Amanda Seyfried Poses in Minimal Outfits… and Shares Her Diet

Amanda Seyfried Poses in Minimal Outfits... and Shares Her Diet 1

“I’m on a raw-food diet,” she declares, raising her brows to make her eyes even bigger. “It’s intense. And sort of awful. Yesterday for lunch? Spinach. Just spinach. Spinach and some seeds.”

… says Amanda (24) in Esquire Magazine, where she poses prettily for the camera in lingerie.

I wonder why she feels the need to be on such a strict “awful” diet?

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Amanda Seyfried Poses in Minimal Outfits... and Shares Her Diet 2

Amanda Seyfried Poses in Minimal Outfits... and Shares Her Diet 3

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51 thoughts on “Amanda Seyfried Poses in Minimal Outfits… and Shares Her Diet”

  1. on one hand i’m glad she’s not trying to pass off her figure as “natural” when it’s clear from this article that it’s not….but on the other hand it makes me wonder what exactly these hollywood starlets survive on. spinach???? if that’s all i ate i’d look like that too

    • lol u can say that again n u would be pretty miserable too like they r inside and u would also need someone to do everything for u(an assistant) with all the energy u lack

  2. Yeah, I think she’s reffering to some kind of temporary “diet”, not her actual every day diet. I mean, she’s got a very nice body (neither over nor underweight) and you don’t get that by eating non-lunches like that.

    So yeah, my guess is, it’s some kind of temporary raw vegetable detox.

  3. She must be on this diet for a film r something surely who would want to live like that lol and shes absoloutly gorgeous

  4. I could never do the raw food diet, i don’t find the foods that tempting, but if followed in a sensible way, it can be quite a balanced diet. Seeds, nuts etc are a good source of protein, and it really isn’t about just surviving by eating some leafy greens all day long. It seems she’s trying to cleanse herself or get skinnier for whatever reason.

    • yeah…she isn’t too showy with them….but they have been around for pretty much her whole career. in mama mia she wears a swim suit, so i’ve known about them since then. and just that she has a great body in general. they looks natural here and in the movie, so i’m almost certain that they aren’t implant.

  5. welp, i’d it eat that diet if it meant my body would look exactly like that (boobs included). i wouldn’t even take the spinach. just the seeds. lol.

    but on a serious note, she looks amazing and i hope she does not lose any weight on this crazy diet.

  6. I’ll give her props for honesty. Nothing worse than hearing a celeb talking about their natural thinness and fast metabolism.

  7. As for her diet I hope this is temporary but in general the raw food diet isn’t and its a complete lifestyle change, you cant cook anything or have anything that is above 150 degrees Fahrenheit …you cant even boil or steam food because they meaning the creator if the diet feels like you are taking all the nutrients and protein out of the food. As for why she’s doing this it’s probably to get more roles in Hollywood but hopefully I’m wrong and she just wants to be more healthy…..although I have noticed that she’s lost some weight since she was in mean girls and mama mia she used to be that shape that isn’t exactly an hourglass but isn’t a vase. As for the spread she looks great one of my favorite actresses and I love how she proves that not all sexy spreads have to be overt or over the top. Magazines like GQ, Esquire and Complex are great at spreads like this 🙂

  8. I think it’s funny how it says she “raises her eyebrows” and then says “it’s intense.” It sort of shows how she probably meant for the interviewer to understand how odd or extreme it is. From that alone, she gets props from me and her body is insane. I’m not busty, but if I was, I’d probably like to look like that. She’s hot, lol.

  9. the raw food diet is great, but it can be hard to stick to. it sounds like she’s just doing it temporarily though. she has a great body, not too thin and still has some curves.

  10. She has a very nice body. The raw food diet is quite extreme and is better as a short term detox solution, not a permanent lifestyle change.

  11. i never thought very much of her appearance, but WOW, she’s really pretty, and nice body. i know she’s probably photoshopped, but her skin looks so soft, and it’s the same in other pics, i like it that she isn’t into the orange tan trend.

  12. She is so gorgeous! I think she should add some sushi to that raw food diet – my fav. You can be skinny and still eat meats and stuff. I dont think a raw diet has to be boring. Its prob better for you simply because extra nutrients and less cooking fats. Her hair is lovely. Looks so healthy!

  13. i love her! i actually preferred her over megan fox in that movie they were in together,. I never thought id say i liked anyones looks better than megans at one stage.I hope she doesnt want to lose too much weight. I think her body suits her, i dontr think it suits her when she is ultra thin! she just suits a bit of softness. adds sexiness and its just her. I just think she is perfect

  14. Ya i dont know if anyone remembers her from MEAN GIRLS.. but she was much thicker then.. shes definetely lost ALOT of weight since then.. i almost didnt recognize her in MAMA MIA.. shes for sure been dieting/exercising to maintain her shape.

