Christina Hendricks Is Mega Cleavagey at Directors Guild Awards

FP_4458983_RIJ_2010_DGA_01301011 - Christina Hendricks Is Mega Cleavagey at Directors Guild Awards

Curvy girl Christina Hendricks stepped on the red carpet at Directors Guild Awards and she showed off a lot of plump cleavage.

In related news, Christina’s husband, actor Geoffrey Arend (see him after the jump) defended his wife after NY Times criticized Christina’s dress choice at the Golden Globes and called her “a big girl”:

“I was just upset about the whole Golden Globes dress thing. I thought she looked so gorgeous. And that New York Times blogger saying that… It’s so ridiculous,”

“What was nice was seeing the entire internet come after that blogger. That was really cool. It was the first time I saw just a solid block of ‘You’re crazy! What’s wrong with you? You should be ashamed of yourself!’ [in the comments.] And honestly, the Grey Lady should be ashamed of themselves to print a picture like that, that they widened!”

… says Geoffrey

Christina-Hendricks-Is-Mega-Cleavagey-at-Directors-Guild-Awards- - Christina Hendricks Is Mega Cleavagey at Directors Guild Awards

See some more pictures of Christina after the jump!

FP_4458738_RIJ_2010_DGA_013010 - Christina Hendricks Is Mega Cleavagey at Directors Guild Awards

FP_4458981_RIJ_2010_DGA_013010 - Christina Hendricks Is Mega Cleavagey at Directors Guild Awards

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61 thoughts on “Christina Hendricks Is Mega Cleavagey at Directors Guild Awards”

  1. I don’t think she draws too much attention to her cleavage. Her gorgeous face is just as much of an eyecatcher, so it kinda balances it out.
    I think she looks amazing overall, though somehow I’m happy to have smaller boobs.

  2. could she put they away for once? she has a great cleavage and all but they dont have to be the center of EVERY outfit. the top is obviously way too small.

    • its pretty hard to hide big boobs. if she wears something that will cover them up more they”ll look even bigger. her dressed already look old-ladyish, its not fair for her to hide in turtlenecks just because she got curves

      • Definitely agree- the more you cover the big b❆❆bs the bigger they look and the frumpier you look. I think she is doing quite alright for what she is working with.

        • it depends on how u dress. if u have bad style and have no idea how 2 dress yourself of course you will look bigger and frumpier. if u do have an idea you will look stylish and classy without being OTT

      • im not saying for her to hide in turtle necks- just to be modest once in a while would not kill her. posh beckham also has a huge rack yet they are not on dispay in every outfit. jessica simpson also does well in dressing for her shape, her chest isnt always popping out of her dresses

        • Christina’s are way bigger than Victoria’s, which are just medium size in my opinion, and I think they are bigger than Jessica’s too. I think this dress looks good on her, if it completely covered her chest they would just look bigger.

          • My point is they are always popping out of her outfits. Im sure you would wear extremely revealing tops to church and school etc, since covering up “makes it look bigger”. Like i said earlier if one knows how to dress one’s self properly that would not be a problem. And this is coming from someone who wears a DDD bra- there is a way to dress classy and sexy without looking trashy and too revealing.

      • Yeah I agree. Mines are a 36D and it not that bad compared to Hendricks, but I find if you try to cover them up with tops that have bold colors or prints people tend to notice it big time. Then you’re left with a resticted selection. I feel she should go for, if she wants. Some people like, some people don’t it.

  3. She really needs to show more leg, she almost always wears dresses at that length. Unfortunately this makes her look short especially because she’s so curvy. Therefor she’d also needs to cover up her cleavage (both legs and breasts would be too much), which would be better anyway, since her b❆❆bs are so in-your-face, it’s not that pretty. But she does have an amazing figure and she always chooses dresses that hug her body perfectly!

  4. I love the color of the dress on her, a lot better than many of her previous ones. The cleavage isn’t too much to me, but it get’s a bit boring after a while, if you can say that. Not that she shouldn’t embrace all her assets like she’s doing, but it’s like she always has the same style, always the same cleavage.

