Emily Blunt: ‘Actresses still think they have to be super-thin’

Emily Blunt: 'Actresses still think they have to be super-thin' 1

Emily Blunt has a little quote to share:

“I think actresses still think they have to be super-thin. There are actors who can turn up on the set 30lbs overweight and no one bats an eyelid. If a girl did that, they’d tell you to get in the gym, so I don’t think it’s changed that much. Actors can get away with a lot more because they can cover it up more.”

At the same time, Emily would love the change to gain weight for a role:

“I’d love to get fat. I’d eat everything in sight! Matt Damon said for ‘The Informant’ he was in heaven every day eating fried chicken and burgers and carbonara. That idea sounds very nice to me. It would be worth having to lose it afterwards for four months of eating like that.”

… says Emily in OK Magazine.

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37 thoughts on “Emily Blunt: ‘Actresses still think they have to be super-thin’”

  1. Never really saw what it is about Emily that’s special but I like the movie roles she picks. Jealous about Damon though ha pretty lips just think her eyes look dull. Also I like this quote!

  2. ‘There are actors who can turn up on the set 30lbs overweight and no one bats an eyelid. If a girl did that, they’d tell you to get in the gym’.

    That’s such an interesting point. Come to think of it, I’m yet to see a website where men’s bodies are analysed anywhere near as closely as women’s bodies are on sites such as this.

  3. she makes a good point in the first part. though i think it’s kinda easy for her to say because she’s always been really thin.

    and… matt damon <3

  4. Noooooooo that’s a terrible thing to tell people. I suppose she just doesn’t know. Eating like that is addictive. I thought I would just do it for a month on vacation 4 yrs ago and I have been bingeing and restricting ever since. It’s bad for your mind and body and you can’t simply stop very easily

    • actually i did it when i stopped smoking- can’t say i was a saint before hand but i really let myself go. i was so sick of food after a couple of months. I’ve been so much healthier and slimmer ever since. Everyone is different, but i know so many people who say what she did- not for a role but when they are old and don’t care anymore- or think they won’t care.

    • I’m 15, thought it would be a summer holiday 2010 diet, lost over a stone in less than 2 months and suffered from anorexia for a few months but once I got out of it, I am now on the binge and starve diet. It’s hell… pure living hell…
      I know how u feel ;/
      She’s right though. I actually admire her speaking out 🙂

      • Maybe it’s none of my business. And i really really do not want to offend you, so you can ignore this comment. But you are still very young. And you can get out of that. Reach out for help. Talk to someone. There has to be some kind of school psychologist or someone who can guarantee you confidentiality and who can help you through this. You should enjoy your teen years and be happy with yourself, not go through hell. Trust me, i understand and i wish i wasn’t so old and it wouldn’t be too embarrassing to just reach out. But i am dealing with stuff and i do know how low can you fall. Just take care of yourself.

  5. How are fried chicken and burgers exciting? People need to learn to enjoy REAL whole foods. I know that is not exactly the point here, but when you eat fresh healthy foods that actually fuel your body(neither only celery and steamed fish, or fried chicken and burgers), at one point, you don’t “fantasize” on this crap anymore. Eating junk for four months would probably get me to feel depressed and tired. And sick to my stomach. Yuck

    • i agree with you. i understand that she means it’s enjoyable to pig out here and there but she went way overboard in saying it’d be “worth” it. feeding your body like that for any period of time doesn’t seem worth it, especially 4 months… that’s ALOT to undo! and you’re so right: unhealthy eating habits are without a doubt linked to depression and low energy levels. that’s why they say, healthy foods = healthy moods.

    • I get was she’s saying. I think she means when you deprive yourself of guilty pleasure foods for so long because all the pressure in hollywood for actresses to be pin thin, those foods are just never an option so you want to eat them 😀 It’s like when someone says you can’t do something, that’s all you want to do.

      • Exactly! I could not live without fries, cake, pizza, etc – on occasion! To deprive yourself of those sort of foods entirely just feels too restrictive to me. I am very aware of healthy, whole foods and I love them – but that doesn’t mean I don’t love fries now and then too! There is no reason to cut those naughty foods out of your diet 100% – as long as you eat healthy most of the time and get regular exercise. There’s really no need to be so restrictive – unless you are keeping your body at it’s lowest possible healthy weight and that’s just unnecessary for most people (actors included).

  6. she isn’t wrong- but I think she is being a little narrow. There are actresses who have built very sucessful careers and are far from conventionally attractive- they will simply never be cast as the pretty romantic lead. likewise despite the current rise of the geek, there are plenty of male lead roles that are given to the handsome well cut guy and not to say, Seth Rogen. I’m fairly sure Orlando Bloom and Hayden Christensen have careers purely because of their looks. good looks are an advantage always- but they are an advantage to both sexes.

