21 thoughts on “Elle Macpherson Is Almost in a Bikini”

  1. Great shape to her body but honestly I would expect a 53 year old to have better skin. 53 really isn’t that old, she still may have half of her life left! Esp. in the last pic her legs and arms have a texture more like someone in their 70s.
    In short: wear sunblock kiddos. I can guarantee when dita von teese is 53 she’s going to have (nearly) as tight a body and her skin is going to look 20 years younger, not older.

    • isnt she Australian? I feel like culturally they are very driven to be beach bums if they’re from that side near the water. Hugh Jackman was the same, and he’s being treated for melanoma now .. :/

      • I live in a coastal area and yeah being tanned is a trend that hasn’t died out here in Aus, a lot of girls spend hours in the sun or use solariums. I know people in their mid-twenties with insane sun damage but they still go out and bake. I even get a lot of sh*t for being pale but I’m half Finnish so I don’t even bother trying, I’d just ruin my skin and risk melanoma.

  2. Her skin is so saggy and wrinkly I was actually surprised when I read she’s only 53. She looks great in clothes but in a bikini not so much. I wonder if it’s just sun damage like others have said or if she could benefit from gaining a little bit of weight (it would “fill” the skin and make it look less loose if that makes sense… not sure it would work like that). It’s not like she looks terrible, it’s just that I was expecting her to look better than this.

    • she looks pretty darn great imo but she does have a ton of sun damage. She played in the sun a lot in her younger days, and photos of her tanned are all over. it’s time to pay the piper, skin wise, for the time in the sun

      • Haha. Best remedy. Seriously, dont worry or concern yourself over it too much as most women, even fitness instructors (I always remember an interview Jillian Michaels from Biggest Loser did mentioning her cellulite), slim runway models… etc. have it. Its more whether you have naturally thin skin or thicker skin and less to do with weight. Of course working out and eating right will be the best treatment (forget about the creams and junk). A good body exfoliant in the shower works nicely though and drink a lot of water.

    • Callanetics is great !
      Callanetics are low impacts movements that are effective for toning , cellulite and loose skin.
      The videos are a little outdated but it works
      I suggest starting with “Callanetics;10 years younger in 10 hours”

  3. She’s hideous. Get a rashie on and get out of school n and the seventies. She looks 75 not 50. And btw, it’s her Anglo-Celtic fair freckled skin that just does not belong anywhere near the sun.
    Ugly on the outside ugly on the inside=Elle. And also dumb as a box of rocks ‘I don’t believe in reading anything I haven’t written’ a direct quote from this wizened genius.
    Yep, don’t like her at all.

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