Heidi Montag Gets 10 Plastic Surgeries, Emmy Rossum Has Something to Say

heidi-is-so-plastic - Heidi Montag Gets 10 Plastic Surgeries, Emmy Rossum Has Something to Say

People Magazine has this cover that features a brand new and 95% plastic Heidi Montag – the news is that she just got 10 more plastic surgeries in 1 day. That’s right.

Not only does she manage to look older, less beautiful, unnatural and plastic, but she also promotes these procedures and obliviously admits “I’m Beyond Obsessed!” and says that she went the plastic route in order to become “The Best Heidi”. No Heidi, this is not the best you, this is just the Barbiefied, fake version of a formerly pretty, natural girl who didn’t need any of this. From People:

At just 23 years old, The Hills star Heidi Montag decided to go under the knife for a second time and have a staggering 10 plastic-surgery procedures in one day.

“For the past three years, I’ve thought about what to have done,” the reality star tells PEOPLE. “I’m beyond obsessed.”

And so, on Nov. 20, Montag’s total transformation began. Keeping even her family in the dark, the starlet chronicled every painful moment of recovery and her journey to become “the best me.”

To find out what surgeries Heidi underwent and what husband Spencer Pratt thinks of her new look, pick up the latest issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands now.

And now some good news: Heidi came up with her plastic story now because she is launching a new album (no, that’s not the good news, that’s just Hollywood’s marketing mechanism). Her initiative didn’t remain unnoticed by fellow Hollywood celebs and actress Emmy Rossum (who seems smart and well-grounded, that’s the good news) had something to say about it:

emmy-talks-plastic-surgery - Heidi Montag Gets 10 Plastic Surgeries, Emmy Rossum Has Something to Say

It upsets me to see young women in the spotlight advocating plastic surgery. ANY surgery is extremely dangerous&should not be taken lightly,..much less, used as a tool to increase notoriety or popularity.

By putting this on magazine covers, we are somehow legitimizing the dangerous lengths to which some will go for fame and “beauty”

There are so many REAL ISSUES in this world that NEED attention. Let’s try to take a moment to be grateful we are ALIVE.

You can text “HAITI” to 90999 to donate $10 to @RedCross relief efforts in #Haiti.

Nicely said!

What do you think about all this?

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122 thoughts on “Heidi Montag Gets 10 Plastic Surgeries, Emmy Rossum Has Something to Say”

  1. I thought Heidi was all right looking, but too fake for my taste. Now she just looks awful! She looks like a blow up doll! Emmy Rossum hit the nail on the head.

  2. Wow I would have not recognized her! She looks soo much different and uglier. I always liked her, ( minus her b❆❆b job she did have a very nice curvaceous body and an ok face) but now she looks fake and disgusts me!

  3. she’s only 23! why can’t girls just love themselves and accept the way they are?
    what are younger girls going to think when they see this?!

    just wow.

      • But still Casey, you can see why some might worry. Young, insecure girls may be reading the article in this magazine about a girl they watch on TV who is also insecure. They see how she chose to deal with it and how happy she seems with the aftermath of her decision, that may cause them to think plastic surgery is “okay.” Some people do not think it works this way but I have found that in many cases it does. Glamorizing plastic surgery is a very dangerous thing in my opinion and Heidi, being on a show targeted at pre-teens-young adults, should know better. It is her life and her decision to do what she wants with her body but you must admit it is not sending the right message. Plastic surgery should never be seen as a resolution to deeper emotional issues, in my opinion.

        • Perhaps, but I am not too worried about underage girls as they would have to get their parents’ permission to have plastic surgery done, and no parents in their right mind would allow their underage daughter to do what Heidi did to herself.

          As for young girls who are of age, if they still haven’t accepted themselves as they are and are desperate enough to consider surgery…I think the mere existence of plastic surgery and that people do it is enough to convince them to have it done. I mean, how many times have you heard of botched surgeries done outside of United States, and yet, women still flock to those doctors? These people don’t think rationally to begin with, and are usually set on plastic surgery, that I don’t think one article will make a big difference.

          I don’t think focus should shift to demonizing plastic surgery; sometimes plastic surgery is good, in the sense that it can really restore confidence. I think more focus should be spent on how to get young girls to accept themselves as they are. How that can be done, I don’t know. If I could, I would make everyone I know confident and proud of their bodies. But unfortunately, I cannot do that. But I think as a group we should do trial and error and see what works to make people feel good about themselves (like endorsing variety) and stop what doesn’t.

