Cindy Crawford Brings the Quote of the Day

Cindy Crawford Brings the Quote of the Day 1

When you don’t have anything interesting to do, you start thinking too much about what you don’t have anymore. When you can appreciate fulfilling things like family, work, friends or the possibility of helping other people, you will have a focus. The list could go on.

But to be standing in front of a mirror and to moan, ‘Oh my God, I’ve just found another wrinkle!’ That’s embarrassing. I don’t have time for that.

… says Cindy (44).

Do you guys agree with her statement?

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13 thoughts on “Cindy Crawford Brings the Quote of the Day”

  1. Yea I do agree, actually the “reciprocal” can work too:
    When you loose someone or something that is really important, like the death of a relative, a serious health problem, etc… you forget all the vain things such as wrinkles, 5 extra pounds, etc… and realize how useless it is… People shouldn’t spend too much time and energy worrying about such small things

  2. this is a woman who has beuilt a career round teh way she looks, putting out fitness videos and cosmetic lines all marketed on the presumption that woman want to look like her, adn will spend money and time to do so, while not admitting that she gets botox, until she got caught out. The word hypocrite springs to mind. who is she to be telling everyonesel how to live their life?

    • 🙁 we don’t want them! Please tell me where they are positioned exactly and what products they are advertising – this info will help us eliminate them.
      Sorry about that!

  3. She talks absolute sense. I need to take that quote and pin it to my wall. Very wise words from a well clued-up lady.

  4. I agree she’s being hypocritical, at least a bit, but also that these are good words to live by. It’s somewhat easy to throw out a bunch of self help phrases and what not, but actually living it can prove quite hard. To me she’s kinda just stating the obvious here, that’s the way i was brought up anyway, pretty much, but i have hard time believing she wouldn’t fret about her looks..

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