Gabourey Sidibe: ‘You should love yourself, no matter how you look’

Gabourey Sidibe: 'You should love yourself, no matter how you look' 1

Even though Lea Michele already brought the Quote of the Day, ‘Precious’ star Gabourey Sidibe has something equally interesting to say:

ESSENCE.COM: You’ve become a symbol of self-love and empowerment. Was that your intention?
SIDIBE: It was a happy accident, actually. People thought I should hate myself because I don’t look like ‘the norm,’ but what is the norm? I absolutely believe that you can be anything you want to be and should love yourself, no matter how you look or what anybody thinks.

Do you guys agree with her statements?

Gabourey has shared body image-related thoughts before – check out THIS and THAT posts!

102 thoughts on “Gabourey Sidibe: ‘You should love yourself, no matter how you look’”

    • So if you love yourself you only do the ‘right’ things? She’s got a lot of money and can afford stuff you’d have to work YEARS for before you can buy it, so she can make herself a lot happier and a lot faster than you can, so start loving yourself M! You obviously don’t love yourself if you cannot afford to buy all the material stuff that makes you happy. I hope you realized all just that was sarcasm and that your comment made no sense whatsoever.

      I love what she just said there, she is unhealthy and should lose some weight but that doesn’t mean you can’t love yourself. There are plenty of bad things going on in this world, hating yourself is just one extra burden to carry.

      • what i meant, RAchel, is that if this girl loves and respects herself, then why on earth is she allowing herself to be this size? it’s clearly not healthy nor doing her any good.

        • yes..i agree with you have what she has money to buy everything she whant’s??..things are ephemeral..and when your healty is down all the things in the world are useless…

    • Agree! Respecting yourself includes taking care of yourself.
      I don’t know why she thinks people are saying she should hate herself. Quite the contrary.

    • well, I’ve seen pictures of Jessica Alba (miss perfect) smoking, which is incredibly unhealthy the last time i checked, does that mean she doesn’t love herself? or maybe it’s different when a skinny person has an unhealthy habit!? Why do poeple think that weight is the only thing that impacts health? weight is part of the equation, but there are so many other things!

      • Smokers realize that smoking is unhealthy and don’t go around preaching the benefits of such a habit. They even try to hide it because of public ridicule or shame. Also, a lot of female smokers in hollywood use cigarettes to stay thin since it increases the metabolism and helps with food cravings. Definitely wrong but not a good comparison.

        • actually, the argument was th somebody who loves themselves wouldn’t do something unhealthy, and what I’m saying is that plenty of people in hollywood smoke and nobody blames them of “hating themselves”. So, it is actually a very GOOD comparison.

        • I don’t knw what your point is because she was not preaching the benefits of being obese but just saying that you should love yourself. We all have our flaws and making peace with that is the first step to making a healthy choice to deal with it when one so wishes. When you hate your flaws you go on dangerous diets or use diet pills etc for instance if you have a weight problem. She would benefit healthwise from losing a few pounds but that said, many naturally skinny people could benefit from eating more healthy and excercising but since they are slim, no one bothers with all that when they would clearly benefit from it.

      • As much as the doctor would probably say she would be better off losing a few pounds for health purposes, she is so right about loving yourself for who you are. I agree with you that if it was a hot celebrity with the acceptible hollywood measurments who said that and chain smoked, no one would mention the fact that whoever does not respect herself and her health and should stop smoking therefore. Life is temporary, if she is okay with what she sees in the mirror and goes about her daily life enjoying it to the fullest. Then so be it. Everyone has some habits that do not necessarily spell out healthy but that does not mean that we don’t respect ourselves in all cases. People stop being harsh when the person in question is not what you consider attractive.

    • Really? Are you also saying this to all the skinny people who starve themselves and obsessively exercise to stay skinny?

      No, didn’t think so.

        • True, but you don’t usually hear thin people berated for their unhealthy lifestyle choices, do you? Sometimes, they’re even praised for their “weight loss success”, and no one gives a hoot if the weight loss was achieved through extreme, unhealthy means. More people will sneer at a fat person eating than at a thin person smocking.

