Hayden Panettiere: “I love being my height and size”

FFN_er_511955791 - Hayden Panettiere: "I love being my height and size"

On constantly being scrutinized:

There is a lot of pressure that comes with it. But there’s also the pressure to be a good role model for women and have a normal, healthy body. Miss Panettiere adds, “But I love being my height and size, and representing a normal girl and a different body type.

… says Hayden.


FFN_g_51054262 - Hayden Panettiere: "I love being my height and size"

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73 thoughts on “Hayden Panettiere: “I love being my height and size””

  1. I think she has a super cute body. Nice shaped and size legs, nice size b❆❆bs for her frame. I agree with lana about the obliques, but I have a feeling she is the type of person that builds muscle there really easily…like, without even trying. Same for me with my quads! Argh! So annoying. No matter what exercise I do, my quads grow.

  2. Well I think she should’ve kept her old chest, this new one doesn’t suit her frame. She’s over compensating for being petite. She’s definitely a rare celebrity that does indeed look very small, her proportions don’t fool you into thinking she might be taller like some other stars. I bet it’s hard for her to stay very slim and easy to bulk up if she works out too much, so I admire that she looks so balanced and slender as she does!

  3. I think it’s a shame she changed her body by adding those implants – they really look hard to me and make her look bulkier. She’s in good shape and I think she’s attractive overall – but her shape, and the implants, are not really to my taste.

      • Hahaha aren’t you the same person who mentioned people “marveling” at your body? Also I agree with Erica not my ideal but its still a nice body. Oddly though I kind of think the b❆❆b job doesn’t look to bad in size there not to big but they just don’t look right either.

        • @faith, hahaa, no shes not that was me Natalia P I had to change my name bc anonymous, the other one, was being confused for me. And now there is another Natalia so….I will use a combo name if I comment here. And yes faith ppl. Do marvel at my body so waht? I work for it and it is very rare too see someone who is my height and weight and bodyfat and have muscle. I am proud of it and look and feel much better than when I was overweight at 16%fat. Wtf do care if ppl marvel at it, are u jealous?

          • Oh obviously I am dying of jealous I too wish I could think 16% body fat is overweight then I too can be underweight and hold everyone to that same expectation.

    • How much love can she have for herself if she dyes her hair and bleaches her teeth? Oh wait, maybe she just wants to look like her own idea of “her best”? I personally don’t like her implants but she looks pretty darn happy with them so good for her!

      • poor comparison…the risks of getting full out surgery vs teeth whitening? And I dont know how ANYONE could be happy with that botched b❆❆b job she has…they look awful

      • Adriana Lima’s breast implants looked as bad if not worse in the last VS post here. And modern anesthesia’s very safe if you’re in good health. I went white water rafting four times over the summer, which is much more risky than going under surgery in a controlled environment.
        But I guess the good news is that now I’ve got something in common with Adriana: we both don’t respect or love ourselves! 😛

  4. I can identify with this, I’m short too (1,57 m) and my height doesn`t really bothers me and I actually like looking petite but the hard thing is that I have to watch my weight and stay slim because 5 lbs on me make a really big difference and I can look chunky or too eehm… “plump” (I`m quite busty) very easily.

    • Me too, 157cm, and the only thing that has annoyed me about it is not being able to eat as much food as a taller girl. But that’s it really

  5. She’s got a lot of muscle on a petite frame…I can her legs, torso are hard and not flabby although she’s not thin. I think her boyfriend is a bodybuilder so that explains it. Cute blonde girl.

  6. I am sorry if this is inappropriate to ask here, but I have been wondering what my body shape is for awhile and I figured that this website would be the best and most accurate place to ask.

    I am really not sure if I am a ruler, apple, hour glass or some combination of the above. :/

    I am 5’1 with a medium frame. My measurements are 42 (36 F) – 32 – 41. I have been working on losing some fat for about a month and a half now, and I have lost 16 lb so far. My waist has gone done significantly, but my bust and hip measurements are pretty much the same (I think I lost like 1/2″ to 1″ from my hips, but that’s it). What body shape am I?

    • I’m not sure but u sound like a curvy fox! Keep up ur new lifestyle I’m sure u will only get happier with ur bod. Just don’t starve off your curves coz they sound lovely 🙂

    • A vase or a hourglass? Well done on your weight loss by the way. I know the feeling when I loose weight the last place it goes off its my hips and bust but it will come off eventually. Hula hooping is amazing for losing more weight off your waist I do it for twenty minutes to an hour every other day. Nothing wrong with being busty and hippy!

    • wow girl, you’ve got some shape to you! It’s hard to say just by measurements but I’d go with either hourglass or cello, probably cello. you’re DEFINITELY not a ruler or apple, your WHR is too slow and apple’s loose weight in their stomach area last, not first.
      I think probably the rest of your measurements will catch up with your weight loss because it was so fast. my advice is just keep doing what you’re doing and dont even look at the scale/measuring tape for 1 month then try it and you’ll be very pleased. congrats, you’re doing what a lot of us wish we could do!