    • but it’s not even close to the same.
      Some women, Kathy Bates, Jane Lynch, have had success , below average looks but most actresses would be considered above average.
      However lots of wildly sucessful and talented actors, Steve Buscemi, James Woods, Phillip Seymour Hoffman to name a few are given deep and strong roles late into their lives. Women are also given and experation date. Men get to act late into their lives despite their looks.

      • i don’t think she is wrong- i do think there is pressure, i also think that pressure comes as much from within us as from outside. but what i was trying to say is that i think our prespective is getting a little skewered and the whole issue has been blown a little out of proportion. I imagine as an actress being scrutinised all the time it can feel as if every little flaw is completely exaggerated.
        as for philip seymour hoffman and steve buscemi, they are tremendous actors and took time grafting in small roles to achieve the sucess they have. do you honestly imagine they have never looked at Haydyn Christensen walking into a million dollar starring role first time up and envied his looks??

  7. Well, actresses think still they have to be super-thin because if actresses go overweight “THEY’d tell you to get in the gym”.
    Being thin is not something that the actress believes appropriate, “they ” told them to stay thin, as Emily says.
    I do not think that is an obsession of the actresses itself, but rather that “they ” make them obsess about.

  8. Unfortunately women have always been (and probably always will be) judged and valued more for their looks than men. But that’s not the full story. It is getting increasingly important for men to look a certain way too – man-scaping and all that!

    I’m not sure I agree with her that a guy could turn up on set 30lbs overweight and no one would care – if he’s the heartthrob, then I think they would care. Imagine if Rob Pattinson was 30lbs heavier (and not with muscle!) in the next Twilight movie – do you think that would be okay with everyone?! I don’t!
    Hollywood is superficial – it’s the nature of the business – and men don’t escape it entirely. Maybe they get away with more than women – but their looks are still of paramount importance a lot of the time. Looks still count as much (or more) than talent for a lot of actors of both genders.

  9. I love her dress. I get her point but as someone who eats junk food fairly often, eating only junk for four months would be gross. Eating only junk for two weeks would be gross.

  10. She is superfit and I used to attend the same training group she did and let me tell you SHE TRAINS HARD. She can eat because it burns of without even touching the sides so good luck to her.

  11. i think actresses need to STFU about this kind of stuff. if you want to eat like that, here’s a thought… FIND ANOTHER JOB. you don’t hear athletes and dancers constantly b*tching about being skinny because it’s part of the job. so either do it or don’t. just stop talking about it, it’s SO annoying

  12. YEAH, right 🙂 however hard she trains, that’s just NOT a HEALTHY lifestyle and definitely not a good thing to tell to people !

    • ERRR okay if you say so!!! But I don’t think she was trying to”tell” people anything. She was being asked and she responded. The problem is journalists are lazy and ask the same old three questions

      1) What do eat
      2) How much do weigh
      3) Who are you sleeping with

      I’m pretty sure it was tongue firmly in cheek and if even if she weren’t it’s the responsibility of the individual to decide whether or not they want to take it on board. And judging by the responses on this discussion the individuals here are smart enough to decide for themselves. And I don’t think she’ll be taking on any Bridget Jones roles anytime soon do you?

      • Exactly, the blame should really be placed on journalists for these kinds of questions. However, just once, I think it would be funny if an actress refused to answer them. “What I eat? Bugger off, next question!”

  13. I love her. She’s a non-traditional beauty. She’s intelligent. She picks great roles. She’s a great actress. She has class and a lovely exterior to boot. What’s not to like?

    P.S. To those of you who are taking her comments so super seriously (which by the way I find incredibly annoying); calm down gals, dry those sweat beads, because I’m pretty sure she was being overly dramatic for comedic flair.

    • Spot on!

      i didn’t read the actual article, but let’s be realistic: Most of these comments are just things actresses and actors say, oftentimes without prompt from a question. It’s only understandable that these candid comments don’t come off as entirely serious and should not be treated with the same seriousness.

      I do believe that if weight-related questions were actually posed to Ms Blunt, she would probably answer with more elegance.

  14. I can’t believe you guys are all bellyaching about exactly what degree of health or unhealthiness her comment is promoting rather than just acknowledging that Matt Damon looks HOT in that picture.

  15. I think when it comes to the select few that are amazing talented and wonderful actors and actresses, looks don’t matter. The rest of them, who built their career on looks, well, they have to just deal with it, men or women.

    • lol, totally agree. but there are worse things than having to be attractive for your job and putting facials and a personal trainer on your taxform section deductions :p

  16. I find Emily Blunt so appealing. To me, she has a very understated type of beauty – it’s like a whisper that you can definitely hear loud & clear. She has very earthy, soulful eyes, that gorgeous mouth, pretty skin – oh, and nevermind the beautiful accent. She’s lovely!

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