Slimmer Christina HendricksBrings Today’s Quotes


On her trademark red locks:

‘When I was ten years old, redheads always intrigued me, especially Anne of Green Gables, and my mom said, “Let’s just throw a rinse on that!” Little did she know she opened a can of worms. I still love my hair as red as I can get it!’

On her ‘can’t-live-without’ beauty product, pink blush:

‘It’s the first thing I put on when I wake up, and my husband just thinks I have naturally flushed cheeks!’ she revealed.

… says Christina.

Christina back in 2012:


See more new and old pictures of her next!


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34 thoughts on “Slimmer Christina HendricksBrings Today’s Quotes”

  1. pretty face but all those skirt lengths are very unflattering for her
    tbh would be unflattering for everyone uner 5’10

  2. Her outfits are so hit or miss! She either looks amazing, or like she raided her grandmas closet. BUT she is still a very stunning, very sexy and confident woman. I love her in Mad Men.

  3. she looks great in the black dress, don’t know what it is-she slimmed down a bit or spanx or finally the right dress+angles, cos i never thought she was big actually, to me she was fine, the problem was the clothes, if you watch Mad Men her body always looked great there, well to me. Funny how sometimes a random decision to just experiment, or impulse, or accidents, or jokes lead somebody to smth that seems to suit them perfectly, In Christina’s case it’s the hair dye, the red hair suits her perfectly, and she’s very pretty, love her complexion. Though as much as i love big, fluffy eyelashes, the ones she has in 1st pic are a bit of an overkill.

    • I agree with you that she always looks great… I even like her so called.”granny” outfits… I always thought she had a very literal retro sense of style… love that….

  4. I can’t imagine blush being my “thing.” (Mascara!)
    I like looking more natural than she does, clearly, though, (no offense meant). She can border on clownish at times. I feel like she’s pretty, but always just a bit too much.
    A bit too much cleavage, a bit too much hair, a bit too much makeup, a bit too much etc, etc, etc. Just a bit too much.

  5. ha, the opposite of me. the first part of my makeup regime is getting rid of my rosy cheeks, even-ing out my skin tone. Blush is something I use very rarely. i would kill to have her flawless skin.

  6. her face is so lady-like and beautifull, and what a gorgeous skin! on the oter hand her style is quite..peculiar. but hey, somethimes is good to see something else than “fashionistas” in hollywood.. 🙂

  7. Blush is the first thing I put on in the morning too, and the only thing I never leave the house without. I did ONCE, and I don’t know how many people asked me if I was sick, haha.

    Anyway, I just love her, she’s such a classy lady. Never would have noticed she lost weight, she always dresses so modestly, besides that cleavage.

  8. So beautiful! I really love her makeup. I don’t care about the “too many fake eyelashes”.. cause if you’ve seen paparazzi pics of her then you’ll know that the eyelashes are just because she’s on the red carpet.

  9. She can afford to loose more. Facially she’s gorgeous but she’s a bit fat for my taste, she would look perfect with 30lbs less.

  10. The extra weight is aging, it was hilarious when she was said to have the best bikini body- despite us never seeing her in one. I always see her face and say wow then I scroll down. Her face looks 20 years younger than her body.

    • in what world is extra weight aging? i think what ages her is her clothes, not her weight. in fact, weight loss is more aging since your face tends to look more gaunt.

  11. With that face I don’t ever care for looking at anything else. Really, she is such a beauty…yet it is quite obvious she has lost some. But bigger or slimmer I just like her.

  12. This woman frustrates me so much!! She is gorgeous; stunning face, amazing curvy body- she just doesn’t know how to dress herself!! She either needs to get a stylist (if she doesn’t have one), or get a new stylist because her current one hates her!!

  13. She always looked older to me than she really is, and all because of her dressing style and not least, the body shape.
    If i ignore her face and look just to her body, she looks like 45 years old, especially those legs….
    Gorgeous face though! Best redhead ever.

  14. She has such a beautiful face! I love love love red hair too! I can’t wait to lose the last 10kg, then that’s the first thing I am going to do – go red again! I always loved it because people always thought it was natural on me. I’ve always been intrigued by red heads too, so it was a massive compliment to me. Nicole Kidman in practical magic – nuff said!

    Christina has gorgeous skin, and nice curves which she usually dresses well.

  15. her face is so unique…she as a face unlike anyone else in Hollywood I actually would like to see her blonde someday even just temporary…if sh lost weight shed look great and carry her eccentric style better too..but her pretty face and big b❆❆bs are great

  16. I have such a girl crush on this woman and I do think she has lost weight. I think her face doesn’t look anywhere near 40 but her style makes her look older. I actually really like the black dress it just needed to be shorter but she needs to learn to dress herself better in general.

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