Celebrity Instagram Roundup April 02 – 08


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Take a look at this week’s celebrity Instagram snaps and selfies! Enjoy the gallery!

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3 thoughts on “Celebrity Instagram Roundup April 02 – 08”

  1. Kendall and Kaia look like two kids who don’t like each other but were forced to play together by their parents, which is actually kind of accurate, lol.
    Iskra’s body positivity messages kind of rub me the wrong way now that her BBL has basically been 100% confirmed. She’s telling her followers to love themselves no matter what while she herself went under the knife to “fix” her body.
    Also, did Emily R. get lip injections?

    • I definitely think Emily had her lips done. I was thinking the same looking at her recent pics. Odd because her lips were large and perfectly fine to begin with… and the appearance tweaks begin… (well Im sure this isnt her first tweak)

  2. That bathroom Kendall and Kaia are in is really confusing. Why are there two toilet seats right next to each other? Is that a public restroom or is it a weird couple’s toilet thing?
    Alexis Ren’s pose gives me a backache.
    Taylor Hill looks beautiful and that dog is adorable.

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