Alexa Chung Shows Off Skinny Legs

FFN_g_51075817 - Alexa Chung Shows Off Skinny Legs

29 year-old Alexa Chung showed off her skinny pins in a short denim dress as she was spotted by the photographers while out with a friend in New York City.

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198 thoughts on “Alexa Chung Shows Off Skinny Legs”

  1. This makes me sad – her legs are so thin. I don’t see how she can possibly be at a healthy weight and have legs that are as thin as most arms!

    • It’s possible for apple body shapes to have extremely skinny legs at a healthy weight.

      But Alexa is not an apple, she is a ruler and she simply lost too much weight for her frame.

    • Horrible legs? If i said that about someone with chubby legs it wouldn`t been accepted, but when it comes to skinny girls all is allowed! LOVE AND FLAUNT YOUR SKINNY LEGS GIRLS!!! I really like her legs, they`re elegant and feminine. What I don’t like is the cigarette!

      • Meh. I disagree. I think if someone had super fat legs that people wouldn’t jump on you for saying they’re horrible. Alexa has super skinny legs so using such an extreme adjective doesn’t seem out of place. I think they’re awful too and she looks like a starving child, and just looks sick. I don’t think people who look or are sick should flaunt it.

      • You all must be perfect. I have similar legs because i dont gain in this area. Am i frightening? I hope not. Bodies can be far different from the “ideal” but still i like to believe its okay.

        • Oh and i am not defensive about one particular bodytype, i just REALLY dont get why someone gets offended by the appearance of anyone. And yeah, i know what kind of site this is, still dont get it.

  2. Skinny legs that goes with her skinny frame. What’s disgusting is the cigarette in her hand!!! Then ignorant girls think its cool and helps maintain that kind of body

  3. I know some women naturally gain more in the upper body than in the the lower one.
    I am an apple. I have average legs. As far as I can remember they have always looked the same irrespective of my weight/loss gain.
    However I don’t think that it is her natural weight. I know it is possible but she looks frail to me.

  4. Her thighs are smaller than that other girls calves by miles. I get that she’s naturally slim, but this is ridiculous.

  5. If this girl is just naturally this skinny, I don’t want to be mean and say what I really think. I don’t know who this is and what her deal is, but to me, her legs look like the girls I’ve known who are anorexic. It’s sad to see a body like this, because it doesn’t look healthy and natural. She looks frail and sick.

    • im recovering from anorexia and i did not have once that skinny legs,i lost the weight in the upper body more but even at my lowest my legs did not look like telling u this women has an eating disorder and this Bulls— about she just cant gain weight ist not true.she loves that shes so skinny ,she shows her legs all the time.and this is whats so terrible.A young me would look at those legs and would read the comments about how beautiful these legs are.And then u think u have to look like this o be beautiful.Its dangerous! and today i know that this is not attractive at all ,its sick nothing else

      • “she loves that shes so skinny ,she shows her legs all the time.”

        Agreed! I don’t think that she has anorexia, i.e. a mental disorder, but rather starves herself to emphasise her status as a fashion icon (or whatever she’s famous for).

        • Well by definition, if this girl likes to starve herself she has an eating disorder which is a mental disorder. Considering I cant know if she still gets her period, her diagnosis would be Eating Disorder NOS (not other wise specified) according to DSM IV.

        • I think she does a lot of party drugs. She has that “h—oin chick” look down pat. Does nothing for me, she seems to love it though.

    • im recovering from anorexia and i did not have once that skinny legs,i lost the weight in the upper body more but even at my lowest my legs did not look like telling u this women has an eating disorder and this Bulls— about she just cant gain weight ist not true.she loves that shes so skinny ,she shows her legs all the time.and this is whats so terrible.A young me would look at those legs and would read the comments about how beautiful these legs are.And then u think u have to look like this o be beautiful.

    • I’m with you. I’d love mine to be a little smaller, but if I had to choose between mine and these, mine all the way. I feel like putting on some shorts now 😀 but joking aside, how she can think her legs look good is beyond me. Guess I’m not as brainwashed by the skinny craze as I feared. Good!

  6. I haven’t been on this site for so long and I am not going to tell my story for the umpteenth time but I am about Alexa’s height with a slight smaller frame and about almost the same size legs. I know the comments here are what most people say behind or in front of me and I have endured many changes over the years. After 30, and countless money went into weight gain clinic trails and the unsustainable weight gain. I am tired of fighting my frame and size. I am actually not offended by the comments here because everyone is entitled to their opinion. I normally won’t go flaunt my legs because I care not to attract any negative attention. Whenever I visit Thailand, I dress light due to weather and people don’t criticize for being thin there. I guess it’s just matter of taste. There are many body types out there and a small portion are naturally extreme(me included) and I understand the general public will judge no matter how much we defend ourselves.

    • Nobody looks so scrawny naturally and certainly not Alexa Chung. She used to be heavier when she had her TV on channel4. Then she became a style Icon/hit girl and lost at lot of weight.

      • “Nobody looks so scrawny naturally” Could you be any more ignorant? Of course there are people who are naturally that skinny and cannot gain weight.

        • Actually she was heavier some years ago, before she became famous. Usually you put on weight as you age, not the opposite…

          • I don’t care if Alexa is skinny naturally or not. I think it is incredibly rude to tell carriee that no one can be naturally thin after she says that she is.

      • My mother is this thin *naturally*. She eats like a truck driver. I have inherited this gene and find it extremely difficult to show off my limbs without someone telling me to shove a hamburger down my throat. So how ignorant are you, really?

        • I have never said that nobody can be naturally skinny I have said nobody is naturally THAT scrawny. She’s is not skinny she is severely underweight. So get off your high horse.

          • All you’ve done is substitute the word thin/skinny with scrawny. It implies the same point. I maintain my remarks about people who can be this “scrawny” naturally, underweight even. More to the fact, my mother has consistently become more and more “scrawny” as she ages, and drops weight when under stress or grief. I am not on any high horse. What exactly is it about claiming that some are naturally this way be categorized as speaking in a condescending way? I called you ignorant, not in a condescending way, but in a way that is responding to how offensive your comment was to me, personally. And I suspect many others share this feeling as they are frustrated with the way “scrawny” people are simply reduced to having some superficial reason for being the way they are.

    • There are certainly women that are naturally this thin, but Alexa isn’t one of them. She used to be much fuller- not fat, just less skinny.

