Lisa Marie Presley “Ballooned to 165 Pounds”, Says The Enquirer

Lisa Marie Presley "Ballooned to 165 Pounds", Says The Enquirer 1

WOW, you will not believe how unbelievably harsh this article is – “ballooned”, “chunky body”, “bloated body”, “fatal heart attack”, “paunchy midsection” AND a lot of “death”, dead”and “deadly” thrown in there too… all describing Lisa Marie Presley’s weight gain.

Lisa Marie Presley’s weight has recently ballooned to 165 pounds, friends believe, and they fear new binge eating could be endangering her health.

The chunky mother of four needs to lose at least 40 pounds, medical experts say, or put herself at risk of a fatal heart attack.

Lisa Marie’s bloated body is a chilling echo of her father Elvis Presley, who packed on weight near the end of his life – and at 42, she’s the SAME AGE as The King when he died.

Shocking new photos in the print edition clearly show Lisa Marie’s dramatic weight gain, especially her paunchy midsection, and The ENQUIRER can now reveal the secret heartaches behind her potentially deadly health crisis.

Close sources say she may be traumatized by the sudden death of her ex-husband Michael Jackson, frustrated by her stalled music career and battling to shed the baby weight she never lost after giving birth to twins.

For the FULL STORY with all the exclusive details you won’t find anywhere else – pick up the new ENQUIRER – on sale now! PLUS: shocking before and after pix of the once proud beauty who now bears an eerily resemblance to her father, Elvis, at the time of his bloated death!

Lots of unjustified / cruel “death” references in the article, no?

Additional info: Lisa gave birth to twins in October 2008 – and if she is 165 pounds at 5’3”, that means her BMI is 29.2 (overweight).

What do you guys think about this?

Lisa Marie Presley "Ballooned to 165 Pounds", Says The Enquirer 2

Lisa Marie Presley "Ballooned to 165 Pounds", Says The Enquirer 3

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39 thoughts on “Lisa Marie Presley “Ballooned to 165 Pounds”, Says The Enquirer”

  1. I’m shocked that someone actually thought that this mattered enough to print it and sell it. What is the world coming to? 165 pounds isn’t very heavy, at all. I’m quite disgusted by the person who wrote this article. It shouldn’t be allowed!

    • As much as i agree about the article being disgusting, 165 is quite heavy for a person who’s 5’3”, or do you really think a BMI 29,2 isn’t a lot? Granted, they did over exaggerate it in the article.

    • Shouldn’t be allowed? It’s called free speech. We still have that in the U.S., although I’m pretty sure at this rate we won’t have it much longer.

      • Mymedialuna, you missed the point. The person/people that write/s the posts on Skinny vs Curvy don’t do it in a completely disrespectful and outrageous fashion. It’s quite the opposite, actually. This site is about body shapes and types and there is never rudeness or snarkiness (well, besides from some commenters) about the bodies of the women featured.
        Your reply to my statement makes me wonder if you understood what I had said, at all.

    • I agree that usually 165 isn’t that heavy, although it is considered “overweight unless you’re really tall. But when you’re 5’3, it seems a bit unhealthy. I believe the BMI that is considered obese is 30, and hers is coming a little close. I don’t think anyone should alter their body just because of what other people find attractive, but I do think it would be good for her to lose a few lbs just for the sake of her health.

  2. I can just see everyone being like “no she’s curvy and beautiful!” No. BMI of 29.2 is considered almost obese. A healthy weight for her is between 105 lbs and 138 lbs.

    • That just seems to be WAY too large of a “healthy” range. Her healthy range should be one of the following(after determining what her build/frame is):

      sm. frame: 111-124
      md. frame: 121-135
      lg. frame: 131-147

      If she’s small framed, 138 would be too much. If she’s large framed, 105 would be too little. If she’s medium framed, it would be iffy for her to be at the lowest or the highest.

  3. First of all, I’ve seen her in person and she’s TINY like 5″ so 2, there’s no way she’s 165lbs. When you’re super short and tiny an extra 25lbs looks like 50 but it’s the Enquirer so what can you expect?

