Cheryl Cole in Q Magazine

Cheryl Cole in Q Magazine

On a lazy Sunday, here’s an edgy and spiky Cheryl Cole in Q Magazine in a shoot under the name “3 Words: Cheryl Cole Rocks”.

How do you like the cropped leggings on the next page?

Cheryl Cole in Q Magazine 0

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Cheryl Cole in Q Magazine 2

Cheryl Cole in Q Magazine 3

Cheryl Cole in Q Magazine 4

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30 thoughts on “Cheryl Cole in Q Magazine”

  1. I am not a fan of the makeup/styling as it starts to make any girl look like a man in drag! For some reason I am reminded of Alias/Jennifer Garner.

    I like Cheryl but I do think she is overhyped and that it takes a lot of money, time and maintenance for her to look the way she does. Nothing wrong with that of course but strip all that back and she is probably just a normal cute girl. It is a similar story with her music career as behind the image and post production her singing isn’t that great. Again, nothing wrong with that but she is a role model for a lot of people, particularly young girls, and I sometimes wonder why.

  2. I’m kinda gettin tired of this too forced sexed-up image…At first it seemed cool, and different, like feminine sexy neo punk, now everyone is just same, you turn round and realize everyone is edgy with cat suits, high knee boots,etc etc

  3. In the second and third photo her bones are protruding rather scarily in the middle of her chest, which was not visible on x factor, and in the last photo, her rib cage is very prominent. Is it photoshop to make her look far thinner than she recently has been?

  4. i think she is overated the gorl can’t sing but im glad to see she has gained weight shes not really stunning at all even though shes had work done.but i wish she would just be herself im sick of every photoshoot celebrities have been a rock chick look to make them edgy.

  5. she has a pretty face & wow her a– looks really good on the last pic, but maybe photoshop sculpet it that way?

    Anyways she has an intresting body type I must say.

  6. what a fake. love the way she never dressed like this before. nowshe is all ‘edgy’. wtf? completely over hyped. dont get me wrong shes not ugly but ifshe wasnt who she is she wouldnt turn your head on the street, especially not when she would still be a chubby mef if it werent for her money.

  7. this girl is arguably the most famous person here in the UK just now so it’s only right that she looks this amazing all the time, and her weight is just perfect for her chosen career!!! the only flaw this girl has is her tool of a husband!!! she wasnt voted worlds sexiest woman by FHM UK for nothing you know people!!! Keep up the good work Chezza, we love ya!!!!

  8. i like that they wanna change her image from prim n proper WAG , but yh she is overrated and overpaid……i was beginning to get sick of how much effort n emphasis they place on her………but u cant blame her really….its all those companies n what not thats just looking for a profit!

    • I would say she is a thin V shape out of the 5 basic shapes… at her current weight. She is quite busty and her shoulders are wider than her hips – however, when she is at a higher weight, she does gain weight on her hips (like Lindsay Lohan) and she no longer looks V shaped (proportions can slightly change when gaining / losing weight in some cases). Out of Trinny & Susannah’s 12 body shapes, I would say she is a lollipop: big bust, slight waist, narrow hips, long, slim legs.
      Check out this link:

        • V shape – shoulders are broader than the hips and the whole body has a V form, meaning wider (or heavier) on top and smaller on the bottom. The tummy is much flatter than an apple shapes’ tummy. V shapes don’t really have waist definition and they have a large torso (the bone structure is bigger). V shape is usually an athletic-looking shape.

          Apple shape – the typical apple shape is when the middle area is fairly larger than the rest, sometimes larger than the woman’s hips and bust. Even if the woman is slim, she looks much softer around the middle.

          See this:

          Alyssa Milano has a similar structure, yes – she has a slight V shape, but she is closer to a ruler than Cheryl though.

  9. “Cheryl rocks”… Erm, no, she doesn’t. She is a chav.
    “Classy suits her better”… Erm, again, no it doesn’t! This made me fall about laughing. Assaulting a night club attendant, that Geordie accent and being a chav are anything but classy.

    Appearance wise, though, the GQ magazine cover does not look like Cheryl’s face… Photoshop perhaps? She was never made out to be beautiful before her stint on the X factor a few years ago. When she was on Popstars: the Rivals, nobody thought she was super pretty. I still don’t; people like Leighton Meester, Katy Perry, Shakira and Keira Knightley are what i’d call “very pretty”. Cheryl is just ok; she has a big, humpy nose. Google pictures of her before she was famous.

    I think Cheryl’s body type is a V shape; shoulders bigger than hips, (fake) quite large bust, very slight waist, slim lower body. Her b❆❆bs are definitely fake – they were lying firm on her chest when she was really skinny about a year ago.

    • Lol u jealous.

      She was always the fit one in Girls Aloud, even right a t the start in 2002. Go on youtube and you’ll see she’s just a pretty then.

      You sound like a snob.

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