Amanda Seyfried Tried “Starvation”

Amanda Seyfried Tried "Starvation" 1

Amanda Seyfried is sharing a lot of weight and food-related quotes these days. A while back, she revealed that she’s on an “awful” raw food diet, which implies eating just spinach for lunch and also mentioned that even though it’s “f**ked up and it’s twisted”, she has to work really hard in order to stay thin – and today she has this to say:

“I’m not a beautiful prom-girl type,” she has said. “It’s very easy for me to gain weight. Even though I tried not eating for a week when I was really young, I couldn’t do it any longer because I liked my food too much.”

That’s last part is especially sad…

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    • You can’t say that in general. Not everyone can become skinny just by eating healthy and working out. If you have a “bigger” body type and slow metabolism you can’t do anything about it and you won’t be able to become skinny a healthy way.

      • But still, starving yourself slows down your metabolism, so it doesn’t realy work. Your metabolism needs at least 1200 cals to start working.

        • Not eating might slow down metabolism in the beginning.. but if you hang on you will start losing weight. Plus if u exercise you will lose weight too. Metabolism does slow down but it never stops.

          I am not saying it is right, because it is very wrong and you need to seek help if you think starving is the only way to lose weight. BUT you WILL lose weight faster by starving and exercising at the same time for a long period of time… you can’t possibly deny that. On the other hand you’ll lose more then just weight like hair.. cus it is so unhealthy.

          I am just tired of these curvy freaked out idiots saying starving doesn’t make you lose weight. I dare you not to eat for a month and you’ll see how much you’ll lose love.

          • Okay, Am I just the only one that has common sense out of the whole bunch on here. I have a personal trainer, I am naturally a great eater, and I have friends who are considered plus size and bigger. IF YOU STARVE YOU WILL GET SKINNY BUT YOU WILL NOT, I REPEAT, NOT BE TONED AND HEALTHY. So basically, if you decide to starve yourself, you run the risk of not being able to keep the weight down without developing some type of eating disorder that WILL spiral out of control and cause you to die eventually, if help is not sought. NOW, it is 100% true that if you eat smaller portioned MEALS with few healthy snacks in between coupled with exercise (may not have to be vigorous), you will lose weight. The point of the larger increase in food consumption is not to eat more shrimp alfredo, broccoli cheese casserole, steaks, etc… it is meant for you to digest LEANER foods that break down easily. For example fish is the leanest food to digest because it is active in its natural habitat. Now not just any fish will do the trick. This is where people misunderstand. Just because you are eating fish does not mean you are eating healthy foods that will break down faster and speed up your metabolism. Salmon is one of the fattest fish so it would make sense to avoid it during a change in diet. Instead, one should eat Tuna, Cod, Talapia, or Mahi-Mahi. The snacks should also not include things like yoplait yogurts or lean cuisine meals, those things only contain ingredients that I guarantee you will give you high blood pressure or some other sad physical problem in the long run. The snacks need to include fresh, easily digestable items, such as romaine lettuce with some fish or couple it with asparagus. The other snack should be things like tuna (fresh out of the can–soaked in water not oil) coupled with a few crackers. Even when I speak about these things, I in no way mean that someone should buy them straight up. It really helps if they are ORGANIC (NOT “ALL NATURAL” LABELED) ITEMS!! I GUARANTEE, if any “slow metabolic” individual does this and still maintain the minimum needed amount of calories they intake and do some form of exercise daily, there is ABSOLUTELY no way they will not lose weight and in turn SPEED UP THEIR METABOLISM…it has worked for MULTIPLE people of ALL sizes that I know.

      • Sorry but that it nonsense.
        Our bodies may be different but they all follow the general math of less calories and exercise = weight loss.

        People who are genetically bigger may just have to push harder or face the facts that results will take longer to show.

        In actual fact starvation for some people causes a bit of weight loss until the body begins to worry that it won’t get any more energy and so it holds onto all of your fat for dear life.

