Celebrity Instagram Roundup August 27 – September 02

Take a look at this week’s collection of celebrity Instagram posts!

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7 thoughts on “Celebrity Instagram Roundup August 27 – September 02”

    • I disagree. She has nice breasts, but I wonder if they’re natural..? Her lips look fake and the way she always exaggerates the pout is just ridiculous… Her stomach is so weird looking and she makes her butt look bigger than it is. Her legs are nice, although she seems to have lost quite a lot of weight during the past year or so – now she’s just skinny with disproportional breasts.

    • I was just leaving a comment about how I always get downvotes too whenever I leave a good comment about Emily! I have a similar body , height and weight to her so whenever I read negative comments concerning her body I feel personally attacked lol. Not in a psycho way just like..”oh is my butt flat too??” But yeah Ive gained a little over the summer and would like to get back down to around her weight so yeah goals af

  1. Has Ashley Graham lost weight?

    Barbara looks so fresh and beautiful!

    Weird photo of Candice, such a bad posture… Never understood her appeal. To me she looks like a blonde version of Chucky the evil doll…

    Elsa does not look well… Her legs are scary. Always thought she has an alien face.

    Irina’s body is phenomenal… And she had a baby 1 year ago…!

    Josephine Skriver is a really nice combination of sexy and cute 🙂

    Nina Dobrev’s got such a lovely, fit body.
    As does Sara Sampaio – probably 136 pounds at 5’8?

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