Gabourey Sidibe Responds to Weight Criticism: ‘I mos def cried about it on that private jet’

462081877_10 - Gabourey Sidibe Responds to Weight Criticism: 'I mos def cried about it on that private jet'

The full story from Daily Mail:

Gabourey Sidibe had the perfect answer for the haters who slammed her red carpet look at the Golden Globes on Sunday. The Precious star, who was nominated for a Globe and an Oscar in 2010 for her breakthrough role, wore a cream coloured Grecian style gown by Daniel Musto and MIchael Costello with a sequin detail at the bodice and a slit up the front for Sunday’s awards show.

The plus-sized star, who has stated she’s comfortable with her size, was targeted by mean-spirited tweets about her appearance. ‘Bye!!! She looks like a condom,’ one person wrote on Twitter. ‘Geez! She looks like the chubby ghost from Casper,’ chimed in another.

On Monday addressed haters who were critical of her ‘plus-size appearance’, by pointing out that she has a much more glamorous life than they do.

‘To people making mean comments about my GG pics, I mos def cried about it on that private jet on my way to my dream job last night. #JK’ Gabourey tweeted.

The self-assured American Horror Story: Coven actress, known for her sarcastic sense of humor, was obviously joking about comments making her cry.

‘When I was 21 or 22 I just decided that life wasn’t worth living if I wasn’t happy with myself so I just took all the steps that I could to figure out how to love myself and become confident,’ she said in 2012 at the Women In Entertainment Symposium.

However, she revealed at that same 2012 event that sometimes she does get her feelings hurt.

‘I get shaken a lot, especially being in this business,’ she said at the time. ‘A few weeks ago I was on vacation and I went into a CVS and as I’m paying I see a picture of myself on the cover of a magazine and they’re guesstimating what my weight is?’

But she has learned to shake off criticism.

‘I have to keep going and living my life, so when things like that upset me I have to find things that build my confidence back up.’

According to a report on Showbiz Spy last summer, Gabourey’s Precious co-star Monique offered her young friend some weight loss advice. ‘Gabby loves Mo’Nique and thinks it’s great that she’s losing weight, but she’s just not interested in dieting at this point in her life,’ a source told the site. ‘She says she knows she has to do something, but she’ll do it in her own time and on her own terms.’

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462133581_10 - Gabourey Sidibe Responds to Weight Criticism: 'I mos def cried about it on that private jet' 462299813_10 - Gabourey Sidibe Responds to Weight Criticism: 'I mos def cried about it on that private jet' 462441601_10 - Gabourey Sidibe Responds to Weight Criticism: 'I mos def cried about it on that private jet'

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48 thoughts on “Gabourey Sidibe Responds to Weight Criticism: ‘I mos def cried about it on that private jet’”

  1. Her character on AHS this season is great, actually all the charters are great… but she could afford to lose a bit more weight (she looks smaller than she was in Precious), I do not think people need to be cruel about her weight, or anyone’s weight, but it doesn’t mean being obese is excusable…

  2. I just read all the article down hoping to find this “‘She says she knows she has to do something, but she’ll do it in her own time and on her own terms.’’ happily,I found it written. I’m glad she knows she has to go the other way,and change this. and it is a lot more difficult than whoever think at a weight like hers, that is “a lot” to much.
    that said,critics and sense of disgust and repulsion and mean comments are as unuseful as ridicoulous since they come from the mouth of people who doesn’t want her good nor has basic human education. I think she looks good in the dress,for her standard, and the light and coulor of the fabric are celebrating those of her skin.
    she has to act reverse in her use of food and I hope she will manage to do it. apart from this,she has a lot more interesting stuff to do rather than stay at home obsessing with food-thoughts, so she said well. she doesn’t identify exclusively with her body and that’s the right way for a full worthy life. she goes on the red carpet(when in life we can do it?),she acts,she mind her business. go gab,empower yourself!

  3. I’m all for embracing your curves and whatnot, but this is just too much. How someone can feel comfortable at this weight is beyond me. However, people should be more careful about their choice of words, because insult rarely motivates somebody to change.

    • Her arms especially, it feels like they must be a pain in the *ss because the extra meat must be rubbing against her torso all the time?