        The point i’m making is that just because some people are genetically bigger and have slower metabolisms doesn’t mean healthy eating and exercise won’t work for them. It’s just that they may need to target their diet plan differently from the average person

        • i have posted so many times on this site about metabolisms, and people continue to misuse the word. it may feel harder, but the truth is, the same rules apply to all of us. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop trying to attribute skinniness to metabolism- it is rubbish!!!

          • That’s my point.

            Our weight is affected by our genetics and lifestyle; mainly the latter.

            Conditions that cause people to gain weight are VERY rare. Studies have shown that about 37% of doctors are reluctant to tell a patient to lose weight and that many of them are also reluctant to blame patients’ lifestyles and thus feed them crap that it must be their genes.

            At the end of the day even if you have a condition that cause you to gain weight more then take more care with what you eat. People with diabetes have to watch their sugar levels, anemics (like me) need to increase their iron intake, asthmatics need an inhaler.

          • I dont know where you learned that everybody has the same metabolism, but it’s not true. Everybody has a different biochemistry. People who have a harder time losing weight, or who are overweight, tend to have what we call a “slow” metabolism. This means that their bodies are more efficient at using the food they eat for energy, so they require less food to do the same amount of work in a day, and stores all the extra calories they take in as fat. Someone who eats the same amount of calories, but has a “faster” metabolism, needs to “burn” all the food they eat, and end up none of it as fat. So sorry Amazon, but it seems that you’re the only person misusing the word metabolism. A person’s BRM (Basal Metabolic Rate) definitely has something to do with weight control.
            I do agree though that a balanced diet and exercise are the best way to maintain/lose weight.

    • Reading comprehension people, she just said she ONCE starved (and haven’t we all did something stupid like that in our teens), but she couldn’t handle it.

      And some people’s metabolisms are really sluggish, some people have thyroid problems. People with hipothyroidism gain weight DESPITE taking drugs, and eating a low calorie diet.

      So yeah, I wouldn’t be so quick to judge.

      • I totally agree with you, we all have different metabolism. But, it really annoys me when girls who look like her say they gain weight easily. if she really gained weight easily, she would be much bigger than she is right now. my best friend who is a good 25 pounds lighter than me (at the same height) claims she gains weight easily; We once spent an entire week together and I ate less than she did and I gained 5 pounds by the end of the week….I guess gaining weight easily is a matter of perception 🙂

      • yeah i think we all tried that once…
        it’s just a shame that it seems she’s falling back into that pattern of behaviour and worrying too much and being paranoid about people looking at her body (i don’t get jobs when i’m not skinny) and i think mature people grow out of it and learn better. not saying anorexic people are automatically immature, but you know…they don’t give their brain or body the chance or enery to really grow up. obviously she’s not anorexic, but possibly a bit disordered.

        • The sad thing is, she WOULD’T get jobs without it.

          No seriously, when was it the last time you saw someone of medium HEALTHY BMI in a movie, in a main role (medium would be 21-23)? I’m struggling here to think of any, because apparently in Hollywoodland, all women must be skirting the underweight line, or sailing well under it.

          • hello!!!!! J.lo, Beyonce,and america ferrera get movie roles just fine. Damn. not everyone is skinny and hungry and not all teens have tried starving in their lifetime. open up your minds ppl…

          • I know it’s a widespread misconception that all women in Hollywood are size 0’s and underweight, but no matter how many times it’s said, it’s not true.

            Most women in Hollywood are a size 4-6. Very few are actually 0-2, just like very few are over 6. I could name several celebrities that are normal-sized and not almost underweight.

          • kinda agree with you and kinda don’t. most leading actresses are low weight, certainly lower than an average cross section of society, and obviously the leading lady is expected to generally be beautiful and desirable, appealing to a wide cross section of people, which most equate with being slim. i do however think they often take it to extremes which is unnecessary and often, for me, less than desirable. but the interesting part is, alot of these girls lose weight AFTER being given their big breaks. so is it required of them or simply their own insecurities??

          • crys: I’m not saying she’s fat, I think the looks great! She was just the first actress with a healthy BMI I could think of

          • Miley? Actress? Are you serious?.. .C’mon, get a better example than that 😛

            She’s a trashy teen. By far an actress, singer or anything else. She just got lucky.

