Heidi Montag Makes Post-Plastic Surgery Debut

Heidi Montag Makes Post-Plastic Surgery Debut 1

Heidi Montag walked the red carpet for the first time since her plastic surgery 2 days ago at PURE Nightclub – her bust is really, really big, but her face doesn’t look as dramatically different as I originally thought.

Heidi Montag Makes Post-Plastic Surgery Debut 2

Heidi mentioned that her plastic surgery journey will continue – from People Magazine:

Heidi Montag will be getting more plastic surgery – just not anytime soon.

“Eventually”, she says, “for maintenance.”

The MTV star, who has been a lightning rod since undergoing 10 procedures in one day, is thrilled with her new look, saying Saturday that it was “the best decision I’ve ever made.”

“My favorite part, I think one of them is my chin. I think that’s what I was so excited about,” Montag, 23, said at a party Saturday at Las Vegas’s Pure Nightclub. “And I love my boobs but I still want to improve. … I didn’t get them as big as I originally wanted.”

As for her husband Spencer Pratt, 26, his favorite part of his wife wasn’t touched by surgeons – it’s her hair. “It keeps growing so beautifully and naturally,” he says.

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Heidi Montag Makes Post-Plastic Surgery Debut 3

Heidi Montag Makes Post-Plastic Surgery Debut 4

Heidi Montag Makes Post-Plastic Surgery Debut 5

148 thoughts on “Heidi Montag Makes Post-Plastic Surgery Debut”

  1. Well she doesn’t look as bad as I thought she did (at least I can recognize her on these pictures) but somehow she looks kind of scary… something about her nose/mouth part… It freaks me out!

    • I agree you can tell it’s her, but she looks off.

      What people don’t realize is altering facial features you are born with often throws out a natural balance you don’t even realise you have. When you change things the balance is gone, and gives a strange look.

      It’s like a subconscious message to your brain that the person you’re looking at isn’t quite right, without being able to say what exactly it is.

      There are exceptions of course (I used to work for a plastic surgeon, and saw a couple of wonderful rhinoplasties which gave the person a nose they could have been born with – a life changer for some people).

      • Hasn’t she had 2 rhinos? Her nose doesn’t look as small and refined as I thought it would.

        I thought that after 10 procedures that Heidi would have a bigger, better change than this.

        • There is something so off about her nose. It is like someone cut a PVC pipe in half and smacked it in the middle of her face. It neither looks refined nor small…just odd.

    • She WAS beautiful. She looks fake and distorted in her face. Her cheeks even look bigger and squarish. She was gorgeous. More times than not, natural is the key. I believe in plastic surgery for cancer patients or malformities or accidents like a broken nose. People become obsessed. Like a bad haircut sometimes people keep gapping it up making it worse. This is truly sad for this young woman. It use to be more common for the older people, now the young people are making themselves look older and more fake/plastic looking(LITERALLY)

  2. Wow!!! She looks horrible, the surgery has aged her!! man! its like her face fell after those initial pictures, now its settled down and looks BAD!!! poor girl….

  3. 🙁
    Her smile doesn’t look right. Her face still looks kind of puffy and you can’t even see her teeth when she smiles 🙁 She had a beautiful smile before. It’s soooo sad to see this. Her chin looks BIGGER than before IMO, it’s rounded but it’s BIG and rounded and more masculine looking!

    BTW, I also just read that after her 2nd playboy shoot she’s going to go back under the knife for bigger breast. NOT GOOD!

        • lol. you’re right. its mean really but she asked for it when she started ruining her face. she’s never ugly to begin with. when i saw the first pic, she looks like what you said but also she looked if anything more like a drag queen imposter who’s trying to pass of as heidi montag. the chin does look bigger. she looks manly.

          • I never say things like this about those who are naturally ugly :). That would be cruel. But she was cute! She was so cute and she completely destroyed everything I once liked about her.

  4. She looks terrible. And this is judging from photos! Seeing videos of her is much scarier- static images don’t convey just how frightening she is. I can’t imagine just how awful the work must look like in life! Plastic surgery is always far more apparent in reality. It’s so easy to pick who has had their nose done, their lips plumped, their faces ‘lifted’. Getting work is defientely not something I condone because it rarely, if ever, looks natural.

