Demi Moore: ‘I Had an Extreme Obsession with My Body”

demi-moore-weight - Demi Moore: 'I Had an Extreme Obsession with My Body"

‘I had an extreme obsession with my body. I made it a measure of my own value.’

‘I tried to dominate it, which I did, and I changed it multiple times over. But it never lasted and ultimately it didn’t bring me anything but temporary happiness.

‘Does being thin resolve anything? No. The irony is that when I abandoned that desire to dominate my body, it actually became the body that I’d always wanted.
‘But it only happened when I stopped trying to control it. At the end of the day, this kind of obsession is pointless and meaningless.’

… admits Demi in Elle Magazine.

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31 thoughts on “Demi Moore: ‘I Had an Extreme Obsession with My Body””

  1. Its amazing how these women talk about all the bad things that they did to their body in the past. I mean I still think demi is too obsessed coz she is rail thin, thinner than what she looked in her 20s and 30 s. Thats not natural for a women who has given birth to 3 kids.

  2. Okayyyyyy Demi so your body naturally became a size two (that is her reported size according to Harpers Bazaar which she is currently on the cover of) when you stopped having an extreme obsession with it……but you sure as hell were not a size two in charlies angels two…….RIGHHHT………*side eye**rolls eyes* “Does being thin resolve anything” I love how she can sound super eloquent at times and then say moronic statements like this…….If you ask me she’s still trying to prove that her body on the cover W Magazine was really hers *sighs**sips latte*

  3. Well I believe her. I used to be pretty obsessed about my body and at first I lost a lot of weight but it was so hard to maintain a low weight that I became bulimic. I only overcame bulimia once I stopped focussing so much on calories and exercising and everything. Now I just really try to listen to my body and only eat when I’m hungry. I also exercise, but I don’t overdo it, I only do the sports I enjoy. And with all that I’m about a size 2 – size 4.

    • your story is actually quite inspiring 🙂 I’ve battled bulimia…well still battling it. I’ve tried listening to my body, but because I’m so emotional all the time I always feel the need to eat. i’m at my heaviest right now. I always feel so useless and ugly. I don’t mean to rant here but you’ve made a great point. If we would all just listen to our bodies and not be so superficial about it, then we would eventually get to the thinnest size we were meant to be.

      • This also happened to me, I battled an ED a year ago until I decided it was not worth it, life is about experiences and being happy and I was losing all that by focusing on food all the time. It took time and I gained more of what I weight now. I just focus on learning what healthy eating really is, and that definetly is NOT being on a diet all the time. Now I’m slim and have the body I always wanted. Jay, u can do it too, just focus on what really is important in life and let ur body worry about the food. Recovery is a wonderful experience, it makes u wiser, happier and u get to know a lot more about yourself 🙂

        • hey thanks a lot for that 🙂 I’m gonna keep trying. I try to take it one day at a time. hopefully I reach my goal some day that way.

      • Yeah I’m bulimic too and I would give anything to be able to just listen to my body and feed it what it needs. It’s hard though, I’ve been this way for 13 years and have no concept of what it means to be hungry or full.

  4. I get what she’s saying, but I highly doubt that she has a “normal” and “healthy” relationship with food and her body now. She looks thinner than ever and I don’t know how she does it but I’m sure she does put in some effort to maintain this very thin figure. Also, what is with that back-brace like thing that she’s wearing?

  5. All this insight and advice coming from the woman who said her body wasn’t switched with Anja Rubik’s on a magazine cover. Yes, Anja Rubik, one of the most frightening high fashion models. Is that your “perfect body” Demi?


    • But it probably WASN’T switched with Anja Rubik’s body…That may have been a silly conspiracy theory. It was created by a tabloid. If you look at Demi’s picture she has wider shoulders and bigger thighs anyways…Not that they couldn’t have done that in photoshop, but why would they?

      • If you look at the two images side by side, they look exactly the same. Exactly. Perhaps it is her body, but they photoshopped it to look more similar to the original model wearing it than her own body. Why they would do it, I don’t know. Why use scary thin models or photoshop in the first place? I guess because they think it looks better.

        But that wasn’t so much my point. My point is this woman has many distorted thoughts and unresolved issues and I don’t feel she should be giving advice. At least not until she has recovered from said thoughts and issues.

  6. Oh please….. she is ridiculous anyone can see she is so obsessed with her body. Why else would she be the skinnest I have ever seen her. Oh but she just naturally became this way after she quit obsessing. Yeah right….

  7. I imagine this to be standard interview fodder for magazines – give the punters some apparent words of wisdom, body positive messages, tell them what they want to hear, regardless of who it comes from or what the topic.
    I suppose Demi’s true feelings are irrelevant in the public sense.

  8. when I read that I hear- I’m still obsessed with my body and being thin does matter- in fact I’m the happiest ever now that I’m so naturally and wonderfully thin…

    Whatever, I don’t believe her.

  9. oh yeah and I think making those kind of comments is terrible role modeling for all the young girls out there battling eds and body image

  10. she might be very thin now but maybe her attitude has changed. maybe she finds it easier staying thin now that she doesn’t obsess or maybe she means that her mind is not constantly on her body and she doesn’t think about it as much as she used to….her statement can be interpreted differently i think….

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