Angelina Jolie – Skinny in White at Critics Choice Awards

dd - Angelina Jolie - Skinny in White at Critics Choice Awards

42 year-old Angelina Jolie dolled up in a feathery white dress and she stepped on the blue carpet in Santa Monica for the 23rd annual Critics’ Choice Awards last night.

How do you all like her look here?

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27 thoughts on “Angelina Jolie – Skinny in White at Critics Choice Awards”

  1. She looks absolutely gorgeous, specially smiling. Yes, she’s too skinny, she’s probably super health conscious with food, and i don’t fault her, given all her health complications. And as someone has mentioned, she looks gorgeous not wearing black

  2. Her legs look grey/blue–discoloration from lack of circulation? She looks ill and she has for years now. It HAS to be taking a toll on her.

      • The web-site is about that, commenting bodies and health! Anyway she is super skinny, her legs and arms looks pale. Her face is suffering because of the low weight..
        Otherwise I adore her as a personality.

      • I think it’s probably because she was praised as “the most beautiful woman in the world” for years and when people think of her it’s her old image that comes to mind, they probably don’t even really look at her current body. And her face is still beautiful so that helps. But I also think her body looks terrible, too thin and sickly pale. She never had great proportions to begin with, square torso and freakishly long arms, and so veiny, but her beautiful face and sex-appeal distracted from that.

  3. A lot of people associate having a good body with being utterly thin, but she’s the living proof that that’s not always the case, she has an unfortunate body contour/shape (sort of shapeless).

  4. Oh dear, she doesn’t look well. She is beautiful but she’s seriously under-weight, you only have to look at pics from 10 years ago to see the change. What a pressure it must be having to look like this…or rather ‘thinking’ you have to like this.

  5. Her frame is on the larger side you can see it next to the lady in black- she really would be much healthier filled out 10-15 lbs

  6. How does her face still look „youthful“ when she is THIS skinny? Normally, at a certain age, drastic weight lost ages you quite badly? Do you think she got fillers/botox?

    • Definitely. I’d say that is more the exception rather than the rule if hollywood doesn’t do anything. You can do all those stuff real subtle so it doesn’t look it.

  7. I didn’t realize or think this when I had an eating disorder, but I guess I truly recovered because I think being too boney is almost just as repulsive as excess fat. Her face is still beautiful and holds some plumpness still but that will go too if she doesn’t feed herself a little more.

    • Being this thin is worse for your health than being a little bit chubby, so it should be more repulsive. (not than being obese, but just slightly overweight)

  8. First and most importantly she is BEAUTIFUL. But I would love to kidnap her, feed her, give her a light spray tan, and some highlights in her hair. Don’t hate me for saying that! It’s just what I would do if I was her stylist/life coach/ nutritionist, etc. But honestly she’s beautiful always.

    Also I hate this dress

  9. So nice to see her dolled up in a fancy dress. she´s skinny yes but it´s nothing new. I think she´s a beautiful woman and I admire her

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