Heidi Montag Wants to Remove Her G-Cup Implants

Heidi Montag Wants to Remove Her G-Cup Implants 1

Did you guys see this coming? After all, a while back Heidi was saying that she wanted to opt for an UPgrade, meaning even bigger implants. Let’s see the details from Life & Style:

Just one week after the untimely death of her plastic surgeon, Dr. Frank Ryan, Heidi Montag sat down exclusively with Life & Style to tell-all about her plastic surgery regrets, revealing that she wants her outrageous G implants removed.

“I’m desperate to go back to normal,” she confides to Life & Style. “I’m downgrading and going a little smaller, to a D or a double D.”

More than nine months after she went under the knife on Nov. 20, Heidi says she is still in severe pain and her body has not gotten used to the over the top boob job. “I have major anxiety about it. I was taking painkillers but they weren’t working so I stopped. It hurt either way,”

Besides being unable to hug her four dogs or wear anything but custom-made clothing, “I’m obsessed with fitness but it’s impossible to work out with these boobs,” she says. “It’s heartbreaking. I can’t live an everyday life.”

And while Heidi tells Life & Style she is currently shopping for a surgeon in South America, she worries that she’ll be trapped in this cartoonish body forever after the untimely passing of her confidant Dr. Ryan. “I feel trapped in my own body,” Heidi tells Life & Style.

“There’s just no fixing it,” she says. “Dr. Ryan knows the work he did, he knows everything.”

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94 thoughts on “Heidi Montag Wants to Remove Her G-Cup Implants”

  1. She’s acting like such a victim, like oohh poor me, I can’t live a normal life, it’s heartbreaking. Heidi, YOU BROUGHT THIS UPON YOURSELF. No-one forced you to get such ridiculously huge implants, it’s what YOU chose so don’t act like a baby about it and blab to the media about how your life is so hard with 2 watermelons bolted to your chest. PR stunt, anyone?

        • I don’t know.
          The way I look as it is it’s like an alcoholic who ruined their liver.and is now clean.

          Would you shout at them that they brought it upon themselves?

          • if they would have been on every cover of every magazine while they were drinking saying how proud and amazing they felt? … yes.
            besides, she is not an alcoholic, and it’s ridiculous to compare this to that…

          • recovered? She wants to go to a “Double D” to go smaller. DOUBLE D? THAT IS NOT SMALLER. And if she’s in so much pain from the surgery, why do more?

            I say idiot.

          • a lot smaller than what she was. I’m a double D but I look like a full C at the most. I was actually shocked that I am supposedly a double D

          • @eik – addiction is addiction.
            You get people that are addicted to shopping and end up in such serious debt that they can’t pay for food and rent anymore.
            Being on the cover of every magazine is part of her addiction!
            Just because it sounds trivial to you, does not mean that that compulsive behaviour is not covering a very serious problem.
            So you’re statement is a bit ridiculous. Maybe you should stick to topics you’re more informed about.

    • Your comment made me giggle lucy, it may be harsh words but lets face it it’s the truth, she is playing the victim because she chose to blow insane amounts of money that she never really had to ‘work’ for on crazy surgeries and now she doesnt like the result? If she had a little respect for her body in the first place she would have thought twice about having such large implants bolted on to her chest, it doesnt take a genious to realise there are going to be some major drawbacks (asides from looking like a blow-up doll that is).

      Part of me thinks she needs to be in therapy or something because she is obsessive about changing her looks, but then I consider where she lives and probably most people she know have a cosmetic surgeon they see fairly regularly, so she doesnt see how bizarre it is to alter yourself so much. It is a pity to see any woman do this to herself.

    • While I agree with you, I think you’re being too harsh.

      She’s clearly a troubled human being. Uncomfortabele in her natural body, uncomfortable in her fake body. Uncomfortable in her body, period.

      I don’t know, to me that’s more sad than it is a , “YOU STUPID HO YOU DID THIS TO YOURSELF” kind of thing.

      I know she could always see a therapist, but sometimes people don’t know how to make that first step. Nor is seeing a therapist some guaranteed miracle cure. The majority of people that see psychologists sadly don’t get much better.

      • Also, I want to add.

        I don’t think she ever should have gone into media. She doesn’t have the self-esteem to deal with the fickle public.

        They called her ugly when she was natural. They called her ugly when she got plastic surgery the first time. They called her ugly when she went to the extreme. And they’ll most likely call her ugly in the future no matter what she does, simply because people don’t like her and act like celebrities who get plastic surgery are evil people that need to be punished.

        Taking all that into consideration, I just feel sorry for her.