          So let’s drop the B.S. here, OK? 99% of people who hate “fatties” are simply repulsed by the way they LOOK. It has NOTHING to do with health. Stop trying to make yourself seem like such a wonderful human being by claiming you care about their HEALTH.

          By the way, the reason I defended her is not because I’m a “fat apologist” – I’m not fat, and 100% healthy. But I’ve done enough research and seen enough with my own eyes to know that not all fat people are fat because they “stuff their faces”.

  1. While I appreciate her comments, I feel she does need to take better care of herself. She needs to work out more. I’ll all for confident and healthy women.

    • same here. not even work out, just eat a more balanced diet. no one’s asking her to be pin thin, but even just slimming down a little would probably make her more healthy

      • These comments about her needing to change her diet etc.. For all you know she’s probably started to eat healthy and maybe exercise but it’ll be a few years before she reaches that healthy goal weight if she’s not taking it to the extremes and doing it in a healthy manner. =) Also it’ll be a long time before we notice! If she had dropped 10pounds I don’t think Id be able to tell tbh.

    • Agreed.

      Her saying this actually upsets me because she looks like she could be considered obese (I don’t know her stats so I can’t say for sure), but telling people who are grotesquely overweight that it’s okay to be that overweight is just careless.

      In my opinion, yes, you should love yourself. But you should also set goals for yourself, and do things that make you WANT to love yourself.

      This girl doesn’t have a little extra padding, or a slight tummy. She is very overweight. For her to be this big she must eat so much and do practically no exercise.

      In all honesty, if I looked like her I wouldn’t love myself, not one bit.

      • You don’t have to be quite so polite. She is 5’5 so for her to be in the obese category she’d have to be over 185 lbs. Do you really believe she could be less than that? Sometimes you can tell if someone is obese. There is no way she is under 300 lbs.

  2. I think it’s important to love yourself, and i think it’s good that she does, but this is not good. It’s like she makes it okay to be obese by saying she loves her body. She is too overweight, not a good role model!

    • There are SSOOOO many more important factors to being a great role model than a number on a scale or the size of a pair of jeans. To me, she’s an EXCELLENT body role model because she loves her body and is proud of her body regardless of her size.

      I’m so tired of people coming on this site trying to be the ‘health police.’ If she is happy with her size, why does it make it your business to say she needs to lose weight, even for Health reasons? You don’t know her. I doubt you are a dietitian. I’m sure SHE is FULLY aware that having excess weight puts her health at risk and doesn’t need everyone and their momma commenting that she should ‘slim down for her health.’

      *End of Rant*

      • You are incredibly wrong. It’s not my business but it’s the effin internet and I can share my opinion. Like you are sharing your dumb a– opinion. She’s obese, she should be ashamed.. it’s sick. It’s like if an anorexic girl said.. Look at me I’m anorexic and I love my body and so should you.. of course ppl are gna be consider and have negative things to say.

        “everyone and their momma” gosh you should like an ignorant person.

        • Alex, she’s not saying she loves her obese body. She is saying she loves herself DESPITE her obese body. There’s a difference between those two statements.

          It would be like an anorexic saying they love themselves despite their mental issues.

        • You obviously are a small minded individual if you think someone should be ashamed over something as trivial as weight. As for being called ignorant, the only one lacking in an education here is you as proven with all the spelling and grammatical errors in your comment.

          Silly girl, stay in school.
          Bye : )

          • I agree with Alex.

            She shouldn’t be proud of her body, because it is a horrible body. Aesthetically as well as health wise. She is setting a terrible example.

            You’re correct that weight is trivial, until it borders the extremes (on either end.) This isn’t a bit of belly fat we’re talking about, this is an obese individual making no effort to change her lifestyle or eating habits.

            This is a total180 from too skinny and we, as a society, are condoning it because we’re too afraid to call a shovel a shovel and say she’s fat.

            I’d rather sit here looking at too-skinny models than this obese chick any day, and I don’t care if I get slammed for that.

  3. I love the idea of what she’s saying-everyone deserves to feel like a valued, worthy person and love themselves. She seems to have a cute personality and be smart (I hope the diva ‘tude is a lie). But I worry for her health just as much as someone I can see all the bones in. I recognize the self love message and hope we all can love ourselves. But she is probably several hundred pounds overweight and could die from it 🙁

  4. I love her message! I don’t think she’s saying “embrace obesity.” But can you imagine what kind of roadblocks she must have faced? She’s a big, dark woman. Let’s say she was 100lbs lighter. She’d still have a really tough run of it. I think she’s just saying how she’s learned to love herself.