    I love AHS, and Queenie is pretty awesome, and Kathy Bates?! Seriously. Amazing.
    That being said, she’s obese and it’s traditionally seen as very stressful on the body. But if she’s happy and regularly seeing a doctor it’s honestly none of my business, just like it’s not my business to infer anything about Sharni.
    People can be extraordinarily cruel to those not in the average category, be it too large or too small and it’s not necessary.

    • I know, I agree with everything you say. I find people tend to be very cruel in regards to weight. More so in regards to being obese (because the inferences are more that you have no self control etc). Not saying they wouldn’t be damaging and hurtful to people deemed as too thin like Sharni, but I remember when I had my ED I absolutely loved it when people told me I was ‘too thin’. It fueled my fire more. I was ‘succeeding’. Also, I’m not inferring that Sharni has an ED. Just that being too thin is more acceptable then being too fat…still, not acceptable though

      I do feel like people who are way over the other side of being too big or too small, do have issues in regards to food and body image (and possibly other issues deep down – though I don’t subscribe to the notion in Psych that ED sufferers always have other issues at the root of the problem. I do believe media and society perpetuate unhealthy ideals and it can affect the way girls and boys develop issues).

      However, Like you said, people are cruel and they need to shut up. I believe there are issues at the root of any eating disorder, and shame rarely changes a person’s habit or looks. Sometimes it fuels it more because they are actually looking at food as their comfort or control (whether excessive food, or too little food). It’s really sad the way that people on either side of the spectrum are berated for their lifestyle, when they are probably suffering on some level. However, if they aren’t then as you said, what business is it to anyone else? I am always sick of the morality argument in regards to public health costs. It’s sick, twisted and unfair to put that much pressure and shame onto anyone, I’m sure people usually argue ‘costs’ to society are generally not living in a way that reduces their cost in society.

      • When I had an ed it made me happy when people reacted to my thinness too, even a ‘you’re looking thinner’ made my day, but even then I was pretty normal sized ( 5 5 112lbs at my lowest).
        What I tire of as well is the fake health concern that some people have, calling someone overweight or obese like they’re the person’s clinician, or say they have a disorder like they’re working in their treatment center, and after saying something very berating about how ‘giant and disgusting’ or how they’re ‘a sack of bones’ they ice the wound with ‘I’m just worried about their health.’ That shows no concern for anyone’s well-being. To say those things only hurts the person you’re talking about as well as yourself. I think the level of respect and tolerance you show others reflects your level of self love. If you think it’s acceptable to talk so negatively about others, what’s your internal monologue like, then, you know? There’s a huge difference from not liking certain body routes and still being accepting and having an extreme, hateful, visceral reaction to them. Yes, I think this girl is obese. Yes, I think Sharni is very thin, but unless your work with that person there is no way you know, and the accusations only fuel negativity.
        I definitely think men get societal pressure too now. Male eating disorders are rising. More men are getting implants for muscles and using injectables there too. Western society sends confusing mixed messages about health and physicality. It’s depressing.

  5. I smiled at her comment……crying on that ‘private jet’. It’s a teeny smack in the face to those lowly critics! Losing weight (or gaining for that matter) is only possible when a person is ready within themselves. No amount of criticism or verbal attack will help.
    Unfortunately we live in a world that places so much value on outer beauty, and neglect the inner spirit that makes us beautiful. I believe it is only when we are balanced in all aspects: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, that we can truly shine! …….”Leave a little bit of sparkle wherever you go”

    • ” Losing weight (or gaining for that matter) is only possible when a person is ready within themselves. No amount of criticism or verbal attack will help.”

  6. I love her when i knew she was in AHS i was like yeaaaah! precious!. but obviously she needs to lose weight …for health i’m not a doctor and maybe she’s not sick but it wouldn’t hurt her to get in to a healthier weight .not being stick thin just a healthier weight that would make her look more femenine and her face would be more defined and she would shine more obviously

  7. Let me start of by saying that the people who make means comments about her weight are jerks who have obviously never struggled with serious weight issues.
    Second, I get that she’s trying to be funny with her response about the private jet, but it rubs me the wrong way. Money brings you just about happiness as being skinny does…that is NONE. It is completely superficial and materialistic, and it’s not everyone’s goal in life to be rich and famous. Having a private jet doesn’t make her any better than anyone else, just like being skinny doesn’t make a person superior. I think a lot of celebs take that attitude when they talk about being “bullied” or rejected earlier in life…this whole “look at me now” attitude is disgusting IMO.

