Tracy Anderson on Gwyneth: ‘Her butt was long and she had outer thigh problems’

FFN_Celebs_Expo_FPA_061813_51134117 - Tracy Anderson on Gwyneth: ‘Her butt was long and she had outer thigh problems’

On how terrible Gwyneth Paltrow looked when she met her for the first time:

“I’ve worked with celebrities, and with Madonna for a long time. I met Gwyneth Paltrow through a friend of hers who was really changing with the method. Gwyneth was like, ‘What are you doing? Are you having surgery?’ And she was like, ‘No, it’s this girl.’ I agreed to meet with Gwyneth, and she said, ‘I’ve got this movie coming up where I have to be a superhero.’ It was the very first Iron Man. She said, ‘I know you have a son—I just had Moses—and I can’t get this weight off. I’ve never had a problem like this in my life.’ She had 35 extra pounds on her. Her butt was long and she had outer thigh problems. Gwyneth is lucky because she’s really tall, so she can hide it really well in clothes, but she had significant problem areas. I felt so badly for her, and thought I could really help. So, I agreed, and she did everything that I asked. Now, seven years later, she looks younger every year; she’s totally transformed. And she really does the work. She and I became business partners, too, because she said, ‘Every woman has to have this. It’s not fair. I’ve tried everything and nothing works like this. You’re a real gift.’ It wasn’t a business decision for her at all.”

… says Tracy.

Hmm, not a very nice or flattering description of her very good friend and business partner, Gwyneth.

What do you think about Tracy’s words?

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73 thoughts on “Tracy Anderson on Gwyneth: ‘Her butt was long and she had outer thigh problems’”

  1. This lady clearly has clinging issues; all she talks about is Gwen. However, I do agree with her about how tall people can hide weight really well.

      • I don’t agree at all. I think in this case this trainer is good at her job and she as talking objectively about Gwen’s body. I’m sure she was by no means hideous but if she wants to have her pre -baby body why can’t she have a trainer like this? She seems happy enough to keep the woman around.

  2. She talks like shes God,really arogant”i felt so bad for her”,i do not like gwynteh but the way tracy talks about her is really upsetting,

    • Yeah, this is unsettling. Quoting her friend saying she’s “a gift”. How full of herself is this woman? Tooting her own horn without any subtletly or grace whatsoever. Urgh, can’t stand people like this…

      • it cracks me up because Gwyneth loves to quote other people talking about how great she is too. like, remember how she tells the story of her friends talking about her “22 year old stripper butt” etc? I think they make a great pair, they deserve each other!

    • A short torso isn’t a figure liability unless it’s wide. Disagree? Look at Salma Hayek. Short torso.

      The worst possible female proportions are long torso with short legs. Like a pre-teen boy.

      • A long torso and short legs is very common among women who have beautiful hourglass or pear figures with narrow, long, graceful waists. Two of my most gorgeous friends have this body type. Yes, they look their best in heels, but they have extremely feminine bodies.

        As a bonus, they both had babies recently with recommended weight gain, and neither of them ‘showed’ as much as average and both bounced back very quickly and have nice abs again. When you have a long waist the baby doesn’t have to stretch out your stomach so much. I have the shortest torso ever and I dread what pregnancy could do…

      • I have this body type, and I don’t feel like it’s “the worst”. I have amazing ab definition and a great butt. My legs are short, but they are toned and athletic. I have things I don’t like about my body, but I choose to focus on the positive aspects. As with any body type, some clothing doesn’t flatter my figure. Even though I have flat abs which are ideal for low rise jeans, they exaggerate my long torso/short legs. I look great in heels but have to avoid mid calve boots or booties that shorten the leg line. Anyways I felt compelled to share my personal perspective because I was admittedly a bit offended when my body type was labeled “the worst.” Of course everyone has different preferences, but I would take short legs over a flat long butt any day!

  3. she’s obsessed with Gwen
    like,c’mmon..I felt sorry for her–she had 15 kg*-hoo
    go deal with real problems woman

  4. Tracy sure has one hell of a savior complex and seema pretty dull in general.

    I don’t find Gwen physical attractive by any stretch, but I’m generally unimpressed by height. And I don’t understand why anyone is so taken with her butt these days

    • Her a– is an improment over what she used to have though. She can only work with what she has….if a woman isn’t curvy or bodacious naturally doesn’t mean she can’t be proud of what she has/worked for.

      • I agree, but she doesn’t need to talk about it like it’s the stuff dreams are made of…wasn’t she saying not too long ago that she’s got the a– of a 19-year old stripper or something?

        • She must have a whole team inflating that ego of hers. Not saying she has a terrible butt, just nothing to brag about – it’s just another butt! I also don’t find anything about her attractive either, especially not that self absorbed personality!

  5. I’ve got the same long butt and outer thigh gushy area — unfortunately because its hard to get it together back there.
    But I’ve tried the TA method tapes and I was rather unimpressed. Sure if I had her as my personal trainer if think differently.