    • carriee, im sorry you feel the need to cover yourself up and fight your natural body, but Alexa Chung is NOT naturally thin like you are, hence the comments. of course it doesn’t justify the nasty comments, but its very hard to look at someone that thin and not assume they have a problem…same goes for overweight women…yes a small portion have a legitimate metabolic/thyroid disorder that prevents them from losing weight, but the majority do not…

      • And my problem is that no one seems to care if she truly has a problem here. I only read “eww” “ugly” or “i am happy to not look so scrawny”. I see she might have a problem, but whats going on here is body shaming. Double standards…[email protected] hope you dont get too offended, people can be ignorant sometimes. I bet you look beautiful just the way you are!

        • I am not offended because I have moved pass that now and I am comfortable and secure with myself. Me, my sister, my dad, my mom are all like Alexa’s built. She has the same kind of legs as my sister who is 5’9 with slight skin difference and body composition. I happen to be one of those naturally really skinny girl with a thyroid problem on going since birth. It’s ok, thank you guys, i can understand that most people find this disturbing.

          • I do however feel the need to cover up and that is personal choice because I think it draws bad attention. I normally wear really thick leggings and then layer them to appear fuller. My wrist is about 4’5” on a 5’8 person. But then again I am half Thai and I been around Asian countries a lot and a quite amount of girls and women happen to be this naturally thin. Isn’t Alexa part Chinese?

          • Cariee, don’t feel bad. You look fine, and so does Alexa. Man, people are downright shameless and rude on this site. Such nasty, unnecessary comments. The body shaming double-standards here are laughable indeed. Don’t let it get to you. 🙂

        • Im with you, no one should say ew or ugly about her body that is very disrespectful. but this is a gossip site filled with catty females, so good luck trying to evoke concerned emotion out of anyone

    • Well, maybe the women in the most recent posts here have not been interesting enough for me to comment on, but your comment caught my eye. Saying that some people will judge no matter what…….that’s true, but you did too. I remember your comment to me on a post about 3 months ago, I think it was the last time I was on this site. You said that, ‘I think as women 5’7 and over, we should be at least 120, not 98, 93, 104 or 106′ – in essence, judging me – I mentioned that I am 5’ 7″ and 104lbs, about 12-13% fat. No hard feelings on it, I’m proud of me, but had to call you out on it…I know this is the internet and sometimes we can’t tell inflection or emotion behind the comment, so I’ll just say, there are no hard feelings behind this one…….just pointing out an ‘indiscrepancy’ in your comments here. I guess, point is, we should never – ‘guess’ what someone else should weigh to be healthy, we can give our opinions on how they look, but not the other……..pce. to you, hope you are well, Natalia.

      • I don’t think I meant to judge but I am 5’8 95 pounds myself and I was at 112 with s—id treatment last year. I didn’t mean it like we must be or else it’s sad and sickly but according to the doctors I went in and consulted with, they told me that is a acceptable height given the standard body and circumstance. I was saying more like a vast majority women shouldn’t be 40 pounds underweight but there are exceptions. I also stated here people are entitled to their opinions and judgements are inevitable. It’s the harsh judgement I won’t cast on others such as fat cow or sick 13 yr old boy. I can also state how someone our height weighs 200 pounds might be too heavy for my personal taste. It’s ok to notice these things but if you are whatever the size you are naturally, you know sometimes we don’t fit the norm……..people will tell us how much we should weight but there are exceptions. Take are and so far I read many of your posts here and I have no problem with your personal perception.

        • Hahaaha… made me get up and measure my wrist last night…..your wrist measurement read 4’5/8″ (4 ft & 5/8 inches), but I think you meant 4 and 5/8’s inches………..haha, mine is 5″. We are close in frame I’m guessing…….BUT, I agree, this BMI and all this crap…………I mean it has it’s place, but, if you eat normally for you, have no health concerns, and exercise regularly, I mean, we are what we are. I find it easier to say whether or not a certain body is attractive or not, than whether or not they are ’embracing their natural body type’ and whether or not they are ‘healthy’ or not……part. b/c some of these women I don’t know who they are, and have never seen them before, I don’t know what they eat, what they do…….you know? Anyway, nice talking to you, I bet you’re lovely.

          • omg, did I write 4’5 feet? hahaha, I meant 4.5 inches. Yeah we are quite similar in frame size and I bet you don’t go on crazy restrictions. I think there are a wide range of body shapes and sized across the world and even those with a medication condition deserves a breaks. I think my frame and size was meant to be a 108 pound woman but the thyroid problems puts me at 88 but I eat a lot and weight trains with x mass gainer so I am able to climb to 95 pounds. I am not lucky like you as my diet has made me in danger of high cholesterol and I have a good 19 to 22 percent body fat as my body don’t maintain muscles well. I do look almost the same as I was 12 and it’s ok with me now. I mean people suggested me to take medical advices, which I did, wasted my family’s 40 thousand dollars……….and still couldn’t achieve the ideal bmi…………..there is no point. I am even sick of my current regiment of eating really rich foods to stay at this weight. I never want to brag about how much I eat because too much food with high calories, high fats and nutrients……..even at the healthiest, can make a person sick. Sometimes I wish I can just eat a single portion for lunch. I mean sure I will shrivel back to 88 pounds but it’s too much effort. I don’t like heavy weight training, I don’t like drinking nasty protein powders….I feel like my digestive system is over working and I get too many heart burns. I wish I live in a world where there are more people with my condition so I will hear less “eww, disgusting body” behind my back in public. Do you have any suggestions? It’s nice talking to you as well. Yeah I say let’s play by the book on this site and make mutual acquaintances instead of enemies.

          • I just have a question….and you can answer if you like…..if there is a thyroid problem, does the medicine not fix it? Are you not at your ‘natural’ weight even after medicine? is the problem not resolved? just curious really…..and if you/your thyroid is fixed w/ the med., is it your weight still too low for your liking?

