Celebrity Instagram Roundup April 09 – 15


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6 thoughts on “Celebrity Instagram Roundup April 09 – 15”

  1. Is Halle Berry kidding me at this point? How? She blows most (if not all)of the twenty-something year olds out of the water here.

    • Well I’m not going to argue with her saying her butt is real because who cares, but if her body is “squatgoals” she needs to quit stopping after 1 rep. Has she gained recently? Like a lot? She seems much bigger than a year ago, like 30+ pounds heavier.

      • Well it’s really shady because a) she’s selling a “health app”, fooling customers into thinking they can get a huge butt like hers from bodyweight squats etc. and b) being “super real” and “body positive” is her entire brand basically. And yeah, she has gained quite bit, probably so she could get more plus size gigs.

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