    And I don’t see the big deal about her statement. TA gave GP a new body. It’s her career to change bodies so she’s just demonstrating that — why not brag. Long a– syndrome is hard to change and most people always assumed GP has always been skinny with no problem areas.

  6. As much as I find Gwyneth annoying – really annoying, that is a really rude thing to say about anyone. I like how she also adds the she’s lucky she’s tall backhanded compliment. Not very smooth. I don’t think she means to really insult Gwyneth, but instead she just wants to promote her own “work” or contribution to the situation, but it actually ends up making you look bad.

    In general when it comes to people’s look, I just find harsh comments unnecessary. Someone’s might not be my cup of tea, but there’s probably someone out there (or lots of people) who happen to like what I don’t prefer. I think her comments getting into the specifics, were really too much. She could have said Gwyneth had her problem areas, and left it at that, or just say that she looks so much better now.

    And doesn’t Gwyneth pay her?

  7. Meh i’m not particularly impressed by tracy anderson’s body so i’m not particularly inclined to buy what she’s shilling. Aside from that her approach to working out seems skewed, like it’s all about fixing ‘problems’ (perceived flaws) instead of strength, endurance, or health. Dont get me wrong, i work out to maintain my body too, but also for the health benefits (mentally and physically) and the strength and endurance

    • This is an intelligent and thoughtful comment and I agree. It seems to be all about obsession with perceived body flaws and Gwyneth is spouting the same crap. I’m all for being really fit but these women take it a bit far.

    • Well even 5’1 Nicole Richie has got several inches on Tracy so naturally statuesque Gwyneth will tower over her. I will say Gwyneth has really nice legs though the black pants don’t really show them off.

      • Or you can put it differently: Gwyneth looks a freakin’ giant next to the petite woman. Why are women so obsessed with height nowadays? As if a small woman is less female or beautiful…

        • Not always but I feel like a lot of tall girls go on about height being really important because it makes them feel good. (Note, comment says a lot, not all). Personally I’ve seen gorgeous tall girls and gorgeous short girls, I don’t really notice height as a thing of beauty.

          • I guess you’re right there. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes…
            Most men prefer small women though and many tall women seemed to be intimidated by that fact so they try to bring small women down.

          • i don’t think men prefer any height of women;
            though there is a stereotype that small women are more fragile and therefore timid, or submissive

            boy, if they only knew!
            Some of my Italian and Hispanic friends would put that fake stereotype to rest – they’re small but mighty, colorful and vivacious!

        • “As if a small woman is less female or beautiful”

          Not at all Tanya… I was just being snarky cuz I think Tracy is annoying lol.

  8. ‘I’ve got this movie coming up where I have to be a superhero.’ It was the very first Iron Man

    Ummm no, you were not a superhero in that movie Gwen

    • she’s pretty much saying her butt was flat. i think she means no discernible curve where the back ends, the butt starts, and then the legs start. my friend calls that a “long back” or a “back and legs” lol

      • Oh lol. I started picturing some disgusting, droopy, long, butt-so-flabby-it’s-basically-melting-into-your-legs kind of image lol! Not pretty. I don’t know why she chose to say that as if it were a bad thing; I would not be offended if someone said I had a flat butt. If they said I had a fat butt, a dumpy/flabby butt, a wide butt, or a big butt, or something like that, then I would!

        • lol eeeew! you’re talking about pancake butt, that’s the absolute worst! but it’s so funny, we’re the complete opposite! i would be mortified if someone told me i had a flat butt. i remember a boy said that about me in the 10th grade and i almost cried lol -_-

          • Lol eewwww to big butts for me! If someone said I had a fat butt or a big butt I would certainly cry lol. We are the exact opposite. Shapelessness doesn’t bother me at all. I love proportion and leanness. Flabbiness, pudginess, un-proportionate-ness, extreme curviness, and softness of any kind are my worst body “fears” lol.

      • I don’t think it is about flat butt. Some butts are a bit longish. I think Tracy meant like that.
        Also Candice for example has longish but toned butt.
        Lol, why I notice such freaky things, because mine looks much like hers. And I didn’t like it before I saw it on some celebs with great bodies too.

        • ohhh! i know what you mean! Coco Austin also has a “long butt” in that sense. i don’t see what’s so bad about it, i love Candice’s butt. but anyway, if that’s what Tracy means than she just proved herself to be a real scam-artist because Gwyneth’s butt still looks “long” to me

        • neither of those butts look long…

          the original link, around comment 30 is a long butt.
          These are just… butts.

          Google Elizabeth Berkley. She has what I like to call an ass-back. It just goes from her butt to her back

  9. Tracy is a businesswoman trying to attain more publicity and clients – Gwyneth was her ticket on the fame train.They have a symbiotic relationship as Gwyneth’s body has surely improved since she started working with Tracy. So has Nicole Richie’s. Overall I’m not a fan of Gwyn or Tracy.

