Drew Barrymore Covers Elle and Brings Today’s Quotes

Drew Barrymore Covers Elle and Brings Today's Quotes 1

“If you’re 35 and single and it’s a choice, it feels fine. So I didn’t settle with the wrong person yet. Big deal!”

“I don’t want to be vain or fearful, and I don’t think I’ll do anything [in terms of plastic surgery], but if I want to do something, I will. From my perspective, there’s no reason to be afraid of aging, because if you age, you’re lucky! The alternative is death.

… says Drew in Elle Magazine – how do you like the cover?

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Drew Barrymore Covers Elle and Brings Today's Quotes 2

Drew Barrymore Covers Elle and Brings Today's Quotes 3

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13 thoughts on “Drew Barrymore Covers Elle and Brings Today’s Quotes”

    • Agreed.

      What I find interesting about the cover is that it manipulates the use of light and poses to make her appear more slender (see: Drew’s left arm), which is fine by me. Drew still looks like Drew, although admittedly I find her ore adorable in her slightly plumper, cherubin-faced phases (but it is utterly her choice as to how she looks, s’long as it’s achieved healthily)

  1. Oh! I think she’s so pretty and adorable! She’s not beautiful and she’s not my type, but there’s something about her so cute, smart and sexy!
    I really like her quote, looks like something my mom always says: “everybody wants to get old. no one wants to die young”.

  2. I agree with Drew. If a man were 35 and single and had been in multiple relationships, no one would be talking about how miserable he must be unmarried. She seems happy with her life (who wouldn’t be) and she has enjoyed a very long and productive career.

  3. WOW love the quotes she’s so right and i 100% agree. also great shoot GORGEOUS cover. she’s really slimmed down in the past couple of years, and i don’t think it’s ridiculously photoshopped.

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