Hayden Panettiere’s New Hair – Makeover or Makeunder?

Hayden Panettiere's New Hair - Makeover or Makeunder? 1

Oh oh… big change in sight!

From red back to blonde and from long to short. How are we liking it?

Hayden Panettiere’s New Hair – Makeover or Makeunder?

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Hayden Panettiere's New Hair - Makeover or Makeunder? 2

Hayden Panettiere's New Hair - Makeover or Makeunder? 3

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72 thoughts on “Hayden Panettiere’s New Hair – Makeover or Makeunder?”


    i love it.

    that red brown color looked completely fake….and blonde was just too girly.

    this give her a sweet edge that can be played either way.

  2. I’m usually not a fan of short hair on girls, but I think it looks cute on her.

    … I still like the longer red-brown better, though.

  3. i think the color is really great but that is a difficult style i think, it doesn’t seem versatile and it ages her… though she dates much older guys so maybe that’s what she is going for to get on their level. seems like a tough one to style unless she is open to going all rihanna with it.

  4. i like the haircut , it looks really cool,but I’d like to see it styled in some other way. But i’m not sure how i fell about this “do” on Hayden in particular…

  5. I\m not a big fan of boy but hairstyles on girls, unless your 5 years old. She does look good though. But i liked it better longer. period.

  6. make under make under make under!

    omfg she looks so old.. why can’t she just act AND look her age? snooty hollywood teenager trying to grow up too fast. She should stop worrying about her ‘hairstyle’ so much and go do something useful…

    • She’s 20 now and in a long term relationship, she just wants to be taken seriously by hollywood. What does it matter if she wants to try short hair, we have all experiment with hairstyles to see what suits us.

    • I actually was thinking the same thing. It looks very 80’s Brigdget Nielsen from Rocky IV – It’s not necessarily a negative thing, I’m Eastern European myself, but it definitely ages her..

  7. @CN… good that u don’t lump together people from easter europe lol

    concerning hayden: i think she looks lovely with that hair cut 99%… the 1% lacking is the weird sideburns. but other than that: gorgeous!!

  8. as a russian i feel like shes going for a russian look. her haircut is very popular with middle aged russian women, and my mother has the exact same one. i also felt like shes dressing a little foreign lately from recent photos.
    nothing wrong with that, just an observation
    i dont like the hair, it ages her. i understand she feels mature for her age but this is pushing it. it almost looks like a costume to me
    i do love the color on her. i hope when her hair grows out she will keep it

  9. I don’t like it at all. It does make her look older. Generally when you let yourself go, you go with an easy hair cut that doesn’t require any work. She is too young for that. Too bad, she is very pretty otherwise.

  10. She looks good but I think it really makes her look older than she is…I prefer her with long wavy hair. We’ll probably see her wearing extensions in a couple of days, a week max.

  11. looks a little brigit neilson styled like this, but i think a bits softer and more mussed up and it will look really cool!!

  12. I agree she looks a bit russian. I like the haircut, it’s a bit dated, for a girl of her age, but whit a different styling it can look nice. I’m not sure if she has the face to pull off a short hair though, i’ve had short hair on and off since i was 12, and not having a modelesque face, sometimes, whit a bad haircut, i have felt i looked like a little boy (nothing make-up can’t fix though 🙂 ) But i like it more than the red, both the color and the style.

  13. oh god nice try at making yourself look older to disguise the age diff between you and your boyfriend whatevsss I liked her with the longer hair

  14. I don’t think it looks right for her body type…eh. Maybe that’s just me…but it certainly doesn’t make her look older…it just looks like her hair’s shorter.

  15. Wow. Normally I don’t care for starlets trying to seem older, but this has an air of sophistication rather than stupidity. She pulls it off. Kudos to Hayden.

    Also, it might have less to do with dating an older man and more to do with being short and girlish looking. Think about how Mena Suvari hasn’t been able to get good roles since we stopped believing she was 18…

  16. She looks sooooooo old…not a young girl anymore. I like short hair in young girls when it’s a bob cut or something feminine, young and sexy but that short hair is too wrong for a 20-year-old girl.

  17. I think it looks pretty good, but then I’m european lol.

    Do agree it’s styled in a slightly aging way though (particularly when teamed with the horrible dress).

  18. You know someone is stunning when they git rid of all their hair and they STILL stand out! She looks fabulous. Very grown up and chic.

  19. i like it! she looks good with long dark hair but i love this do on her! it makes her look older in a good way…the long blonde and her height/ body shape made her look really young. She has a great face so can pull of short hair! Looks stunning, mysterious and sexy. I think she is one of the few, along with halle berry, natalie portman and natalie imbruglia that actually suit short hair better

  20. I ike the cut,although she does seem to be trying very hard to be ‘taken seriously.’She has gained a fair bit of weight recently, and therefore I’m not the short hair will look good if her face gets rounder.

  21. I mean, her face is flawless so that helps, but i am just not a fan of this hairstyle! 🙁 It will be interesting to see the other ways she will style it, hmmm


  22. She looks cute! I’m sure it was just slicked back for the night and you can see there are layered bangs in there that she could have in the front for a different look.

  23. her hairstyle her doesnt look too good but if you search google then you will see this short look is amazing! really suits her

  24. I really hate the slicked back ‘oily look’…. so in this photo I would say makeunder. Might look nicer styled a different way though, but personally I much prefer longer hair!

  25. She’s lucky she has the face to pull this new hair off.
    Definite makeover, since she doesn’t have hair covering her face.
    She can show off her great jawline and actually seems to make her face look slimmer.

  26. I like her haircut and think it’s edgy and makes her face look good. She does remind me of Hilary Clinton in the first picture, though. But it’s a definite improvement on the long red hair!

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