Marisa Miller Shares Diet Tips and Insecurities

Marisa-Miller-Shares-Diet-Tips-and-Insecurities - Marisa Miller Shares Diet Tips and Insecurities

Since many of you like Marisa’s skinny-thin, 5’8” (or 5’6′?)’ modelesque figure, here’s a tip or two that she shared with OK Magazine:

“When I’m home, I either do Pilates or boxing,” the 5-foot-8-inch Santa Cruz, Calif., native Marissa Miller tells OK!. “I also surf. It’s important that you do something.” OK! caught up with the 31-year-old Victoria’s Secret Angel in L.A., where she opened up about how she stays in shape, has a weakness for cheeseburgers and learned to love her body.

How do you maintain your amazing figure?
One of the most important things is consistency, which is difficult for me with all the traveling I do. I have to plan a lot. I bring nutrition bars with me in case I’m in a pinch and can’t get a salad or something fresh. When I’m home, I cook and try to eat really clean. I try to eat vegetables at every meal. I stay away from pasta and bread and have brown rice and potatoes instead. The great thing about having a healthy diet is that when I splurge and have that day where I have the cheeseburger and fries, I don’t feel bad about it, because I know I’ve been eating well and one meal isn’t going to kill me.

Marisa-Miller-Shares-Diet-Tips-and-Insecurities-0 - Marisa Miller Shares Diet Tips and Insecurities

Does staying slim come easily for you?
If I have to be in lingerie in front of everybody, that’s plenty of motivation! But anybody who knows me knows that I have a very healthy appetite. It’s not about being as tiny as possible; it’s about having balance. If you feel like having a cheeseburger, have one, but let your diet be healthy 90 percent of the time.

Do you have insecurities?
Growing up, I was always really shy about my body. One of the greatest things about my job is that I had to learn to be comfortable with it. When I started in the modeling business, I had a curvy figure and that whole androgynous look was in. All the others girls were completely flat, but I learned to embrace my curves. It’s so important to love your body and work with what you have and know that everybody has their own beauty. It’s not about being this or that.

What do you think about Marisa’s views on diet and body image?

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Marisa-Miller-Shares-Diet-Tips-and-Insecurities2 - Marisa Miller Shares Diet Tips and Insecurities

Marisa-Miller-Shares-Diet-Tips-and-Insecurities4 - Marisa Miller Shares Diet Tips and Insecurities

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44 thoughts on “Marisa Miller Shares Diet Tips and Insecurities”

  1. I think that what she is saying is sensible and realistic, especially for her job requirements. I would imagine that she is fairly strict with her eating for the majority of the time, and it is nice to hear her admit to it. I think it is important to note however that her notion of herself as having a ‘curvy’ body is in relation to that of other models and not to everyday women. Her only curves have only ever been her breasts.. she has always been very slim.

  2. I think that she has a great body for a model.. she is realy skinny for a model.. i can say that in may opinion she has the best body that a model can have!

  3. like her in the fourth picture.
    Usually I hate her face and also her body, but in the fourth picture i like her smile.

  4. Ah she would look so gorgeous if she had used sunscreen throughout her past years.

    Great legs though. And her diet sounds reasonable. She looks like someone who has low body fat and exercizes a lot, not like someone who starves. Personally I wish she wouldn’t exercize so much because I like her when she is slightly softer, makes her look curvier and less thin, but that’s only my opinion.

  5. her weight loss/ and tanning has aged her atleast 10 years….and she did use to be much curvier than she is now, granted she has always been slim

  6. I love her! She has an AMAZING body and she works hard for it. She is one of my fitness inspirations for sure! Sexy, skinny, toned, fit, strong…She has it all! And I don’t even like blondes as much as brunettes – but I like her attitude! She is also from Santa Cruz and I live very close to S.C. so that is another reason I like her.

  7. I don’t usually like model’s bodies but I like hers a lot she’s popotionante and doesn’t look like she’s staving but I can’t help but ask myself why her face looks so old…has she ever heard about suncreen?

  8. Marisa has always been my ‘perfect body role model’. I’m glad that she’s honest about about eating healthy and didn’t just pull the “I’m naturally thin and eat cheeseburgers” garbage. Her face is gorgeous too! Yes, she’s starting to age a bit but with all her clean eating and staying active this girl is going to work well into her 40s! Love it!

  9. her skin looks really dry and unhealthy in the 4th pic…especially on her arms. I’m glad a celeb has finally admitted having to work for their figure! Totally agree with the 90% healthy diet thing and then allowing a treat without guilt. She seems to have a good attitude towards food and exercise! 🙂

  10. She is my favorite model and workout inspiration. However, I wish she had worn more sunscreen growing up because the effects are really starting to show. But none the less I love her.