            I too know how the digestive system can feel stressed from too much eating, but mine was never on purpose, I just joined a gym w/ my family, and started lifting heavy b/c……….IDK just b/c the machines were there. I’ve just always been able to eat whatever and not get fat, but I got to the point where what I was eating was making me sick, even though it wasn’t making me fat (I gained maybe 5 lbs of fat from eating in US restaurants, the food is so fattening and unhealthy in US rest.). I also gained 5 lbs muscle, from weight lifting heavy, and it did just not look right on my slight frame, my thigh and buttock muscles were big, not big for most people, but big for me, and for work. And felt my heart was strained, all that lifting, plus dr. told me lifting heavy IS a strain on the heart (Dr. Charles Fischer of U of MD Med. System, top cardio. dr.) so from the 5 & 5 it made 10 lb weight gain, and that was too much for me, for work esp. so I stopped heavy lifting, heavy stuffing…back to normal weight, don’t feel sick from trying to digest stuff I cannot, I just stick to animal protein, rice, nonstarchy veg., starchy veg. and fruit is all I can really handle – beans are hard, nuts are hard, bread/pasta/corn/soy, forget about it. But now, I lift moderately, 8-10 reps, I don’t feel like my heart and body is strained from lifting heavy weights (90 on leg press, benching 60, 120 on calf raise). I stopped all that stuff, and now am back to looking like myself again, and feeling normal…yeah, it’s wiry and very lean, but I love it, and in my work, I have to be really lean, b/c I am not so tall as to get away w/ ANY bulk, the only reason I get work in spite of the fact that I am only 5′ 7″ is b/c I am soooo thin and lean. How tall are you?

          • @ Carriee I have never been as small as you but I can relate because I was only a 108 pounds for over ten years and in my culture, that is smaller than some 12 year olds! I did the protein shake thing and that gets old fast plus it’s not healthy for the long term to have too much protein. So anyway I ended up gaining the weight I wanted by drinking shakes made with heavy cream which is 51 calories a tablespoon. If you drink the following recipe at least once a day I am certain you will gain weight. The recipe is as follows: 2 cups of ice cream (usually 520 calories or so) 1/4 cup of almonds (450 cal) 1 cup of walnuts *whole (785 cal) 1/4 cup of honey (258 cal) 1 large banana (121 cal) and 1/2 a cup of heavy cream (410 cal). If it is too thick, you can add ice or a cup or two of milk for even more calories. This drink is over 2,500 calories and I gained about 1.5-2 pounds a week drinking it. HTH =)

          • Also I forgot to add that the best thing about that weight gain shake recipe I shared is that it doesn’t add pounds in the form of fat. It makes you solid. I didn’t get any of the weight on my stomach. I read somewhere that eating almonds actually burns belly fat too.

          • i am going to reply natalia and indigo at once since I can’t pM you guys. I am 5’8 and the thyroid problem is on going even with medication. I only display a few of the symptoms such as mild grave’s disease where my eyes looking slightly bulging. So far the thyroid problem isn’t the only cause. I must say Natalia, you are so strong? I hurt myself trying to lift that much and I have a tiny and light bone structure. I wish I can put on something solid and I did with the s—id treatment but I got some unwanted side effects and it was causing a bit of heart problem. Eating rich meals has been causing some severe heartburns. Indigo Lace, I’ll try the shake but I must confess I did the sumo diet, I even attempted the 10000 calories diet. The doc came up with a simple answer, this is just the way my body is, it doesn’t see the extra calories as anything but passing cells and garbage. I am able to gain but mostly temporary fats and I do eat American food quite a bit. I am not consider too thin back in Thailand as I am half Thai and I enjoy eating Asian food more but it’s lacking the vital weight gaining values. I even tried the world’s fattest man diet and it made me so sick. I dislike burping lots during the day. I think somewhere between when I was 12 till 30, I am stuck with my body as a 12 yr old and some growth spurts. I am glad you guys are able to gain lean muscles and is happy with your figure but I seriously tried. I signed up with some serious body building trainer and even he couldn’t help me. It’s been money well wasted all these years but I think if I’d stop trying so hard, I’d probably be healthier than now. Natalia, don’t lift too much anymore, appreciate your small frame, it’s bone structure, it won’t just suddenly grow at our age. I guess my biggest self esteem problem is that I have a small pointy head, big bulging eyes and lanky…….yes, can mistaken me for a alien.

          • Thanks for replying carrie1…for what it’s worth, I agree w/ your doc, why fight nature and risk digestive issues, high cholesterol and the problems that come w/ it, why make yourself miserable w/ too much stuffing. I stopped the heavy lifting and stuffing, and feel better, and look better, too. For me, I like wiry. I also love the wide forehead of Tyra Banks, and the wide forehead and big eyes and heart shaped face of Gemma Ward, and her extreme thinness she used to possess. I love the extreme blackness of Alek Wek, and Christy Turlington’s ‘bulgy’ eyes and Nefertiti like face, whom some have called alien like. I hope you find peace w/ your body and your unique features…there is something to be said for not looking… like everyone else. I think it’s a blessing. Anyway, you’re cool, and it was really nice talking w/ you.

          • Also, dark meat chicken, turkey, whole duck, lamb, w/ skin or without, salmon – are all high calorie. Like 6 oz of white meat chicken breast is only 120 calories….all that cutting and chewing is so tiring for very few calories…….that’s why I made the switch to high calorie game meats, and dark meat poultry, plus essential fatty acids. All proteins are acid, but you can’t really avoid that – the important thing is balance w/ alkaline vegetables and fruits and other alkaline foods. Tofu is easy to eat, you can eat a lot of it w/out much effort, also.

          • by the way, the pic is me a year ago with the immense weight gain through clinical help, 112 pounds, and I had b❆❆bs that’s slightly bigger than a cup. I think without the evil thyroid problem I should be 108 like my sister who is 5’9. To maintain 95 right now, I been eating 80 grams of protein in all shapes and forms. So much carbs and fats and everything adds up to about 4000-4800 calories a day. It didn’t use to take this much but the more I eat, the more body wants in order to sustain what I have. I heard under eating can slow down my metabolism………..that is something I didn’t try, should I give it a try? The least I ever ate was 2500 calories a day and my body was starting to eat away me as fuels, my face caved in and I was sickly. If I try to starve in order to slow metabolism maybe I might get sick first and then all the later calories might add pounds super quick. Does it sound stupid?

          • You know what, there are high calorie foods that are easier to digest than some. Alkaline forming foods are easier to digest than acid forming ones. High calorie alkaline foods are wild rice, Japonica rice (Japanese rice), almond butter, vegetable spreads, olive oil, plantains, avocado (guacamole), sweet potatoes dripping w/ butter, or the vegetable spread – a large one can have 600 calories, Google ‘sweet potato calories 1 oz’ – I need calories in dense form too b/c I can’t digest a lot of stuff, so what I can digest, I scoop up in bulk. Any potato is high calorie per ounce, again, google potato type and ‘1 oz’. Also….gluten free rice bread w/ spread or butter…is easier to digest than wheat or rye bread, easy to digest buckwheat pancakes instead of hard to digest wheat pancakes, w/ high calorie maple syrup, some vegetable spread or butter, w/ a small sweet potato on the side is a great breakfast. Coconut milk based shakes w/ brewer’s yeast or fruit or ground flax meal, w/ almond butter or sunflower or sesame seed butter, all alkaline, might be easier to digest than cow’s milk or peanut butter or soy milk – which made me burp a TON. Easy to eat is fruit – bananas, melons, plantains, pears, are all alkaline.