    Speaking of love…I could use your support! I’m doing that Mad Men casting call competition–please vote for me!

  5. i completely agree…she’s like the opposite extreme of unhealthy. i hate how people are always bashing skinny celebrities for creating an unhealthy body image while it’s also extremely unhealthy to be overweight. i hate it when obese celebrities use being obese as an excuse for fighting the pressure to be thin and describe themselves to be role models. Gabourey Sidibe seems to be a nice girl and her idea of loving yourself is great but i can say without feeling bad for a second that this girl is FAT. and being FAT means you don’t love your body!!!! end of story…

    • the problem is, whenever skinny people try to go against the stick thin look, they’re ridiculed. “Oh, what do YOU know, you’re thin.” It seems like almost no one can comment about bodies and self esteem. I agree, don’t get me wrong, but being thin works against people, too.

  6. people are so focused on physical health they think mental health is something that follows…not true! I totally agree with her – I don’t see how anyone could even argue with such a sound and logical statement. People do talk about her as if she should hate herself for being fat, which is completely ridiculous,

  7. i think it’s great that’s she loves herself but it doesn’t make up for the fact she’s unhealthy! she’s at an unhealthy weight that will lead her to many problems in her future; health wise. yeah, sure the media makes the thinner women out to be the most desirable. but look past that for one moment and realize that this is an obese woman and she needs to get herself into shape before she really regrets it.

  8. I think its good she loves herself, but she should use that love for herself to make drastic changes in her lifestyle. I would think that at her size the risk of diabetes would increase, especially her being African American. I think she’d be a better role for young women if she lost weight for health purposes, most of the women in my family are overweight & trying to lose weight and it’d be nice to have a celebrity they could look up to IMO.

  9. If she really loved herself and her body, she would take better care of herself. It’s clear that this is not a healthy weight for her and I personally don’t think she should be claiming her love for her body when she’s that obese.

  10. Quit throwing the word empowerment around. Women think they’re being empowered now when they open a can of tuna. Overused buzzword.

    Ironically, she does represent the norm, since being overweight/obese are common today, but I guess she meant Hollywood norm. Loving and respecting yourself includes taking care of yourself. Overeating and inactivity are forms of self-abuse as much as starving and working yourself out to death. It’s funny that she champions loving yourself when she does anything but.

    • “Women think they’re being empowered now when they open a can of tuna. Overused buzzword.”

      Lol, that definitley made my day , thanks Lisa ! 🙂 Plus I’m with you 100% .

  11. This girl is so badly overweight it really is unhealthy not to mention disgusting. She should take better care of herself for health reasons.

  12. also, i just realized by looking at that picture… she literally has no shape at all. She’s like a melting snowman, where you can’t tell where things and or begin.

  13. so basically most of the people on this post are saying yes love yourself, but only if you are slim? I think this is exactly why she is making this statement in the first place.

    • I don’t think you have to be slim. I think one has to be healthy i don’t think a woman with BMI of 25 is slim but she is still healthy and that is important. Puting yourself at risk for having diabetes and stroke does not show self worth or love. More likely she has some issues with processing here fellings that is way most people overeat.

    • And here we go again -. -” … when will people start to grasp the idea that there is something like a happy medium ?
      I know the existence of the medium sized creature is mythical and totally unheard of but lets all try to think a little abtract for a second. Lets try for a size 12 instead of 0.

      She should lose weight yes, will she ever be thin – I guess not and that is not a bad thing either . Still, losing some to get to a BMI of at least idk 25 ? She could live longer , move better and would probably feel more up to the challenging tasks of an actress.

      • Unfortunately where I live (USA) large women tend to think in black and white with weight. You’re either fat or skinny. They call be skinny even though I wear a size 8. To them, a size 10 can even be considered unattainable and skinny. Some of these women haven’t been a size 12 since 6th grade. Yes they are that big here now!