  5. Her hair and make-up is perfect. Seriously, the close-up shot is breath-taking.

    If I had cleavage like that, I’d probably show it off all the time too. Am I the only girl that wants bigger breasts? I have 34-C or sometimes 34-D and I just want them to be bigger…

    • dont do it! i have DD and i want to get a reduction to C. yes ill take scars and all to be able to not look like an unbalanced figure freak. oh and they are heavy and hurt your back, shoulders and give you chest pains

      • 🙂 Not all big b❆❆bs cause physical problems, and aren’t always freakish 🙂 I’m going to guess that you’re small framed, right? That’s probably why you’re having problems, your frame just isn’t made to support bigger breasts easily. Maybe you should try to get better fitting bras, actively improve your posture, and work out to strengthen your back, shoulder, and chest muscles. I’m not saying you are a physically unfit slouch, just saying that those are things that could help alleviate your problem a bit, until you can get the more permanent solution 🙂 Now, why I brought up posture, from the way you sound you don’t like the size of your breasts, and not just because of the physical problems they are causing you, so you could be hunching your shoulders and slouching a bit to try and diminish the way they look, right? And also, if you are wearing minimizing bras, and underwire bras, that could be part of why you are having pains in your chest. I hate underwire bras, but because I thought they were an absolute necessity for larger breasts, I wore them. Until I just plain got sick of the pain in my breasts and the way they were rubbing my sensitive skin, so I got soft cup bras, and the pain in my breasts went away. I don’t have back/shoulder problems though, I’m large framed, and I have broad shoulders and back, and they were pretty strong from farm work before I got larger breasts 😛

    • Me too! When i’m not pregnant i’m the same size as you Big 34 C,smaller 34 D and I would like them bigger…I definitely want more volume, after breastfeeding my son for 2 yrs some of that has disappeared 🙁 but right now i’m enjoying my full, pregnant 34 DD’s and thinking that once i get rid of the belly and matching ass, I could get used to this. Lol That may be too big for my frame though. Okay, enough talking about my boobs. The moral of my story is no- you are not alone! 🙂

  6. That pair could cause an eclipse if they were in orbit!

    She looks nice but now I come to think I’ve never seen her in a dress that covers up a cleavage (apart from her Mad Men/Kevin Hill outfits).

    But then it would be hide to cover them and a high neck top will make her look double the size!

  7. Wow Christina is cleveagy … well when is there ever a time she isn’t ? Looks stunning as always , but please girl try some variations it’s starting to get old.

  8. I think the reason why this dress is overkill or too cleavage-y is because she’s wearing a push up bra. A really high leveled one.

    I don’t think she needs a really good push up bra…she just needs a slight push just to make her breasts look rounder. By using a real push up bra, her breasts are a little too up…they’re almost touching her chin. It looks ridiculous that way.

  9. I’m not really feeling the length of the dress or the little flower there. I think she looks better when her ginormous jugs aren’t on display. I think it’s sexier when she wears dresses that are all about her bangin silhouette. Maybe it’s just me plus showing cleavage is kind of lame nowadays that’s so late 90’s early 2000’s. Nowadays it’s all about silhouette, legs and back or showing all at the same time!

    • Ah, I disagree, I like showing some cleavage. I think it’s ok as long as it looks good on you, depending on your body type and all that… Also depending on what shirt or dress you are wearing it can still look classy or cool, it doesn’t have to look cheap or anything.

  10. Looks fantastic, as always. Hey, IMO, if smaller breasted women out there can get away with showing off their cleavage/showing a lot of their chest, open season for us bigger breasted women. Who cares about the size, they’re all breasts, if it’s OK for one size set to be shown off, it’s OK for ALLL size sets to be shown off.

    • You must suck at Math, or must have missed every lesson on shapes in school. Do those really look square to you? They look pretty round to me…

  11. This is the first time I’ve actually noticed her face. She is pretty, looks kinda like Cate Blanchett.

    I would hate to be that booby, it must draw a lot of attention.