            I got the best acid/alkaline chart from:
            Alkalinizing Diet – Dr Grodski

            If this is confusing, I Googled not in quotes:
            acid alkaline food chart serammune physicians lab.

            The knowledge of acid and alkaline foods, have allowed me to eat high calorie foods, WITHOUT having to eat foods that are, inherently, hard to digest.

            BTW, your pic looks great, your height, your bone structure, you could be thinner than in your pic and still look beautiful, perfect for high fashion…either way. And if you don’t want to or can’t model, take some pride in the fact that your body, is what the fashion industry, and society, idealizes – in the broad sense. I love being born w/ the body I have, and in the time in history where it is revered. Enjoy it!

            I know this was long as dirt…….I get so excited talking about food! sorry!

          • Thank you Natalia, that was very informative. I never even thought about the acidity of foods. It’s very interesting and I am certainly looking into it. Don’t worry about food talk because I too am a foodie. But I am sick of American mainstream food and I prefer world cuisine more. I like Asian food with authentic preparation and French cuisine though I haven’t had much(I am half french). Thank you for those kind words and I looked up the photos and they are women with unique features. A few ladies here including yourself had made me feel better for not being so severely ugly. As for modeling, you’d probably make a better model than me. I grew up a outcast and people bullied due to ethnicity, body image and learning disabilities. I have very low self esteem for modeling job and I am very shy. I think the food suggestion you have makes perfect sense I like to cook them as well. If it’s easier to digest, than it should be easier to absorb. I actually don’t like fast food and most American junk food, it lacks complexity and good layers of flavors. I like Thai versions of fry food where there is much flavors and techniques involved. I love taro and tofu combination and I can make so many variations of them. I like the delicate and rustic versions of French cuisine. I would love to travel the world and host a food show but I am too self conscious. I think Alkaline foods are good to balance the body’s PH level and promotes good skin and prevents cancer too. You sound like you live a very healthy life style and have a healthy sense of image. Though you have your own opinion on beauty and I might not agree with some of them but you are by no means how people make you to be. I wish to gain self esteem, not weight anymore because that’s just futile. Going with the flow is much better. What ethnic cuisines do you like?

          • I keep my diet plain & simple so I can control the ingredients, I have food allergies (milk) and sensitivities (host of things that I can’t digest or give me heart palp, flushing, headache, general malaise – BUT – when I venture out, I love African hard chicken, brown beans, plantain, joloff rice, spinach and egusi. I love Jamaican oxtail, rice and peas, caliloo, jerk chicken. I love Japanese and Korean, kimchi, hard boiled egg, rice wrapped in seaweed, daicon radish, bean sprouts, tofu stir fry w/ sesame oil spicy, Okinawa purple sweet potatoes, salmon. I love Thai phad ti, chicken in red gravy w/ thai basil, white rice. I too love the deserts made w/ TARO AND COCONUT MILK! Which I always go for b/c cow milk allergy. I love the rustic country side French, the caseoulet, plain roasted chickens w/ thyme, olive oil & lemon. I love a good Italian spaghetti w/ meat sauce & Ceasar salad & zabainone (desert w/ egg whites). I love southern American, fried chicken & potato salad & corn bread & cole slaw & pumpkin pie. Meat & potatoes of Estonia, of course. Also, Indian, dahl, chicken and various saags, pickles. Pakistani meats & rices. Arabic tea w/ cardamom, harissa w/ lamb & rice. Israeli falafel w/ pickled turmeric soaked cabbage, hummus, tahini, taboulhi. Mexican rice & beans, tacos, enchiladas, etc. I LOVE spice. Greek, Mediterranean sea bass & potatoes w/ olive oil, lemon & parsley, rice, baklava. I think that’s it…………..!!!!!!!!!!

          • Omg, you know so much about food!!! I guess in Europe you get to experience all these international cuisines due to immigrants and their food culture. We should totally host a food show together. I think I have some food allergies too but I am too lazy to find out what. Out of your list, I gotta say I haven’t had much African cuisine besides Algerian and Moroccan. All those ingredients you listed are so good! It’s easier to find them while traveling and in bigger cities here in the USA. I wish you have an account here so we can discuss more without highjacking this thread. I watch all cooking channels and follow the world of foodies closely. I love the show no reservation where chef Anthony travels abroad to explore foods around the world. How come you don’t work for food industry? I ask myself that too lol.

          • I totally tried to open one, to post my pix……maybe you can help me. I tried under the name I had associated w/ my old email address. I changed the email address b/c I wasn’t getting updates, then it didn’t match my username….now it’s a big mess. Then I tried adding a ‘period’ to my user name…..that didn’t work…I think I have to start fresh. I will figure it out. People sometimes bait me to post pix, all I have are prof. ones, and I can already here it, photoshop! lol…..I think I will just take some candids, like you did. Plus, I want to remain anonymous….no face…but you gave me the idea of sunglasses! I’ll open an account, I’ll figure it out, and we can leave longer comments? is that how it works? Anyway, I’ll work on it today. Yeah, I love food. Today, going shopping for a pressure cooker, for beans.

          • yeah that happened to my account and I just recreated everything new and added a 1 to my name with a complete different email. Try to protect your privacy online these days because the digital world is unkind. I try to keep everything a bit concealed and who knows what people can use against you!! Post proves and I did too temporary but don’t let people know true information about you. You are making beans? I am having bean salsa dips(store bought) and this massive shrimp dish my mom made…….it’s giving me bad skin I think.

          • Hmmm….you’ve got me thinking about the photos….been debating whether or not to post them….I’ve had a few people here falsely use my username to do things, make obscene comments…..anyway…..
            Shrimp, shellfish, seaweed – all has iodine, which can cause acne. We can chat here if you like, not sure if I want to do the account thing…..but, oh! watch out for iodized salt too.

  7. The awful truth is that if she had been slightly chubby instead of dangereously skinny looking, she wouldn’t have become a style icon. That’s the world we live in…

  8. She has chicken legs, but she can’t really help it, though. Even if she gained weight she’d still have chicken legs. Btw, all thoseeople saying her legs look great are crazy…

  9. She needs to cover those things up….I only wish she could see just how I unattractive she is…specially with the dirty cigarette.