  14. This woman is clearly delusional. I don’t know how anyone could love themselves looking like that. If you love and respect yourself that means you should value your health and being morbidly obese is NOT healthy. Not only that, but she is young, doesn’t she want to feel sexy? She is going to regret it when she is older that she let her youth go to waste being a fat slob with so many limitations due to her weight. If I looked like her, I’d never leave the house. removed by admin* That is just disgusting, and I will never sugarcoat it and say nice things about girls like her. Its just not acceptable and as a society we shouldn’t applaud her or act like she is normal. We are sending a bad message to people and encouraging them to stay unhealthy. Removed by admin*

  15. i agree with her when she says you shoul love yor body but how can you love yourself when you look like you’re going to explode any moment? she is sick and should admit it and do something with this because if not she will not reach 40 ..

  16. removed by admin*
    Who says she can’t love herself at her current weight. Well she obviously does and if a model would say she loves her body you would all agree, and be jealous. even though she MIGHT starve herself, right -.-

    @ maria
    I have to disagree, removed by admin*. You think it’s normal for us to see models with a BMI around 15-16 but you think it’s sick to see a woman who actually represents how at least a quarter of america looks like. You know bigger people around her size might read your comment and get very upset by it. People come in all shapes and sizes, get used to it. as long as they are happy I’m happy. And if she one day decides to lose weight that’s fine 2 but whats with this obsession with being skinny? calling people pigs? Ugh disgusting.

    • LESS than a quarter of America is as obese as Sidibe is. This girl is HUGE. If she had any sort of respect for herself she would get to being healthy. Basically what she’s saying with her body is that she DOESN’T CARE if she dies by something by age 30…which she could have prevented.

    • If at least a quarter of America is obese, does that suddenly make it okay? If at least a quarter of America is obese, does that mean that diabetes, hypertension and heart disease will miraculously vanish, because nothing can ever be wrong if a lot of people are doing it?

      Use some common sense, girl. Obesity is BAD. Period. Not a single thing about it is good or worthy of praise or healthy. Supporting it in any way is supporting premature death and a miserable life.

  17. if she wants to empower other women then maybe she could get herself to a healthier place. yes, you do have to love yourself no matter your shape/size. but you aren’t going to be able to love yourself for that long if you die at an early age from diabetes or a heart attack

  18. I understand what she’s saying, but it is not applicable to herself. That isn’t healthy, to be at that weight. That’s obesity, and it’s unhealthy. You cannot make excuses for that. While I agree that we need to love our bodies, health is far more important than vanity, and she is not healthy.

    I’m not saying starve yourself, all I’m saying is exercise and eat healthy, rational amounts food. A little flub or chub is no big deal. Who cares about those last 15 pounds? I agree with her, the norm is usually super skinny (Annalynn Mcord, for example) and it’s not healthy, but substituing one extreme for another is just as bad.

    Making excuses for morbid obesity is delusional. Don’t lose weight for vanity’s sake, do it for your health!! That’s all that matters.

    • She’s not making an excuse to be obese. Yes, she made some poor life choices earlier in her life and is likely paying for that with her health, but she shouldn’t have to hate herself for making those mistakes. If everyone hated themselves for making mistakes the world would be a miserable place.

  19. This is could be confusing but…She loves herself, yes. But if you loved yourself in a different way than loving how you are, wouldn’t you want to take care of yourself? If you love your dog you wouldn’t feed him chocolate, or if you love your child who is allergic to peanuts you wouldn’t feed her peanuts. Both are unhealthy situations. Gabourey is not healthy, and while she does love herself (looks maybe?) if she truly loved and CARED about herself she would not put such a strain on herself.

  20. When obese (or under weight) people make comments about being happy with yourself etc, it’s quite stupid because they should be unhappy with the state their body is in, and motivated to change it. Loving yourself doesn’t entail being happy with your body when it is unhealthy; loving yourself means feeling proud to have the genetic body type and looks that nature gave you, and wanting to treat that body well (ie making it as healthy as can be). If you are morbidly obese, you should love yourself enough to want to change that.

  21. It’s great that she loves herself at any weight, but that doesn’t make it okay for her to be obese and endanger her life and health. There’s a difference between accepting something like naturally larger hips and accepting being obese.

