New Mom Khloe Kardashian’s Ultra Curvy Look

4BED9C3900000578-5697715-Forgive_and_forget_The_mommy_daughter_outing_comes_as_the_Reveng-a-112_1525646156080 - New Mom Khloe Kardashian's Ultra Curvy Look

33 year-old Khloe Kardashian, who gave birth to her first child 3 weeks ago, was spotted out on a stroll while showing off her mega-curvy backside in a pair of black leggings.

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4BED9BC600000578-5697715-Helping_hand_She_had_the_help_of_a_trusty_assistant_while_out_an-a-98_1525646155544 - New Mom Khloe Kardashian's Ultra Curvy Look 4BED9C2D00000578-5697715-Tight_alright_Khloe_flattered_her_figure_in_a_clingy_leggings_an-a-109_1525646156021 - New Mom Khloe Kardashian's Ultra Curvy Look  4BED9C4400000578-5697715-Settling_down_Khloe_has_been_in_Ohio_since_the_birth_of_her_daug-a-106_1525646155829 - New Mom Khloe Kardashian's Ultra Curvy Look 4BED9C7900000578-5697715-Kick_it_up_The_starlet_sported_her_signature_Yeezy_sneakers_as_s-a-105_1525646155815 - New Mom Khloe Kardashian's Ultra Curvy Look 4BED9C8500000578-5697715-Mommy_and_me_Khloe_Kardashian_was_seen_out_with_her_bundle_of_jo-a-108_1525646155910 - New Mom Khloe Kardashian's Ultra Curvy Look

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37 thoughts on “New Mom Khloe Kardashian’s Ultra Curvy Look”

  1. I feel like she had lipo around her belly right after birth and got it transferred to her butt…since this is just…Wow

  2. I know these people probably make more in a month than I will in my entire life but I genuinely don’t envy them at all. Such a ridiculous, empty existence. She looks grotesque.

    • I could not agree more! Something isn’t right when Khloe, Kylie and Rob all rush to have children with people they’ve been with for only a few months. Money certainly doesn’t buy happiness.

  3. 2 things I will never understand:

    1) she PAID someone to look like this!
    2) she LIKES how this looks!

    Oh well.. beauty is in the eye of the beholder I guess

  4. I’m confused, in all her instagram post she looked so fit all through the pregnancy. She must of been airbrushing and photoshopping the absolute shit out of her pictures. She will lose the weight, she is the only Kardashian I like.

  5. she seems the most witty of the clan and good for her for feeling confident (and shielding her child from the paps–very un-karcrappian of her)…but good grief. her bum is a monster. she looks like a cartoon ant a la disney.

  6. 100% natural. How can anyone dare suggest she had plastic surgery?… Seriously, I wonder if she will keep arguing that she got her backside from workouts?

  7. For the life of me I can’t imagine why anyone would pay to look like that. I’m increasingly convinced the Kardashians have some kind of a**-focused body dysmorphia

  8. It’s… I… I don’t have words.
    Just kidding of course I do: so did she get a surrogate and go on a few pounds to make us believe she had a baby or did she get the fat from her stomach sucked out days after giving birth to reinfect it directly back into her trunk?
    If yes to the latter then she must be wearing like 4-6 spanx under her clothes lmao so comfortable to enjoy your new life with your baby…
    *bonus question* Did she name the baby True to emphasize how not true the daddy is?

    • You can’t really do plastic surgery on the stomach after giving birth due to the stretching and inflammation of tissues but when you move fat cells with a BBL you are going to have those AND additional ones if you gain weight. Kylie’s butt is also looking ridiculously big and weird after having a baby, Kim’s also did.

  9. In the 80s boobs were the sexy thing to have and now I feel like people all want a massive butt!! Out of control! When did massive butts become popular ? Even skinny girls with no butt try to arch their back so it looks bigger ( Emily ratajowski deos this ) why??

  10. Lmao what the hell, she is so *****. Must be like her 5th bbl. She looks like she is going to fall forward from that weighing her down. She makes Kim look natural, that’s how disfigured she looks. That’s definitely a disorder of the mind, white girls trying to please a black man’s taste. I understand she is probably vulnerable after that joke of a man embarrassed her but have some sense and dump him instead of trying to please, you just look dumb. I wanna root for her but I can’t specially since she is standing by him and morphing herself into something she believes he will like.

  11. You gotta wonder if even Kim thinks this looks out of hand or even Kylie. Will Kris ever say enough is enough with the butt jobs? I know at least Kendall has some sense and has to be seeing what we are seeing. Is it that hard to tell your sister she is crazy? Her torso doesn’t look connected to the bottom half. So strange, like an actual hippo

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