        • because LC, we’ve known for years now that on this site, its only politically correct to attack thin women. god forbid someone criticizes a big girl all hell breaks loose

          • i agree with you guys. the hypocrisy is shameless. if she is not naturally so skinny like everyone is claiming, people should have a lot more compassion. and if she is then there’s little she can do about it and is making the most of it and why shouldn’t she, a lot of people love skinny legs. i’ve had eating disorders in the past and i don’t take feel triggered by people saying she looks good, different people love different things, not one person will ever appeal to everyone. to attack a woman for her body, skinny or fat, is completely unacceptable. discussing personal preferences is fine and healthy, but comments like “eww” and “gross” over another woman’s body make me shudder 🙁

        • Hi lc…….this comment made me think, I criticized Beyonce for ‘showing’ her legs too, but I was saying that not in the sense that she should do so b/c she should be ashamed of her legs, I did so b/c I just think it is sound fashion sense when a woman dress, to accent her positive attributes and camaflouge the negative ones………I guess the argument can be made for both sides – anyway… know what I mean? Can make the argument for both sides, ‘not cover up for anyone for any reason’, which is a right, a freedom – OR – it’s common sense to cover that which is unattractive, though I don’t think the woman in the post has legs so unattractive that they should be covered.

          • I have to say, though Natalia’s comments might not be the most agreeable here and she strongly holds her opinion but I never seen her cast some really nasty comments blatantly at the subject being explored.

          • thnx carriee, I was saying before, I now get the purpose of this site, I just recently discovered the ‘About’ icon on the bottom right hand side of the screen, on any page of this site. It says right there that we, the writers, cannot express our opinions as the ‘absolute truth’. I was wondering for months why people would get so upset w/ my comments, now I get it….so even though I admit to having a narrow view of beauty, and even though I really do think my ‘opinions’ are more fact than opinion……for the purposes of this site, I make sure I state all my opinions, as opinions…:) gotta play by the rules.

          • I’m guessing you are not asking for the denotative definition of the word…..and that you are implying it constitutes different things for different people….I agree…your name is cool, dark red is my favorite color.

          • Fat people are constantly critiqued and told that they shouldn’t be wearing short shorts or tank tops. So because this chick might have an eating disorder that compels here to flaunt legs that have less shape than my Ikea dining table, people should not comment?? What a double standard!! If she is ok to flaunt em..she sure is ok to take the all the comments about em….

          • Beyonce? Kelly Brook? Alicia Keys? All 3 Kardashians? Christina Aguilera? Minka Kelly? Even Barbara Palvin and Erin Heatherton get comments suggesting their legs are too chunky for modeling! Megan Fox was called heavy in the other post because she gained like 6 lbs. Anyone over size 6 is told to “tone up” because they can’t be healthy but Alexa chain smokes and does drugs and is apparently above criticism because we must adore all skinny models!

          • I agree Mara, if anything there are far more critical comments on this site of women with anything above stick-thin legs than there are of women with skinny legs. So given that there are plenty of girls on here who feel they can bag out Beyonce, Mischa Barton, Minka Kelly etc for having ‘fat, disgusting legs’ that they should ‘cover up’, I’m going to say that I think Alexa’s legs are unattractive and nothing at all to aspire too. I don’t find chicken legs attractive – never have. I don’t think that they are naturally that thin either – she’s clearly lost a lot of weight over the years. Her face is really drawn and her hair is lanky and straw-like. She looks terrible if you ask me.

        • @Lc:

          “Man, people are downright shameless and rude on this site. Such nasty, unnecessary comments. ”

          Says the girl who constantly calls non-skinny celebs as the Kardashians or Kelly Brook horrible looking and ugly.

          • I say they are not my ideal. I don’t say they are “horrible, disgusting, and should cover up”. Big difference.

  10. It’s not just her legs that are scary skinny, it’s her jaw and wrists too. But she seems to be stable at this weight for years, as unhealthy as it looks on her. I wonder if she’s sought medical advice?

  11. Some of these comments are way too harsh – ‘disgusting’, ‘she should cover up’, etc? I definitely think she’s too thin, but I don’t think she’s disgusting. If I had her body shape (at this low weight), I would probably not see my legs as a feature to highlight like she so often does – but that’s up to her. I haven’t really followed her career, but to me she has always looked very thin and quite frail – I don’t find her appealing face or body-wise and I think she may possibly have an unhealthy approach to food, but I can’t know that just by looking at her.

    I can’t say that I see anything fashionista about her look here, btw! She often looks stylish, but she looks really slovenly here with that outfit and the cigarette – not a classy look!

    • yes, saying that someone looks disgusting is always too harsh. you just shouldn’t do that.

      but knowing that she used to be heavier.. and, at least to me, she doesn’t look really healthy anymore. not only body-wise, but face-wise aswell. so it’s concerning, but not disgusting

    • Agree. Body-shaming people like that is never okay.
      She doesn’t look what I would consider ideal, but “disgusting” is an inappropriate exaggeration. People need to grow up and consider how hurtful their comments can be to anyone with a similar body type reading them.
      You wouldn’t call her disgusting if you knew she had a terminal illness or metabolic disfunction causing her to look that way. Just because you *assume* her weight loss is self-induced and setting a bad example or something, harsh words are okay? Um, no.

      • “Agree. Body-shaming people like that is never okay.”

        Please tell me you are joking right? I can’t quite believe what I am reading here. Yourself and e-rica have so many times made nasty snide body shaming comments about women on this site using words like “masculine” and “ugly” before. I can’t believe what an utter hypocrite you are.

  12. thats sad that women they this is insecure beatiful.this way girls think oh okay this is beautiful and want those legs.but this does not look healthy,its not attractive and she says shes struggling with gaining weight but why des she have to show this legs all the time……..its like a 12 years old

  13. I’ve been to Auschwitz year ago, now I’m reminded of this trip…..the photos of her stick legs correspond with those of holocaust victims.
    Disturbing…especially when these pics scream “eating disorder”…and as for her seemingly healthy hair – well, special treatments, keratin and other can prolong the hair quality…
    when I’ve began recovering from ED my hair started falling out and growing fresh after I’ve been 7 months through, at the heights of anorexia, severely malnourished, I still got luscious locks – it’s a delayed process that will catch up on her eventually.