  7. I don’t mind her her size or her height, it’s her body shape that I don’t like. That’s mostly beyond her control though so I like her confidence.

  8. I think she is adorable. She looks good in a bikini, and even better in clothes. Good for her for being confident, and not letting all the pressure of hollywoods obsession with thinness, as well as stranger’s critical opinions on the internet (see some comments anyone ^) destroy her confidence.

  9. Versus, sorry to comment again on the ads but whatever apple ad is coming from your site (im only on your site atm, not any others) is actually redirecting me from your site to another site (as in its not a pop up its taking me away from your page). Just thought you might like to know in case you didn’t know

  10. Wow, so now you have to be tall to be considered beautiful? Your thinking is flawed. There are a lot of short women who are really beautiful including Megan Fox, Christina Aguilera, Shakira and Lacey Chabert.

  11. OMG these people really excist!!???? All these crazy women who come here talking about their own superiority
    and mocking perfectly non-beauty affecting features like one’s shortness? Wtf. I’m comforted tho by the fact that apparently none of these ladies can write correctly…

  12. A model doesn’t have to be beautiful, just look at some high fashion shows. The models there may look interesting but not beautiful, they’re basically just hangers on legs. And besides those models are chosen by mostly gay designers, straight men don’t consider those high fashion models as beautiful. Of course there are really beautiful models like Adriana Lima, Doutzen Kroes etc. but they’re admired not for their tallness but for their pretty faces and proportionate bodies. Megan Fox also has a pretty face and a proportionate slim body and that’s why she modeled for Armani. Tallness isn’t a female trait it’s actually a male trait…

  13. People, do you not know, anyone can be anything they want & ‘look any way they want’ to look on an anonymous blog? So these ‘logical’ (in reality so typically emotionally female) comments of “you must be fat, you must be short,” & especially “you must be jealous” (since no one has an inkling of what you really look like) are really pointless & irrational, no? Most people do not believe most of what they read on sites like this… so if you really want to be seen as a beautiful, rational, logical, self confident genius, it would be in your best interest to cease with the whiny, emotional accusations of “fatness, shortness & jealousy”. It is painfully obvious how desperate you are to convey a certain “image”, but the more you are called out, the more angry & emotional you become & the more you reveal just what a weak, insecure mass of contradictions & hypocrisies you really are.
    I am not interested in fighting with angry people who have something to prove, so I will not return, but since I can anticipate your reply- “FAT! SHORT! DUMB! JEALOUS!” there really is no point, is there? Also, deep down you know that everything I say is true, so why come back & explain myself & rehash everything. I will just go on my way knowing that I have been honest & who knows…perhaps I will stop in the mirror to admire my fit, lean, fit body… so sorry.
    Advice for Dumb & Dumber (said with the utmost affection, since I cannot keep track of both of your many names): stop hating, let go of the anger, work on the weight issues, & along will come confidence & happiness. I will pray for you both.

  14. Tell that to every incredibly famous south Korean actress. They’re far more beautiful than Hayden or most American actresses, for that matter, and far more petite.

    • Maybe more beatiful fces, which isn’t hard compared to American actresses who are by far and large over hyped a average women. I agree alot if Korean celebs have breathtaking skin and faces, but a tall height is also seen as beautiful there. Next to frida Gustavvson they wouldn’t look as good, hence them not being models. And thy are more slender so it’s easier to get away in addition the Korean being shorter so they don’t appear as short next to the averae Korean.

  15. Versus, can these trolls be blocked again? Childish, delusional comments such as these should not be given any attention. Sadly, they always lead to a verbal mud wrestling which distracts from the topic of the post.

    • Hi Aria,
      I have banned that user dozens of times, but she changes her IP address all the time, which makes it impossible for me to track her. However, I think I might have a solution and I will try to implement it this week.

  16. Frida gust son next to shakira katya. End of story. Odd that you wouldn’t pick an actual good looking short woman like devin aoki instead of shakira who is just plain ugly.

    • I looked up Frida, and I’ll admit that she’s pretty, but she’s not the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen. And I’ve got news for you.. a lot of people think that Shakira is gorgeous. And that’s including a lot of men.

      • I don’t care what you think, and I especially don’t care what these men think, lol. Shakira is ugly , compare to frida who is perfect even more so. You’re lying if you say otherwise. Google shakira ugly, that is not a beautiful woman and is like to hear why on earth anyone would say that. Frida isn’t perfect but shakira is beatiful. And you think I’m crazy when I say you are jealous. What other motivation can there be, look its pretty black as white frida looks way better.

