Emily Ratajkowski – Vogue Party Beauty

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Brunette beauty Emily Ratajkowski showed off her legs and famous cleavage as she stepped out for a Vogue party in celebration of Paris Fashion Week on Sunday.

How do you all like her look?

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20 thoughts on “Emily Ratajkowski – Vogue Party Beauty”

  1. I don’t like the outfit, all the pieces combined are too maximalistic even though they would be fine if isolated and worn with other basic, neutral, streamlined pieces. The overall vibe it gives off is that she drunkenly put on a couple of random things lying on the floor because she was already late.

  2. Maybe I don’t understand FASHUN… but it just looks like she threw on her boyfriend’s button down shirt after having a fun romp and I don’t know, maybe I’d do that and proceed to make us apres-romp sandwiches but not like go to a red carpet EVENT

  3. Her body fascinates me because she can look suuuper skinny like 17.5 bmi and then here she looks normal like 19 bmi. I wonder why that is ?!

    • I have to say that for people that are naturally slim thats the way they look. My bmi sa idk, around 17, when i was at the doctor for some of checkup – he asked – why are u so thin? than when i took my clothes off – he said, oh yeah, ur not skinny – u r just slim. a lot of muscles, some fat, but no bones sticking out nowhere. Thats why she doesnt look “skinny”.

  4. Okay, first off, she’s smoking hot. God damn, she’s sexy. Okay? Okay. Now that we got that out of the way….as beautiful as she is, that old fashion rule of just showcasing one sexy body part at a time rings true. Show off legs or show off boobs, but showing off legs and boobs at the same time, just comes off as poor taste. That’s my fashion side of me…..But my guy side of me says,”damn, she looks good.”

  5. Yes, she is pretty, but also annoying and stupid. I think it’s her attention loving, vanity, and her attempts to connect being paid for taking off her clothes to being a feminist. And this outfit is hideous.

    • Agreed. Also all of these Hollywood people with all the money they spend going out, dressing up all the time, and giving awards to each other, think of all the money that could go to charities, etc.. they all have soooo much I know most probably so give some back but for how liberal most are they coukd be giving waaaay more back

      • It makes me question how ” liberal” they really are. I live in northern Cali and know people are so far left they think we should all be equal. Coukd u imagine these celebrities if they lived in a tiny aprtment off of 50k per year ?! Hahah

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