  11. not a fan of her face but i like how honest she is about her diet and workout regiment. shes absolutely right about the moderation part. its common sense, really.

    • her body is curvy in that her torso curves in and goes out, she isnt like a ruler body shape. everyone just uses curvy as another word for overweight now, but people can have a “curvy” body type at a variety of different weights. and she is probably referring to being curvy compared to other models who are thinner than her and dont really have b❆❆bs or a defined waist.

  12. This is getting ridiculous I know she is a model and naturally everybody wants to know what she does, but come on is that all they talk about?! It’s like they keep asking that type of questions just in case someone came up with some magic trick that will keep us skinny and happy.But it’s simple as work out and eat healthy. She certainly doesn’t look like that for stuffing her face with junk.

  13. Hot body. She sounds like a smart woman. She looks thin, toned and healthy. P.S I think she looks even smaller due to small bone structure. Good thing for a model I guess.

  14. I like that she’s honest and I get what she’s saying with the “curvy” stuff, but that’s only compared to other models who are often more straight up and down, while she has a (tiny!) hourglass shape.

  15. Versus, can you tell me what shape she is? Thanks 🙂

    I think her body is absolutely stunning. And I follow pretty much the same rule – 90% of your food should be healthy (although mine is probably not that strict) and it works 🙂

  16. Why does she eat potatoes and rice instead of bread and pasta. The only explanation is that she is gluten intolerant. I m guessing she is not, on the contrary she just follows a stupid dietary advice, missing a lot of vitamin B complex. Vitamin B provides essential elements to the skin, that’s why she looks older than she is.

    • I so agree with you!!!
      If she really works out that much, why is she so afraid of eating pasta and bread???
      Gosh…… I have bread every single day and pasta 3 times a week….. according to her belief I should be a whale, LOL!!!

    • She probably eats alot of brown rice, which provides lots of B vitamins. Plus, rice and potatoes don’t contain wheat which can bloat alot of people (a bloated model wouldn’t look that great on the runway now would they….)

      • Whole wheat contains greater quantities of most of the complex B vitamins and in greater variety. Bloating is caused by carbohydrates in some people, because they absorb water, so it does not make a difference if you eat rice or wheat. The only reason to avoid wheat is to be gluten intolerant. Trust me, is my job to know this stuff.

    • she doesn’t eat bread or pasta because those are refined carbohydrates, that provide little fiber. brown rice and potatoes provide much more fiber, leaving you feeling full for longer. bread and pasta are essentially like sugar with respect to how they spike your blood sugar levels (unless you’re eating whole wheat bread, and whole wheat pasta).

    • Maybe she avoids bread and pasta because they are usually white and unhealthy and potatoes and brown rice are a healthier alternative. Who knows maybe she might even just like the taste better?

  17. can she try a different hairstyle just once? From runway to photo-shoots it’s Always the same long tousled waves with a middle part. Sooo boring.

  18. Haha I Love the (or 5’6′?). She has such a great body,&she does get repetitive but I don’t think it’s her fault, the media just keeps asking her the same questions.

    Does anyone think she actually could be 5’6? She just looks a lot smaller then the other models. Anyway, thanks Versus, this is the best website ever!
    Check out this pic:

  19. personally, i think she has an amazing body and she’s also very pretty…. her and erin wasson are currently my favourite models… millers body is so athletic.. she looks healthy to me (;

  20. She’s the reason i hit the gym 7 days a week lol. I have the same height and body proportions as she does so yes – i like her ! and her diet is healthy and she working out a lot.

  21. SHE LOOKS LIKE A SEXY VERSION OF JESSICA SIMPSON! LOl. Sorry for the caps, but I can’t get over how much she looks like her!

  22. i don’t like her body AT ALL nor her face. i just don’t think she looks like a model, much less a victoria’s secret angel. average face, i could find thousands of girls that look like her. and her body proportions are off, her torso is too long and her legs are too short. vs models are supposed to have opposite proportions. and she doesn’t look 5’8”, you’re right versus, more like a couple inches shorter. and her b❆❆bs look fake, they’re too big for her skinny body. don’t get me wrong, she’s pretty and looks healthy, but she just doesn’t look like a model to me. more like an actress. god where did the giseles and tyras and the adrianas go???? vs just seems to be lowering their standards all the time. and her face looks soooo old, models are supposed to look young and fresh!

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