  1. I like her honesty! If I wanted to have a body like 90 percent of the female celebrities have, I would have to starve myself too. And I personally think that many celebs starve themselves and work out like mad….

  2. At least she is honest about the pressures her job puts on her to be thin, and how badly it affects her eating. I agree, that this is unhealthy and she quite possibly needs help, but its better than the unnaturally thin model and/or actress telling everyone its because they have a fast metabolism and can eat whatever they want.

  3. I like her honesty. She said she tried the “starvation” thing when she was much younger, so I won’t be so quick to get on her back, considering that she may have done it at a time when she didn’t have much knowledge about the effects of not eating enough or eating a certain amount of calories, save for the effect of weight loss of course. I couldn’t manage a spinach and seed thing, but if she can, hey, get in those leafy greens! They’re excellent for you. I hope she keeps it healthy by eating enough nowadays.

  4. thats so true…shes an actrees and thats her job, and is unhealthy the life style sad 🙁 shes looks so cute like a doll

  5. I would like my food pretty darn much too after a week of starvation. She has a beautiful body shape and i bet she’d look good a bit bigger too. In my eyes she’s exactly the prom-type girl, but i’m not from US so what do i know about those.

  6. She does not get any sympathy from me….why not change your career? Not everyone has the physique to be a model, nor a basketball player nor a circus clown who can contort themselves into a miniture car. God made us unique, don’t try to fit into a mold, be yourself, and love yourself.

    • change her career????

      so you’re saying that people can’t be anything because their bodies are a certain way?? omg.

      and there isn’t a certain “physique” to be an actress, so she wouldn’t have to change her career even if she wasn’t skinny.

      • Well to quote her, she said the way she has to eat is “f**ked up and it’s twisted”. Then why do it? Obviously SHE thinks that being an actress, and getting the roles she wants requires changing her natural physique…and if she is miserable, don’t whine about it, just stop torturing herself, and get out of that career choice. I don’t think anyone should suffer such agony for the sake of their job!

        • exactly!
          it comes with the job. no-one is forcing her to do it. if it’s f-ed up then do something about it. look at actresses like katherine heigl – leading actress with a healthy bmi.
          and if she wants to be a rail-thin actress, then stop complaining about it. it’s her choice.

          • Does no one here know what it is to love acting, dancing, or any art form? Sometimes, the torture of physical starvation is worth more than emotional starvation. It sucks to feel like you can’t do something you love because of your appearance, weight or otherwise. And she is aloud to complain… I mean, really… No one here has complained about requirements for a job before?

            Regarding Katherine Heigl and all of the actresses people keep mentioning (beyonce, america ferrera, etc). These women are type cast to be older, curvier, or bigger women. As a result, they get less work and have limited opportunities. Katherine Heigl is not attempting to get roles as a 22-year-old h—oine in a major motion picture. It isn’t fair or logical to compare them.

            Also, Amanda Seyfried is speaking out about the restrictions placed on actresses… which is a form of “doing something.” All of the quiet actresses that maintain extreme diets while putting on a facade of “good genetics” are much more hurtful to our own perceptions of health and Hollywood’s than the honest actresses who share their true diets.

    • I SO AGREE! 😀

      If she thinks it is wrong, sick and twisted why is she doing it? You should be doing your job because you love it and are good at it. If you’re doing it for the money then shut the f*ck up and deal with it.

  7. i have a feeling people are gonna start disliking her because of such comments but i hope they dont. this is what shes asked in interviews cause its what people want to read and they ask many more questions on other topics… this is just what gets out there more. i dont believe shes asking for attention. she just wants to fit in and i know it sucks to try to be thin when you arent, naturally. shes being honest
    and about her starving all week when she was younger, mind you shes very young so she mustve been a teen or a kid, i know i tried that and so did all of my friends that arent stick thin. hey, it does work, absolutely, but it is not long term, and most kids dont know that

  8. What’s a prom-girl type? I look at her and I see a prom queen or whatever, but Im not from US… So… Could anyone tell me? What’s a prom-girl type???

