Gabourey Sidibe Brings Today’s Quotes


On living her life with confidence:

I’m an a—hole! Okay? It’s my good time, and my good life, despite what you think of me. I live my life, because I dare. I dare to show up when everyone else might hide their faces and hide their bodies in shame… I show up because I’m an a—hole, and I want to have a good time.

On the fact that her weight and looks had nothing to do with why she wasn’t liked by the other kids:

Why didn’t they like me? I was fat, yes. I had darker skin and weird hair, yes. But the truth is; this isn’t a story about bullying, or color, or weight. They hated me because… I was an a—hole! I was a snob. I thought I was better than the kids in my class, and I let them know it. That’s why they didn’t like me.

So when you ask me how I’m so confident, I know what you’re really asking me: How could someone like me be confident? Go ask Rihanna, a—hole.

… said Gabourey during a speech at the “Ms. Foundation for Women’s Gloria Awards and Gala” about confidence.


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76 thoughts on “Gabourey Sidibe Brings Today’s Quotes”

    • being arrogant isn’t a good thing. being obese isn’t a good thing. no
      amount of “sassiness” is going to change these facts. what a big black dumb

        • black isn’t a racial insult, it’s a description. i used it to produce alliteration and add color(pun unintended) to the phrase.

          • I was referring to your use of the word “sassiness” in combination with you pointing out that she’s black.

          • funny enough, my original post got lots of up-votes. seems people really
            agree she’s a big black dumb ass. and lets face it, black is one of her
            defining qualities. she looks like a pile of coal or perhaps a stack of
            s**t bricks

          • See now you’ve just revealed the true underlying racism behind your post. By derogatorily describing (alliteration, see what I did there :P) her skin color, which is beautifully black (alliteration again, hah!) in my eyes, you show how you really feel about her being black. (i had to again :D) since clearly your use of the word black was for the “pure” purpose of alliteration when in actuality it has more to do with her skin color attributing to her sassiness, which you find so unappealing.

            Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and you don’t have to see her beautiful but your original comment “amount of “sassiness” is going to change these facts. what a big black dumb ass.” when juxtaposed to your words ” she looks like a pile of coal or perhaps a stack of
            s**t bricks” shows how truly racist your comment is. Let’s face it, bigoted is one of your defining qualities.

          • it’s not racist, if it’s simply descriptive. i wouldn’t call rhianna a stack of s**t brick, because she doesn’t look like that.

          • i’m a father of an autistic mixed korean child. his mother is still in the picture, and i’m owner of an after-school learning academy. commenting on skinnyvswussy is just a hobby for me.

          • After school learning academy?
            YOU?! You should be a role model to the kids you see every day & learn to keep your mouth shut.
            I’d never let my kids near you.

          • what can i say? education runs in my family. my father is a professor at uc san diego, where i could have gotten a job, if not for their policy of anti-nepotism. and my major was in mathematics education, so i’m well qualified to tutor children, especially asians. are you wet yet?

    • No, I think she was referring to someone thin/fit because she herself is perceived to be not confident because her of her weight whereas Rhianna is perceived to be confident as a beautiful, fit black woman.

      But I dig her–she’s sassy as hell. Although I must say, it a makes me feel uncomfortable to look at her because I can’t imagine being so large myself. Nonetheless, she has an incredible mind and incredible talent.

      • well, maybe she did compare herself to rhianna. because in a perfect world, there’d be no discriminating towards thin or fat women. and i feel like she spoke at a confidence conference because of her larger size.

    • Yeah, her attitude is kinda rough, but I think it sounds like she’s learned since being an “a-hole” little kid acting like she was better than everyone. I don’t think she’s very polite, necessarily, but she seems kind of funny and honest, and I think it would be hard not to have some attitude when people keep acting like you don’t deserve confidence.

  1. I like that she is confident in herself and that she acknowledges that people don’t like her because of her personality/attitude, not because of the way she looks. I think it’s easy to say “they don’t like me because I’m not pretty enough,” “they don’t like me because I’m prettier than they are,” etc. when the truth is more often that people probably don’t like you because of your personality or attitude.

    • Veeery true. I used Miranda Kerr as an example. I never found her particularly beautiful, but I know lots of people did. At first girls LOVED her. They loved her for her beauty and thought she was sweet and innocent. The more her actual personality has come out. the more people don’t like her so much…well, girls anyway.

