Pink Beauties at the Golden Globes: Natalie, Emma, Claire and Lea

Pink Beauties at the Golden Globes: Natalie, Emma, Claire and Lea 1

After our red collection a few posts below, it’s time for another hot and feminine color group: Here’s Pink Beauties at the Golden Globes!

Who shined in pink last night? Glowing and pregnant Natalie Portman, Emma Stone in salmon pink, Claire Danes in a hot pink dress and Lea Michele in an asymmetric number!

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Pink Beauties at the Golden Globes: Natalie, Emma, Claire and Lea 2

Pink Beauties at the Golden Globes: Natalie, Emma, Claire and Lea 3

Pink Beauties at the Golden Globes: Natalie, Emma, Claire and Lea 4

Pink Beauties at the Golden Globes: Natalie, Emma, Claire and Lea 5

Pink Beauties at the Golden Globes: Natalie, Emma, Claire and Lea 6

Pink Beauties at the Golden Globes: Natalie, Emma, Claire and Lea 7

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45 thoughts on “Pink Beauties at the Golden Globes: Natalie, Emma, Claire and Lea”

  1. I actually don’t like any of the dresses very much – maybe I’m just not into pink! But I think Claire’s look is the best – she looks classy and fresh. Emma Stone looks like a cross between Lindsay Lohan and Jaime Pressly – she’s wearing too much make up and the colours of her skin, hair and dress just don’t go together for me!

  2. I think Emma looks Gorg! Does she remind anyone else of Sienna Miller with her new hair/skin color? I also like Lea Michelle here! HATE that rose on Natalie Portman’s dress!

  3. I like the model of Natalie’s dress,but the material and that weird rose are ruining it.On the other hand,I love Emma’s dress.Claire’s and Lea’s dresses are not really my type.

  4. emma stone looks more like kate bosworth! she kind of looks like alot of people than herself actually… I like claire danes best!

    • I agree—–She was so unique with her red/brown hair! I think she’s gorgeous with blonde hair but I hope she goes back to being “different” so she doesn’t look like every other hollywood skinny tan actress!

  5. Emma looks quite nice though for my taste her skin is just a tad too orange to be worn with that color. Not liking Lea’s dress at all, the piggy pink is a big part of my dislike. Claire’s dress looks sort of nice, but again, not her color imo, though in general i like it. Natalie’s dress i don’t like at all, prob wouldn’t on anyone but the sleeveless cut is particularly unflattering on her imo now that she’s preggers, i’ve noticed that i don’t really like her pregnancy choices (though it’s not that easy i guess). I do like many shades of pink but i guess it’s a bit of a hard color, at least in my eyes.

  6. emma stone looks like a different person. she doesn’t look bad, she looks very cute but she looks so generic now. too much spray tan i think! her dress was gorgeous but she was slumping all night it it, giving her horrible posture. i don’t know if she was doing this to appear thinner or something, but it was a bad look. stand up straight girl! i think claire danes looked AMAZING. gorgeous, simple, classic, but that color was such a youthful punch. i couldn’t be happier that natalie won..shes adorable and so talented. lea needs to get locked in a janitor closet on set and forgotten about. i can’t stand her piggy face and diva attitude.

  7. Emma Stones looks more like herself here than in the previous post about her. She’s less tan and smiles more. Much better. Lea’s dress sucks. It looks like someone had an awesome idea for a dress, but didn’t bother to finish it or something. Claire always looks the same…Pretty, though.

  8. I really start to get annoyed by Natalie Portman. How far along is she, like 13 weeks? And she already dresses like she’s about to give birth tomorrow. We get it, you’re pregnant. No need to wear 10 feet of fabric.

    • Hmm, it is just one dress.
      I think Natalie looks gorgeous and I love her dress! They all look pretty and glowing actually, even though I dont like what the rest is wearing.

    • Yes but it’s her first pregnancy so she has no idea how to dress for her changing figure plus stylists are useless when it comes to dress pregnant women. They get runway sizes of dresses that actresses starve themselves to fit into, designers do not care a jot for pregnant women.
      This dress is truly awful the rose looks like it was stolen from a drag queens Christmas wreath it’s ugly, garish and doesn’t go with this dress at all, not that the dress is great it’s just yards and yards of fabric. Clare Danes looks amazing that shade of pink is gorgeous and the tailoring of the dress amazing.

  9. Lea Michele’s dress is gorgeous, I think. I would love to own it! I also just love Oscar de La Renta. She looks like she’s lost a few pounds again – her face is thinner than it was a few months ago. Maybe I’m just imagining things, though. I liked her face so much better at a higher weight. The weight loss really ages her, as does her make-up here. Her body looks great, though.