  22. Love is not a feeling, it’s an action. If you really love yourself, you’ll take care of your body. Being that obese is extremely unhealthy.

  23. I dont think shes sending the right message. Its almost like saying “Its ok to be obese. Hey you should love yourself anyway“. Being OBESE (or anorexic) is not an esthetic issue, so quit treating it like it is. I really doubt that a person could be that fat and not have any health problem.

    • I agree being morbidly obese is as bad as being anorexic and saying you should love yourself the way you are…well it’s great if you love yourself but i think someone who really loves themselves takes care of them self and tries to be their best self. And nobody and i mean nobody is born to be morbidly obese maybe if you have medical problems…cuz there are people with large bones and more fat and less muscle tissue but if we all ate relatively healthy all of us, with exception of people with medical problems, would be in a normal BMI range.

      • I really doubt that she loves herself indeed.There must be a load of deep emotional/psychological issues that are linked to her obesity. And I say this because I used to be very very thin. Although most people consider thin people attractive, I was completely miserable.

    • No, I think the much more present message she is sending is that you can love yourself no matter what you look like on the outside.

      I don’t know about you, but most of the people I know including myself don’t derive our entire self-worth based on what we look like and what weight we are. We as human beings are aware of many of our other qualities, like humour, intellect, skills we possess.

      I don’t think I’m perfect on the outside, but I do think I have a lot of things on the inside that make up for my outside flaws, and make me love myself. Is that not possible for her as well?

      • Nobody is perfect and it’s absurd to assume that i stated that looks is all that is important. And if you knew me you would know that i’m not all about outside appearance. But for me personally, when i do good in other areas of my life, i normally find myself taking better care of myself because I feel strong and confident with my achievement and feeling good inside, helps me to look good on the outside as well; I exercise more and eat more healthily. But when i don’t feel good about my academics and personal life i found my self not so health conscious. People shouldn’t think looks is all that is important but there is a fine line between not being drop dead gorgeous and being unhealthy and stating in papers for everyone to read that that is OK. It’s fine to feel good in your skin but it’s not fine to say it’s OK to be obese, as it’s not fine to say you have to starve yourself to look good. And i think nobody here ( at least i don’t ) wants to say that she shouldn’t like herself for other qualities but justifying being obese it’s just not OK. People come in different shapes and sizes but there is a limes to when a size is not OK to be pottered as good and something to be proud of, because it’s just not good for you and these around you, who care about you and don’t want to loss you due to something so stupid like a stroke from being overweight.

  24. Wow.. it’s such a fat girl thing to say. Look at her.. she’s hideous. It’s sick. She should be hospitalized for being so big. It’s unhealthy and it’s setting a horrible example.

    • How is saying that you should love yourself no matter what you look like a fat girl thing to say? I am at a healthy weight now and I have maintained it for a long time, however I would not like to think that if I gained weight I would stop loving myself. I think many of us are on this website because we are interested in body type and body issues (or, as was the case with me, we became interested in these things because of this site). However, I’m sure many people’s self worth isn’t derived from what they look like.

      I agree that she is obese and it would be healthier for her to lose a lot of weight. But I also know that being healthy is a choice and not a law. Not everyone may want a long life, some people want to live life their way even if that means there could be health or other complications later on. It would be one thing is she were a child or if she were unaware of the ramifications of being at the weight she is, however I’m sure that she has ample information on the benefits of being thin and it seems that she would prefer to stay at the weight she it at. Let’s face it, if she wanted she could get lipo, hire a personal chef or a personal trainer, she can certainly afford it.

    • ah it must be nice to be perfect like you. What has she ever done to you that you feel the need to run her down? Nasty people should be forced to wear muzzles in public, but sadly that isn’t a law, and neither is forcibly locking up overweight people. still if either went to a vote, i know which i would be rooting for.

  25. overeating is not a form of self abuse, because it doesn’t stem from a desire to do harm or punish yourself, or from deeper pshchological issues. Before everyone jumps on that yes, there are a few exceptions, however for most its about comfort and pleasure, they simply don’t think of the long term consequences. It does annoy me when people come out with cliches like live for the moment- obesity is a direct result of living in the moment. Realising that every action however much it might make you feel good for a second or two, will have longer term effects is important in achieving anything and the reason why most diets fail, beacuse people don’t realise that it can take years to shift excess pounds, and just give up when it doesn’t happen instantly.

