Emily Ratajkowski – Polka Dot Premiere Beauty

Emily Ratajkowski - Polka Dot Premiere Beauty 1

26 year-old Emily Ratajkowskiat wore a polka dot dress in shades of white, black and bright yellow as she stepped on the red carpet at the Premiere of Vertical Entertainment’s “In Darkness” in Hollywood.

How do you like her look here?

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Emily Ratajkowski - Polka Dot Premiere Beauty 2 Emily Ratajkowski - Polka Dot Premiere Beauty 3 Emily Ratajkowski - Polka Dot Premiere Beauty 4  Emily Ratajkowski - Polka Dot Premiere Beauty 5

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10 thoughts on “Emily Ratajkowski – Polka Dot Premiere Beauty”

  1. She looks sooo skinny imo lately ( in some Instagram pics especially ) probably 5”6 and around 100 lbs. she is gorgeous just looking thin imo. Height / weight guesses ?

    • I’m 5’3″ and struggle to maintain at a 100 lbs and while I do have significant waist to hip ratio because of my bone structure, my limbs happen to be super boney looking. Everyone carries weight differently but she seems to me to be atleast over 112-115

  2. @AR..There is a pic on her Instagram recently and she is in a bikini by a radiator and looks severely undeeeught def not 120 lbs ( it may be photoshopped but she looks tiiiiny in that pic

    • ok anyone can look 20 pounds thinner in a PICTURE that is taken in a certain pose, with certain lighting etc. i told you to check the video. and you’re still here being caught up on a picture. there’s bonespo of gisele, that’s clearly fake – does that mean gisele is severely malnourished like the bonespo pics suggest? nah

    • in the picture you are talking about, her ribs are poking out and her stomach is sunken in. like i’ve said 1000 times its because she got a procedure on her stomach. but continue sitting here believing this girl has a BMI of 15, whatever floats your boat.

  3. She looks amazing. Good for her! She has such a perfect body, perfect weight, you really can’t ask for much more.

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