Elle Macpherson Reveals Her Beauty and Wellness Tips

Elle Macpherson Reveals Her Beauty and Wellness Tips 1

On gaining weight after turning 50:

I started to put on weight around my waist and hips, which was never my thing before. My legs started to get heavy. I started to feel lethargic. I also didn’t feel inspired. I wasn’t sleeping. My whole energy felt heavy.

On her diet:

So I turned to a plant-based diet. What I’d always thought were sunspots—actually, they were sugar spots— started to clear, and my skin looked tighter, dewier and plumper. I started to lose weight, probably because my sugar cravings had subsided. My digestion improved. I felt more emotionally balanced.

If I’m really in my groove, I love a raw, plant-based diet. That’s how I feel best. I eat grains, nuts, seeds, beans, vegetables, almond milk, hemp milk, chia seeds. I make my own granola in a dehydrator. Avocado, salads, juicing—you know, beautiful, whole, natural foods. As far as animal products are concerned, I’ll have a poached egg every now and then, some Parmesan cheese and goat cheese, but they’re not staples of my diet.

On her other wellness and beauty tips:

Walking in seawater is one of the best things I can do for my body. It tones the legs and the waist, it’s great for minerals, and if you have any water retention, it’s a great diuretic. I walk in about thigh-deep or knee-deep water for 40 minutes to an hour.

Before or after I shower, I dry brush my body. You can watch how to do it on YouTube—basically, it’s circular movements toward your heart, from your fingertips and your toes. In the shower, I do about three cycles of switching hot and cold water. You can feel your body start tingling; it’s so good for your lymphatics and circulatory system, and such an easy thing to do.

I’ve been using an infrared sauna at home for about a year and a half. I try to do it every day for an hour— I’ll watch TV in there or do a meditation or a phone call. That’s been phenomenal for the quality of my skin and the capacity of my body to detox and really function well.

On loving the sun:

Forget about the look of a tan—the immune system is very much boosted by sunshine. I try to lie outside for 20 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the afternoon. I close my eyes and raise my face to the sun so that the pineal gland in the front of my head is toward the sun. That just works wonders for your immune system.

… says 53 year-old Elle.

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Elle Macpherson Reveals Her Beauty and Wellness Tips 2  Elle Macpherson Reveals Her Beauty and Wellness Tips 3 Elle Macpherson Reveals Her Beauty and Wellness Tips 4 Elle Macpherson Reveals Her Beauty and Wellness Tips 5

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33 thoughts on “Elle Macpherson Reveals Her Beauty and Wellness Tips”

  1. I agree with Jen, she would probably look 10 years younger with non-damaged (or just non-beachy) hair AND if she didn’t have those horribly augmented lips!!! Celebrities never learn from one another.

    • sounds like : “I am not letting myself go”, which is admirable AND HEALTHY.
      she will live more than you guarantee, and with more life enjoyment in her second half of life.

      sure…she is rich, she has time, she’s tall…. but give all that, her attitude is still a GOOD attitude to have and you should really stop hating on women who are better than you at self-care.

      she clearly acknowledged physical changes very honestly and without an inch of hate, and she is taking positive actions in her new lifestyle. healthy habits she is willing to adopt.
      she is providing an EXAMPLE , not a treat to your young b.hurt mindset. grow up!

      and maybe read again your comment and you may understand how disgusting and hateful it is.

      • “she will live more than you guarantee,” <- can you guarantee that she won't die in a car accident tomorrow? Or that she won't get skin cancer from her lifetime of heavy tanning? Maybe again read your comment and you may understand how hostile and aggressive you come across by making broad assumptions with buzzwords like 'guarantee'. And " you should really stop hating on women who are better than you at self-care" really says much more about yourself than the OP. Now please, call me a hater. I look forward to your well articulated rebuttal "guaranteed".

        • I speak four languages and I don’t have an autocorrect for typos. (I do, but it is in another language). With the car crash thing you clearly missed the whole point, like throwing aliens in a discussion about solar eclipses.
          Au revoir
          (insert sign language, yes I sign asl too)

          I’m out

      • um guess again.
        (this is in english, one of your 4 languages)

        “Macpherson recalled having a “lightbulb” moment in 1989, when a small New Zealand company was trying to break into the Australian marketplace and needed a recognizable face to help grow its business. This is where Macpherson stepped in.

        That moment, Macpherson said, allowed her to look at her options and decide what path she wanted to take. She went on to create her own eponymous company in the 1990s to manage her licenses and other opportunities.

        Fast forward to 2014, and after switching to a new health regime, Macpherson co-founded WelleCo with Andrea Horwood and nutritional doctor Dr Simone Laubscher. The ingestible beauty business is now selling products to customers around the world.

        The biggest selling product at the company is the WelleCo Super Elixir, a dietary supplement in powder form made from 45 ingredients found in plants. The powder is ingested, with the basic premise being that it nourishes people from the inside at a cellular level.

        A private equity firm run by two of the drivers of vitamins giant Swisse’s global rise has taken a 25 per cent stake in plant-based supplements firm WelleCo as it prepares to step up expansion in the United States and China.”

