Hailey Baldwin Is in a Bikini

Hailey-Baldwin-in-Bikini-with-Justin-Bieber-5 - Hailey Baldwin Is in a Bikini

Hailey Baldwin rocked a black two-piece bikini as she enjoyed some down time with Justin Bieber on a yacht in Italy this week.

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Hailey-Baldwin-in-Bikini-with-Justin-Bieber-3 - Hailey Baldwin Is in a Bikini  Hailey-Baldwin-in-Bikini-with-Justin-Bieber-7 - Hailey Baldwin Is in a Bikini Hailey-Baldwin-in-Bikini-with-Justin-Bieber-8 - Hailey Baldwin Is in a Bikini Hailey-Baldwin-in-Bikini-with-Justin-Bieber-19 - Hailey Baldwin Is in a Bikini Hailey-Baldwin-in-Bikini-with-Justin-Bieber-23 - Hailey Baldwin Is in a Bikini

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11 thoughts on “Hailey Baldwin Is in a Bikini”

  1. j.b. has the worst tattoos. not only because they’re jesus-freakish but it all just looks like a mess. but i guess that’s his style nowadays. a messy version of scott stapp or some creed/nickelback crap. as for her, yeah good body. lots of women look like her. straight nepotism made her a name.

    • I think Hayley has an above average body but really good legs – its not just that they long and slim, they’re really toned and well proportioned and also shapely.

      you are bang on about JB tats though, 100%. I just came back to look again and his front chest looks like a dark tangle of scribbles in the 5th pic, with a moustache over his belly button/stomach.
      You cant buy class i guess

    • I don’t know what she sees in him. He is definitely out of her league. She looks very beautiful and has such an awesome body. She’s clean with no tattoos too!

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