        • I don’t think young girls will want plastic surgery after looking at heidi, she looks like a giant fake barbie doll, ahe was prettier whaen she was natural. i actually think heidi’s plastic surgeries are a good thing because it proves to the world that natural is beautiful.

  4. Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are two of the most disgunting fame hungry self-centered people ever.
    I cannot believe them, everytime I see them on tv I just want someone to slap them in the face and tell them to wake up.
    I can’t even describe how these two just piss me off, they are crazyyyyyy and so shallow and superficial, they’re just grosss.
    Someone needs to tell them to shut up

  5. I can’t believe what she has done, she needs a shrink not a surgeon, it’s obvious she has a problem and i won’t be solved by plastic surgery, on the other hand I think a surgeon that does this kind of things should be illegal because he’s taking advantage of her mental problems, you can’t do 10 plastic surgeries to a girl who’s fine, you can’t make a girl look like a plastic doll it’s just insane. It’s not something to make fun of, she has a problem, you can’t tell to an anorexic girl “eat” so you can’t tell her to stop because she is obsessed and need helps, i just hope laws have more control about what a surgeon can do to a someone who has mental problems.

    • Anyway I think Emmy shouldn’t have said that, she is lucky and has a gorgeous face, nice body, talent skills and amazing voice, it’s very easy to say “There are so many REAL ISSUES in this world that NEED attention. Let’s try to take a moment to be grateful we are ALIVE”, ok so why don’t you quit Hollywood and go to Africa to help? Of course everybody is going to agree with her if she talks about going to help starving kids in Africa but that is just hypocrite from her. I don’t like Heidi but she has a problem, I hate when people like Emmy, Natalie Portman, Bar Refaeli etc say “beauty is not important”, well, you never had a problem with it, some people have big issues with her image body and face, so let’s all be honest.

      • Exactly! It’s easy to say that beauty isn’t important when you’re already comfortable with yourself, and they use that as an excuse to judge others. I’m not saying that plastic surgery is the answer but I imagine it must be a horrible life to live if you yourself look in the mirror and loathe your own appearance, despite what anyone says. My gosh everyone knows there are things more important than appearance yet people say such things as though they would readily give up their own. All I know is that we should be grateful if we don’t have a little voice in our heads telling us that we’re not good enough or that we would be so much happier with ourselves if we just fixed this one thing.

        • Omg I completely agree, Emmy’s comment really annoyed, she wouldn’t say to an ill anorexic “let’s think about REAL issues”, for a young girl like Heidi to have had so many surgeries she is clearly a very ill and vulnerable person.

          • I completely agree with all of you BUT I think Emmy was referring to people magazine for glamorizing plastic surgery more so than bashing Heidi for getting plastic surgery. I don’t think I would ever get plastic surgery although I do have my insecurities. But out of curiosity, would any of you girls get plastic surgery if you had the time and money to do so? We are all very quick to judge at times but do you think that any of you might feel the pressure and end up getting plastic surgery if you could? Just wondering. 🙂

          • Actually Emmy a) didn’t mention any names in her tweet. It was obvious who she was talking about if you’d seen the cover but she didn’t call anyone out personally b) she took issue with the magazine for putting it on the cover and thereby giving Heidi the attention she craves and reinforcing some of her psychological issues. Not Heidi herself for doing this c) This tweet did come just before Emmy tweeted about Haiti (hence the “lucky to be alive” statement

          • Mariah, to answer your question, I think for now I wouldn’t consider plastic surgery, but I don’t know about the future.

            I wouldn’t say I have “perfect” features, but somehow my imperfections balance themselves out and it works. I like my face as it is. The only thing I would change about it is smoothen the tiny bump I have on my nose, but that’s just nitpicking. I don’t know if I would actually do it if I had the chance. Probably not, because I hate post-op and I hate pain.

            But I don’t know how I’m going to age, and how I’m going to deal with aging. What if I wind up with extremely sagging and wrinkly skin? I might feel self conscious about it. It’s a difficult thing to answer. I think in a way, if a woman is already attractive, fine wrinkles can add to a woman’s beauty. But will my wrinkles be fine or gross? We’ll see.

        • I’ve always thought about getting a nose job, its a day to day thing for me. Sometimes it bothers me a lot, and then somedays like when I have a really good hair day I don’t even think about it. I figure if I’m that unsure I should probably just leave my face alone and focus on my hair…if that makes sense, lol

  6. no…i don’t believe it..i can’t believe that she has just done THAT to herself….
    seriously..i really really can’t understand…
    and i found her annoing&all….but this…i’m shocked..
    after all she had a cute face..now she just looks like a tranny..that’s sad

  7. I love Emmy Rossum! I agree with almost everything she said here. I don’t have an issue with cosmetic surgery itself, but, I think that the resources should be used to help people who don’t have ANY medical resources, first.