        She’s a shill, and shills to make $$$$ just like so many other famous women. Read her post, and you’ll pick up the typical buzz words those who market lifestyle/beauty/DIET use to hit its targets (Women’s wallets and feed off their insecurities):

        My skin cleared up
        I started to lose weight
        Emotional balance

        What’s more, she’s spinning pseudo science that we’ve seen before: that alternating hot/cold showers is good for the lymphatic system (there is no scientific evidence); that she uses an expensive infrared sauna for its detox effect (again, claims of detoxification lack scientific evidence).

        The sad part in all this is, again, how women, are the main targets of this beauty bunk. So you’re speech of “hating on women? is meaningless for this person, who is deliberately fleecing women of their money.

        Which is why it is SO IMPORTANT for today’s young girls to be encouraged in the sciences, mathematics, critical thinking. It’s the only way to arm them with the tools to cut through this exploitative beauty industry.

        I have no problem with a plant based diet, but what I do have a problem with is people exploiting the concept to sell pricey useless supplements with false claims and using beautiful women to sell them – “you’ll look just as beautiful, happy and sexy like me if you buy this.”
        Same technique that’s been used for a century

  2. Oh wow, all of this effort to improve her looks and defy ageing just a bit! So she is basically spending roughly 2.5 – 3 hours on mineral bathing, infrared sauna, dry brushing and being in the sun a day.
    She looks great now, really. She used to be a model and I guess she spent most of her life in the public eye and is therefore very cautious about it.
    But since I have found peace with my disordered eating, I find it sad, because it sends the message to focus on unimportant values – being forever thin and young. I live in a city where 80-90-year-olds walk with so my botox and fillers in their faces, that it is just bizarre. Like… is this how scared they are of ageing and dying, really?

      • No, the Northern, wealthy part of Tel Aviv (Israel). In one of the old houses behind all the villas, haha 😉
        It is a fascinating country, because it’s history is linked, obviously, to the holocaust and genocide. I wonder in what way such life experiences influence the human, so that they still care about, and are actually bothered by their wrinkles, and to what extent their cultural background and money determine how they feel about their appearance.
        On the other hand, this country offers so many opportunities to practice sincere spirituality than any other country I have ever lived in, so definitely not all old people go crazy on botox.

          • Nothing cool about Tel Aviv, nor is there anything remotely spiritual about that place that kills innocent people and steals their home.
            Boycott israel

        • Tel Aviv? So did you take part in murdering the Palestinian family that lived in the house you now illegally squat in?
          It’s laughable that you bring up the holocaust … yet leave out that the holocaust is a Palestinian Holocaust which you pay a part in given where you live.
          The sincere spirituality you speak of – do you mean the bombing of residential Palestinian homes, or the seizure of medical aid by humanitarians from international countries, MINE included?
          Are you even aware of the little girl and her pregnant mother who were killed by israelis two nights ago? The innocent family was murdered in their own home. Inas was 23-year-old (pregnant) and Bayan her daughter was barely over a year old.
          The images of the blood splattered walls is all over social media – as are the protests from people outraged that the israelis robbed the ships bringing medical aid to Gaza. Not only were the ships looted by the israelis – but so were the humanitarians robbed of their personal belongings.
          israelis are murdering thieves.
          Disgusting that you Noomiko – can casually read beauty magazines while your savage and sadistic ‘tribe’ is currently bombing innocent people in order to cleanse the land of the Palestinian’s existence.
          Sincere spiritually?
          What a joke.

    • Being forever thin in a healthy way and youthful, may not be much relevant compared to doing lab research at 60, but it is still a better value than watching TV, complaining, have a cr.p life, and spend all your time making yourself small.

  3. Sugar spots?????
    Three words: old, leather bag.
    She looks every one of her fifty years and more.
    It’s too late for her but here’s a pro tip: stay out of the sun, especially if you have a fair freckled complexion like Elle.
    Dumb as a box of rocks.

    • Her body has a great shape to it but her skin is famously and accurately terrible. Sunblock is your friend, ESPECIALLY if you’re in Australia.

    • yup. the skin brushing is the dumbest thing i’ve heard since lady gooper (gwyneth paltrow) last opened her mouth.

        • bc the goal is to “get rid of cellulite” which is just part of our genetic makeup and totally unnecessary to “get rid of”–it’s not a “condition” as most beauty magazines state. of course, they just want to sell something/support their advertising vendors. also, it has zero proven benefits. sure, it may increase circulation on the dermal layer but that’s it. if you want to increase circulation just get a massage, rub against a tennis ball against a wall, or exercise. and if cellulite is your largest enemy maybe try not to get crappy food and base your self esteem in something more important than the appearance of your thighs. that’s why i think it’s dumb.

    • She’s slim, but other than that I think many people her age look similar or better. Granted I’ve never found her anything special to begin with. Some fat does wonders for making you seem younger once you aren’t in your 20-30s anymore.

  4. Looks like a dried raisin or leather couch. I rather go tanless and have soft youthful skin, even some plumpness because that just looks manly, like Steven Tyler. Doesn’t matter what you eat if you fry up your skin, in my opinion. Helps me feel less bad that I’m not going on a beach vacation anytime soon .

  5. She has a great body and her diet seems reasonable but all of the other stuff she said (sugar spots, sun boosting immune system etc) is… just plain weird.

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