    • I’m sorry about your ED and I’m glad to hear you are recovering – but comparing Alexa to Holocaust victims is extremely insensitive and quite ignorant, tbh! She’s very thin, yes, malnourished though? That’s debatable (and unlikely, imo) – but she is certainly not on the brink of death! She has very skinny legs, some people do, it doesn’t necessarily mean she’s starving!

      • I understand if you were turned off by the above commenter, though I do not think she said so with the aim of being hurtful.
        Sadly, when I saw her legs, I too thought (unintentionally)about the many photos I just saw (again) for Holocaust Memorial Day. I’m sad to say that bc I like Alexa, her style and even thinness in general (though I prefer skinny-fit), but really Erica…her legs…they look like somone who was forced to starve. Saying “it reminds me of” sounds like an unitentional comparison…though yes it is harsh but look at her legs…they’re more thin than most 8 yr. olds
        Love Alexa and hope she gets help

        • “her legs look like someone who was forced to starve”

          what an ignorant comment. You have no idea what her diet consists of to make that analysis. she was naturally thin to begin with, and some people can maintain that thinness without automatically being unhealthy.

          • C’mon there are really double standards on this site..
            It’s ok to assume that a chubbier person is constantly eating and thus chubby. But not that a skinny person is not eating? We know that she was not alway that thin.. same with emma stone. They do follow at least some kind of diet.

            And actually I agree.. she seems like someone who doesn’t eat enough.. which is a shame.. considering there are people who have no other option than to starve

            And for most of people this thinness is not normal.. aswell as for most people obesity is not normal. And you are allowed to assume stuff and utter your opinion. Some way or the other there will be someone hurt by someone elese’s comment

          • Ramona, i disagree with your idea of a double standard. It is certainly NOT the same to compare Alexa Chung to a starving concentration camp victim as it is to a chubby girl who is accused of eating a few too many cookies.

            Saying this woman looks like she’s been forced to starve and comparing her to the genocide of millions of helpless people during the holocaust…one of the most abominable periods of 20th century history is ignorant, disgusting, and unacceptable on so many levels.

          • Mary, please check yourself…it is NOT ignorant to make the comment “her legs look like someone who was forced to starve”…bc they do look like that. An informed person who understands semantics and pragmatics of language can understand from reading my full quote that Im not saying she is starving herself nor that someone else is forcing her to starve. I thought it was clear that I was defending the prior commenters remark, which is an opinion and stated as such, without nastiness.
            It would not be incorrect to say that of many possible reasons this young girls legs are thinner than an 8 yrs olds is bc she could have an ED, or other physical or mental health disorder.
            She is thin, and has been very thin for a long time…but still
            1. It doesnt mean it’s natural. Just bc someone`s been doing something a long-ass time doesnt mean it`s ok or natural…I find any comment in the opposite far more inaccurate (here`s an example with relates but has nothing to do with weight: a certain brunette on Modern Family actually has blonde hair naturally…JUST bc she’s been dying it brunette for over a decade doesnt now make her a “natural” brunette)
            2. Alexa’s thinner, quite a bit. I’m a big fan of Alexa so I see pics, lots of pics…I`m quite informed when it comes to Alexa and you should know…she’s a LOT thinner…I’m not the kind to post comparison shots but if you look at her from 10 years ago, her calves were double the thickness they are today…and even then they were verrry thin
            3. You`ll also notice how devoid of collar-bone bearing shirts she wears or is photographed in. As someone who has been around ED`s personally through my own friends and others` experiences…it`s a bit of a telling sign (peeps either hide their joints or bear them proudly, as a call for help, or not realizing that their appearance is striking…usually bc of body dysmorphia)

            Do I really sound ignorant on this topic?

            One more comment is that I think that the many protective, defensive commenters out there need to know that your protection and defensiveness of her thinness and/or how it’s possible she may have always been so thin and we didnt realize or maybe she’s thin because of something else etc…while true and possible…a high number of commenters have SO intensely commented and SOOOO defensively, almost taking it personally as if the comments were directed to them or they are defending their like/interest in having such thin legs. That really, like really concerns me (and makes me want to suggest to versus that certain posts should not be allowed to comment on). This is not a model of a healthy body here, it is more likely that something VERY unhealthy is going on, though not a guarantee…it’s likely…and anyone who is SO quick to defend…well, I really care for your mental health…bc this is a 2D picture which adds weight and inches…she is approx 10-15 lbs lighter in the flesh…

          • @ JN1976 normally i like your comments but you cant be serious about not posting/ commenting on pics like this. Censoring? Whats nextt?

          • Oh and Mary, I dont know if this changes your opinion but as a jew who’s maternal grandparents lost both of there familes fully in the war (my Zaidie lost 7/8 siblings and both parents, and my Bubie lost ALL 10 siblings and both parents) I can tell you that at 2 different points in my life (once when I lost a lot of weight as I was bulimic, and then when I had my wisdom teeth out and was on a liquid diet for 2 weeks) I had my bubie ask me if I’d been in a death camp or I was doing something to raise awareness for Yom Haazmuot (Holocaust Memorial Day)…both greatly offended ME, not her.
            The prior commenter and I who remarked on Alexa’s weight reminding us of photos from the war, are not making a derrotatory comment in ANY way to Jews or others those who suffered in the Holocaust by stating that Alexa’s legs look like someone who could have been forced to starve or that they remind us of pictures we’ve seen from the death camps. Yes it’s harsh but go look at a couple pics and then rereview Alexa’s pics, it’s not some hurtful exaggeration, nor a comparison, nor stating what she for sure IS or ISNT doing, but simply bridging ideas of what this makes us think of or feel…sad and scared for Alexa…
            Thank you for listening