  8. I’d have to look at her before all the surgeries to really have an informed opinion. If she was ugly then I can’t see the harm in getting a bit of work done. Everyone wants to be accepted but some people just take that too far. I believe Sharon Osbourne once also proclaimed to be addicted to surgery.

      • Thanks for the links.

        She was a really nice and beatiful woman with a face you recognize in a second. Now she is a plastic barbie which could easily be, excuse my rudeness, a p—star.

        There is nothing special or interesting in her face any more. Ever wondered why women like Jennifer Aniston or Reese Witherspoon are so popular? They are no classic beauties but you instantly recognize them out of thousands of those Barbies.

        • Hm, looking at her before I can understand why she did it. She’s wasn’t unattractive but she’s not something you see in Hollywood either. Aniston and Witherspoon have both been accused of various surgeries as well. It’s really easy to stand in judgment when you haven’t experienced constant rejection based on your appearance. I know quite a few women who resorted to surgery to further their music careers. Sadly most of them did indeed find more success with bigger b❆❆bs or a different face. We live in a very superficial society. People don’t care about what you are or what you are saying for the most part. It’s all about image and fantasy. As for the comments toward this being just a minority-well, keep kidding yourself. There’s plenty of evidence which shows the better you look the easier it is to find a job, get promoted and you get paid more. Of course people are willing to risk death to further their lives. That’s nothing new. If you really want things like this to stop there has to be a fundamental shift in societal views and we all know it’s just not going to happen.

          • Do you really think that she was ugly before? She kinda looked like a pretty teen when she started “the Hills”.

            If she thinks, that looking like a p—star will enhance her career or compensate her insecurities, she will fall deep.

            When enhancing your breasts is your biggest talent, what is left for the future? There will be other young women with bigger breasts.

            I don’t think that she had to do this in order to succeed in business. You can tone your body, you maybe also can have a nosejob to look prettier. But you cannot obey to a business, which destroys your hole identity.

          • “I didn’t say she was ugly. I said her look wouldn’t get far in hollywood.”

            Not necessarily true, there are plenty of women who’ve made it in Hollywood that are similar to her in looks, or could be considered not as good looking as her. Sigourney Weaver is one that comes to mind. Unfortunately, people tend to only think that a female performer’s looks are more important than her talent, especially the female performer herself. Heidi did NOT need these surgeries to get ahead in Hollywood, she needed a different career path, one that didn’t focus more on looks than talent. Don’t know how talented she is, but I’m willing to bet that if she didn’t get casted in superficial shows she whould have a bit less criticism thrown at her looks and people would have been more focused on her talent. Going back to Sigourney Weaver, yea she’s been criticised for her looks, but the movies and such she’s done focused on her talent so she went far. Heidi, not so much, I would imagine.

          • As to “not something you see in Hollywood”, actually, she resembles Blake Lively in her “before” pictures, and Blake’s gotten some good roles and good press.

          • @Ann
            No, you didn’t call her ugly. I just wanted to say that she was a good looking woman, who would never need plastic surgery.

            I agree with you.

          • “Not necessarily true, there are plenty of women who’ve made it in Hollywood that are similar to her in looks, or could be considered not as good looking as her. Sigourney Weaver is one that comes to mind.”

            This isn’t the 80’s and really Heidi doesn’t look anything like Lively IMHO. Heidi has always traded off her butt. It has to look it’s best. it can’t be “unique”. It has to be the standard. For ever Weaver, I can show you 10 Megan Fox’s.

          • Ann, I also stated if she had gotten into a less superficial career field of Hollywood, her looks would be less of an issue. You also are focusing only on the looks department of Hollywood, and I was pointing out that there are more to women in H’wood than how they look. As for the “this isn’t the ’80’s” comment, Anne Hathaway doesn’t have conventional good looks when it comes to her face, but look at how far she’s gotten too. America Ferrera, Hillary Swank, Julia Roberts, Kiera Knightley, Uma Thurman, are a few more recent actresses that aren’t necessarily conventionally “pretty” either.

            Also, IMO, Megan Fox isn’t really that facially attractive either, so it wouldn’t prove YOUR point if you showed me a plethora of Meg’s, it would prove my point more to me 😛

          • “Anne Hathaway doesn’t have conventional good looks when it comes to her face”

            Yes she does have conventionally good looking features-that’s if one knows what the conventions are.
            Her nose is a bit long but generally speaking she fits the conventions quite well.