  5. Wow, she looks very different than she did in the first set of post plastic surgery pics. On one hand its better because she looks closer to how she naturally looks and on the other she just looks weird and messy for some reason. In the other post surgery pics she looked very fake and somewhat freaky but her face looked symmetrical and her lips didn’t look so weird when she smiled or talked, she also looks way older here like she added 10-15 years to her age. Ugh and her b❆❆bs look ridiculous on her tiny body. I feel bad about what she has done to herself it is honestly a terribly sad situation and none of us know what she is going through inside that is causing her to do this to herself.

  6. hahaha, ironic that Spencer’s favorite thing about her is her ‘natural’ hair…. pretty sure that is just about the only natural thing left to her.
    She looks horrible.

    • I was thinking the exact same thing!
      I was also thinking is he sarcastic when he says that? I.E he hates her surgeries and now loves the only natural thing about her?
      Poor girl. She must really hate herself for doing this to herself. And to think she is happy with that chin? I would have hated to have a chin like that- it just looks “off”.

      • nah she used to wear extensions but she said in an interview (season 5 filming) that she was gonna let it keep growing naturally.
        this actually makes me so sad. I thought she was beautiful before, such a sweet and natural face. even after her first surgery i was shocked but now its like, wow. she looks like a different person. something looks off. dunno how to describe it.

        i hope she stops here, avoid looking like cat lady.
        she has a husband that loves her, a family that really cares about her, its beyond me that she cant love herself the way she was made.

  7. I’m probably in the minority here, but I actually like her chest. Sure, it’s huge and obviously not natural, but she’s never pretended it was and she is clearly going for the un-proportional exaggerated look. I don’t think everything has to look like you were born with it to look attractive and it certainly makes her more of an hourglass!

  8. this really saddens me. poor girl. spencer is laughable ‘her hair keeps growing naturally…’ ummm…im guessing…actually we all KNOW it aint completely natural (dyed blonde). though there is NOTHING wrong with dying your hair blonde and there is NOTHING wrong with brunette hair either…to say its natural is a bit stupid.

  9. I’m 23 as well; saturday i went to an over 21 only club and they asked for my id; no one will ask hers, that’s sure. Ok, maybe just to make sure she is alive and not a zombie… eesh, girl needs help.

    • Actually, they will check her ID. You can get hefty fines if someone is caught in your bar without an ID. In the state I live in it’s 1500 dollars per offense. Only an idiot would let someone in without an ID.

      • I’m of legal drinking age but I do look much younger than my actual age, like around 18. If I go to the grocery store or chain restaurants, I’ll probably get carded. But anywhere else, I don’t get carded. Most higher-class restaurants and clubs have a “Look the other way” policy when it comes to carding as long as the people look remotely 21. At least here, because law enforcement has much bigger worries than cracking down on serving alcohol to minors.

        • That’s their ass. The law is the law and it’s not cops who enforce it in this case. It’s local ABC/Liquor boards. You get busted and you pay. You can also have your license revoked. “Higher Class” my butt, more like lower intelligence. Liquor licenses are expensive. We are talking thousands of dollars upfront. No one with sense is going to risk that kind of money just to make people feel better about their looks.

          • I don’t think she is really saying that they shouldn’t card her and shouldn’t be more careful about it she is simply saying that in her experience they don’t. I am not of legal drinking age and I have been to 21+ places and have not been carded either which I think is surprising as well, you would think they would be more careful because liquor licenses are very expensive.

          • Yeah that’s what I was saying. It’s naive to think most places don’t serve underage customers because the truth is, most do. Hell when I was younger I’ve personally admitted to being underage to bartenders before and they still served me. They just cut you off sooner. It’s a huge problem because no one is regulating what restaurants do.

            But to bring this back to Heidi, she’s definetly not going to get carded very often.

          • you must live in a really small town where people actually give two s—s about it. i live in nyc and i am originally from la.. no one ever cards at hip fancy restaurants and they hardly ever do at the little corner liquor stores. there are much more pressing problems in america than underage drinking and that was hardly the point that Uma was trying to make. way to get absurdly off topic, ann.

  10. I’m surprised by Spencer’s comment… his favorite part of his wife is her hair because it grows naturally? Poor guy, that’s the only natural part you found? Sorry to ruin it for you, but it doesn’t really grow that color.

  11. «woahh i’m not a fan at all of her huge breasts..she annoys me at a certain level! We shouldn’t even pay attention to her..she doesn’t deserve it! And she got all the money to do her pathetic surgeries with The Hills I guess..while doing nothing special..and even her hair are fake ! Spencer said it grow naturally but she got extensions..ironic?