    I already expressed my dislike towards Emma Stone’s new look a few posts ago. I think it’s the tan, more than anything else, but I also preferred her hair red.

    Claire Danes looks beautiful.Quite, young, too. And she has a fantastic figure.

    Natalie Portman . . . Perhaps it’s her over-exposure as of late, but I’m getting tired of her. She’s gorgeous and all, but that dress is terrible. At least these pictures don’t come with a quote! 🙂

  10. Lea looks a little prom-like but she works it. Emma’s tan is ew, and she’s so thin! But the dress colour works with her new colouring and the style works with her new body…hehe. Clare Danes looks beautiful as usual. Natalie, well she looks pregnant, and that’s nice but the dress is not one I would’ve chosen. But I’m so happy for her!

  11. Emma is my favorite. She is stunning and that dress is absolutely amazing, especially on her. Second best goes to Claire Danes, her dress is really fresh, youthful, and classy. Lea Michele looks good, but I don’t like the hair combined with the huge ruffles – it looks too sloppy, I think she should have tied it up in a simple chignon to counteract all that action going on with her dress. Natalie Portman’s I liked the least because I think she could have chosen something better for her figure – I get that she’s pregnant, but she needs a more defined bustline – that strapless top is kind of squishing her down and making her stomach/chest appear to be one.

  12. ooh, agreed Anna! This dress is so middle-America-pregnant.. which is fine for middle America. I seriously doubt that she has outgrown ALL of her other clothes and she is already doing THIS.

    Emma looks wonderful- a little too understated for the event, but its superfresh in its simplicity. I wish her hair were a tad more age-appropriate, but I don’t hate it and enjoy her.

    Lea in the first picture isn’t annoying me from affair, but the more she poses and the more closer we get to her face, the more that changes. I don’t mind her Glee character, but she just always looks so smug and diva-ish and she just ain’t purty. She could be cute, but there’s something about her that reeks! And it isn’t just the dress here.

  13. lea always looks like she poses to try and make her collar bones stick out….looks awkward when girls do this, if they dont stick out naturally then dont try and make them……
    emma looks great, love the weight loss.
    clare looks nice but i dont fine her particularly attractive

    • Reminds me of a sorority girl pose. It is really unnatural, but she looks happy, so I’ll give her that. Still not a fan of that salmon travesty called a dress.

  14. first thing when i saw emma in these pics i thought shes a cross between sienna miller and kate bosworth. actually her dress is something kate would wear, very simple and the updo too. i like it 🙂 youthful yet elegant. but i prefer her look in the movie zombieland (hair, makeup, tan-or there lack of, she looked less like any other star there, whereas with the red she looks alot like lindsay)

    claire danes looks more attractive than usual. i just dont like halter necks on women with broad shoulders(without the lower body to balance it out), and she seems to wear those alot.

    at first look glance natalies look i thought she looked cute and chic but at a closer look the dress does look kinda cheap, but still she has the face to pull anything off.

    lea’s look didnt strike me, too much ruffle and hair drags the look down. and its the typical red carpet dress she wears. nothing new.

    theres my two sense 🙂

  15. I hate Natalie’s dress. It makes me think of some sort of old lady lingerie from the 80s. I’m not even sure what that means lol

  16. Im debating between Claire and Emma! Maybe because i am in love with Calvin Klein’s simplicity in both dresses and a freshness in both colors. Personally, I think facewise Claire looks best, but Emma just looks gorgeous as well. I think its a change, everybody needs one, and she’s not overly spray tanned. She’s still very pale, its just a tad orangey… still looks fantastic though.

  17. emma stone and claire danes look AMAZING!

    but why does lea michele always look so desperate for attention and full of herself?

    • You know, people always say this about Lea Michelle, I’ve noticed. What is it about her that makes you think this? To me, she just looks like she’s confidently posing like any other female on the red carpet. ??

  18. Natalie Portman definetely shined,I love her dress and smile.
    Emma Stone’s makeup makes her look gorgeus.
    Lea Michele is annoying.
    Claire Danes has this natural smile that I like.

  19. Good lord, I do not like Lea’s dress at ALL. Like her hair and makeup, but she always chooses these dresses that are just way to much for my taste.

  20. I’m not loving Lea’s dress, but I have to say her hair and makeup look stunning. She looks really beautiful in these photos. Emma Stone doesn’t even look like herself anymore. I still think she’s beautiful, but in a very generic Hollywood way.

    • I’m thinking it’s just the dress, whether there is boning inside or whether it’s simply the placement of her ruffles that create the illusion of curves.

      But, obviously, corseting is an option too.

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