            “America Ferrera”

            Plays character roles and I doubt she will get much work beyond Ugly Betty.

            “Julia Roberts, Kiera Knightley, Uma Thurman”

            All standard good looking white women. They are not offensive or “funny” looking.

            Here’s the thing: You keep bringing up non-hollywood careers. This girl isn’t going to peruse them. Therefore it is pointless to bring them up. For what she “does” (which is little more than camerawhoring) surgery is a damn good idea. She isn’t going to be discussed for anything other than her looks, her dumb husband and their stupid stunts. She knows that so she’s playing that harp while she can.

          • All the women I brought up work in Hollywood, they’ve done movies and such, if that isn’t Hollywood, than I don’t know what is. And no, they really aren’t “standard looking white women”, especially Kiera Knightly with her “lantern” jaw(sorry, don’t mean to be offensive with that, but she does have a big jaw area, and that’s how I’ve always seen that type of jawline described). And BTW, I never said they were offensive or funny looking, I just said they weren’t conventional, they each have distinctive features that some would see as too strong and/or unappealing, but that doesn’t mean I was calling them offensive or funny looking.

          • @fluffykins

            Sarah Jessica Parker is another that comes to mind that isn’t exactly attractive, but had a very successful acting career.

            However, I don’t think Heidi is as talented as Sarah, and therefore she has to rely on looks more to make up for lack of talent.

          • ann, you said heidi wasn’t going to peruse non-hollywood carreers but if you ever watched the show you’d know heidi’s dream is in PR not hollywood so it shouldn’t really matter whether her looks would take her far in hollywood, she’s just seriously messed up.

  9. I don’t understand the chin job. That made her distinctive and cute before. Now she just looks plain. Emmy Rossum is amazingly gorgeous and doesn’t need plastic surgery and probably never will so she isn’t really one to talk. I do completely agree with what she said though.

    • I kinda agree about the Emmy Rossum – she was born beautiful and probably grew up with people falling all over her, she probably has never had the experience that Heidi has had (or claims).

      Aside from that, Heidi looks absurd, although a lot of the stuff she’s had that had major impact on her appearance is REVISION surgery..

      Her nose job before was very obvious and blocky, and her boobs.. well, they were TOO big before, and she revised them and now they much much too large. The chin, well, …

      I think she looks like that Heffner girl… what was her name? Holly something…

      But Botox at 23? And a brow lift? Lipo? Didn’t she release a fitness video??

      I think its all for attention, as does everybody else…

  10. Heidi Montag no longer looks like herself … she looks “older” after the surgeries! She is 23 but looks much older. She should have stopped after the first rhinoplasty and breast augmentation. Now her nose looks all sorts of wonky (look at her nostrils) and the new sized DDD b❆❆bs are much too big. See the pictures in People magazine, she looks so different. I guess that’s what 10 cosmetic procedures will do for a person!

  11. Dear Emmy Rossum MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS and before people jump down my throat here’s why!!!!!
    I wouldn’t necessary consider myself an advocate for plastic surgery but I don’t mind when people who get plastic surgery are going in to get subtle changes to their appearance which in the long run will boost their self confidence and make the person feel a lot better about themselves. It’s really easy to wag your finger at somebody when you’ve never walked a mile in their shoes. From personal experience especially during teenage years it takes a while for people to grow in to their looks and become comfortable with them. NEVERTHELESS back to the topic I feel like Plastic Surgery gets such a bad rap in general because people get it for the wrong reasons such as wanting to look like their favorite star, wanting to get famous AND whether they get it for these reasons or the aforementioned unfortunately so most people around 60-75 percent end up getting another procedure done in less than a year which can lead to getting excessive plastic surgery when not needed.

    And as for Heidi I cannot believe people magazine put someone on their cover who has Body Dysmorphic Disorder on their cover just so that they can be the first ones to report her “exclusive” study. Even though BDD does not have the severity of anorexia or bulimia because anorexia or bulemia is self inflicted BDD is still on the rise. Heidi looked cute the first season of The Hills then like most girls who move to LA she got caught in that “Hollywood Lifestyle”. This cover really upsets me.

    • Emmy wasn’t attacking anyone for getting surgery. She was expressing her dissapointment at people who use surgery to gain fame and notoriety.

      I totally agree with her – I’m not going to judge someone for getting plastic surgery but I hate it when celebrities like Heidi make it seem so simple & everyday.