    • actually, she is kind of the epitome of a prom girl type, she has skinny limbs, long blonde hair and a beautiful face…I think she has a bit of a body image problem, because she clearly doesn’t see what she really looks like when she looks in the mirror.

      • A prom-type girl is also assumed to be effortless beauty. I think she was saying she’s not a prom-type girl because to look like that requires effort for her.

        • This all goes to show that this is all a matter of perception, and in this case it is a false perception on her behalf. When I was in high school I would have looked at someone that looks like her and would have been insanely jealous AND I would assume that she has what it takes to be a prom queen… I guess the grass is always greener.

      • You say that, but read the previous post, there were plenty of people who misread one of her statements and retorted by: what, she goes to all the trouble, and she’s NOT EVEN SKINNY *foaming at the mouth*

  9. At first I also thought she was just another attention *****, but then again, I can relate to what she says. I have a slow metabolism and also gain weight very easily. So when I was in my teens, I basically did the same, sometimes I ate nothing or only very little to become or stay thin. Of course now I know it was bs, because it’s unhealthy and only increases your appetite. I think for every women ( and for an increasing number of men) weight is a difficult issue, no matter what your actual weight and size might be. I can’t imagine the pressure of competing in Hollywood, it must be horrible. To say she should change her occupation is just stupid, it’s her life and the side effects of the industry unfortunately go with it. It great that she’s honest and doesn’t say stuff like “I have great genes” or “I just eat healthy, but am still like every other person”. Wow, that was a long post.
    What I want to say is: I favor her over girls like Gisele any time.

  10. I think she looks gorgeous and I absolutely love her,

    That being said, I kinda got the feeling that she knows how to eat healthy. I mean, she pointed out she tried starvation when she was really young so she more than likely knows better by now.

    There is a whole lot of pressure in Hollywood so you have to be a strong person to handle it. If you can’t then it’s time to find a new career, out of the spotlight,

  11. For starters I thought that she oh here comes another quote ….she starting to become the blonde haired megan fox but to be completely honest she make alot of sense. One ….who hasn’t felt the pressure whether it be in highschool or in junior high to skip a couple of meals to feel thin and which then leads you to not eat or skip a couple of meals because you think that your going to lose weight when later on you learn that it slows down your metabolism and causes you to overeat, Two….no she doesn’t have body image issue or this isn’t a stunt or a case of celebs “contrived self deprecating sense of humor” surprisingly so their confidence wavers and her quote seems genuine……three her whole prom queen quote I guess it stems from the fact that even though she’s a blond haired green eyed girl whatever in hollywood your never anything enough and there’s always someone thinner taller shorter better looking and the superlatives go on….if anything I really do think she’s talking about her personality because of you’ve seen some of her interviews she’s no social butterfly she’s self deprecating and gawky and awkward to the max it’ very endearing think Rob Pattinson ..also she not into that fake Hollywood lifestyle

  12. So she decided not eating doesn’t work and now she eats a rich diet full of spinach and seeds? I don’t think she’s over her starving phase.

    • I do understand where you’re coming from but I just think she’s being really candid. And I have to say, I really do admire her honesty. She doesn’t hide the truth.

      Also in regards to ‘much curvier girls get roles too’, a majority of them are African American and Hispanic. They’re body types are accepted as being larger and more voluptuous as opposed to white females who I must say, do have it harder. Just look at how much more flak Jessica Simpson receives for being ‘fat’ as opposed to Beyonce who gets universal praise for her ‘curves’.

  13. Well I read some of the comments on here. I agree that she was misinformed as a kid that starvation = weight loss, but she did mention she was a young girl, so what else would you expect?

    I also believe her when she says that she gains weight easily. The excuse that is given to other people is usually, “fast metabolism” or “slow metabolism” because the real explanation is too difficult to grasp or convey, but it may not be an issue of metabolism, because that is a medical condition that could be treated. It is genetic: dependent on how many fat/muscle cells you are born with, what your body considers to be enough fat/muscle, and how likely you are to store fat/muscle. I could get into molecular details, with RNA and protein synethesis but that wouldn’t be a very fun read. Some people are born bigger, some are born smaller, some lose weight easily, and some gain it easily. The end.