  15. Great body, and a beautiful face to boot. As for her diet, she’s probably not doing it so much to lose weight, as she is to just detox or avoid processed food. That is the real “IN” thing right now…fear of sugar and non-organic food and how to avoid such things at all costs.

    I could never stick to such a diet…I like to overcook most of my food. Kill all those pesky little bacteria.

  16. Amanda looks AMAZING!! She definitely doesn’t need to lose any weight. Perhaps the raw food diet isn’t for weight loss but rather for other health benefits. She might be using the word diet in the sense of general eating habits, the same way that saying you follow a vegetarian diet doesn’t mean you’re on a diet persay.

  17. Well i personally think that if you have to fight and suffer to maintain a weight, that weight is not what your body wants. One should be able to maintain a weight with a balanced normal diet and normal amounts of working out/sports/exercise. A healthy life is not one in which you fall asleep hungry or suffer in the gym or eat food that you hate.

    About Amanda now, she doest look great, the phothoshop disaster in the second picture is hilarious though. And her diet does sound like a detox one, which would be great, i really need one of those as well. I truly hope, however, that that is not her daily normal life style.

    • I agree! When I was modeling I weighed a pathetic 90 lbs and was still criticized as chubby and it was soooo torturous having to endure the hunger pangs and eating raw spinach and tomatoes and drinking only water when my family was having pasta and other yummies in front of me. Waking up an hour before everyone else just to pound the treadmill, having aching bones and muscle because I’m losing muscle mass, all for a couple of covers and ads…not worth it. I quit the industry and went back to school and ate normally. I’m at 105 lbs now and look way better than the unattractive clothes hanger I used to be! In fact I look normal now, when before I used to feel a little uneasy looking at myself, kinda like the uncanny valley effect…I looked like a bobblehead and very abnormal!

      • I went through the same situation. Only because THEY wanted me to be stick thin I had to refuse so many delicious things. And sometimes I felt miserable. I’m glad it’s in the past now 🙂

      • How tall are you? you seem still extremely small… glad you are ok though and realized that was no way to lead a life 🙂

        • I’m 5’6 and I’m Asian. Around here most models and starlets are about 90 – 100 lbs and 5’6 to 5’8…the taller ones go to NY or Paris, since there really isn’t a market here for Amazonian women.

          • A lot of them lie about their weight and measurements just as they do in the west though. I’ve even heard from someone who knows a few celebrities that they make them list the ideal weight even if it’s really far away from their actual weight.

  18. People don’t go on the raw food diet to get skinny, it’s to clean your body and get detox it. It’s challenging but id done right it’s very very healthy and good for you. You also lose some weight but that’s not the point, and if you weren’t eating very extra-fattening foods, you won’t even lose that much.

  19. omg this is the best i’ve ever seen her! beautiful shoot.

    i think she should get her hair this colour in real life. not so blonde, with a sorta of very light brown in it. and minimal makeup.

    normally she looks odd to me, but here. gorgeous!

  20. You know…there’s nothing wrong with sexiness but I find it….sad somehow that EVERY actress must pose like cheap playboy and hustler models now. Actresses are lowering themselves to the level of people who have nothing but their looks to thrive on….it’s sad.

    • Hmm I don’t think this is like a hustler spread..I mean, what’s wrong with these sexy shoots? I’m sure many woman would even just for fun it was to hang up in your room or something..I did one and let me tell you, it can be sort of liberating!

    • Apple or inverted triangle she carries more weight in her top half then bottom hence why when she lost weight after mean girls she still has big b❆❆bs but she has smallish thighs and thin legs

      • I think she’s a lollipop. She and Lindsay Lohan seemed to have similar body types in Mean Girls and Li Lo is a lollipop.

        Her hips and waist seem to be similar in size (hence why she could squeeze in her waist for some definition in the first pic), whereas apples and InvT have waists bigger than their hips

  21. Not sure if her weight is due to her new outlook on health…or on a nasty habit that my friend and I saw her doing in a bathroom several years back in West Hollywood…

  22. i don`t find her pretty at all, her eys scare me…her hair is beautiful and her body…about what she eats to mantain her figure…doesn`t surprise me anymore because they are hollywood actress….

  23. Well, I’ve done the raw food diet and it was magical!! I LOVED how it made me feel – euphoric. After 3 years I started eating meat again – I have not yet been able to figure out whether meat is or is not a necessary component of human nutrition – everyone has their opinions, but the jury is still out on that one. I really want to find the ideal human diet. Am currently researching minerals. If you’ve never tried the raw food diet, don’t pooh-pooh it so easily – you have no idea what you’re missing!! Most of my diet still comes from fruits & vegetables, they are my friends now!

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