  17. You seem to be pretty obsessed with height and you don’t seem to know that short women can have long legs and tall women can short legs, it’s all about relations and proportions. Alessandra Ambrosio has for example short legs although she’s a model.
    I’m really sorry for that you’re not content with your height and you’re not getting noticed by men but it won’t change even if you were 1.75 m. It’s all about charisma, nice proportions and beautiful face.
    And I have to disappoint you but I’m neither chunky nor short. I’m 1.67 m, weigh 46 kg, have relatively long limbs, can wear heels without towering over men. I wouldn’t want to change a thing so please don’t confer your insecurities and self-doubts to others.

  18. Anonymous..whoever you are.. I think you are the one who is just plain crazy. You are obviously way too obsessed with being tall and think that determines someone’s beauty and worthiness.

    • Yeah katya. I used to be super insecure about being 5,1 after being told that was beatiful. I think it’s better to be short anyways, no offense to tall girls but I like being petite. I wouldn’t want to be taller.

  19. No you’re lying because you say an objectively stunning woman is less beatiful than an objectively ugly one. It seems everything’s gone over some of your heads. Why is it that you think one type of woman is used for fashion ever since its started? Just because they arbitrary picked tall thin women with perfect proportions and skin so they could put them in beatiful clothes and locations to sell the image of beauty. Do you really think your average woman can be called as beautiful as brooke shields in her prime or the vs models? Or will you just say that because it means everyone can be beatiful under that def.

    • I am not lying. I can have my opinion of who I find more beautiful. And for the record, I never found Brooke Shields to be attractive. She is much too manly.

    • ??????…Um, are you okay? Don’t you have, you know, better things to be doing than typing up nonstop negativity on a body commentary site…? Just out of curiosity, do you find it to be productive, and fulfilling in some way?

    • No, no, no…you are crazy. Like, I think you seriously need *real*, professional help. I have read many of your comments and you seem a few cards short of a full deck. It’s a logical thought out response. I have seen other people suggest you get a head shrinker too. But then, you are a troll and I kick myself for feeding you. K bye now, I have you know, important things to be doing.

  20. @lc You call Natalia crazy for commenting here? She is the only other honest person on this site. I’d say starving oneself and barfing up one’s food is crazy, not saying someone is short or fat. And Hayden, happens to be both.

  21. Ugh, what is with these sheep. You honestly think that models are the epitome of perfection and not just a representation of today’s society’s ideal (or the ideal of a few in the fashion industry, adopted by society)? It is well-known that runway models do not have to have beautiful or even pretty faces. Some of them could even be considered decidedly unattractive. The only thing that matters is that they make the clothes look good – by being hangers, not people.

    It is imbecilic to argue that no short girls can be pretty, and to say that they look like children – argh. Height is all relative to the average size anyway. “Tall” in some ethnicities might be 5’2. Would they think those women looked like children, when they’re taller than most women of that ethnicity? Of course not.

    Besides which, this entire argument is ridiculous because everybody has a different idea of what beautiful is. For many people, it’s defined much more by face than by height.

  22. And here we have an example of the typical internet idiot. Just because someone is short doesn’t mean they look shrunken and have “short” legs! There are tall people with proportionately short legs, and short girls with proportionately long legs. And most tall girls I’ve seen in real life – if your definition of “tall” is something like 5’11 – weren’t more beautiful than most girls of 5’5-ish. In fact, and meaning no offence to tall girls, but I think they often have a harder time looking feminine than shorter girls. Also, being tall is not necessarily the best for health – it’s harder to keep blood flow over a longer distance, which is partly why taller guys often die earlier than average-height men. I’m 5’7, and my doc said my toenails are blue all the time because of “tall girl syndrome” – blood doesn’t flow as well. And I’m not even runway model-tall.

    And to those interested in attracting guys, lots of tall girls will attest that guys are intimidated by them, or would just prefer to date a shorter girl, unless they’re really tall themselves. Guys usually want their girlfriends to be shorter than them by a number of inches – probably to feed their egos. They might drool over a VS model on-screen, but it’s not their height they’re drooling over, it’s their b❆❆bs and overall proportions and the fact that they’re in underwear and that society has TOLD them this is the ideal. I doubt very much that in reality they’d be interested in those women if they wore regular clothing and weren’t all sexified.

    • Great comment, Gemma. I totally agree about this whole tall obsession on this site. I’m 5’2″ myself, but I’m not going to hate on girls who are taller. Women can be beautiful at any height.. it’s more about the proportions than anything. But I do like your height, Gemma.. my ideal height would be 5’5″ to 5’7″..but I would never want to be 5’11”. That’s just too tall in my opinion.

  23. You know what, at least she isn’t fat. Her body is muscled and nice, except for those unfortunate boobs. If she were taller, people would probably be falling over themselves over her abs the way the do with some VS models who have even less definition.

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