  14. like her honesty. although i do believe that many celebs really do have healthy lifestyle i’m still sure a lot of ’em do or did smth extreme in order to stay thin

  15. I know this isn’t the popular opinion, but I do not like her at this weight. The girth of her knee bone and width of her shoulders seem to suggest she’s softer at her natural weight. I wish Hollywood would accept that women can still be talented and portray real people at their natural weight.

    I look at people like her and Hilary Duff and I just feel bad. It seems like it’s such a struggle for them to stay where they want to be because that’s not really where they’re supposed to be.

  16. this makes me so very sad. It is blatantly obvious that she has and very likely still experiences and sturggles with body dysmorphia and very eating disordered behaviors, if not some degree of an eating disorder. I am not trying to make accusations, and yes its sadly very common for women to have body issues and food issues, and skip a meal, or eat super low fat for a while ect. But without talking about myself too much, i know from experience, people do not intentionally not eat for a WEEK, without being severely disordered. In a healthy minded individual that does just not happen. I truely hope fore her sake, that, as she claimed, those starvation behaviors ARE indeed in the past. However if she is truly eating just spinach and seeds and is not supplementing her intake with other essential foods and nutrients..thats anorexia, or at the very least ednos. In the height of the situation, and in this highly wt and diet encouraging society, it is easily to believe that no, your really not ed, or hurting yourself, its normal to diet. I was eating similarly to her stated diet in the beginning of my ed when i was younger and regardless of what everyone told me i was convinced i was fine and just eating healthy to stay slim. It took till i was starving for days, lying about what i ate and down to the weight of an 8 year old for me to realize that omg, im NOT ok and i AM anorexic…and i was eating such a similar diet and acting in the behaviors she states. Like it or not she is looked up to by young girls and women. Therefore her saying that shes doing that, but shes fine, its all good, is wrongly telling others that are suffering from ed’s and having the same behaviors as hers, that they are not sick either, do not need help, and should contunue on as they are. This is very saddening and disturbing to me. I hope she can get past this and realize she is already Stunningly beautiful and doesnt need to starve and be a stick to maintain that. Health is always more beautiful than sickness. Always.

    • In that case, super thin celebrities like the previously mentioned Gisele Bündchen, who claim they eat whatever they want and have a fast metabolism, could equally have a negative effect on young girls who look up to them. They could think: “god and I try to eat healthy and exercise and I’m still fat…. MUST TRY HARDER!”
      Bottomline is, if a girl does not have the predisposition to develop an eating disorder, she certainly will not, even if she experiments with dieting and whatnot at a young age. Comments from celebrities will not give you an ED. And in the end, they have the right to say whatever they want to the media. And Hollywood actresses starving themselves is a sad and widespread reality, why deny it anymore? I give her props for her honesty.