        • I have a hunch that half these people who say mean things about celebrities would probably get some kind of work done if given the free money themselves.

    • i normally desist from saying anything negative about celebs but I have to agree with you. what bugs me more its the fact that she CHOSE to come out about her feelings after her surgeon died (RIP to the Dr btw) it is sickening that she chooses to capitalize on the publicity his death has received. I dont care if she is lying or being truthful, if she wasnt such a PR who.re she would have at least waited but of course not, lets shift the attention from this car crash disaster and focus on how sad my big b❆❆bs make me feel. smh. its thoroughly disgusting to me.

      • i don’t know if it just because it is something i don’t pay much attention to or if she just doesn’t get as much attention over in britain, but i hadn’t really heard of her until she got all this surgery done and so don’t really know what she was like prior. but she has come across as fairly dim, and self involved, but i think this is more reflective of a hideously callous section of the media who think nothing of capitalising on a mans death with trashy headlines, rather than any shrewd publicity stunt on her behalf. but like i say I don’t really know much about her. anyone who asks for b❆❆bs this big, hasn’t got much up top( by that i mean brain not bust 🙂 ) by my reckoning.

    • Yeah I agree with you. She really acts like a victim. Like it’s worlds biggest drama, come on heidi get over yourself. I’ve got size F b❆❆bs and no problems. There are more problems in the world than your friggin boobs

  2. With the way she’s depicted (herself) in the media, it’s really hard to tell if she’s serious or not. Perhaps she only got all those plastic surgeries so she could land another tabloid cover months regretting them? Who really knows, but I do hope she’ll achieve some semblance of her definition of “normalcy,” whatever that may be.

  3. Those breast implants do look painful.
    I hope that after she has the implants taken out, she makes the best of what she has now even if it isn’t as great as what she originally had.
    More plastic surgery will just make things worse.

  4. She ruined her face and her body,she look so fake and she look like a wax doll,at last she noticed.This girl needs help,she`s not well mentally.She do everything to get famous but what she`s doing is that she`s making people hate her and make funny of her

  5. They do look painful, I’ve always thought overly large breast implants look painful. Like the tissue would be sore or hardened. Of course I don’t really know though. Its kind of sad that Heidi Montag’s definition of beauty is so limited, like she has to have huge breast implants, barbie colored hair extensions, butt implants, plumped lips to feel good. Its like she saw all the girls in playboy and began to believe that was the only definition of beauty. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder really, that’s why no one will ever be perfect. Except Megan Fox of course jk

  6. They do look painful, I’ve always thought large breast implants look painful. Like the tissue would be sore or hardened. Her definition of beauty must be the cliche Barbie/Playboy look

  7. I didn’t know her plastic surgeon died – isn’t that just the cherry on the sundae?? I can’t even imagine. She goes under the knife for all this crap, thinking that there is always a way out and then he dies??? Ha!

  8. as much as i want to care, i don’t. she did this to herself. she’s like a child- she’ll do anything to get attention… even if its not the type of attention she really wants or needs.

  9. she definitely needs to talk somebody. the fact that she was so unhappy before surgery and even unhappier after just proves that surgery doesn’t work when you have mental problems.. it’s not a quick fix. very sad.

  10. May 25 “I have never felt sexier, happier, or more amazing in my own skin.”
    Aug 25 “I feel trapped in my own body”

    …sad story

    • Exactly!
      This is what leads me to believe this, “Oh woe is me” act is just a publicity stunt. People got used to seeing her giant knockers and plastic face then, as a result, stopped paying her attention. Now she needs a new ploy to get on the covers of magazines.
      Sad really.

  11. She was so cute before. She reminded me of Blake Lively – naturally pretty blonde. Now – she looks very odd. You can tell her face wasn’t designed for such a small nose or for a facelift so young. I dont know why she thought she needed one? She might be able to fix the implants – really she should be no bigger than a C cup in my opinion. But now the skin had probably stretched and she probably will have a lot of loose skin…

    • Blake Lively isn’t a “natural” beauty. She has definitely had a nose job and most likely has breast implants. The results are subtle though, and yes, she is very pretty. But it is not natural.

  12. she was so adorable before…then she had to ruin herself by TRYING to look like a ‘sex symbol’ (what she said she wanted to look like)
    to be honest she needs therapy and to be away from the spotlight…instead of landing a cover of a magazine go lie on a shrinks couch……..
    i dont think she needs any more press coverage…she needs to not be famous, for nothing, anymore.

  13. I have size D implants and I totally hate them. I have back problems and I am so sick of how they look on me. They are to big for my body at 5,5 and 110. I have had them for 10 years and I am having them removed this winter.