  12. wow surgery has aged her!! instead of being apart of young hollywood she looks like she should be on the real house wives of L.A!!

  13. I feel very sorry for this attention w***e.
    Not only does she not realize her music is worst than Britney Spears’, she is also convinced that turning her god-given breasts into over sized cannons is attractive.

    I can’t imagine paying someone to limit my ability to smile.

  14. Why is she so oily looking? She looks terrible. She is really going to look terrible when she’s in her 30’s and 40’s! I don’t understand why people so this to themselves. Her cheeks look so out of place and her chin has a weird bump on the bottom that makes it look bigger than before.

      • I don’t know if I’d go THAT far….I think we all do certain things because society makes it acceptable if not commends us for it (wearing make up and heels etc).

        • well said Londra. I see what you mean about weak minds Vicky, but i just think its everywhere! and i think when girls constantly get bombarded with that image the more attractive it becomes and the more you want to be that way…as silly as it sounds. its not just the media…its now society as well

  15. She actually doesn’t look as different as she first did with the surgery. She almost looks the same, except slightly rougher and not remotely pretty anymore. Any charm she once had in her face is gone, in the second photo you can really tell. The places on her face where she got surgery look frozen and rigid, and it shows all over her face. Basically the surgery was a waste, it just aged her and made her weird looking.

    • Exactly! On top of that she just looks messy especially in that second pic, her features look weird and frozen and just do not look right. I think she looks so much worse than before. I never thought of her as ever being extremely pretty but she was a cute girl and she has ruined that completely!

    • Agreed 100%.

      And her hair looks awful! I have no idea what Spencer is talking about – it looks completely dead and fake. It looks like the hair on a barbie.

  16. wow i’m shocked that she doesn’t look like all of the photos in the magazine at all. she looks more like the original heidi with super wide chin AND old! weird…

  17. I’ll be 100% honest: She looks awful. She looks very masculine and a lot older. Her brow area looks very odd. She looks a lot like she did after the first couple of surgeries, except somehow a lot worse. Those 10 procedures were a huge, huge mistake in my opinion. I agree completely with Alias.

  18. I can’t tell for sure, but did she gain weight? or are huge breasts giving the illusiono of a larger upper body? That would be a shame, because she had a great hip to waist ratio before.

  19. I wonder how many people saying that are saying she looks horrible are actually saying it because she looks bad and not because they have something against plastic surgery…I mean, girl can’t win. She was called ugly, masculine and horrible before surgery, after her nose job, and now again.

    In my opinion, she looks better now. She still looks like Heidi with a few different facial features. However, she will never look quite as good as “natural beauties” because there are some things that plastic surgery cannot fix. I don’t like her breasts though…if she wanted breast implants she should have went a little smaller like she used to have them.

    • Speaking as someone who has nothing at all against plastic surgery, I truly think she looks terrible and looked much better before. I think the second picture depicts what she actually looks like when not perching her lips and posing. I think plastic surgery can end up looking great but this looks like a mess in my opinion. She doesn’t even look as extremely different as I thought, it seems that all she did was take away any character she had in her face and add about 10-15 years onto her appearance. I never thought she looked bad before and never knew anyone said that about her I just think she went from a cute girl to looking harsh, fake and just messy! I feel bad saying it and I really never think anyone is ugly I can find beauty in anyone but I think it is heartbreaking that she took away the natural appeal she once had.

      • Mariah I agree completely. Casey I understand what you mean though, but I truly think she looks worse now then before. I never thought she was “pretty”, but she was indeed a cute, average fresh faced girl (in my opinion), but now she has a (and I feel bad saying this) “druggie-s—ky” look to her.

        She hasn’t even changed that much, but still – there is an eeriness to her features (like her nose for example, it just looks weird), even her smile, she can barely smile because her face is so rigid and full of plastic. Her eyebrows looks VERY weird also, I think her eyebrow area is a major part that ages her, it looks so stiff and like she can’t move her face or show emotion.

        Everything Mariah said I agree completely, and genuinely. Nothing about her face looks natural or attractive anymore, and it’s really sad.

    • Ethics aside from an un-believer in cosmetic surgery, Heidi would have looked great if her surgeon would have simply re-built her jaw to be rounder and narrower — and no botox, facial or breast implants, or liposuction she’ll regret when she turns 35 and looks like a walking skeleton with no subcutaneous fat.