      • i DO agree with you on the fact that it is better she is honest with her behaviors, and states that it is awful, I just wish she would also convey that her behaviors are not normal and not ok. You are also right that if a girl or boy is not predispositioned mentally, genetically, ect, that even in a highly ed influancal environment, they will probably never get an ed, they may dabble in behaviors from the unhealthy influences, but will not develop a disease, and those people are incredibly lucky, i am very sincerely happy for them. Additionally, I myself did NOT develop my eating disorder. I WAS predispositioned to developing one, the environment i was raised in was essentailly a breeding ground for developing that disease, the constant turmoil, and abuse also was very damaging in that aspect, and having the ed made me feel ‘safe from all that’. No matter what went wrong it didnt matter if i didnt eat and if i lost weight. This is obviously and inarguably sick and unhealthy. And as i mentioned, initially i was convinced i wasnt sick at all, my behaviors started out just like her maintaining a diet of lettuce. Later after i was well into my ed many of the articles on diets, and on celebrities and models encouraging negligable intake and glamourizing wt loss, did trigger my disordered thoughts more and convinced my mind that i was really ok, because well for example if beyonce can master cleanse of lemon and cayenne water for two weeks, and her behavior is accepted and praised then, my behaviors are no worse, theres no reason for me to stop or get help, if they do it too, them it really must not be killing me. But it was. I know there is freedom of speech. I encourage freedom of speech. Its really not my intention to degrade or bash celebrities making these statements, and i do NOT blame them for causing others to develop eating disorders. However, to people who are already very compromised by eating disorders and those thoughts and behaviors, comments like that CAN be very dangerous. And unfortunately there are so many individuals struggling with those diseases: 1 in 5 women, 74 million world wide, and 24 million in the USA alone. I believe in freedom of speech but i also believe in responsibitly and discretion. I would never want to glamourize or promote unhealthy behaviors or trigger and worsen the exisiting disorders, behaviors and negative feelings of self worth of even ONE person…let alone potentially 70 million. I understand this is the current status quo of society but i wish to god it wasn’t, and if there was anything i could do to change it, I would do so in a heartbeat.

        • I just wish she would also convey that her behaviors are not normal and not ok.

          She did state that it was “fked up and it’s twisted,” as quoted above.

          Also, I understand the point you are trying to make about Beyonce, but as an objective person, what I see is a person with a mental disorder trying to rationalize it to themselves. A person with an ED cannot blame Beyonce for what she said she did or didn’t do, because they take what she said out of context in order to justify their own actions to themselves. The truth is, you can rationalize any behavior you want to continue doing if you try. Although Beyonce saying things makes it easier to do it, even if Beyonce didn’t say anything, a person with an eating disorder would still find a way to rationalize the behavior. That, unfortunately, is part of the disease.

          • I totally agree with you, as i actually stated in a comment below, that definately, Beyonce, nor Amanda is to BLAME. And yes i manymany times rationalized or was in denial for sick behaviors with no celebrity or media influence at all. However there are times when those media influences CAN trigger and worsen a sick persons behaviors, and just as worse, it can negatively affect someone who is trying to recover or escape from an eating disorder. While trying, more than once to recover with sincere and motivated efforts, it was extremely damaging to read those types of articles, quotes and statements. For example i read the Lady Gaga quoted in an interview, when asked how se kept in shape, she said ‘i dont eat, stars dont eat’ (i dont remeber the quote word for word, but thats is the exact message she said. As someone who loves that artist and is made happy by her music, reading thing like that, that people say is really damaging. Of course she is totally entitled to say w/e she wants. However she is so often promoting significant causes, like gay rights, AIDS awareness, and Haiti efforts ect, I wish she would consider the impact her words might have on vulnerable people. It may be very hard for someone who has never experienced these struggles or diseases to understand, but you can be really trying to get on the right track, and realize what is sick and disordered, and recover, then hearing these things can really trigger you efforts to crumble apart. You might think, hey dont read that stuff, be stronger and dont let it bother you. But to someone with those issues, often reading wt related topics ect is addictive, and we are often not strong enough or healthy enough to realize the lies in them. On the other hand, statements or articles encouraging ture health and body acceptance can be very comforting and motivating and recovery inspiring. I know the have the right to say what they want, im not trying to persecute or blame anyone, i just want to make people aware the impact words can have, both bad, or positive, and take more thought and responsibilty into the message they are sending.

          • i meant defineately NEITHER Beyonce nor Amanda is to blame….i think i might of accidentaly misworded that to sound like i was saying they were to blame. Sorry.

          • Oh okay, I better understand what you were trying to say. In that case, I very much agree with you. I believe the word for that is, “thinspiration,” where a person with an ED seeks out extreme quotes or pictures of celebrities as examples for their dieting habits.

            On top of that, it doesn’t help that there are a dozens of crazy health fads being pushed into the media every day. Cleanse this, detox that, no carbs here, no fat there…etc. And most of them are based on very little medical knowledge. It’s frightening to know that someone who is vulnerable and has an ED is having such diets shoved down their throat as examples of healthy ways to lose weight quickly.