  14. Well, she probably did it because she thought it would work. It was a terrible idea, but I don’t think she doesn’t know what she wants. She changed her mind because of the discomfort she concluded she couldn’t live with any longer.

    Now, see, she said she’d never been happier than she was right after she got those implants or something. And, now, she’ll have to get used to her old, smaller-breasted self (OK, she’s keeping a D/DD size, but you get my point). Couldn’t she have thought more deeply and tried to seek the satisfaction with smaller b❆❆bs before?

    I hope she manages to get a doctor who will do a fine job removing those implants and becomes more sensible after this failure.

  15. What an idiot!! How did she think she would feel with G breasts?!! And i don’t think double d’s will suit her either. She is a very tiny girl, i think a small c would be more suited to her body.

    • Yes I am surprised no one has mentioned the destructive dynamo that is spencer p. He was probably the one pressuring her to change how she looked in the first place. Now he is (allegedly) trying to sell a sex tape of them if she doesnt do what he wants (a reality show). Anyway Spence was part of the reason she has gone so far down. Ladies be careful who you decide to call boyfie and play house with….some men are parasites!! Luckily there are also really sweet ones as well.

    • I really, really, really hope not. She should be put on suicide watch. 🙁 I hope she can get back to normal – if not physically – at least mentally.

  16. I think what this is really about is, “I was taking painkillers but they weren’t working so I stopped. It hurt either way”.

  17. She is just out of money. Countering her drastic thoughts on plastic surgery and selling her drivel to a tabloid will easily deliver 30,000 into her shrinking pockets. Out of ideas I supose… Or maybe she realizes now her ten plus surgeries didn’t give her career or celebrity status the oomph that she thought it would. Easily like her phony divorce from her monkey husband; both of these things didn’t hold the publics interest for more than three weeks. This is what seems to be another one her fresh ideas. She thinks by contradicting herself and admitting her regret, she’ll convince people that she’s suddenly enlightened and level headed and worthy of her own reality show. But nahhh… forget her. I never bought any of the cow dung she was selling.

    She will always be a butter face plain and simple. Practically a reincarnation of Tori Spelling; long horsey face,buggy eyes, stupidly pinched in plastic surgery nose and balloon sized b❆❆bs to boot. Hopeless…

  18. Thank goodness this woman has, at most, around 8 more months in the media spotlight before she fades away for ever. Clearly she’s mentally unstable. How sad it’s going to be for her, though, as she ages and has no discernible job skills. She could’ve taken that money spent on surgery and used it to finance at least one year of university.

  19. We should say supportive things and give her our sympathy rather than railing on her. Imagine the pressure she is under to look good. Every girl on this site battles with their looks in some way on some level (and if you don’t lucky you), so shes on TV as well = even more pressure. She has my sympathy and I hope she feels better about herself because she is very barbie looking, but still pretty in her own way

    • People make choices all the time and her choice to appear on TV and then have TEN plastic surgeries in her early twenties really don’t deserve my sympathies. She chose a douche of a husband, and cut off communication with her mother and sister. At what point will she stop, look at the wreckage that her choices have created, and start to take some responsibility for really poor decision-making? The fact that she continues to call herself a devout Christian while making sex tapes also adds another layer of ludicrous hypocrisy.

    • It’s not even TV it’s “being famous for being famous”. Nobody is holding a gun to her head to pursue a socialite existence.

      I’ll save my sympathy to people who are destitute, sick, and have bad things happen to them. Not self-absorbed, attention seeking idiots who cause all the troubles they have.

  20. It’s a shame she has such low self esteem. She needs to see a therapist that specializes in body image because there is obviously something wrong underneath. Maybe her husband convinced her into the surgeries or maybe it was her own delusions of wanting a Barbie image but I pity her more than anything now.

  21. Honestly, I think she’s an empty-headed idiot but somehow I feel sorry for her. She’s trapped in her own body and probably will never be satisfied with what she sees in the mirror. She was absolutely fine before all the surgeries but her self esteem was too low to understand this. Now her last decision shows her self esteem got no better after all she has done to her body, so she decided to alter her body again. Good for her, as I guess it’s really difficult to live with such huge b❆❆bs attached to a tiny body. Her back should be suffering a lot..
    Anyway, even without these terrible implants she’ll still remain a plastic doll. Too much work done already.

  22. removed by admin* she did it to herself in the first place and it only made her look unnaturally hideous. too bad heidi, you’re ugly and have massive FAKE boobs.

  23. We’re ALL trapped inside of our own bodies, Heidi.

    The trick is to learn why some of us are so desperate to run away from it.