    • Comfort and pleasure eating is often associated with bigger psychological and emotional issues. Very rarely, it’s caused by a genetic defect where the stomach doesn’t signal to the brain that the person is full.

      I think once you start getting at her level, which is obese, you do start seeing a lot of psychological issues and fixations on food. It’s not a simple matter of just eating unhealthy, because even a diet of pizzas and hamburgers in normal proportions will not cause anyone to gain that much excessive weight.

  26. it’s hard for me to believe her. like others have said, if you love yourself you would take care of yourself. of course i can’t say she doesnt eat right and work out but if she did do those things i think she would look more healthy.

  27. As soon as I saw this post I knew there would be dozens of comments saying something along the lines of, “But she shouldn’t love herself because she’s unhealthy!”

    I’m sorry, but, when did being overweight become a crime? And when exactly did it become necessary to be healthy to love yourself? Gosh, that must suck for all of those people suffering from terminal diseases. All people suffering from cancer or AIDS. Don’t you dare love yourselves, it’s not allowed because you’re not healthy!

    But seriously. Yes, we all know the health risks associated with obesity. I’m sure she does too. Did it ever occur to you guys that maybe she doesn’t care? She doesn’t have to care, it’s her body. Just like some people smoke, some people drink, some people don’t exercise, some people exercise too much…it’s her choice. As long as she knows the risks, then there’s nothing we can do, especially not prohibiting her from loving herself. That’s just ridiculous.

    • Best comment in the WHOLE post. What you said is exactly what it boils down to.

      And i though the same thing when I read the post LOL

  28. If you ‘love yourself’ and you’re obese..

    sorry. I couldn’t type for a second there, I started laughing out loud about how hysterical that concept is.

    Wouldn’t you want to prevent yourself from say, having a heart attack because of how fat you are? Or just generally looking disgusting? You know, if you love yourself? Seems very off.

    I’m sick of people trying to pretend like weighing as much as a truck is ok. It’s the exact same as being too skinny. Yet we’re supposed to accept the obese ones and pat them on the head and say it’s ok to look like that? Yet the skinny girls (who everyone is envious of, whether we make it known or not) always get treated like s—. Double standard much?

  29. Why do so many people here assume that by stating this she’s saying it’s okay to be obese? She’s not telling people to strive for obesity, or even that being obese is physically healthy, she’s just saying that you’re allowed to love yourself no matter what negatives you may have. Add this statement applies to much more than just obesity.

  30. If she wants to look that way and feel good about herself then let her. im sure she realises all the health concerns but she really doesnt give a s—.
    good for her.

    • Your saying it’s okay for her not to care about her health “good for her”. I don’t think so it’s like a binge drinker or smoker or drug addict or anorexic or bulimic.. ppl thinking being fat is okay.. it’s not.

  31. After I read her quote I admit I was about to jump and say how wrong Is that she’s saying that she loves herself because she is obese and she’s sending a bad message and blah blah… BUT I imagine how it would be if an anorexic chick was saying that I mean a trully skin and bones malnourished looking girl and my thought was… well yes, she would be allowed to say she loves herself even thought she is unhealthy and most people think she shouldn’t but the thing is that anorexic girls DON`T love themselves because when you take your body to such an extreme that becomes a risk for your life with your behavior there are really deep issues associated with your self image and the same thing happens with really obese people.

    So my point is, Gaby has every right to say she loves her body and all that… but I highly doubt it.

  32. I can’t believe it when she says she is perfectly happy with herself! No woman can honestly be 100% happy with herself, especially when you see the woman of hollywood on the cover of every magazine. so I’m suppose to believe her when she says she loves her body.. it’s not nice to say, but it’s reality. besides she is definitely in obese territory and she needs to get healthy… she is young still

  33. Great, a girl should love herself no matter how she looks, so what the ff— is about all these skinny girls? They should be able to be as skinny as they want as long as they’re happy about it.

  34. I think it’s sad that loving yourself no matter your appearance, which should be obvious, could arouse such a controversy.