  2. I’ve always thought she was totally obnoxious and full of herself, but after reading her full speech from this event I feel a bit different. Yes, we all know that there’s no way she can be at her best health at this weight and yes, (just as she says) her attitude is likely a lot of the reason why people don’t like her, but at the end of the day I can’t imagine how she must be treated day in and day out because of her appearance. Even when people try to pay her a compliment there’s usually a backhanded insult snuck. i.e. “Where do you find your confidence?” Just as she says: you would NEVER ask a Blake Lively or a Kate Hudson that question phrased is such a way.

    • Best comment in this comment section so far! Agree with EVERY single line you said!

      ” Even when people try to pay her
      a compliment there’s usually a backhanded insult snuck. i.e. “Where do
      you find your confidence?” Just as she says: you would NEVER ask a
      Blake Lively or a Kate Hudson that question phrased is such a way.”

      ^ Also, thanks for pointing that out. SO many people fails to notice this!

    • yes, such a body does seem claustrophobic to me, because i’ve always been small. I love that she is happy but at the same time, part of me feels she may be fooling herself a bit considering obesity is alot of weight on one’s shoulders–physically and mentally. pun semi-intended. i do wonder what kind of meals she eats…

    • “Last time I checked being an a–hole is not a good thing.”

      Agree. Not sure when that became something to be proud of. I suppose it’s acceptable because she is so overweight.

      • yeah i’m really confused why everyone is praising her for her sass…. this just sounded really unprofessional to me, I can’t believe she said that in a speech at a conference 😮 there are way more gracious ways she could have gotten her message across

    • I’m also a fan of enjoying oneself and life in general, but most people can still do that in fairly healthy ways, staying in normal weight range, not poisoning themselves with drugs, etc.
      As she says she was big her whole life and probably doesn’t know, how enjoyable is not carrying the extra weight.
      But kudos to her for having this strong attitude!

  3. I feel so bad for this girl. She can say “I am confident” as much as she wanrs, but this doesn’t change that she looks so so unhealthy. I am all for variety but this is not okay. It is her choice to stay that way (it seems she doesn’t want to lose weight) but I don’t understand this false stubborness when it comes to health. Period.

    • Agreeeeeee. it’s great she’s confident but for health reasons alone she should really loose weight. I don’t understand why she hasn’t tried.. unless she has a medical condition.. and please guys, no attacking this comment by saying “oh she’s happy the way she is!” I get it. she can be a happy individual but for her HEALTH she really needs to be at a good weight for her height (as in within a health BMI range which I doubt she is…..)

  4. okay…but that still doesn’t change the fact that her big toe is the size of three of mine combined! how does she find shoes!? they’re hard enough to find for wide feet as it is!

    anyway, she should find another way to channel her frustrations. being an a$$hole is usually a reaction to underlying issues, so yeah the kids may not have likely her for that, but they probably also didn’t because of the way she looks (and teased her about it) and that’s what caused her to lash out and cope that way, let’s be honest.

    • “being an a$$hole is usually a reaction to underlying issues, so yeah the
      kids may not have likely her for that, but they probably also didn’t
      because of the way she looks (and teased her about it) and that’s what
      caused her to lash out and cope that way, let’s be honest.:”

      yup exactly. being an a-hole is a great defense mechanism

  5. I don’t think she’s confident. She’s bitter and defensive. It seems that she doesn’t feel good inside and hides behind that mask. She pretends that she doesn’t care what people think, but I really think that she just want’s people to think that she doesn’t care, when in fact, she does. That’s why she sounds so bitter and mean.

    • Agree. I know some people like this and it’s a defense mechanism like any other. It’s like she doesn’t want to be talked about for her weight so she goes “why don’t you talk about what an a-hole I am, instead?” It also helps to stop the pity/simpathy looks she must get, and those are awful but this is not the right way to do it. I also can’t believe she feels good at this weight. It’s one thing to be a bit overweight, live a completely normal life and say “F you, skinny brigade, I like the way I look”. But at this weight just getting out of bed in the morning must take her 3x the time and make her sweat. Aestethics aside, there’s no way this can be comfortable.

