16 thoughts on “Celebrity Instagram Roundup January 29 – February 04”

  1. Amber Rose wins everything for me. I know she can be … controversial …. but I have a soft spot for her. She looks SO GOOD here!

    • I used to love her too but she is fake (personality) AF. I walked her to her table at a restaurant I worked at. She was beyond the biggest B I ever met. I was simply doing my job as a host, greeting her and asking her how she was like I would any other guest. She pretty much laughed in my face like I was a peasant. So much for ‘women empowerment’.

      • Awww whyyyyy? I’m sorry. Yeah that account can change things for me a bit. I can be a bit reserved so I understand that, but not B-ness!

      • meh, its hard to judge someone on one event;
        99% of the time im a happy, kind decent human being, but cut me off on the highway and i can turn into a monster and flip the bird and be angry at the world for the remainder of the evening.

        • My mother was like that too. Super aggressive when driving, but seriously had no power to hurt anybody if she wanted to. Meanwhile my father was recon in the Marines, fought in multiple wars, and could really harm someone if he wanted to, but was the sweetest dude when he drove; never got angry.

        • The thing is she wasn’t in a bad mood. There was no reason (like her being cut off in traffic) to behave that way. She just wanted to make me feel beneath her. That’s that difference.

  2. I will never understand why women post close up shots of their a$$es on Instagram
    Yeah, T&A sell but still. Maybe I’m just an old prude, lol.

    • I also don’t understand. And I don’t consider myself an old prude, I’ve been going to nudist beach since childhood and my mother encouraged me to wear whatever I want, ending up with some questionable choices like tight white see-through trousers for my elementary school “prom” – in my defense I didn’t know they looked so bad (and my bum so good, lol) before I saw the pictures, but I wish I hadn’t.
      There is nothing wrong with being liberated sexually. But I don’t equate either healthy sexuality or self-worth with posing to look f***able to the world wide web (hello Emily and Julianne). I don’t know if men do it (maybe bodybuilders of their upper body?) – I dare bet that society would ridicule a man posting butt-selfies in boratkinis or it would be perceived as a good joke. And god forbid you ever see a pimple or a hair or pms bloating in these instagram pictures, even if these girls all claim they are less than perfect.

    • Thank you! I was just thinking how awkward it must be when someone sees them in day-to-day life or someone who knows them say professionally or even family/friends seeing their ass or near naked body all over IG. I mean, I guess some of these Instagram models may not even be recognized in day-to-day as they will be clothed and there is no photoshop in face-to-face flesh. Jeeze. I would be embarrassed posting myself nude knowing my friends or family would see it or a potential employer.. nice body or not…

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