Rebel Wilson: “I just like being who I am”

460500436_10 - Rebel Wilson: "I just like being who I am"

On how her weight has impacted her career:

‘I took something that was seen as a disadvantage – no one thinks, if you’re fat, that you’re going to be an actress and everyone’s going to love you – and turned it into a positive. I just like being who I am. No pressure could change that.’

On her recent style:

‘I’m actually using Cate Blanchett’s stylist now because I’m trying to class up my whole image and go after an Oscar…. and I might have to go naked to get it.’

… says 28 year-old Rebel.

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30 thoughts on “Rebel Wilson: “I just like being who I am””

  1. I get what she’s saying, but you have to eat very calore rich food to be that size – it would be fairly easy to lose some of it.

  2. She is significantly overweight. I’m glad for her she still managed to be successful but she should look after her health too! I wouldn’t say she’s beautiful but she brings out her best features with hair&make-up and she!s dressed nicely. I like how she doesn’t wear a tent dress like many overweight people do to try to look slimmer (which does not work imo).
    But what’s most important: the characters she plays are usually so funny and I saw her in an interview where she was hilarious!! I like her 🙂

  3. I like her, truly do. I think she’s funny and I saw her in a recent interview and liked her even more. I’m glad she’s happy with who she is

  4. There’s nothing we can say that hasn’t been said a gazillion times already. If she doesn’t want to lose the weight, that’s her right, and if she’s happy, good for her. That picture where she is sitting down, however, is quite disturbing to me. I will say this, I think that of all the bigger stars, her style is the best (at least from what I can see here).

  5. her comment is refreshing!

    it’s always skinny people saying I don’t want to be too skinny-kristen cavalleri, big people saying i know i can’t wear this or do that-meghan trainor….u nvr hear i am happy w/ myself

    I’m surprised her legs are so smooth…she doesn’t seem to have much cellulite…or big veins

  6. She seems happy and good at what she does, but I still don’t think it’s healthy to be that size. I definitely like her and respect her a whole lot more than some skinny shaming plus size people who compare being fat to the oppression of black slavery.

  7. I love her…I find her hilarious and she has an immensely positive and warm vibe that’s contagious. She looks great, the whole look in the sparkly skirt…
    She’s happy and it appears genuine. While she’s overweight and I want her to be her healthiest, I’m also not her mom, Dr, or best friend
    Luv ya Rebel

  8. She’s funny and awesome, but being a little less fat probably wouldn’t take that away from her, while it would reduce the load on her joints, if nothing else. Being content and confident and under no stress to fit a mold is probably healthier than obsessing over weight, though.

  9. I know there are people who will completely disagree but I think she is a stunning lady. In my opinion it’s quite rare for somebody that ‘big’ to have such a nice face as the features tend to get lost in the puffyness of the weight. But she seems not to carry too much weight in her facial area which I can only assume is down to luck. I really do think she would be superhot if she were able to slim down a little. But having said that, I still think she’s beautiful at this size in any case. I was excited for ‘Super Fun Night’ because I loved her so much in pitch perfect, but SFN was a total let down for me. Such a shame as shes clearly very talented.

    I like her in the sleeveless black number in the last pic.

  10. Why so many people go that soft when speaking of this extremely overweight person? “If she doesn’t want to lose the weight, that’s her right, and if she’s happy, good for her.” “I’m glad she’s happy with who she is” “Her health is none of your business.”.

    Then comes a thread of Giuliana Rancic and everybody becomes “OMG ED!!! Somebody help her NOW!”

    To be this overweight, this girl Rebel Wilson may have an ED of compulsive eating and nobody seems to care.

    • Yup I agree there is definitely a huge double standard here and people don’t even realize it, which is part of the reason why obesity is so serious, people don’t think it’s unhealthy!
      Personally I didn’t freak out at Giuliana, just like I’m not freaking out over Rebel. Obviously both of them are unhealthy, and would benefit from some weight gain/loss but it’s their own choice and if they’re happy fine. It’s not my business to tell them they need help, neither of them are about to drop dead if they’re not hospitalized.

    • Oh god these posts are getting tiring. *sigh*
      But let me explain to you why, although you probably don’t know much about the connection between emotions and body image.

