Janice Dickinson Brings the (Mean) Quote Of The Day

Janice Dickinson Brings the (Mean) Quote Of The Day 1

“She’s huge. She’s a big woman. I used to think she was a man. I used to look at her and think, ‘Something isn’t right here.'”

… says Janice (55) about Tyra Banks.


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56 thoughts on “Janice Dickinson Brings the (Mean) Quote Of The Day”

  1. its kinda funnny, cus if janice would look in the mirror, her body looks very masculine,,,,,,,,LMFAO!

    is this a recent qoute, cus its not the first time she said somtin like this bout tyra..

    • she did have a ‘bigger’ sytage but i doubt she was THAT big in real life. Also, she has always been quite small in her modelling days…AND she also has a far more feminine body than Janice ever did, even when she was ‘bigger’

  2. Riiiiiiiiight. I think everyone should just laugh this comment off. Janice is in no position to be criticizing Tyra Bank’s, who is a beautiful woman.

  3. Tyra Banks might not have the most honest and pleasant personality, but she is as beautiful as it gets and has a great hot hot body. I have no idea who this Janice is, but judging – superficially – from this photo and quote i think she is desperate for attention. Oh, and quite not-pretty too. The opposite of pretty actually.

    • Janice Dickenson is the self-proclaimed “worlds first super model”. Whether thats ture or false im not completely sure. She can be rude and obnoxious but I don’t think she is a bad person going by what I have read and seen of her. She can even look really pretty but not so much in this picture. I think it might be her over-sized lips and poor choice of out fit.

    • i find it hilarious when people dont know who she is! Take that Janice!!! she claims to be the worlds first supermodel or something. Trust me, i had no idea who she was either til about 5 years ago when i saw her on the Tyra banks show and she was just so vulgar looking and the way she acted too, that she stuck in my mind. She also has a modelling agency where she makes it into a reality show, and she is pretty disgusting on that too (I’m talking about her personality)

  4. There’s nothing classy about Janice Dickinson anyway, and the only feminine thing about her is jealousy!
    but i get it…tyra made it, and she’s still craving for attention even if it’s…too late…..lol

  5. This woman drives me nuts. To me, she the one who looks like a man in drag. . . or like the lead singer from Aerosmith’s unfortunate looking sister.
    She needs to take good look in the mirror and shut her gaping trap.

  6. Tara may be tall but she doesn’t have manly features. Khole kardashian does… I think Janice dickinson needs to look a little harder at Tara. I’m bunt and honest so if Tara did look like a guy I would say so but she most def doesn’t!

  7. womp womp womp and you’re the next Joan Rivers Janice!!!!! Get over the fact that Tyra dumped you as a judge and keep it moving!!!! You’re just bitter because your broke and your so called modeling agency is a debauchery now please go away!!!!!

  8. this is a joke and we all know tyra is stunning anyway 🙂
    it’s just sad to see girls attacking each other rather than stick together imo.

  9. tyra is gorgeous. even if a bit annoying. she has a great body (no matter what her weight – she can afford a few pounds great, or be lean and toned – she just has a great shape and weight distribution) and beautiful face. there is no doubt that she is very feminine.

    janice is a washed up model who makes a living out of being completely and totally obnoxious. and as mean-spirited, nasty, and rude as her comment is, i think she is referring more to tyra’s general stature than weight, since she is likening her to a man. still incredibly rude, mean, and untrue and a sad attempt to get attention. but i do not think she is calling her fat. doesn’t make it any less pathetic. its how janice tries to stay relevant – saying things that will offend people to get their attention. even though the point is to garner attention, not undermine the individual intentionally, but her complete disregard for how what she says effects the individual and offends others in the general public (who may feel the comment also applies to them as well – like someone the same size as tyra), makes her selfish and an ugly person.

  10. Come on Janice. You ain’t fooling us. The only way you can stay relevant nowadays is by making shocking comments about anybody you can think of.

  11. Wait is she talking about Tyra? I don’t think she’s big at all.
    But i still love Janice, she was a great model, and still looks very thin and hot!

  12. tyra recently lost weight and now has a good body…so if she is insinuating tyra is fat then she is way off the mark.
    given that tyra is quite tall and is in fact a big person not in the sense that she is fat but in the sense that she is quite large framed
    love tyra
    no way does she have a man face
    khloe kardashian now that is a man face
    tranny to the max

  13. I know Janice has always had a reputation for being a b—, but this quote is pretty ridiculous. Tyra might have gotten a bit bigger than she used to be, but she’s by no means huge, and even if she was, she’s always had a gorgeous face and has certainly never looked like a man. Janice used to be beautiful but it’s looks like it clear even to her that she just isn’t anymore and she has make outlandish statements like this to get attention.

  14. wow janice for real? she should be the last person talking about who looks like a man and i’m not talking about her body. i may not agree with some things tyra has done but i least she doesn’t trash people or do dumb ignorant s— to say in the spotlight like janice does. tyra look way better than janice will ever look and mad because tyra didn’t want her anymore. hell i don’t blame her. any woman who acts like a 13 year old, flashing her wrinkle v—- on t.v, pretty much doesn’t have any class is no use for her show.

  15. I was just about to question Versus’ choice of picture (since it’s so unflattering) and then I read the quote….. 😐

    PERFECT choice of picture!

  16. Oh come on, she wouldn’t be Janice DICKinson if she didn’t say this.
    Anyways, I’m sure it’s a joke. Tyra is obviously a woman. She may be a giant, but so is Janice Dickinson.

  17. I know this is mean, but has she seen herself in a mirror lately. If yes,she should wear glasses…
    Tyra is a beautiful and feminine WOMAN.

  18. Oh Janice. You spout so much crap from that mouth of yours.
    Yet I can’t seem to hate you.

    And if Tyra is a man, she’s the curviest womanly man I’ve ever seen.

  19. haha. janice dickinson is never boring. i think she just says those things to create drama and publicity for herself. eh, whatever.

  20. wtf??? tyra banks is beautiful, and imho, she has a really feminine, womanly face and body!! janice is just jealous, she’s the one that looks like a tranny!!!

  21. Janice is just mad because Tyra fired her from being a judge on America’s Next top model…ever since then she’s been throwing out rude comments. LOL to bad they are obviously not true!

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