  6. I really like her and her part in American Horror Story was great but I don’t believe her that she’s confident. I think it’s rather self-defense because lots of people keep talking about her weight and honestly, I would try everything to lose weight if I was her size. It must be hard to have a body like hers when nothing fits you, you’re out of breath quickly and people make fun of you because of your weight. I’m pretty sure that if she started losing weight and following a healthy lifestyle, she’d feel better about herself and wouldn’t be so bitter.

  7. That all sounds rather angry to me – I don’t think anger is a good kind of confidence personally… She doesn’t sound like a nice person. Still, she’s certainly made a name and career for herself so she’s done well materially – but I don’t really see it as admirable to be an ‘a-hole’ to people! Confidence is best if it comes from a positive place – then it is not misconstrued as arrogance and can actually be a positive motivator for others.

    We need less people in the world being confident ‘a-holes’ if you ask me – way too many people with this attitude as it is! It’s like we associate being mean with being strong and being kind with being weak – I think meanness comes from a weak centre and kindness comes from a strong one. 🙂

    • maybe she’s angry (why wouldn’t she be with all this criticism) or maybe she’s faking her confidence.. But really does it matter? She obviously had to go and get wut she wants out of life ,nothing is handed to her. And if being somewhat of an “a-hole” gets u through, who are we to judge?! I would much rather appear a little bit more “b—y” and get what I want than be the “nice” girl who is afraid to step on toes and hides herself…

      • I think it’s about finding a balance. I have been the ‘nice girl’ too much, and I agree, that’s not the way to go – but I also don’t respect people who get what they want by being mean to others (who don’t deserve it). Whether they are where they want to be or not, that’s not admirable to me.

        I’d rather not have what I want in life, but know I’ve been a truly good person, than have what I want, but be ashamed of how I’ve treated a lot of people along the way…

  8. This just looks so uncomfortable! And it is as unattractive to me as somebody like Rachel Zoe is. Health is what is beautiful. (And using such foul language doesn´t help!)

  9. good for her. I get where she’s coming fr. She probably gets bombarded all the time w criticism regarding her weight, looks and race. So she’s gonna do whatever the eff she wants. If she wants to lose weight, that’ll b her own doing for herself and her health and not bc people tell her to.

    • by acting like a human train wreck, she’s actually letting that criticism influence her ability to improve. i don’t understand why humility is such a bad thing. humble people know how to take criticism. stupid people gorge themselves to death.

      • I don’t think it’s really humility we’re talking here. I think she’s just effing tired of hearing what she should/shouldn’t do how she’s supposed to b/not supposed to b. Just let me b already. It’s like I’ve had people whose life are train wreck telling me how I should live my life. I will make the necessarily choices to change my life eventually in my own time and what works for me and what fits me.

        • sure, just don’t act like you’re superior because you won’t take advice. people who feel superior for no reason=arrogant. people who feel superior for being obese=stupid.

          she’s arrogant and stupid. end of story.

  10. Well, as far as the comments go.. how sad! She seems like a terrible person. Miserable with herself and hiding behind a false bravado and bs attitude. Her weight is obviously not healthy but I’m more appalled by her comments

  11. I like the last part because it stresses that real confidence has little to do with how you look. Loving yourself is also a challenge for conventionally attractive people and I can see how it angers her that a confident fat woman is treated like a curiosity with those questions “Where are you getting your confidence?” I’ve never thought about it so much, but it actually implies, even when the person asking it doesn’t consciously mean it that way, that confidence usually derives from “I am thin and good-looking”. And that is wrong – if confidence is real, it is unconditional.

    Anyway, I dislike the way she worded this and the aggressive tone of the quote. I don’t understand what point she’s trying to make by admitting to having a snobby personality, and admitting to it with what seems like pride. If she really loves herself so much, why does she need to stress her sense of superiority and get so defensive?

  12. I can relate to this, especially in highschool. If you didn’t look or act a certain way people would be alarmed that you were confident and not slinking in the corner. I’d rather see someone defend themselves than let other people mold them. That kind of drive and self motivation gets you ahead in life. (And I think she’s using the word a-hole because that’s what people perceive her to be, not what she actually thinks about herself).

  13. She’s gross physically and her attitude is gross as well. I ignore what she says cause it’s all BS. She clearly doesn’t like how she looks cause it’s affecting her attitude in a negative way…both go hand in hand. Why would people support her comments? She needs to get into better shape asap and hopefully her attitude will lighten up too.

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