    • Whoa, a bit exaggerated on the money bit, perhaps? While you can still be unhappy while having lots of money, having good financial resources will surely lower stress levels and provide you with higher quality food, more scenic places to live (living closer to nature is associated with being happier), ability to access better quality health care, and better quality anything, really (all depending on how much money you make). . .money definitely contributes to happiness.

      I’m sure some people associate money with a high flyin’ lifestyle, but what many others associate it with is actually security. . will you have a safety net if something goes wrong, or just in daily life so you can have holidays? That type of knowledge makes many people calmer and happier.
      I do agree with the other parts of your comment though.

      • There is a lot of research that being very wealthy (as most celebrities are), is actually not linked to happiness. There is a curvilinear relationship between money and life satisfaction. And, I think rubbing your financial success in people’s faces is just as bad as weight shaming.

    • I actually don’t think she was trying to rub her money in anyone’s face, I think she was pointing out that she has her dream job and is very happy with that and with herself and her life… just how I took the comment.

    • to me it doesn’t seem like she’s rubbing money in people’s faces either, or like she’s acting superior. People are making mean comments about her weight, I’m sure she’s VERY aware that she’s overweight. She doesn’t need people to point that out and call her ugly.

      So yes, it’s a little sassy but not completely unmerited. And it doesn’t seem like she’s acting “superior”. She’s living the life she’s always wanted to live, successful in her dream job EVEN THOUGH she’s not considered conventionally pretty in a job that requires most people to morph to standard beauty ideals. So go her!!! I’m glad she’s confident and is living her dream life!

  8. I love Gabby, she seems to have a wonderful spirit. But I really don’t get how someone becomes so big as she is, and the comment “she’s just not interested in dieting at this point in her life” really baffles me. I’m sure she wouldn’t have to restrict and “diet” to lose weight, just not overindulge as much as she must be doing. She looks morbidly obese, and to put off losing weight for too long, could be a dangerous choice. She keeps saying she loves herself and is comfortable in her body….I don’t understand how anyone can be comfortable in a body like hers. It looks painful. And I’m really not trying to be mean here, it’s just how I feel every time I look at photos of her.

    • From her perspective, she would have to diet and seriously change her current lifestyle in order to lose weight. To the average person who has not struggled with serious weight issues, it may seem quite simple to just eat a ‘normal’ amount of food – but when you are used to consuming a lot of food everyday, that is *your* normal and changing that takes courage and a lot of effort. When you’re very overweight for a long time, your body begins to treat that as your ‘norm’ and when you try to eat a lot less and you start to lose weight it basically resists you because it thinks you’re starving! People like that will experience pretty intense hunger pangs and cravings no matter how perfectly they follow a good diet and gradual reduction in weight. When you have a lot going on your life, it’s hard to stick with it.

      Getting to this size is perplexing. I can only think that it’s a combination of genetics and poor childhood diet – not being educated about the portion size and types of food to eat – and also a lack of activity. Most likely the rest of her family is also obese and she grew up with that being ‘normal’ – maybe not just in her family, but in her whole social circle. If that’s the case, that’s very hard to shake and the beginnings of it are not her fault.
      Doing something about it though is her responsibility and I hope she does in time – she certainly doesn’t look very comfortable or healthy at this size.

  9. It’s her life and nobody’s business how she looks. I have to admit that I find her very unattractive though. I’m not pretending to be concerned about her health. It’s just the way she looks that I don’t like. But as I said: it’s her life and as long as she feels good in her skin, that’s all that matters.

    • feeling good in her skin, it’s a joke right? at that weight she’s carrying around an enormous amount of stuff must be hard to climb stairs to the second floor, tie the shoes, running a little bit in the park is a complete nightmare because all the back skin and fat rolls moving in every different direction like a whip. enjoying the sensation of your body breathing after sport in the air?not really. playing around with active little kids?a problem. must be a cage. maybe she copes with this anxiety with food who knows..and so it is difficult to abandon overeating. I thing most of obese people are addicted to food and when it becomes normal it’s even harder to change. she must do the opposite as she can, day by day. a healthy body is pricelessy encouraging…but there is a long way for someone before they can see it Worth all.