      Giuliana looks like she is unable to do even the smallest things in life by herself, plus she looks so haggard and unhappy (despite the awkward smiles you see on tv and pictures, you do know they have to right?)

      This woman looks happy and sure, she isn’t healthy at all in the longrun, but at least food is making her happy. I’m not for obesity at all, but you both say people are oblivious to the double standards, well you are clearly about the dangers of being underweight. I wonder if there was an epidemic of people looking like skin and bones, would you still say it’s not as much of a problem as obesity? Double standards there.

      And somehow I can’t help but wonder, with so much food (good and healthy, for the rich also ecological) in the world, why would someone not eat. For fame? Money? I don’t know, I find that much more controversial than just loving your food too much.


      • OMG if there were as many people who were skin and bones due to starving themselves because of body image YES I WOULD be freaking out, but you know what there’s not. Not even 1% of Americans are underweight, and the anorexia/bulimia rate is much much lower I believe 1 in 10,000, now tell me how many people are overweight and obese? How many die from obesity everyday? 800 How many die from anorexia? 200 … a YEAR. It’s not comparable AT ALL.

        And you know what too much food KILLS, and it kills a lot. By not realizing the dangers of it, you ARE part of the problem as well! The fact that we even need to discuss anorexia/bulimia as being as serious as being overweight is ridiculous, maybe from an individual perspective YES but from a national or even global perspective? No, even in the world there are more overweight people than underweight people, and so many are still living in poverty.

        The fact that you act like Giuliana is about to drop over and die, IS showing your double standards. You are so used to looking at overweight people that you freak out at anyone underweight. Yes being underweight is unhealthy, but Rebel is more than just extremely overweight, I would say she’s morbidly obese. Both of them are unhealthy, both of them seem happy, if you have an issue with one or the other more that’s YOUR double standard.

        • Actually being severely underweight is much more dangerous to your immediate health than be severely overweight, and that’s a medical fact. That’s why I think it’s reasonable that people are more concerned about Giuliana.

          • You are being ridiculous. Have you seen what severely underweight even looks like? Go look up Isabelle Caro. Yes Giuliana is too thin, FOR HER FRAME. There are people thinner than that but perfectly healthy because of their bone structure like many asian celebrities. Giuliana should gain maybe 10 pounds but Rebel should lose 100.
            I’m not hear to debate whether or not being thin or fat is dangerous for an individual, I’m pointing out the clear double standard where when it’s a thin celebrity everyone screams ED get her help! And when it’s a heavier one no one thinks anything.

      • “although you probably don’t know much about the connection between emotions and body image.” Never make assuptions about me, unknown person.

        The rest is your opinion, as I have mine.

        The last part is hilarious…”with so much food (good and healthy, for the rich also ecological) in the world, why would someone not eat.” First, Rebel Wilson is not eating that stuff you mention. And second, just because there is a lot of something doesnt mean you have to drain it to oblivion: ey 15 bottles of vodka, why not drink them all? they are there…

        • Yeah this person is so beyond illogical it’s kinda pathetic. Just because there’s good food doesn’t mean you should eat it in excess. There’s a video about a man in Guam who literally ate himself to death. It’s really sad what’s happening, and for people to say no it’s ok starving yourself is worse, is really not helping AT ALL.

  11. I was so tired (and also not familiar at all with that actress) that I took her 2d answer first degree lol.
    I wonder how much she weights?

  12. In the standing purple pic she looks AMAAAAAAZING! That is her colour for sure.

    I like that she likes herself.

    All I can think is that if she’s this high energy dynamo at this weight, IMAGINE her energy if she lost even 10kg?! If I lift 10kg at the gym, I think, “phew, I’d be shattered carrying that around all day.” What a relief it would be to put that weight down!

  13. I also like Rebel more than I like Giuliana, I just find it hypocritical to freak out over someone skinny and not think anything when they see someone so severely overweight.
    And I totally agree with you on the last part, it’s not selfish, it’s just their lives in the end, and there’s nothing we can do about it. Even in the case of Isabelle Caro she lived for many years being THAT underweight. So people totally exaggerate in their minds the dangers of being an unhealthy weight.

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