Demi Moore Gets Called “Old” and “Ugly” Via Twitter

demi-moore - Demi Moore Gets Called "Old" and "Ugly" Via Twitter

Ouch! That can’t be nice. US Weekly has the details:

Demi Moore has feelings, too.

On Wednesday, frequent Twitter-er Moore shared an outtake from a Tuesday photo shoot on a Santa Monica beach for Harper’s Bazaar. “Had the priviledge [sic] of working with a giraffe yesterday he was beautiful gentle and so amazing!” the 47 year-old actress wrote.

Immediately, Twitter followers chimed in with critiques: “sorrydemi that your self esteem is so low you can’t admit to a little Photoshopping,” one follower sniped, adding “And Ghost sucked.” (Retweeting the dig, Moore wrote “Thank you”).

A few hours later, another follower wrote, “sorry but you look old. specially your neck & cheecks at the second shot..”

This time, Moore posted a more pointed retort: “I’m 47 how am I supposed to look?”

In between the insults, the actress and wife to Ashton Kutcher received words of support. “WOW you look beautiful!!” wrote one fan.

A friend named “earthhealer” soothingly said, “never let those who try 2hurt U in..we all feel small sometimes Know UR fabulous loveable &Wanted!”

Moore has frequently denied that she’s resorted to plastic surgery to retain her youthful appearance. She also fought charges that, for a recent W magazine cover, editors Photoshopped her head on the body of a younger model with slimmer hips.

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24 thoughts on “Demi Moore Gets Called “Old” and “Ugly” Via Twitter”

  1. Actually she denied any photoshopping was involved on that cover. So telling her that why doesn’t she admit to it is as insulting as telling her that she is beautiful. Really now, do stars really see themselves as centre of the world who should only be treated with fear and humble? Come on, those remarks were a bit in your face, but no way such as insulting as she or the author of the article is trying to present them to be. BORING!!!

    • I agree. I’m insulted that she denied the photoshopping; does she take all Americans for idiots? It was obvious. I’m tired of celebs lying to make themselves look good.

  2. that thing with the hip
    she really has narrow hips
    and if u got narrow hips n defined thights they stick out 9mine stick out…) so…dunno…but they definetely photoshopped her skin
    she isn’t ugly 😉
    just a little liar

  3. there is no photoshoot without photoshop in 21 century.. hello!!!! she looks great, she is 47.. 47… how do you look now? and how will you look when you turn 47? please don’t be hipocrites

  4. I will defend Demi Moore’s looks here. She does not look her age at all, she looks much younger. She definitely looks more attractive than a large majority of 47-year-olds (admittedly, she had some help from a surgeon, but that doesn’t stop her from looking amazing). She does not look “old” in any sense of the word.

    However, what many people have a problem with is her blatant and untrue denial of the photoshopping work on her recent magazine cover. C’mon, it is obviously photoshopped. I think her real body looks better than the model’s one they gave her anyway.

  5. oh god, for one person calling her ugly there are like 100 calling her beautiful; stop making such a drama, people have tastes and tastes, there is not one single person that will be called beautiful by everyone else. And as a public famous person you are more exposed to people judging your looks. And pretending she had no photoshop at all was stupid, wheter you admit it or not. Now she suffers the consequences – oh the tragedy, a nolifer called her ugly. Reall, get a life, stop feeling sorry for this.

    • Oh please. I doubt she’s being attacked by those people because they actually think she’s old/ugly/whatever.

      People are only attacking her because they are irritated by her denying Photoshopping was involved on that skeptical magazine cover.

      Doing that just draws viciousness from people.

        • lol, i actually was a bit biased as i thought you replied and apparently contradicted me, but than just went on the same path as i did. you probably replyed to us because you thought the same as we did 😀

  6. I have to give her props because, even if she DID use tons of plastic surgery….. take a look at it – she actually LOOKS young.

    Not like 99% of the stars out there with foreheads pulled so tight their hairline starts on top of their heads, and with grotesque lips, and freaky alien looking cheek implants, and horribly distorted facial features, and most of all, looking 0% young, and 100% like they’re trying desperately to appear young. And FAILING.

    So yeah, whatever she did, she did it sparingly, and with a light touch, and supporting it with a good diet, and plenty of exercise.

    I mean just compare her to Tara Reed. A lovely, fresh looking girl 5-6 years ago, now looks like complete s—. Botched lipo left her with the skin of a 60 year old hippo. Her abdomen looks like lumpy mashed potatoes. And her alchohol abuse and tanning has aged her at least 20 years. She has NO muscle tone whatsoever and probably stays skinny by starving.

    So yeah, Demi Moore – I can’t fault her for lying. Hello, it’s Hollywood, it’s all fake, smoke and mirrors, what do you expect?

  7. Whoever calls her ugly or old.. has some serious problems!!

    she looks AMAZING.. not only for her age but also compared to anyone!…. she looks younger.. she’s so pretty!.. yeah that picture was photoshop but which photoshoot isnt?

  8. She’s hot and other people just can’t stand it. 😉
    Denying the plastic surgery rumors is like me saying I don’t wear a padded bra. Just admit it! Who cares! (p.s. it’s obvious! Your face doesn’t move!!)

  9. I don’t believe they used another body for the W shoot, and I also think it’s way rude for people to say such mean and hurtful things to another person. No matter how you slice it Demi looks really really REALLY good for 47!!!

  10. Are people so jobless that they have time to twitter Demi Moore to call her old and ugly?
    And i don’t know why she’s giving into the bait by replying to those nutters in the 1st place.
    I don’t know what they did to that pic of hers but there was definitely some photoshopping going on there; more than usual at that. If she denies, then that’s her stupidity because it is so blatant, but i don’t get why people are so enraged that they then seek to insult her.

    I’m really becoming sick of celebirity culture, especially as people are now seeking the most demeaning ways to attain it. Do they think there’s Hollywood heaven or something?

  11. Eh she is rich and famous. I don’t feel bad for her just because one person called her old and ugly. And it was on TWITTER for crying out loud. Get over it.

  12. She is 47 years old?OMG!I thought she is 30!She looks amazing!She is so beautiful!And she has a very interesting figure, she has something special.You can see on her face that she is intelligent and stylish!

  13. Demi has lots of unphotoshopped images prior to her looks right now, of course there were obvious sags and wrinkles especially in laugh lines, forehead and eyes. There’s no doubt she consulted cosmetic and/or plastic surgeons about this. Now her pictures are obviously very young as compaired to those when she was not yet married to Kutcher. Well, she’s trying to be beautiful for all of us especiall for the love of her life! So, let her!

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