America Ferrera, Curvy Scale

Curvy Scale Time! Rate America Ferrera!

curvy-scale-time-rate-america-ferrera - Curvy Scale Time! Rate America Ferrera!

Call her “chubby”, call her “curvy”, America has got one plump and feminine looking figure, which is precisely why she needs to be placed on the Curvy Scale! What’s the Curvy Scale? Is a way of rating one’s “curviness”, that’s what it is!

So, what do you think? How would you rate America on the Curvy Scale? Ratings start from 1 and end with 10, where 1 means “flat *** rather than hourglass” and 10 is “nice & round hourglass reinvented”

Versus’s Expert Rating: America is close to the top right here, so a 9 on the “curviness” scale would do her justice.

Photo credit: Getty Images

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not class A hot


I think she's beautiful.

John King

America is gorgeous! I love her curves, she is so much more beautiful than the stick-thin model that Hollyweird decides is normal.