  35. I’m all for self love and I dig what she’s saying, but no way is she going to convince me that she is in love with all those extra pounds. I’d be hating it. Imagine climbing the stairs with all that weight on you. It ain’t healthy. I don’t believe you have to be skinny to be happy, don’t get me wrong. But I do believe we need a HEALTHY self image. And she can’t tell me that her weight is healthy. Don’t hate yourself, but do something to change the unhealthy aspects. Love yourself enough to call a spade a spade or in this case too much fat cells.

    Just keeping it real!

  36. Everyone should love themselves for who they are. This is not about her weight. If someone hates themselves because they are fat, they will still hate themselves when they are thin because loving yourself is not about how you look, it’s how you feel about yourself as a person.

  37. She should still lose weight because the hard truth is, she is obese. She will have complications when she gets a lot older if she doesn’t lose weight. If you love yourself then you know that being obese is definitely not healthy.

    • a lot older? i’m sure she has complications now such as high blood pressure, diabetes, achy joints, etc. loving yourself does not give you a free pass from suffering because of your weight. she will not lead a healthy long life if she stays this size. she looks super morbidly obese.

  38. if woman loves her body she should take care of her body – at least put a little bit effort in living healthy and work out till the size that fits in some clothes and doesn’t bother to do everyday activities… i believe that living in her body must feel uncomfortable. all women have different shapes and some of them are naturally made to be thinner or plumper but i bet body like this one makes it hard to walk through the door or go to the toilet… if you love yourself than you should give a s— about how you look like

  39. That’s great that she is happy but she better enjoy it and live fast because that girl is going to die really young. Most likely due to a heart attack maybe before she is even 30.

  40. this is clearly wrong, not the fact that she loves herself, but its just not a role model, i mean, if someone who was scary skinny was saying this it would be a total scandal, but its about the same, anorexics are skinny because they dont eat and this woman is fat (im sorry, she is…i dont want to sound rude) because she eats way to much or in a very unhealthy way…both extremes commpletley wrong

  41. I think it would be a great idea if she hired a personal trainer and a dietitian. She is really cutting her life short at this weight and she should acknowledge that. Most smokers acknowledge they have a problem and try to quit. They don’t go around telling people they “accept” their smoking because it’s part of them and beautiful. I know she’s talking about general looks but she sounds like she’s in denial.

  42. Unfortunately most of the time whether you love yourself or not can be seen in the way you look. So…i have a feeling she doesn’t “truly” love herself.

  43. So basically I must not love myself because I am not at a healthy weight for my height (66-83kg).

    Yes I am fat. But,I AM also, healthy and eat healthy… Oh, and yes I DO love myself.

  44. I agree that you should love yourself no matter what you look like, becasue if you can’t love yourdelf how the hell are u gonna love somebody else? I do also believe that being at her weight is dangerous and harmful, but it doesn’t mean she doesn’t love herself

  45. Wow a lot of you people are mean. A lot of people call her disgusting but by calling someone disgusting you have just made yourself disgusting. Besides you can be skinny and still hate your self. I wished I loved myself but I don’t. And you know what? I would prefer to be fat and love myself than in good shape and hate myself because it’s pure hell to look in a mirror for me every day

    • You are so right. What I find even more disturbing is that people tend to assume a person’s obesity is solely their fault. How many times have you heard this coming from skinny people, “I eat like a pig and never gain an ounce!” And everyone simply accepts it as fact. Well, how come the opposite isn’t true? This girl may well eat healthy and move around all day long, she’s just built that way. I don’t know if that’s how this particular person is, but I know a number of people who are like that.

  46. This level of obesity is pathological. Sidibe, like many obese people and some non-obese people too, is a food addict. An addict cannot be happy. Also, Sidibe is so obese that her body is not functioning well. Her movements are constrained by the extra fat, her heart and lungs have to work extra hard to port all of the extra weight, and if her metabolism hasn’t suffered greatly yet it will eventually. She is essentially ill and looking at premature death. I am by no means suggesting that she needs to be thin, but she would be much better off if she could control her addiction and lose enough weight to reduce her health risks. It’s possible to be a perfectly healthy big person, but she’s way beyond that point.

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