    • i see what you’re saying and i do agree but i know people say she looked better when she was natural than all the surgeries she’s done. hell i didn’t think she was all that ugly when she first came around but what made her great is that she had a great personality and was a great friend to lauren, at the time she was. hell her last breast surgery was better than what she has now. they look nasty and she looks like a p— star.

  20. wow, her face looks really bad! Im not gonaa lie.. to me, although her body may be extremely fake.. it still looks p—star hot.. the face is wrong on so many levels, she is uglier than before!

  21. She looks so old now.

    Poor Heidi; I feel very sorry for her. It’s sad that she wanted to change so much about herself, and she wants to make even more changes.

    Oh, Spencer. His comment about her hair is nice.

  22. I hope she is happy with herself and no regrets…because surgery is not like a bad hair color choice, you cannot play it back.
    But..me too… I think she looks so fake and old. And this thing is not about her look I am sure she is doing this not cuz a desire for perfection, she seems to have a lot of psychological problems she trying to deal with some outside improvements. Sadly it never helps.

    • i wonder why so many people equate being 40 with ‘ugliness’.

      to be 40 does not necessarily make you ugly.
      and to be 20 does not necessarily make you pretty.


      • We’re not saying 40 is ugly by any means! But she’s 23 and looking 20 years older than what she is- IS ugly. There are plenty of 40 year old women that look a lot better than her but she’s just aged herself so badly that when she is 40, she’ll look even worse. Jocelyne Wildenstein anyone?

  23. Question…she’s around 5’2-5’3, & weight wise anywhere from 110-111 lbs, correct?
    How the HELL is her body going to support those, let alone BIGGER boobs?
    I’m all for a little nip & tuck, though minor, however if she wants to ever be taken seriously, especially when her 15 minutes of fame are up [which i hope is soon], if she has huge boobs? Ones that we all know are ridiculously fake? It’s sad, since she’ll basically be one step away from a p— star. Extremely large boobs, that aren’t natural of course, are hardly classy in my opinion. It’s a huge cry for attention when i think you should just allow your personality to shine. She’s just another body with no personality.

    & Yea…i’m sure her hair is so natural. Because everyone has naturally platinum hair -rolls eyes- [i know some do, but that’s such a slim margin that it’s hardly worth mentioning. ]
    Everything on her is fake from head to to. Hell, they had an episode on the Hills when she was getting her extensions done with her sister!! Fake and a liar. How tragic. Their reality is so warped it’s not even funny.

  24. these pictures make me sad. i don’t plan on getting plastic surgery, but it’s not for me to judge others who do. what makes me sad is that this girl is 23 and yet she looks years older than I…. and I’m 27!

    also, one thing that isn’t helping her is the hairstyle….that cut is not appropriate for her face shape and features! like i’ve said before, it always amazes me that people with tons of money and stylists make the wrong fashion/makeup/hair choices. i think it’s partially because in celebrity world people often try to fit the mold of a certain look without evaluating whether it fits them.

    btw, spencer is quite possibly one of the creepiest looking dudes i have ever seen.

  25. Her face doesn’t look quite as empty as it did in the photoshoot, but it looks unnatural. I agree that she’s thrown of the balance of her features, or w/e it’s called. I just hope that this is all she gets, and that she doesn’t spend years trying to fix it.

  26. I think chin implants almost always look terrible. They only work if you are completely devoid of chin. She shouldn’t have done it, and I know she had a previous nose job. Her second nose job was just overkill. Overall she still looks better than me, haha.

  27. To call a girl ugly is a horrible thing, but when I’m bombarded with the first and last close-up with her looking so unrefreshed, so unnatural, so molded and stiff, that evil word scratches at the surface of my mind. Far away pics of her look lovely, but I don’t suspect that every time you interact with someone they’ll be far away. The old Heidi was much prettier. She no longer looks youthful but rather as a well-put together forty year old “classy” woman who loves Jesus and plans to pose topless in Playboy now. Maybe because Jesus said he’s ok with it, who knows. Maybe in future I’ll see better close-up pics and they won’t look like this. Maybe she’s still bloated or something, or still healing. The next time I want to age 20 years, I’ll go see her doc.

  28. Omg seriously? She doesn’t look any better – she looks worse. Those b❆❆bs are un-necessary! Ewww… I hate implants as it is but those huge gross ones are really poorly done.

    She looks like a 50 year old with down syndrome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Yuck.

    Surprised she can even smile.
    A rather ugly smile at that too.

    Can’t stand the woman – before and even more after all of these ridiculous surgeries.

