lbs of muscle there is 5 lbs of fat..just that 5 lbs of muscle looks better than 5 lbs of fat cause its compact and sleek

      • Well you can say muscle weighs more than fat, as long as you are comparing the same volumes, i.e. 5 gallons of muscle weighs more than 5 gallons of fat.

          • That is so wrong it’s kind of sad. Do you know what a gallon is? It measures volume not weight. 1 gallon of bricks would weigh a lot more than 1 gallon of feathers. Same with muscle and fat. DUH!…..

    • Why are you women always critesizing other women that look better and are “much” more successful than you? The size and weight of Serena is totally accurate, should you all workout 1/10 of what Serena does, you would know. But I guess your not even close at 1/10
      Of what she does EVERYDAY! So please very much please, keep your frustration, envy and jealousy to yourself!!!!

  3. I’m 176 cm and 65 kg. And I don’t have much muscle fass + I look a lot leaner. So.. muscle weighs more and she looks really muscular.. She can’t be 68 kg.

  4. yeah i agree with the other comments, there’s no way she’s 175cm tall and only 68 kg, i’m 170 and 69 and i look twice skinnier than her…i’d say she is around 78kg

  5. Muscle doen’t weigh more than fat it is denser than fat. If you have 1lb of fat and 1lb of muscle you have 1lb of everything!

    But I do agree that the weight does not sound accurate. Considering she’s so tall and her muscles look thick rather than lean I would think that she ways a bit more than that.

    Why lie about her weight? Such a pointless thing to do. The woman is a tennis superstar. I’m pretty sure that more than compensates for not being 118lbs!

    • all it means is that two people who are of identical size would be at different weights depending on their muscle/fat ratio. My body fat percentage is 16 and I look the same size as my friend who is 20 pounds lighter than me on the scale because she has a higher body fat percentage…that’s what people mean when they say muscle weighs more than fat.

      • oh thank god! i love hearing this cuz i am always at the gym and my weight doesnt go as low as other friends that are the same height, sometimes taller than me. Therefore i always feel like a heffer! i feel like the muscle mass thing is a myth and then i get depressed about my weight. but if we swap clothes, theirs will usually always be too big for me (except the thighs! lol i have big britney thighs). and i weighed more than some of my exes (tho they had NO muscle and to be fair i am 125lbs at 5’3) but i HATED weighing more and always thought i was bigger but when i wore their clothes they were baggy…been feeling bad about it again lately, thinking why cant i be 100lbs! but you snapped my head right! thanks

        • Sola, I am 5’3 123 pounds, so we are the same size! I know it can be frustrating sometimes because people of our height are expected to weigh 100 pounds, but we are both healthy and not overweight by any means and that’s all that matters! I run 30 miles a week which is a lot more than what my 100 pound friends are capable of. And to be honest, everytime I get stressed out about the number on the scale I remember that there are probably plenty of women my age out there (32) who really do struggle with their weight, so its important to keep everything in perspective.

  6. Woah! no way that’s true. I am shorter than her and weigh about the same and i still look skinnier, 170 and 69 kg

  7. she probably does weigh more, but who cares? I bet her real weight would put her in the overweight BMI category which is stupid because she is pure muscle. What really matters is that she very healthy AND happy!

  8. Could be accurate. It’s hard to gauge someone who is that fit. She has no extra fat to pad the number, so it seems pretty reasonable to me.

  9. I hate these weight-height lies because THIS is giving to girls around the world wrong body image expectations. Not in Hollywood but everywhere around the world being 68 at 175 = very slim woman with not a lot of muscles.
    She has crazy amount of muscles, she is curvy: her b❆❆bs and butt are big, she has a big bone structure overall. Where is in hell she is 68 kg?!!!!! Most of my friends who are doing sport seriously are weight a lot., their IBM is 24-25 etc. and they all 2-4 US size with very low body fat level!
    and…some of posts I remember she was saying people were calling her fat so…I can imagine WHAT can feel women who also 65-70 or more, like “we are pigs then?!”
    she is not a model or singer for lying about her stats.