          • Hi Darkred!
            Of course I’m serious yet still of course am mindful of what you may be hinting to as rights of Freedom of speech. I care about that too but strongly feel prople need boundaries…or else some idiot is going to wear an “I hate ____” (random minority group), or name their kid “S–head”…which someone has to be able to say…”nuh-uh not here”.
            There are laws that suck and are irritating and then there are laws that help societies to remain happy, integrated, peaceful, and progressing…some of these laws govern what is deemed “appropriate” in a social democratic society (wearing clothing that covers our private parts, not swearing in the presence of a police officer, children HAVING to attend school) and while these seem lesser important than such social laws like you cant go and kill the guy who raped and killed your daughter but both are extremely important in promoting good judgement, and, as such impulse control through our use of critical thinking skills we imploy before deciding how to behave.
            I don’t run this site but you can bet if I did there would be censorship boundaries bc what individuals feel comfortable saying behind a screen…really, lacks impulse control. Not only can individuals who recieve hate comments gets hurt but society as a whole becomes negatively affected by the (imo) INSANE levels of inconsiderate, uncaring behaviour…INCLUDING stating an opinion that is known to be rife with cruel or unhealthy intentions while fully aware of the negative impact this may have on other readers.
            I don`t know you or your stance on such things as media influence on society but I have concerns about our influences from the media…I think certain shows should not be aired unless with a strict parental advisory or be on a channel that you specifically have to purchase and that even still certain things should just not be allowed.
            i.e. My morals and ethics for myself and the future society I hope to live in was truly offended as a human living on this planet when I heard that there was an episode of the Kardashian`s had a v—-l scent contest, I cant lie…that would not ever be on a television program if I was running this show.
            And the best of all of this is that I’m FAR from a prude or tight-assed person…rather I think just want people to more kind, and cool to eachother…defend eachother and lookout for eachother more, even a stranger

      • “’m sorry about your ED and I’m glad to hear you are recovering – but comparing Alexa to Holocaust victims is extremely insensitive and quite ignorant, t”

        But you have said similar things on this site about other people. so how you have the nerve to tell others off is beyond me. Most of the comments are still there going back to 2010.

  14. When I think of great legs, they are thin and muscular. I like when legs look strong. Hers look like they could snap at any second.

  15. What I dont get, is the weather i NY? She and her friend are both wearing jackets, the man in the background in the 1st pic is wearing a jacket, and at the same time Alexa isn’t wearing any thights… Is she freezing? Is it hot? Hm..

    I dont get it when I see the celebs wearing their daisy dukes with a pair of boots and a leatherjacket either. Are they only freezing on some body parts and not on the rest or what? Must be hot and sweatty walking around in boots in the middle of the summer, but its fashion I guess.. 😉

    • That’s actually what bothers me the most about her! She never seems to cover up her legs no mather the weather!! I have seen many pictures of this girl and she’s always wearing shorts or a dress… To me she seems very proud of her legs and wants to show them off. My former best friend did that too after she lost a crazy amout of weight (and not in a healthy way).

      I’m not trying to accuse this girl of being unhealthy. I don’t know what she eats. But the fact that she is very underweight and often seen with cigarette or coffee, I think it’s save to say there’s a very high chance she is not healthy.

      • Agree with u Jackie, she rarely wears jeans or other things that cover up legs. Even if shad jad heans, she would still look very slim, so I dont get it. Also, I could understand that she wore a jacket if it was late at night, heading back home after being out all day., but..

      • I dunno when its in between warm and cold weather I often wear a jacket but keep legs uncovered. My legs can handle the cold better, and wearing a jacket keeps your internal organs warm, and can also be taken off if it warms up later in the day!

  16. Wow- as someone who has been training for a half marathon and has some pretty big/muscular thighs and legs… looking at her scares me! yikes. She looks so fragile.

  17. i dont know if she is healthy but guys these are not attractive skinny legs..miranda kerr has attractive skinny legs, check, its a biig diference!

  18. so many different body types. her face and torso look fine at this weight. i LOVE super skinny but this is not a good look for those knock-knees. she shouldn’t wear a-line skirts like that. otherwise i don’t wanna “hate” on her.

  19. I usually like stick thin legs but these are a bit too much to find even remotely attractive. Maybe they don’t work with her outfit. It’s hideous btw.

  20. How is it our problem if she has some body issues? We are here to comment on appearance, its a freaking website created for us to come and express what we like or dont like about someones body. Very vain. We aren’t here to be nice,wake the f up.

  21. she’s too skinny. I know hollyood women want to weigh the size of a five year old boy but damn those are some chicken legs. When your above the age of 14, you she start taking some shape the way women are supposed to. even some skinny women still have curvy hips and thighs, but I guess If you want to be famous you should be stick skinny.

  22. I like her look, she looks happy so let her be. I like thin legs. She doesn’t look on her death bed or anything. Everyone crying “unhealthy” would be furious if someone pointed out the “health” factor on an obese girl.

    • Actually not on this site. I mean some people called Emma Watson, or Blake Lively “heavy”, “too big”, or “chubby”.. and THIS is simply ridiculous.
      Just to make it clear..I do know that being underweight doesn’t have to mean that someone is unhealthy. But with Alexa I’m seriously not sure about her health..

      • No, no, no. I mean when someone says about, hm, let’s say Melissa McCarthy, “She’s so unhealthy she must eat a ton and eat junk no- stop blah blah. She is so unhealthy, she’ll have a heart attack soon”. People hate comments like that. Soo why is it okay to assume Alexa doesn’t eat, and is on her death bed? Yeah just doesn’t make sense to me.

        • Well on the Melissa McCarthy thing I’m totally with you!
          Seriously I have no pity when someone with a bad diet gets calles out for it.(I don’t care wether fat or skinny) Because stuffing yourself with junkfood or not eating are both just stupid things to do to you and your body.

          So sorry if I misunderstood you lc! But I do have the feeling that chubbier people get bashed on more, at least here 🙂

          [I do understand that some people have mental issues and over eat or stop eating because of that. Or have some other form of illness. They are not meant in my statement above.]

        • @Lc I have no problem calling Melissa overweight and similarly I have no issue calling Alexa underweight. Just like Melissa gained a lot (she was much smaller in Gilmore Girls) Alexa has lost a lot of weight, I see it especially her knees, wrist, jaw area. She smokes constantly and is on drugs too. Some girls like Karlie K you can tell are naturally thin, Alexa not so much. Likening her to a Holocaust victim is going too far though…

    • I couldn’t care less about her weight. She is smoking a cigarette, which to me is inherently unhealthy. The word healthy does not go with this picture.

  23. overreaction over her legs… check. They don’t look super unattractive to me. Perfection imo would be something like Doutzen Kroes’ legs, but i guess i’m really not up to SvC criticism level, since i can look at cellulite or Alexa’s bony knees without feeling uncomfortable at all. Biodiversity is fascinating, actually.

  24. I feel the same about this sort of figure like I do with really overweight figures: I wonder how much they’re physically capable of doing. Can she do vigorous physical activivty (skiing, climbing, etc.) for any length of time? Somehow I just can’t believe this sort of body is capable of doing something like hiking with a heavy backpack like I like to do (but in all fiarness i’ve thought that about several overweight celebrities)

    • I ask that myself, too. But in some cultures people are skinny and small, yet surprisingly strong. Our bodies are magical tools.