  24. If she really is getting her implant size reduced, I think she should do a full C-cup. She is very skinny and is an average height, you know, a C-cup would be plenty to give her some cleavage.

  25. well for one i am glad she’s removing them because she didn’t need them in the first place. although she’s not my favorite person i do feel sorry for her. no one forced her into being a celeb but that doesn’t change the fact that maybe she wanted to be famous, just doesn’t have the tough skin to deal with harsh criticism. and i agree with casey, people were already picking on her, saying how ugly she is and still is now. no wonder the girl is so insecure. and some of the comments here that people make are sad as well because sometimes our words can hurt a person and it seems with heidi, the name calling hurt her emotionally and mentally. i hope she gets help and stay away from hollywood because it’s no joke.

    • I do see where you’re coming from but tbh I believe that people on both sides of coin elevate this situation to make it sound worse than it is. It is either she’s a complete moron that is ugly and deserves no sympathy whatsoever or it’s she’s a tragic case that needs deliverance asap.

      Insecurities are very common for even the most stable women. Heidi Montag is one of many women that have had extreme surgery in the belief of improving their looks. It just so happens that she’s a celebrity and she publicised her excitement to have to work done and is now crying to media that it’s all gone wrong that her case stands out from the ordinary. Let’s me real; that’s how reality celebs bring home to bacon.

      Basically what I’m saying is that it’s clear that she’s insecure but put into context there’s no real evidence that she’s got any particular major issues that should raise concern. It is also clear that she is superficial and a bit stupid but again, put into context, she’s not the only girl that has had surgery so she doesn’t warrant a particular thrashing by the public.

      • i don’t expect everyone to feel sorry for her because she did put herself out there but damn, people go too far, yet they talk about ” tell it like it is?” maybe she does have issues but never talked about it or kept it to herself. people fail to realize that verbal abuse is just as powerful as physical. wounds can heal but mentally and emotional wounds don’t and can take years to get over. of course celebrities are going to talk about their problems after they messed up. what is sad that even without the surgery, some still refer her as some ugly chick when she wasn’t ugly at all. not the most beautiful but not ugly. then people complain why there is so hatred over young women with their bodies. i think people need to watch their words because i don’t think you want people making fun of you. words maybe words but they hurt.

  26. Shes does ALL of this for media attention.. and I do not feel sorry for her.The Hills is over..I sense shes searching I think Spencer and Heidi are in kahootz(?) The embittered, “divorcees” have pics together in Costa Rica. On top of this recent sex scandal, she is working out a deal with Vivid Pictures.. I think that Heidi feels like nobody without being in somesort of spotlight/limelight, so goes to ridiculous lengths to get the cover of another trash mag that millions of people see on a daily basis..pathetic & true

  27. Ok, I admit it. I have a strange fascination with Heidi Montag. I wasn’t as shocked that she had all this surgery done and I never thought she looked bad. I think it was her right to do so, and given the lifestyle she chooses to live, it makes sense.

    Lately she has been getting on my nerves. Given her track record, I doubt she is being serious about any of this. Originally after her marathon surgery she said her breasts were a DD, then an E, then an F, and now a G cup???? Why does she keep uping their supposed size? Oh right. For attention.

    I remember reading an article after her first surgery in 2007 where she said her new C cup breasts were “so heavy”. Why would you go under the knife and augment then further? And I thought she recently said she wanted to go even bigger, to an H cup.. H for Heidi. How clever.

    The fact that she is (supposedly) shopping for a surgeon in South America makes me LOL. Is she that broke that she has to go out of the USA for surgery? That is really sad. Actually what is even more sad is that she is exploiting the death of Dr. Ryan.

    I’m getting tired of this chick, I wish she would do something useful for once.

  28. “G” cup b❆❆bs on a tiny 5’5″ frame was obviously going cause issues, how ignorant and oblivious can you get? And I realize this is an addiction, but if she’s sitting down with the incredibly “classy” mag Life&Style, I really have no pity for her anymore. None.

  29. Poor Heidi!! The whole thing is truly tragic, and ONE HUNDRED PERCENT Spencer Pratt’s fault. Heidi was natural and beautiful before Spencer came into her life. Maybe now that she’s finally rid herself of that jerk, she’s ready to do the same with her implants. Heidi has always been gorgeous inside and out, just because she had a low self esteem doesn’t mean that anyone should hate her, like people on this website are claiming they do. We all do ridiculous things in order to appear “beautiful”… we’re ALL self concious at times. Heidi’s insecurities were just a little more extreme, and she’s really not to blame for that, Hollywood is.

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