      You are risking your life when you go under the knife so it better not be taken lightly.

  12. Now she looks like a typical implanted, injected, lipo’d overly blonde Hollywood mom.

    Maybe she can get on the Real Houswife’s of Orange County!

    Congrats Heidi, way to make yourself look 10 years older and even more pathetic!

    She was sooooooooo pretty a few years ago, and MUCH younger looking. I would think it’d be sad to look in the mirror and no longer recognize yourself. To look at family pictures and no longer look like that person. So sad. 🙁 I think she will seriously regret this someday.

  13. to me this is just sad. when i heard this story it made me feel so sad for her. i have never liked heidi, but she clearly has problems that she needs help for. how anyone could think they need 10 cosmetic procedures at the age of 23 is beyond my comprehension. If i ever told my husband i was thinking about having all that surgery, he would call my parents and stage an intervention. I sincerely hope she gets the help she needs

  14. HAHA FAKE!

    She makes me wanna vomit.

    What makes this comment funnier is as I am typing it, a pop-up for “PLASTIC SURGERY” just came up.

    Its a demon. I can understand if its for healthy reasons, but not to make yourself look like a fake. Please.

  15. This is terribly sad, she is so painfully insecure and stuck inside her little bubble of “me, me, ME!”. She will continue to search for perfection and she will never find it. Unless she develops herself as a person mentally and spiritually she will always be empty and searching for happiness. I feel bad for her family, that they are seeing their daughter do this to herself, what a shame.

  16. i don’t know why, but her post-plastic surgery look reminds me a lot of holly madison (from ‘the girls next door’). am i the only one getting this vibe?

    • Holly had a ton of surgery too. I do get the playboy vibe from these pictures. It’s hilarious considering this woman is always going on about how she is so christian. There is an interview in which she speaks with conspiracy king Alex Jones and she just goes on and on about the 2nd coming of Christ and how she won’t take a microchip. Why the hell not? She’s got gallons of silicone in her already. I don’t think a bit more would hurt her.

      But you know, this is like yelling at a dog for being a dog. This woman trades off her face. Of course she has to be perfect. She’s no fool, she knows that. As for this being a selfish thing-Her husband is just as bad as she is and encouraged her to get her first b❆❆b job. Her family isn’t any better.

  17. what a duh dough brain!!! she must was picked on in high school or something and has some serious self esteem issues. i think she needs help. i didnt see nothing wrong with her b❆❆bs even though they were fake or her chin. im suprised she didnt get butt implants. shes worse then kim kardashian. and its sad cuz Heidi doesnt look any better. Heidi Klum looks better than her and shes had 4 kids.

  18. Well, first off, Heidi looks a lot worse than she used to. No, it’s not because she looks like Barbie or fake. Barbie is attractive; Heidi was closer to Barbie before the plastic surgery. She looks weird/tranny-ish now.

    Second, 10 procedures in a day? No, more like 3, and the others being accompanying procedures that you would do anyway to make sure the other 3 are done properly. Good for People magazine to exaggerate such a claim…hope no woman actually tries to get 10 procedures done in a day.

    Third, for every Heidi Montag there is an Emmy Rossum…one cashes in on doing plastic surgery, the other cashes in on criticizing those who get plastic surgery. There doesn’t seem to be any sincerity in her worries. Way to take advantage of someone else’s issues.

    And finally, I wouldn’t say that Heidi has body dysmorphic disorder…that would require that she thinks she’s deformed. I don’t think she ever thought she was deformed, she just wanted to look better than she did.

    She may be suffering from other mental disorders, especially those to do with perfection, but I don’t know, this doesn’t seem to be a mental issue…this seems to be an issue of someone who has too much money and not enough brains.

    • I don’t think she was so much criticising Heidi as she was criticising People magazine for putting this story on the cover. She wasn’t really putting her down, she just didn’t want her influencing girls who might have low self esteem. Reading stories like this could make surgery seem like a good option when it is actually very dangerous. People die getting plastic surgery all the time so I think it is important for people to speak out against it.

    • I agree that Barbie is pretty and she does not look like Barbie – I meant (or better said, I assumed) that The Barbie Look was the look she was going for (not that it actually succeeded).

      • Oh Versus,

        I wasn’t criticizing your use of the word “Barbie” to describe her. I was just saying that in my opinion, she’s not even fake/plastic pretty. Megan Fox would be plastic pretty/Barbie-ish. Heidi to me simply looks weird.

