Giuliana Rancic: 1 Girl, 2 Outfits


39 year-old Giuliana Rancic was busy this week as she attended Westfield fashion parade at the Westfield Pitt Street Mall (above) and a cocktail party at Bondi Pizza Bar in Sydney, Australia (below).


More pictures next!


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21 thoughts on “Giuliana Rancic: 1 Girl, 2 Outfits”

    • def. not as sickly but still surely underweight. her face used to be so pretty when it was fuller.
      she seems quite happy. good for her. happiness brings on the grub. in her case, hopefully so.

  1. she doesn’t look so ill…wow! amazing what a few lbs can do. or lighting…or makeup…or outfit…or the fact that photos add a few lbs…either way she looks better than normal.

  2. can’t believe I used 2 want 2 look like her and have her pix as (thin)spiration

    amazing how a few years would change the way u think

    I don’t think she gained as previous commenters said.. think it’s the clothes.. she is stills skinny as ever

    I mean just look at the 3rd pic!!

  3. does anyone have any weight estimates? online it says she is 5’9, I’m guessing 110 lbs? She is ridiculously skinny.

  4. To me she looks as stick thin as always. Not a good look and no clothes on earth can cover up what it has done / is doing to her face. Just like Rachel Zoe she is one of those gals that keep reminding me why it is not advisable trying to achieve being as thin as possible in order to look good.

  5. I think this weight is just so aging for her. She seems to have muscle tone and energy to carry on her busy lifestyle so maybe it’s not unhealthy, but it doesn’t look good and I don’t think it’s natural.

  6. I think she definitely looks just a little bit heavier in a great way. She has such a good personality so I love her. And she always seems happy.

  7. It’s not even the skinny thing. I’ve seen tons of skinny models like her but it’s her skin that makes her looks haggard and old. I think she has done a lot of fake tanning. She just looks terrible because of her skin! And she doesn’t have that soft and beautiful face that can take looking skinny either. She looks like an old grandma! Too bad because she used to look semi good!

  8. She looks so fine. I only wished she would have put on a more elegant top (I lobe the print of the bikini though…) But maybe simple triangles would have been better 😉

  9. I dont know how anyone thinks she ;ooks good she looks ill. I am not into skinny bashing at all but she just does not look healthy this is diet related not metabolisim related.

  10. I’m not into skinny bashing, but I don’t understand why someone would make so many efforts to try to look like this.. I don’t even mind the body, I’ve seen people as skinny as her and I thought it was beautiful.. But I mean, her face.. it ages her so bad

  11. IMHO, she is “too” everything. Too tan. Too thin. Too much makeup. Veneers are too big. Outfits are trying too hard. Much cuter before she made it “big”.

  12. I was watching E News the other night and commented on how thin she looked. ON TV! Doesn’t the camera add ten pounds? Her head still looks like a lollipop to me and yes she may have gained a tiny bit but she still looks really thin. It hasn’t done her face any favors and has aged her quite a bit. I’d love to see her gain a little healthy weight.

  13. her face is just not attractive and I think she has had work done..and I just don’t like her een when she was sick I didn’t like her

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