Amanda Seyfried Brings the Quote of the Day

Amanda-Seyfried-weight - Amanda Seyfried Brings the Quote of the Day

A few days ago, big-eyed beauty Amanda Seyfried said that she’s on a raw food diet – and today’s quote shows again that she works hard to stay thin:

“If I didn’t run and work out, there’s no way I would be this thin. But I have to stay in shape because I’m an actress. It’s f**ked up and it’s twisted, but I wouldn’t get the roles otherwise. If I’d been a bit bigger, I don’t think they would have cast me for Mamma Mia!”

… says Amanda.

One more cover after the jump!

Amanda-Seyfried-weight-2 - Amanda Seyfried Brings the Quote of the Day

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31 thoughts on “Amanda Seyfried Brings the Quote of the Day”

  1. i like the honesty. she has a beautiful voice tho, i think maybe that and her general look was what got her cast in mamma mia.

  2. She’s being honest, but a talented actor will get roles regardless of a few more lbs, maybe they have to work a bit harder for the roles and they’re not casted to play the love interests etc, but still. Not saying it would be like that if she was massive, but at the moment she’s quite fit and thin, and i think it would be way easier for her to maintain her figure even if she only was 15 lbs or so heavier, maybe.

  3. I don’t get it, she’s not even that skinny. I’m around her weight, and eat a lot and don’t exercise or anything! And I know lots of ppl that are the same, or skinnier than her, without much effort. I guess she has a really slow metabolism

    • If you see her in Mean Girls she’s actually on the curvier side (she was definitely bigger than Rachel McAdams and about the size of healthy, pre-coke Lindsay Lohan) so I think her natural size is bigger than her current petite waifish look and it’s harder for her to maintain it.

      • She far from waifish but she is alot smaller than she was in mean girls. But I think its due to her shape which is a lollipop her waist and hips are the same size.

    • No muscle = slow metabolism…hence those who complain they have to eat low cal to maintain their weight typically have little muscle.

  4. I like thats she honest about Hollywood and being an actress.But ive never though she was really thin.She has always been curvy thats why I always liked her figure.

    • but maybe its not in her genes to even be the size she is now. if she didn’t exercise, maintain a healthy diet she would be very heavy. My mum has the same problem, eats like a rabbit (ie only salads) and hikes 3 times a week and will never be smaller than a size UK10-12. If she ate normally she would be fat.

    • Curvy in Hollywood, yes. I’m sure if you were standing next to her in person you’d be surprised, she’d probably be a lot smaller that you’d expect.

  5. i wish actresses didn’t have to be so thin to get roles…there can be talented girls who are curvy.
    these are entertainers not models!

    • talented actresses get parts regardless their size – whoopi goldberg for example; these bimbos have nothing to do with acting, that’s why they rely solely on their looks.

      • not steady acting jobs thus she is still in the beginning stage in her career as far as how many movies she’s done..when your julia roberts or your an agelina jolie or cameron diaz then you can have the balls to stand up to the producers and writers and tell them what your going to do and not do. When she does a plethora of movies in a variety of genres and gives convincing portrayal of the character then she will be hired like you said Uma regardless of how she looks. If not she’ll be another Jessica Alba ……over rated.

      • It is really important to remember that Whoopi Goldberg started out as a comedian. The standards for comedy are completely different than the standards for drama. Whoopi also is a type cast in all of her more serious roles that allowed her to be bigger. Meryl Streep even said of her time off from acting, “I was pregnant a lot, and then fat and unemployable.” Meryl Streep had to lose weight before marketing herself as an actress again. Meryl Streep! As an actress, I know that even in college theater programs, weight is a huge issue. I have friends in musical theater programs that have to weigh-in every week. They can be kicked out of the program because of their weight. Getting hired is really dependent on how you look. You are right that it isn’t about acting, but it is the reality of the movie industry and even chorus work on and off broadway. You have to develop a reputation for yourself before you can say no. Thank god she is honest about all of this. It sucks to hear women in film talk about how they don’t care about their weight and do nothing to maintain it.

  6. Firstly, I adore Amanda, but her cover shots here freak me out (TOO much eye makeup)

    Secondly, I think it’s such a shame that a beautiful woman like her has to go through such impossible lengths to attain that ‘skinny’ shape. I don’t mind her exercise regime .. it’s perfectly understandable. BUT her dieting methods …

    • completely agree with you!
      the pictures on the covers are super gorgeous!!!

      and I hope she doesn’t start to starve herself and becomes one of the plain stick-thin celebrities

  7. I like her I think she’s very pretty and I love her big eyes. I also think that she is naturally a bigger person. Some people are just built differently and carry more weight than others and must work very hard to maintain a certain weight if it doesn’t come naturally to them.

  8. i admire her honesty. most celebrities and models who are interviewed about their weight and diet habit go on about how they are all just naturally thin and can eat whatever they want and hardly work out. good on her for being true to herself

  9. She looks great! I like her at this weight, but she’s kind of saying something weird – like working out and eating well is bugging her it seems? She says she would never be this thin if she didn’t do all that – well duh! I think she needs to get used to keeping up with this great workout plan and food diet. She looks amazing!

  10. I love this cover.. she looks cute. Probably wouldn’t look like that on the street but i like it for a cover.
    I like that she’s being honest and saying that she actually puts in hard work to stay thin.

  11. some people dont seem to know that different people gain weight diferently and are meant to be at different weight even when they eat same things.
    example: me and my mother = apples that naturally are chubby without hard work
    my sister and father= waif like skinny without any workout ever and eat whatever they want

  12. I think she’s ridiculous pretty….she sticks out of the crowd in Hollywood – she’s memorable to me – and very very funny. I loved her in mean girls.

  13. I love her. and what are the odds? we’re from the same town 🙂 i hope i see her at the mall at some point cause she says she hands out there when she’s home on holidays. im there all the time. sweet!

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