    • Body Dysmorphic disorder has nothing to do with believing you are actually deformed. It’s a serious preoccupation with percieved flaws in your appearance – it is exactly what Heidi was suffering from. She may have had a slightly larger chin and nose that what is considered perfection but she was still a beautiful girl. She become obsessed by insignificant flaws. It’s unhealthy to focus on things like that, none of us a perfect.

      • ” It’s a serious preoccupation with percieved flaws in your appearance”

        …That’s the same as thinking you are deformed? It was just a simpler way to put it. I know what it is. People with BDD don’t think their flaws or features are normal…it’s exaggerated in their minds. Heidi really doesn’t have the symptoms of BDD.

        It’s also very rare for it to manifest itself as being concerned about general apperance…usually it’s about a specific feature. All of Heidi’s surgeries seem pretty stereotypical Hollywood surgeries…boob job, lipo, nose job, botox…doesn’t seem to be any previous preoccupation, like let’s say with one’s arm.

        • Also to add, Heidi is a celebrity…she’s in the media. She gets her picture taken constantly. She does photoshoots. Voluntarily. This is all behavior uncharacteristic of people suffering from BDD, as they typically think they are too hideous to do such things and will be made fun of. Heidi could be some amazing exception but really, she just doesn’t seem to have the symptoms.

  19. WHY?!!!??? WHY HEIDI???!!! i though heidi was waaay prettier than lauren conrad on the first season of the hills (sorry lauren fans) but then she had a little plastic surgery, and i was all like, ok fine if that’s what she wants then go for it. but this is beyond crazy. she was a pretty girl before. why would she do this? is that terribly insecure?

  20. I used to hate Heidi, now I just pity her. It must be really hard to know you have absolutley nothing to offer so the only way you can gain noteriety is through idiotic stunts and shocking physical transformations.

  21. Oh Emmy, my dear Emmy. If they gave out Emmys for common sense, lol, you deserve a good five hanging up in your house. She is absolutely, undeniably correct. She’s not directly saying or insinuating anything unreasonable here.

    She’s saying that any surgery, that includes plastic surgery, is dangerous. Yep, check.

    It says something about your character when you use a plastic surgery story to up your “star”. Yep, check.

    It’d be pretty darn good if women returned to accepting their bodies instead of nipping and tucking every little imperfection. Yep, check.

    Anyone can give their opinion on the matter, so Emmy speaking her mind on the issue is no dif than Heidi being a poster girl for plastic surgery and telling every girl who isn’t satisfied with something to make themselves “the best they can be.” I really don’t care whether or not Heidi wants to turn herself into a mannequin. What she does with her body is not my business, but I do know that people in the spotlight make an impression on the minds of young AND old, so her being plastered on the cover of the magazine will not be a positive thing, but instead make one too many chics out there go, “Geeze, I never really liked this 3.5cm bit of fat on my big toe.” At the end of the day, it’s sad that she was so dissatisfied with herself that her idea of “bettering herself” wasn’t staying fit, eating healthy, and making her God-given features the best they could naturally be. She instead chose to mold herself into something she thought was better. Sadly, the surgeries won’t end here. Watch, observe, and learn, people.

  22. some interesting things i picked up from reading some articles on this…heidi says she feels like a “norwegian goddess” now post-op. what does that even mean? what does a norwegian goddess look like?! so confused.

    here’s another photo from the spread, which i found on the huffington post blog. it also lists what operations exactly she had done:


    i feel like she looks even more like holly madison in the picture in that spread. but when i look @ holly madison i don’t see much semblance…i’m guessing it must be what ann said, just a playboy vibe haha. 🙂

    • to add on — after looking @ that spread more closely…i’d be really interested in seeing an unphotoshopped picture of heidi post-op. i can’t imagine how many scars she must have now from the alleged lipo and butt augmentation.

    • thanks for that picture/link christine.

      heidi has serious issues, plain and simple. her first problem is that f–king terrible ‘husband’ of hers. spencer is an AWFUL influence on her. i’m no expert, but she really must have body dysmorphic disorder.

      she used to be such a pretty girl, and now she looks disgusting.


      because the before and after pictures look EXTREMELY touched up. if anything, they are the same picture, the one on the right has just been photoshopped to display the ‘surgeries’ and even the cover photo looks like the ‘after’ photo with a pink dress photoshopped on!!!!

  23. Maybe she was self consious about her long face. I know some girls get their chin done because of that… maybe after the b❆❆bs it just spawned from there. She wants to be a famous blonde hollywood hottie, but plastic surgery wont give you that.

    Blake lively is someone who is much more natural – Heidi should take notes from her. Blake is very natural looking.