  10. “she’s not interested in dieting at this point in her life” may i ask why not? i’m 21, a student, and i admit i have a few unhealthy eating habits i would like to change. particularly my love of pastries and sugar-filled foods. i want to change because i want to get into the habit of being more disciplined and used to eating better before my metabolism starts to slow down and those late night ice cream binges start catching up to me. no one’s saying she has to go on a super restrictive Gwyneth Paltrow diet, but i’m sure it wouldn’t hurt for her to change her eating habits a bit.

    anyways, i read about her response earlier in the week. could not have been more perfect lol

    • Maybe it’s just about the term “diet”? Like lifestyle change to be healthier is good, but most diets are not great. Just speculation though.

      And yeah agree about her response!

  11. I loved her in precious and I think she has so much potential to be a really great actress. I hope she doesn’t let the word diet intimidate her. Se needs to talk to someone tha can help her make a lifestyle change because no one can be that big unless they’re eating almost 24/7 and eating absolute junk. And probably some genetics thrown n there.
    I love her attitude. I think she is just great for Hollywood regardless of her size.

  12. I don´t care about her weight, but I can clearly see that it´s not healthy being that large. I think she´ll figure it out on her own. Self love is important tho´

  13. I have a hard time believing she truly is comfortable with that weight. I don’t know for sure obviously because I’m not her, but it doesn’t look comfortable.

    And although those comments were mean, that was a *really* tacky way to respond. She should have just taken the high road, imo.

  14. I don’t think the dress was a bad choice.. it was a beautiful color on her skin. My only suggestion was that she wore some type of spanx to smooth her out a big.. But… for a larger woman.. I don’t think she did bad. On a side note… It is my personal opinion that had she NOT been the size she is… she probably wouldn’t have made it in hollywood. Her weight gives her an edge that brings vulnerability to her characters that a skinny woman may not be able to bring. I mean.. face it.. people are type cast… nothing wrong with that.. but, she fits in beautifully in certain types of character roles..

  15. she handles the criticism pretty good but let’s make clear one thing: she is not curvy or a bit chubby, she is morbidly obese. this is not only an aesthetical problem, it is also a health risk for her.

  16. There’s no getting away from the fact that she is seriously obese and would look and feel better if she lost weight. But there’s also no getting away from the fact that she is talented and successful as she is and it’s entirely up to her whether she makes a serious effort to lose weight or not. It’s not as easy as many people make out – especially if you’re very busy. You have to make a big commitment to lose that much weight and if she’s not ready now, then that’s her business. You can’t force someone to change themselves if they don’t see the need to take action.

    The cruel comments about her are immature and I’m sure they are hurtful – but she seems pretty tough. If she decides to lose weight it should be for herself and for positive reasons – not because she feels pressured by nasty people who think it’s clever or funny to put other people down.

    • “not because she feels pressured by nasty people who think it’s clever or funny to put other people down.”

      Your hypocrisy infuriates me. How do you have the brass nerve to sit there and type all that out? you come to this site every day to say nasty cruel and catty things about other womens looks/body and you then turn around and call others “cruel” “immature” and “hurtful” think about that the next time you are turning your nose up at a womans natural body shape or calling someone “manly” or “shapeless” or being horrible about someones whr something btw they have no control over. You only ever sympathize with the people you can relate to you are so closed minded and hypocritical. but it will be my comment that gets deleted while all your rue comments get to stay

      Why do you get away with it? it’s not right..

  17. she made a great comment on her critics. i mean, what is she supposed to say, that she cryed, so everybody could be happy with themselves..? she is very fat, but she really seems like a nice person. maybe she should just try to replace junk food with healthy and balanced foods for start, instead of some suddenly must be hard to fight with weight issues with whole so much people watching you and putting that much pressure on you.i wish her well.

  18. she shouldn’t feel comfortable in her skin, and since she’s young i think if she workout constantly & healthy diet she would lose weight fast.

  19. The people calling the people “mean” and “cruel” are the same people who come to this site daily to pick out womens flaws. Hypocrites!!! some more so than others. you know who you are.

  20. I wish she could loose weight, she needs to desperately. I really worry about her and I am saying that out of genuine concern. Her obesity is in such a terribly dangerous category I am literally shocked that she is still alive, let alone mobile. She should not have to die young because of it. The only thing that could help her at this point is gastric, I am almost positive she has tried everything else and just given up on trying to lose weight due to the addictive aspect of overeating. Having weight loss surgery is literally the last solution before a premature death for someone like her.

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