  10. here we go with the i weigh the same and im smaller than her crap

    first of all people look bigger in pictures second the only place she is actually THICK is her thighs

    she has a bigger build ie frame so it makes her look bigger when in fact she may very well weigh 150

    after looking at those pics of misha barton i prefer to have serena figure mischa look wide untoned and flabby and those thighs….dont get me started lard city!

  11. she is so incredible! she owns it! clearly a proud postured, feminine, athletic, excellent woman!!!!! if the ratio of her height to weight don’t make sense to everyone i still think she’s a fantastic role model for women. we can gain 10 lbs and still fit ourselves, though snugly, into our favorite skinny jeans, and be teeny tiny but want to wear our puffy sweatshirts and mom jeans….its all in the fit baby, numbers are relative!

  12. wow that woman has no fat only muscle and still she has big breast and butt. I dont think 150 is acurate, but we never know

  13. What’s up with that glove??? Weird.
    One thing I always wondered: Are her breasts real?
    I can see she’s naturally curvy and her b❆❆bs look real, but then again…she is all muscles and her only body fat is in her breasts, really? Is that possible?

    • I watched the video of this on TMZ and her b❆❆bs were bouncing around like real b❆❆bs when she was running. If they are fake they are really good.

  14. Serious the whole “oh I weigh more then that and look skinnier” thing is out of control on this site. A little common sense please….not everyone who is same height/weight will look the same. Hell Demi Moore is 5’7″ and weighs and 115lb which is my stats but man I don’t look like her….plus half the time guessing if a weight is accurate based on pic is wrong….In pics I can look 115lb or 120lb or 125lb … one actually knows…Just saying we’re not comparing apples to apples when saying oh I that height/weight and skinnier so she can’t be that weight….IMO

    • it looks like beachbunny mostly because of the lacy lingerie detail try going to websites everythingbutw–er or websites that sell pricey swimwearlike vix,redcarter?! or etc.

  15. You know what, for an athlete, she has an extremely womanly body. I see a great waist to hip ratio, a nice booty, and it’s all muscle.

    As for her not being the weight she is, I would agree looking at these pictures, but these pictures make her look bigger than when I saw her on TV. I don’t think an athlete has a reason to lie about their weight. That’s more of a Kardashian/Simpson thing.

  16. People are so confused when it comes to fat and muscle weight – a pound of muscle does not weigh more than a pound of fat. A POUND IS A POUND. Muscle just happens to be be more dense than fat.

    • ok so people have already commented on this subject, but i think everybody knows a pound is a pound, it doesn’t take away the fact that in everyday use of language when people say fat weighs less than muscle they mean the same as they would if they said iron weighs more than water, or whatever. It’s not accurate use of words, but i think most will get the point.

  17. I’m pretty sure she’s 5’10”, but she def looks taller in person. I would think she weighs around 160-165, because she has tons of muscle…

  18. I guess I’m the only one that A) doesn’t like her body and B) thinks she has too much fat on it.
    I think that her big thighs are muscular, yes, but they’re also covered by fat. Her butt almost all fat — anatomically, the glutes just don’t stick out that far.
    I also don’t like her washboard abs — I think they look manly.
    I”m sorry to be critical and I sure hope she doesn’t read this comment — I just wanted to provide a diverging opinion.

    • You just contradicted yourself? If she has too much fat then how can she possibly have washboard abs? She does not have a super lean body, but does not have too much fat either. Just her fat is distributed more in her thighs and butt, but for her to get really lean on the lower body would make her abs look more ‘manly’ ; )

    • I beg to differ. Her butt is most definetly not “almost all fat.”

      Anatomically, glutes don’t stick out that far…unless you work them out and muscle build. If you’re constantly working out and on a high protein diet, which she probably is, your glutes will grow, just like your biceps or any other muscle would. And it will start to stick out like that.

      Of course, she also has fat on her butt, but duh. So does every woman, it’s impossible to get rid of. The point is, her butt is mostly muscle, not mostly fat, as in the case of Kim Kardashian for example. Which is what I think you were implying…

  19. NO way. i am 5’10- 150. i wear a size two and am often made fun of for being “too bony”. i run marathons so i am all muscle. this woman is 180 if she is anything.