    • natural indeed with her definite nosejob, and possible b❆❆b job. But atleast she never talks to magazines about it. At least they’re hopefully both comfortable with themselves, that’s what matters :/

  24. This has convinced me NEVER to get surgery done. My nose has always had a bump and a sort of hooked end, and I’ve been teased (in a friendly way) about it. But I would NEVER want to lose my features. They’re my identity. Why would I do that willingly?

    And VERSUS, why are you urging us to buy this pathetic excuse for a magazine? Are you getting something for the incentive?

    It’s glorifying 10 procedures in a day (exagerating the number, like more would be better) where surgery is one of the most DANGEROUS thing you can do. Anesthesia can be FATAL. And the more time you stay under, the more dangerous it is.

    Actually, it’s not really promoting anything, they’re just putting that in a good light to create controversy to sell more. Delicate young minds be damned.

    If I were you, I’d ask the readers of this blog to BOYCOTT the buying of the magazine, for its despicable behaviour.

    • I am not urging you to buy this magazine – Those are THEIR words, not mine. I PASTED their article. It’s a quote, it’s the article from People Magazine (like I specified), not something I said. I find it off that I have to explain that?!

      “Are you getting something for the incentive?” – Are you serious? If you are, I am truly offended. I would never promote (and worse, cash in on) something which stands against my values.

      Did you even read my article? MY WORDS, I mean – I was clearly and undoubtedly against the magazine and against what Heidi did and I would never encourage anyone under any circumstance to plastify themselves. Sometimes I put role-models on the site, but sometimes I post the exact opposite and I make sure I say my CON opinion. This was a clear “What NOT to Do” Post.

      • My apologies, I didn’t realise it was a quote. On second reading, I concurr, I have no idea why I thought what I did initially. *now I feel bad*

    • Are you well, girl?
      Can’t you see that Versus just posted People Magazine’s article? How is she responsible for what THEY say? It’s in quotations!
      She is obviously against the whole thing, so what are you dreaming??

  25. tho i don’t like what has she done to herself i understand the part w/ the “high school ppl picking on her that made her that self conscious since then” i know how it feels
    but i think she still looked too pretty to be picked on then..

    • ‘tho i don’t like what has she done to herself i understand the part w/ the “high school ppl picking on her that made her that self conscious since then” i know how it feels
      but i think she still looked too pretty to be picked on then..’

      I guess it just goes to show that, even if you’re attractive, nasty people will scrutinise you for flaws and attack you for that.

      I don’t know if being picked on in school is enough to justify all of this insecurity and obsession (from what she said herself) with plastic surgery. I was harassed so much in school and even physically attacked more than once and yet I’m not running to the plastic surgeon to turn into what my bullies would have found more attractive. That would mean they have won: they would’ve pushed me into a choice because of their actions and not because of my own desires.

      • Sorry about quoting you even though I’m underneath you! When I pressed ‘reply’ it jumped to the bottom when it never did before, so I thought something was wrong.

  26. how can her chin be reduced? it looks larger now then before o_O

    she’s sooooooooooo stupid stupid stupid!!
    she was such a nice girl in the beginning, how can a douche like spencer change a person so drastically >.<

  27. Her body looked so nice before. Why liposuction at all? Plus: Neck liposuction??
    Her nose looks very overdone. I do not have any experience with plastic surgery, but I wonder how her body can stand all this.
    Anyhow, instead of having something done, I would like Heidi to do something, like drawing a nice picture or writing an interesting philosophic essay.
    It seems that she has forgotten a certain something in the upper head area that can do georgeous things even without silicone.

  28. I think there is no doctor, at least a doctor with a degree and medical licence, that would perform 10 plastic surgeries in one day. It’s a trick to sell more copies of her album.

    The thing is that in a week where the whole planet is devastated watching the tragedy in Haiti, you don’t put something so stupid on your cover!

  29. I’m going to get attacked for this, oh well:

    WHO CARES!! Who friggin cares if she gets plactis surgery? its her damn life and her ugly face and her body and she can do whatever the hell she wants with it, and the only stupid thing is that people are dumb enough to indulge in this materialistic hollywood magazine circulation crap and complain, complain, complain about what they read. YOU are the ones that are funding her surgeries, then complaining about it when she speaks out about it. Who even knows for sure if those are her words?

    And I’m not defending her either, I hate her. I just want to give people a good slappin’ and remind them that image should not be the basis of judgement, and you also shouldn’t believe everything you read in your “people” and “ok” magazines and so on. Better yet, don’t read them! I hate this era.

