34 thoughts on “Emily Ratajkowski Is Still in a Bikini”

  1. Yikes at that next to last pic, she’s a very facially unblessed woman though her body’s nearly an A+. The posing-only “bikini top” pretty much tells me everything I need to know about why shes on the beach now. Guess the paparazzi’s just happened to be at the right place right time :/

  2. Also I noticed her bum looks wayyy more flat than she portrays in her Ig. Not bad but she makes it looks super perky and bigger than it is in real life

  3. She used to be heavier and have (to me) the perfect figure. Now surprise, surprise she’s lost 10lb like every ‘it’ girl who’s losing attention.

    Now she looks unwell, ribs sticking out and loss of muscle tone all over. Not a good look. Her face has always been plain, but at least in the blurred lines time she had a gorgeous body. Now she’s just like any other average height, average body, average face LA girl.

      • Are you trying to compare yourself ? You know +/- 10 lbs look different on every bodytypes. I am pretty sure you look very good already
        Models in real life look scary skinny. And sad.

    • This is the perfect weight for her. If you take a look at her, you will also notice she has really good muscle tone. She is not at all skinny fat, she is very toned.

      • She has stupid little muscle mass. She has a low body fat percentage, but she doesn’t have any muscle mass either. You have no idea what muscles actually look like and she is clearly underweight.

      • Where is this “muscle tone” you speak of cos looking at her quads, arms, back even her calves, she literally has none. By her own admission, she doesn’t work out at all. She’s really just naturally petite and skinny which is cool and all but she has no muscle mass. And also there’s no such thing as being “toned”, you are either muscular (with a low bf% so you have visible mass or with a layer of fat covering your muscles) or not.

  4. Shouldn’t her hip bones be showing if she’s that thin? Her ribs are showing and her stomach looks concave, but she looks photoshopped without hip bones.

    • i wonder how many nights end in her on her knees (and other things on her knees) begging for a role in one of his crappy films. typical hollywood marriage. he’ll likely find newer, younger arm candy soon anyway. the hwood machine churns on *puke*

      • well he’s pretty hid eous, i don’t know if he can find something younger and hotter. it seems like she only dates older and unattractive white men, but this one has money to provide her the lifestyle she wants. the main problem i have is when people like this have children. what if she has a daughter with the father’s body shape? she is so into her own appearance. how is she going to teach her daughter to value who she is, and her intelligence? i’ve seen it happen again and again, and it’s not like either one of them has a good looking face – that second photo, yikes!

        • She’d teach her daughter to value herself and her intelligence the same way emily does for herself: “Sweetie, you’re so smart! Now take off all your clothes and bounce around naked in front of a bunch of men who are admiring your jiggling empowered mind!” #feminist #mommydaughtertoplesselfie #kylieandspawndoubledate #smart

  5. Lool so many resentful comments

    I wouldn’t want to look like her because it’s an hyper feminine shape, but in that regard, although TINY, she looks quite impressive!!

    her stomach fat is incredibly low (which looks good! not genetically possible for the most) while, as pointed out already, her hip bones and ribcage don’t jump out from the curves.

    I like how her stomach looks, no fat anywhere there, but I also know that it wouldn’t be achievable for me unless I was forcefully keeping myself considerably underweight, and I would then have hip bones and knee bones popping out(no nice lines). Strong abs on the other side, are technically achievable for me as I saw in the past.

  6. I think she looks great as always. natural and all. And btw, i really like her husbant. Like, i would totally fall for him and bodywise he reminds me of my bf. His face is weirdly handsome to me. Lips especially.

  7. I didn’t used to like her but I get it now. She just capitalized on being hotter and nakeder and louder all at the same time than everyone else lmao. Now she’s still riding high on the attention of creepers and haters but decided to marry a dude she actually liked and is living her best life with her various bikini and accessory lines. Dare I say #goals?

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