            I thank you for sharing your story. I’m studying to become a clinical psychologist (almost there!), and I find what you said insightful. I now realize that part of my treatment of young girls with eating disorders will have to involve breaking down those untrue rationalizations, and explaining the difference between extreme behavior and normal behavior when it comes to dieting.

  17. is it possible that maybe she is exaggerating? i seriously doubt she didn’t eat for a week. probably felt like it, but ask anyone on a diet and they will tell you the same thing. the silly thing is we don’t veto every word we say, and neither do celebrities- unfortunately their words can come back to haunt them.

    • I do truely hope she was exaggerating. I know to many people who have never struggled with food and body issues to an extreme degree, may think those claims are preposterous and over exaggerated. However i know that she could very well have been telling the truth. I have multiple times, not eaten, at all for a week, eleven days, two weeks. Once when i was already nearly dead at 63 lbs, i didnt eat for two weeks. I remember being scared and hating every sad miserable moment of it but i tired to make myself feel that it wasnt so bad and it was fairly normal because , hey Beyonce did essentially the same, and she was more or less praised for her ‘control’ ‘willpower’ and weight loss. Did she cause me to starve for two weeks at a near death weight, absolutely not, did she cause my ed, absolutely not. Did her ‘diet’ being advocated, glamorized and published in many magaiznes and online, help me rationalize that i was just doing the same thing as her, and she fine and normal, so I am did encourage the denial of my actions, and made it harder for me to believe i was truly sick, killing myself and desprately need help and to eat. I dont blame her, or resent her at all, in fact im still a huge fan or her, and her music. However, i wish people would consider the harmful impact of their nonchalant discussions of drastic dieting. It can make a sick person worse, and deter them from accepting and believeing their dire need for help. That just my personal opinion from my experience, and many of my friends experiences. I therefore know this is happening, and i just want to make people aware, so perhaps some one who is vulnerable can recognize the negativity and perhaps escape the negative impact that these statements can have on their mind, their health, and their life.

  18. she IS the prom type girl, for me….sort of all-american, blonde hair, big boobs, slim, beautiful, natural face. i wish she saw it that way….maybe she doesn’t. i mean they cast her as the ‘ugly’ friend in that stupid megan fox horror movie, and megan as the ‘hottie’ (i think amanda has a lot brighter future and is naturally more beautiful, though). on the other hand, maybe it is her way of ‘reaching out’ and making herself more human. maybe she wants to brand herself as the ‘real girl.’ and as beautiful as she is, she does seem more ‘real,’ less painted and polished than types like megan fox.

    i don’t like that young girls will see her and say ‘well…i thought she was beautiful…but she says she is not…and she says she is not thin enough. what am i?’ but i DO like how she admits one must conform to get roles, and she admits her eating habits are abnormal and have been even more abnormal. i like that she does not pretend this is normal or she is ‘naturally this thin’ (some people are – and they are more likely to be in hollywood, probably, cause one must be slim, and its a lot easier for them to live up to!).

  19. She tried starvation?
    Who didn’t ?
    I think whoever tried to lose weight, tried starvation too, of course not everyone succeed for too long.

    • Maybe, they are vain because we have an entire site dedicated to their bodies and what we think of them? Actually, multiple sites, magazines, t.v. shows, and on top of all that, their ability to get jobs is determined very much on how they look. I think I’d be self-conscious and vain too. Wait… I am… because I’m on this site. Man, life sucks.

      • I agree. Look at any other post and watch how each person gets torn down. How can anyone feel pretty? I feel fine about myself and then I see everyone calling women like Doutzen Kroes fat and flabby and saying Miranda is nothing special. I feel lucky have a body like D.K and I work really hard, spending hours at the gym to maintain it. But I wonder if people see me and think “ugh…she’s built like a man” or “her thighs are so fat and huge” like they do here. If those women are unattractive, what does that make me? Thats why we need a variety of models in the industry. So people can see that super thin is not the only way to be. Fashion isn’t all about underweight girls. If they clothes are designed well, they’ll be noticed.

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