Victoria’s Secret Show 2008 – Mega Collection

victorias-secret-show-2008-mega-collection - Victoria's Secret Show 2008 - Mega Collection

This is one happy day! Why, you ask? In case it isn’t obvious just yet, yesterday was the Victoria’s Secret Runway Show day – and today, we get to admire the girls, the lingerie, the bodies, the smiles and whatever else there is to admire.

What’s great is the fact that we get to see both skinny and curvy bodies, hips, fulls busts, long legs, flat  (and not as flat) stomachs, small waists, toned figures – all in the same mega collection!

Enjoy the uber-gallery (53 pictures) and share your thoughts!

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34 thoughts on “Victoria’s Secret Show 2008 – Mega Collection”

  1. It's good that she gained weight(though I think "alot" is an exaggeration, and if she did gain "alot" and looks the way she looks now, she must have been horridly skinny before), Karolina's the only one that looks good and healthy to me.

  2. omg- picture 19. adriana is stuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnning. she so so SO deserves those wings, her personality just takes her to the next level! I bet she'd be a blast to hang out with.

  3. Raluca: What is your problem? I said she gained weight, and as I've written in all of my other posts about her,she looks fantastic. But you would be a idiot not to see it, so maybe thats the answer to why U are slaggin me off.

    And you prob. feel bad about yourself, so the fact that I am saying something about someone who without a doubt looks so much better than yourself, that just makes you feel bad!!!!

  4. @ tarteffy, i actually had a dream i hung out with adriana last night! It was awesome she was really friendly. it was so weird though. gisele was there too.


  5. Oh, its Alessandra? I wasn't sure.. she looks very nice. Looks like she had put on a few pounds but she has got an amazing shape!

  6. While some of these women have pretty faces, their bodies are nothing to envy, in my opinion. Too skinny, and a dime a dozen in the modeling world. Everyone trying to fit an image and an ideal. you can tell most of these girls starve themeselves to be what they think society wants them to be. I’m sorry, I just don’t think their bodies are attractive.

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