      • You can be skinny and strong, I’m an example i can lift very heavy but i also have a lot of muscle definition unlike alexa. Alexa you can tell is frail.

  25. What if this person actually has an eating disorder and copes with self -worth issues, and you guys all analyze her body like that ? Just wondering. This is dangerous what we do,

    • Ok let’s pretend Alexa is reading the comments on this blog – she would see some people like her figure while others suggest she’s too skinny. Do you think this would shock her? Alexa is a model. She lost at least 20 lbs and smokes cigarettes constantly to curb her appetite. Her behavior is dangerous; pointing out she does it is not. Additionally you should realize there are many pro-ana sites online that nearly worship Alexa and her figure, using her as “thinspiration” to fuel their own body obsessions – I find that a lot more troublesome.

  26. She could definitely use the weight room. Im sure some people are naturally look like this, I’m about 5 lbs “underweight”, but i don’t think alexa is one. You just have to google her early pictures to see she was bit fuller, who do you think you’re kidding alexa. she’s known to do drugs, alcohol, cigarretes, her styles way overrated to and i find her quite annoying.

  27. I actually find shapely/thicker legs to be more attractive on women, though that is simply a matter of opinion/personal preference. Yes, everyone has a different idea of what attractive is… but when someones health is in jeopardy to fit their personal ideal of what attractive is – clearly there is a problem. Health should be what is most important, and clearly she has some type of disorder in regards to her eating habits. Prior she was slim, but slim in a way that looked as if it came natural to her. Now, its clear this isnt her natural state.

    • Agreed! I never gotten the attraction towards thin legs either I get long legs but overly thin legs just isn’t attractive to me, but that seem like a minority opinion here because when there is a post on someone like say Beyoncé’s or whatever most people always rag on her legs yet I think her legs are perfectly fine so…but Alexa is looking thin I hope she is well personally I think she looks much better with a bit of more weight on especially facial wise.

      • Everyones ragging on alexas legs too. To me Beyonces legs aren’t good nor are alexas. Karlie Kloss has good legs, candice swanepoel has good legs, gisele has good legs. Alexas look like she couldn’t do one squat, she just looks plain weak and frail which is a major turn off to me.

        • I guess that is what D meant by personal preference/opinion because the women you listed legs are okay to me not really drool worthy though the length is admirable but to each their own…shrugs

  28. No idea who she is, and therefore cannot say if she looks like she is embracing her body type and is healthy, so on and so on. I can only say that I think……..that being lean w/out having a good amount of muscle, is not attractive. I think she would look more attractive, in the body, if she took up weight lifting………and no, it doesn’t look like she lifts weight. But…… least she’s not fat, so…………I guess, I find her somewhere in the middle of the attractiveness scale. Also, average as far as height, hair, face, etc.

  29. Do I like her legs? No not really?

    But are they disgusting? No.
    Everyone needs to calm down. Is a thin girl on your computer screen THAT big of a deal? It’s her body, not yours. You don’t know if she’s healthy or not. Regardless if she is healthy or not you don’t need to call her legs disgusting. THAT itself is far more disgusting than any pair of legs could ever be.

  30. I have always just found Alexa boring personality wise. Her body is not my taste.
    I like her friend’s crazy dress. I want it.

  31. What the hell is she wearing? Look I had really skinny legs growing up and i loved to flaunt them- why? Because i was comfortable in my body as it was. I now have fuller legs (as i am hopefully a fully developed pear :P) and i STILL love to flaunt them. But I any day had a better sense of style than this girl. I don’t like her look- naturally skinny or not- she is simply NOT pulling it off.

  32. She is shockingly thin, but still I would rather have her figure than mine. I think it’s a testament to how far I’ve come in the last 15 years that I would have a brief hesitation over taking on the attendant medical issues along with the body – but the hesitation would be brief indeed!

  33. It saddens me that even though we KNOW she obviously isn’t naturally this thin and that she uses unhealthy methods to get this skinny, that there are people on here saying that she looks GOOD and that her legs are not too skinny.Thankfully the majority do not think she looks healthy and recognize that this is not something to idolize.

  34. What I don’t like about her legs is that she has no muscle mass at all. I am underweight myself, but honestly, the only person I know in real life who has legs that size weighs around 80 lbs and has a heart condition that makes it impossible for her to do any exercise, except for walking or slow biking or stuff like that. So yeah, such look can be natural, genetic, but it comes with a cost, and that is no muscle development and incredible frailty. So, what to say, I would honestly love to be built in such a way that would allow me to have slim legs at an average bmi, but on the other hand, at least I can choose to tone the legs. Between chubby thighs and stick thighs, I prefer lean and muscle tone, lol.

  35. I don’t mean to to offensive, but this LOOKS like someone suffering from Anorexia. I’m not saying I know she suffers from it, but this is scary skinny.. it doesn’t look normal or healthy.

  36. lol it’s funny how nobody is allowed to say anything negative about Beyonce’s legs or they are labeled “mean” and “rude”
    by the “real women with curves” gang.

    • Have you read the comments on Beyonce’s posts? ‘Tree trunk’ legs is probably one of the nicer descriptions from the rude comments. They get much worse. And Beyonce does not look unhealthy, that is the difference between her and Chung. Chung’s legs are so skinny, they are bordering on resembling a person suffering from malnutrition. I come from a developing country with areas suffering from severe poverty. Women here look like Chung after months of malnutrition.

      Beyonce has a pear body type that makes her gain weight in her lower body. What’s wrong with that? Chung just looks ill, IMO.

    • Oh, please – at least half the comments on any Beyonce make fun of her legs and the other half are about how she faked her pregnancy. And just like there is a “real woman brigade” there is also a “size 0 brigade” that consists of many commenters who cry foul if someone suggests a model is too thin. Sorry to burst your bubble.

  37. Friends of mine know her personally – I’d venture that a lot of her weight loss can be attributed to what some might see as ‘unsavoury’ party habits. I don’t know anyone who knows her or has seen her that hasn’t called her thin to the point of it being very unattractive.

    Personally, I find her very dull. Her hair also indicates poor health habits to me. I do enjoy her sense of humour though – it’s dry and witty 🙂

  38. A few points here, She should stop smoking, and she needs to have a 12 month weight and gym work out schedule. Her hair looks bad, due to a lack of nutrients entering the body. Her figure is poor, no muscle tone at all, just skin and bones.. this is not a good long term situation. SHe is a very pretty, bright and funny girl.. someone should take a hold of her.

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