  20. wow, beautiful!
    Admittingly, I had always tpercieved Serena as manly until I saw these pictures. She is pure curves and t o n e d.She is a beautiful specimen, although not sterotypical.I admire her body. What a spartan-esque/gladitor woman. strong and all woman…just …wow. fit gorgeous , beautiful, black woman! I am seriously at a loss for words. she has objectively shown me women are beautiful in all shapes and sizes.

  21. I actually read she weighed 181lbs and is 5’10, which sounds more accurate me…mostly due to her muscle mass….she is solid/thick.

    • I have to agree with 175 to 180. 181 seems
      close. I’ve seen her play Patty Schnyder,
      who is 5’6″ 125 lb. My guess is, she is at
      least 50 lb heavier than Patty and it’s all
      muscle. Patty looks like an 10 or 11 yearold
      in comparison. My guess is she was probably
      Patty’s size or bigger at 11 and a half to
      12 years old.

  22. No way. She’s a mesomorph and she’s 5’10”. I am terrible at guessing peoples’ weight but she’s got to be more than 150 lbs and she should be. She’s a very successful athlete.

  23. Serena looks AMAZING, but it’s frustrating when celebrities clearly lie about their weight, because it creates unrealistic standards for everyone else. She’s probably actually 175-180 pounds, and there’s nothing wrong with that. By admitting her real weight she has an opportunity to serve as a good role model for women with a similar body type.

  24. she looks awesome! that bathing suit is soo cute, it’s very feminine and the bottom is especially hot! she is very strong, the stats seem accurate. i still find her body to be womanly — check the booty and the boobs. very nice! always a plus that is she smiling and having a good time. confidence is everything.

  25. I’m 5’9″ and 147. Based on my shape, I think she weighs more than 150, but I also think her body is really impressive!

  26. Her body isn’t attainable for most women unless they’re hardcore athletes, but she looks amazing. She’s clearly healthy and strong, and I love that she’s totally rocking such a feminine bikini. It’s so cute! She’s an inspiration.

  27. I would say that she looks like she ways much more than 150lbs, but regardless of her actual weight on the scale,she is still amazing to look at. She is very toned, and solid. I love that she still has some curves. Without them she would look very boyish with all that bulky muscle she has.

  28. There’s no way she’s 150. Taking her height and muscle mass into consideration, along with her height, I believe she is actually about 175 pounds.

  29. Calm down people! I have watched pretty much every match Serena has ever played and am always up on her WTA profile and playing activity. It hasn’t changed in years! Not her fault, they don’t bother updating, and she’s been a professional since she was 14! her body has changed a lot and her weight has begun to distribute differently with age. She could easily be heavier, but it’s not like she’s maliciously lying – they don’t weigh her before every match.

  30. I don’t know what age she turned pro but the
    first time I saw her, she was listed as 5’10” 150 lb. Those were her teen years and
    I wonder if she’s actually ever been weighed since. I’ve seen her with Kournikova and nobody is going to convince
    me that Serena is only 25 lb heavier than
    Kournikova at 123. Black star Angela Haynes
    and Shenay Perry are about 147 lb and
    Serena looks noticeably larger than them.
    I would estimate Serena and Kuznetsova as
    possibly two of the largest 160+

  31. All those discussing her weight, this is loosing battle LOL!! You can’t just say just because someone appears chunky means they weigh a lot. I have tried lifting a ‘skinny’ friend of mine to find out that she was extremely heavy to lift.

    And anyways, it’s not about weight here really, it’s more about appearance.

  32. She’s 5’9″? Well, in the “normal” (i.e. non-modeling) world, a size 10 would probably be about average for her height. The woman is SOLID muscle – no flab. Like some others here, I personally wouldn’t want to be that thick with ‘muscle,’ but you still could never call her ‘fat.’ She reminds me of what a real Amazon would be like.

  33. I like her physique, built for power to play and win her game..but its been hard work to get that body the way it is and win the way she’s been winning. Go back to when she came to the lime light-1993-4 and she was not like this…Serena u are the best

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  35. If I could just have an inch or two of her butt….

    Oh how I wish my butt was just a tinny bit more round.

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