  30. Is it just me or does she look a lot older now? Also, isn’t it funny that her man digs her natural hair as opposed to her fake boobs?

  31. She doesn’t look that different as we might have expected, but she still looks …off. I don’t like her eyebrow region one bit. She looked better before, but hey, if it makes her feel better.

  32. eww she looks nasty. and when she gets older all her surgeries are gonna turn around and bite her in the a– with 10 years of looking older

  33. i feel sorry for her. she looks like she’s 40 years old and her b❆❆bs are making her look cheap. and spencer secretly tells that he is not that into plastic surgery by saying that.

  34. I can’t wait to hear what Chelsea Handler has to say about her on her show, ha ha! Heidi gives the world plenty of reason to make fun of her and this shiny/robot look is just fueling that fire. Good job, chick, good job…

  35. She’s so… shiny?

    She looks in pain when she smiles to me. All that plastic surgery was a REALLY bad idea. I never liked her, but I did think she was at least pretty before. Now she looks like some sort of robot or a bad wax figure.

  36. Wow, damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

    How horrible to be in an industry that makes fun of your looks, fuels insecurities and drives people to get cosmetic surgery they don’t need, only to get a sh*t load of negative attention afterwards. Must totally suck!

    Also the surgery hasn’t aged her per se. What it’s done is given her a very ‘done’ look that is associated with an older women trying to look young. There can be women ranging from 20 to 60 who are all clones of each other…..they look neither young nor old, just strange, operated and stripped of any individuality.

  37. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
    SHE LOOKS 100 TIMES WORSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. She was never a knock-out or anything, but she looked cute and fresh before, now she looks about 35. The skin looks so tight around her nose that it’s so obvious that she’s had a nose job. The chin is not good either. I can understand her wanting to get it reduced because even though I never thought it was really that bad, I have issues with mine so I can relate to it, but all they’ve done is square her’s off. I think some people can carry off that square chin look, but Heidi doesn’t have the right bone structure for it. The b❆❆bs do her body no favours at all, they make her look bigger everywhere.

    I’m surprised at how bad she looks here because in those earlier photos with the little dog, although her expression looked frozen, she looked wonderful.

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  40. she does look particularly bad in these photos… but i just looked up more photos of her on the internet and she looks a lot better than in these ones… she doesn’t look as old in others..

  41. She was so much cuter before she had any work done on her face! It’s so sad! I think some low lights in her hair would make her look significantly less trashy too. Haha

  42. I think it’s funny that she says she got it done because people are always making fun of her and pointing out flaws…she chose an industry that literally eats you alive. Even more unfortunate, we’re still going to make fun of her, because she is completely ridiculous.

  43. I look at this girl and she used to be a bit of a joke-well it’s not even funny anymore. It’s soo so sad, like really it’s just pathetic, and she has this horrible fake jackass for a husband, she just seems like a sad puppy trying to find acceptance and happiness. She looks awful, like a victim of a car crash that had to get reconstructive surgey, so fake and gross, it’s not even somewhat natural and real. Someone, her family, someone who actually cares about her needs to give her a reality check. This is just so so so wrong, and this is the world of reality MTV which is soo sooooooo wrong to begin with ugh, wtf, why are people so stupid and willing to accept these types of people and their destructive/abusive/disgusting behavior.

  44. I agree, I thought it was funny at first too, but then I thought about it, and she ff—* up her face for life! She can’t really undo it, and it’s so sad, especially considering how young she is, and when she finally gets treatment for her apparent body dysmorphic disorder (or whatever mental problem she has), she’ll realize she made a BIG mistake.

  45. She looks like a washed up sh—-e p— star with the big fake blonde hair, the big fake lips and the big fake boobs. That big, fake chin is most horrendous of all. I can’t believe she’s 23, she doesn’t look any younger than 30. She really messed up her face and the chin really throws her face off balance, making it look all horse-like and gaunt…women aren’t supposed to have wide, flat, squarish chins unless they want to start looking like guys…she used to be such a cute looking girl. I’d hate to imagine what she’s going to look like 10 years from now. It just really ticks me off to see young girls (who are naturally pretty to begin with) pay a ton of money just to look all horrible and clownish afterwards…it’s mind boggling how they can’t just put the money to better use than to distort and mess up their faces. I’m not anti cosmetic surgery, little enhancements here and there, and fixing of flaws is ok if you are not mentally ill and you have the money for it…but it’s sad that she’s still so young, and damnit that chin is ugly, she definately did not need whatever her doc did to her there.

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