  12. People are all saying she should put them away…

    uhhh, put them away where? If the dress had a higher neckline, the b❆❆bs would seem even BIGGER. I know, because I have the exact same opposite case – small ones. I always opt for something covering my chest up to my neck, and because the fabric covers my b❆❆bs completely they look much bigger. While If I wear something low cut, I can look flat as a board.

    • I don’t think she should try to hide them, obviously they will be noticed no matter what. But there are other neckiles that would suite her as well, or even a v-neck that is cut a bit higher. I barely even have boobs, so i’m not the best person to talk about it, but i have friends who have b❆❆bs just as big as Chritstina’s, and they manage to look good with all sorts of clothes IMO (but there’s always SOME cleavage, i agree covering them up completely just makes them look even bigger and often makes the person look very top-heavy)

  13. Those are the ugliest shoes i have seen in a long time. How can anyone wear them and not be a 60 year old retired granny doing her grocery shopping? I mean they would be ok and cute for that but not for the red carpet. And her cleavege, i think it’s too much this time. Her face however looks really beautiful, she certainly does have some outstanding features.

  14. Why, if a woman has great breasts showing them off is considered ‘s—ty’, but if you have great legs, hiking your skirt up around your arse is considered attractive!? Total double standard!

    • I understand your point, but I think “great breasts” are subjective, I personally don’t think she has great b❆❆bs at all. They are really really really big, not my cup of tea at all. The perfect “celeb boobs” IMO is someone like Jessica Alba…just perfect.

      • nobody said it was s—ty coming from a big chested girl myself I just think that she just looks better when you see her silhouette.

    • No one used the word s—ty. There’s absolutely nothing wrong about big chested women showing off what they’ve got, but, that doesn’t mean they can never look bad doing it. Hiking up your skirt can look bad. So can this.

      Christina Hendricks has often times shown off her breasts and it looked great. This time, it just happens to look bad. She didn’t need the push-up bra. Her breasts look ridiculous. Small breasts pushed up excessively would look equally ridiculous…so, I don’t think it’s about breast size.

  15. I think the neckline would be fine if the V wasn’t so wide, but closer together – perhaps wider straps as well. ..Not sure if that makes sense. I personally don’t like how it looks like “Hello, I’m Christina, and these are my boobs.” That’s just my opinion.
    Although I still think she looks stunning as always.

  16. I think she is gorgeous as well. I think her style suits her classic curvy body. I don’t think her cleavage looks “s—ty” either. They are too big to hide away and she shows them in a sexy way, not over the top at all. Pamela Anderson would be someone who goes overboard! I like her alot.

  17. she is GORGEOUS!!!

    one of the prettiest faces around!

    And I love that she promotes her huge breasts as being something normal
    big breasts ARE NOT IMMEDIATELY S—TY!

    I also am a little bigger and know that if you go highnecked it starts to look like you’re a big girl
    showing off cleavage and don’t being afraid of that is way sexier

    what else should she do with her breasts
    In her case they’re naturally

    s—ty are those that went under the knife!

  18. Georgous face, nice hourglass shape..but a bit too much cleavage for my taste! I have a 32 c but wouldn’t exchange it! Looks like she have big ankles or i’m crazy?

  19. Good for her hubby for defending her!
    I am a 32D naturally curvy hourglass shape too. She’s lucky she’s taller I am only 5’3 and a size 2/4 so I look like I am all boobs! It’s hard to find a dress cut to flatter my figure without appearing too sexy. For years I down played my curves and ended up looking frumpy and a lot bigger all around than I am. I think this look works for her, but personally I would raise the neckline a few inches. I would take her figure over Rachel Zoe’s any day!

  20. I think she buys dresses a couple sizes too big so they fit the b❆❆b area, and has them tailored to fit. The fit is always fantastic, but the necklines are always just an inch or so too low and wide…

    She’s pretty, but I’d love for her to find a happy medium between B❆❆BS and frump.

  21. Well, I guess I’ll be the first to say it…I thought what her husband had to say was very sweet. They make a cute couple.

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