  30. she’s pathetic and i have no idea why she’s advertising all the surgery (aside from the obvious publicity). most people would be ashamed of having all that work done.

    on the other hand, i hate it when beautiful people judge those who get surgery. it’s so easy to say you’re against plastic surgery when you’re beautiful. try being ugly for just one day and then we can talk. so although emmy rossum is probably right, she has *no* idea what it’s like to be ugly and should probably keep her mouth shut.

  31. I bet she did most of this for her ridiculously controlling, half-arsed husband. That isn’t a criticism of Heidi, by the way, Spencer is a total prat and although on The Hills his behaviour will have been exaggerated, he is SO controlling. I’m willing to bet that he added to her self-esteem issues that led her to believe that she needs all that surgery. I’m not sticking up for Heidi, per se, but I’m pretty sure Spencer had a lot to do with this, and if his controlling behaviour is anything like that of my last ex, well, I can understand why her esteem would have dropped so much. So she annoys me, and I doubt I’d get on with her if I met her, but I won’t deny that she was naturally pretty and ‘cute’ before. She did not need all this ridiculous surgery. Her b❆❆bs in particular already looked too big for her frame, I dread to think how she’ll look in a bikini now. Her face was much prettier before as well, she looks far less attractive now, she does look a bit ‘tranny-ish’. Not that there’s anything wrong with transsexuals, but, well, Heidi isn’t one…

    • i agree 100% — i believe spencer is behind this because he’s a sick individual who will do anything for fame and money — neither of which he deserve. he needs to be locked up somewhere so heidi can be alone and figure herself out!

  32. it really rubs me the wrong way when celebrities criticize each other. They are all rich beyond believe, and extremely superficial to boot. I don’t think we can say that one celebrity is morally superior to another, although Emmy Rossum would surely disagree with that. The fact that Heidi has undergone multiple costmetic procedure doesn’t preclude her from paying attention to the crisis in Haiti. Plus, this article doesn’t appear to be legitimizing plastic surgery, it seems to kind of poke fun at Heidi and even potentially make us feel sorry for her. Personally, i feel really bad for someone like Heidi who is so insecure about their looks, it must be a miserable existence to be so unhappy with oneself!

  33. this is really sad. Once people start getting plastic surgery they will never be able to go back to what they originally looked like. I feel bad for her because she has such a horrible addiction. I just hope she doesn’t take it any further than she already has.

  34. Emmy Rossum is completely right. Heidi is the least of any of our concerns and is far from my thoughts to begin with. If she wants to look like a crazy melting faced lady when she is 30, thats fine with me.

    There are more important things to think about at this moment.

  35. She looks like a homogenized sex bot. Literally like a gf robot some lonely scientist would design. I still can’t believe that those 2 girls are the same. Heidi was very pretty and human before. I hope one day you get out of Spencer Pratt’s shadow and grow ur own backbone and sense of beauty.

  36. cant belive she did this to her self,
    she was a gorgeus girl from before!(when she first started)
    and then she did a little plastic, but it wasnt sutch a huge transformantion (boobs + nose, which is pretty commen in hollywood//california!

    but now? its over rated!!!!

    I particiially blame people!!!who made her complex worse, like sayn shee got a “jay leno chin or whatever”. we get ur jealous, shes living life, but stop hatin SSHE WAS NEEVER UGLY! neverr!

    its kinda sad, her friend lauren dont give a rats a– bout her
    and her looser husband is a freak, her family backin off? no wonder this happped.

    dump that asswhole, get some therapy, get some new friends!
    get over this wannae hollywood s—t, cus it aint worth it!

    this is my opnion though so dont tripp

  37. As ridiculous as I find Heidi … Emmy should not be pointing fingers as she had work done herself. Albeit, more … ‘subtle.’

  38. Was she trying to look like a man? OL
    i think its okay getting one small nose job or smth like that but to change your entire face is ridiculous, theres no best heidi in that, there is no heidi anymore
    haah i didn evenknow who she was untill i read this but shes on of those hills girls right

  39. I think the surgery made her look like an old, and very bitter p— star. She looks like an old woman, that tried to get a face lift. She just turned herself into the worlds youngest “Cougar” faced woman. It needed to be said, love me or hate me…at least I’m honest.

  40. Amarige, where did you hear about that?
    You guys are ridiculous. Emmy has no right to speak out because she’s pretty? Of a less fortunate-looking girl said somethong, every response would be ‘Why is she saying that when she could use it?’ It’s ridiculous.

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