  10. hummm….lets see,Tracy Anderson has trained Gweneth, Nicole Richie, Jessica Alba…etc..i’m gonna start it that Tracy is starting to remind me of Rachel Zoe…they all are losing their curves when they train with Tracy and her 3 lb weight lifting and body shaming…ughhh this chick is the epitome of fraud and disillusioned from the real world

  11. So why did Madonna dump Tracy Anderson so abruptly anyway? Regardless, Tracy’s still using Madonna’s name to self-promote anyway.

    • Well, by looking at Madonna I would guess she prefers having actual muscle to lifting 1lb weights and looking “small and cute”. Plus she’s an Ashtanga yogi and Tracy doesn’t permit her clients do yoga or pilates because apparently it makes you big.
      Idk why people take advice from this woman. She looks horrible herself and most of her clients (well, the clients I can think of right now) don’t look so improved. She’s trying really hard to make us believe the before-afters are incredible and not achieveable by means other than her genious method, but I don’t see how Gwyneth is looking younger every year and has the most flawless figure now. The one thing that gets younger about her is her personality, younger as in immature, but she’s really not all that.

      • That’s what I don’t understand. For the past 20 years, Madonna’s never taken a break from those big muscles of hers – even throughout the time she was trained by Anderson.

        • Well, that is because Madonna didn’t *only* train with Anderson. However Anderson doesn’t want her clients to do other exercise that will make them bulky and give them a wide waist and blahblah. I think I read somewhere that this was the reason for their “break-up”.

  12. Man, I can’t tollerate this woman. Is out of my control, to be honest. She describes herself as a gift? (because she’s saying that GP said so but she has no issues to ‘repeat it’). Goop is an issue, but the woman has a career at least. Tracy studied something?
    Anyways, I don’t like that kind of body.

  13. I don’t know the particulars of Tracy Anderson’s program, but a clean diet and cardio and weight training, are basics that everyone can benefit from. And we don’t need Tracy Anderson for any of that. I personally don’t see much evidence of weight training in Gwyneth’s body, though she looks reasonably in shape and healthy.

  14. I think it’s really reprehensible for someone to speak publicly in such critical detail about a woman’s body – especially when she’s just had a baby. Gwyneth by no means had an ‘extra 35 pounds’ on her – now she’s too thin, imo, and it’s probably in large part due to this woman picking her apart so much.

    I just find it sad that anyone is this obsessed with their figure – let alone someone else’s! Saying she ‘felt really bad’ for Gwyneth just shows how shallow this woman is – Gwyneth was by no means fat at that point for any normal-minded person and saying she had ‘significant problem areas’ is delusional. I wouldn’t want this poison in my life – but Gwyneth is kind of a nut herself – and I swear she got more annoying after Tracy Anderson!

    • I agree with you Erica. IMO, I think Gwyneth would look better with some more weight, in the form of muscle primarily. And now I am reading from the comments here, that Anderson does not promote weight training (ex: 1 lb dumbbells), and I don’t think that is good advice. Weights offer so many benefits to women of all body types.

  15. That’s really cunning; Gwyneth keeps getting slated for her comments so her friend says things that make people feel sorry for her while agreeing that Tracy’s ‘method’ has helped her. It’s win win for them both~ their business venture gets more publicity

  16. Wow, why is she dragging her client and business partner like this? Besides, butt and outer thighs are most women’s problem area, so yaaawn. These both women are so insufferable and self-centered that I do understand why they’re “friends”.

  17. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again Tracey Anderson is a damn hack. Not only is she responsible for Nicole Ritchie’s recent unnecessary weight loss she also preys on the insecurities of women and hands out untrue workout advise. Tracey needs her license taken away. If a school teacher did this they would lose their license she needs to go before the personal trainer board.

  18. Tracy, I’ve determined that you have the face of a horned toad on quaaludes. But don’t worry girl, you’re as attractive as you’re ever gonna be! Don’t be mad, I’m just sharing my gift with you!

  19. (she said) I’m a gift! I’m amazing! I’m perfect! Without me you’re miserable and ugly! Even Gwynnie was soooooo ugly with her normal pleb butt. But I saved her cause I’m so totally awesome, (said she, not me, not me!).

    Yeaaah….. well, I ain’t got time to be swinging my legs around for 2 hours each day just to hope get some definition. I know ballet dancers do that, but it’s their work. I’d rather hit gym for 20 mins 3 times a week and be done with it.

  20. Can’t stand tracy and her lunatic regime of using “auxiliary” muscles to pull in “primary muscles” tight and svelte. Sounds good in theory but nevermind that THATS NOT HOW MUSCLES WORK! You can’t make bigger muscles look more sleek by tightening smaller muscles, its just not physiologically possible.
    Anyhow, I absolutely hate working out, I’d rather just eat less and be skinny fat, but when I;m feeling toned-mined i love the Ballet Beautiful series by Mary-Helen Bowers. It’s crazy intense and gives really fast results, which it should given how miserable it is to do. My sister and I will literally scream and curse while doing it because its hell, but the results are fast! Both love and hate it at the same time

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