  4. I agree that it’s so disrespectful. She’s obviously struggling, not just with her weight. She looks so sad, makes me feel sorry for her. Can’t help feeling reminded of her dad, though, when he had gained weight.

  5. hmmmm.. i think more people are standing up for her than jess simpson who was just caught in one unfortunate outfit
    while its rude, disrespectful whatever everyone in hollywood gets this critique. according to media, hilary duff was a “puff”, jessica simpson was mocked to be dating the mcdonalds mascot, etc etc..
    the fact that she is playing with death is true though, in past 2 years there are 3 people i know who passed away from being overweight (heart attack), including a woman younger than her
    just because fat is so common doesnt mean it should be taken lightly or overlooked

    • by the way things like that made me aware that i could be getting a heart attack due to extra weight(specially true for apple shapes like me who gain their weight in their upper body around vital organs) anyway if a mirror wont do it a heart attack scare is sure to keep ME trim

    • I thought that the way the media commented Hilary Duff’s or Jessica Simpson’s weight gain was just as rude and inappropriate.
      I think that it’s especially awful if someone is in an emotional crisis (like Hilary Duff was with her ED) and I think that Lisa Marie Presley does appear like she has a lot of issues atm.
      And nobody’s overlooking the health risks of obesity. Not mentioning it means you don’t think you need to state the obvious.

    • The difference between her and Jessica is that Jess based her whole career on having a hot body. I’ve never seen Lisa marie getting soapy in a string bikini. Jessica invited the criticism by constantly showcasing her body. For the record though I still felt bad for her and defended her.

  6. Their nasty because they know it sells. How many low IQ mouth breathers line up everyday to buy this kind of stuff? A lot. That’s why they do it. If people didn’t read it, they wouldn’t write it. I think it says more about general human nature than the tabloids. People love you when your on top and they love to knock you off the top too.

  7. If you’re a size 0-3 you are skeletal, too thin, anorexic, starving yourself, all your friends are worried about you weighing your food, etc etc.

    If you’re size 5+, you’re fat, chubby, ballooning, comfort eating, and medical experts are worried about your heart, etc etc.

    Seems like to tabloids, you can only be a size 4…and if you are, then they find something else to talk about.

    I’m not saying that LMP looks good at that weight, and if I had to guess, I would say it’s not natural for her to be at that size and thus it’s probably not the healthiest thing for her, but what a bunch of bs. These are the same people that call size 2 women skeletal and anorexic.

    It seems that women can only very around 5 pounds in terms of weight, otherwise they are “UNHEALTHY.”

  8. Ahhhh the national enquirer TRASHY TABLOID JOURNALISM AT ITS BEST I’M NOSTALGIC FOR THE DAYS WHEN THEY HAD THE CHUPACABRA AND 200 POUND CATS on the cover….even though her weight has always ballooned and been up and down I don’t believe she’s 165….but let mess guess an unnamed source saw Lisa weighing herself and the scale said 165…..because women usually weight themselves in front of other people in general……. hmmmmmm I’m surprised they’ve lasted this long lol

  9. Wow, talk about doing anything for money.

    I hope the writer of the article is currently taking the world’s longest shower trying to wipe off the douchebaggery permeating his every cell.

  10. Also its annoying how they use weight gain as some sort of scandal.Or as thogh she is a bad person. It’s really quite disgusting, the people that work for that magazine/tabloid whatever should really feel ashamed. A womans body is her own, if she wants to lose weight, gain weight then that’s her choice. What the papers do is make it as though that body belongs to the public and any significant weight loss or gain becomes vandalism. Its a sick world. where the weight of a celeb is bigger news than the struggle of the poor.

  11. Never really felt compelled to comment on this site, but as someone who used to weigh 170 at 5’4 (now 125), I’m willing to bet she’s actually a bit heavier than 165. I never looked that big at my heaviest.

  12. Also, I agree with everyone here who thinks it’s disgusting that her weight is being sensationalized like this. Usually people who gain like that are going through something, I hope she’s doing alright.

  13. People need to leave her the **** alone, she’s going through a very hard time dealing with Michael’s death, she never stopped loving him. Who cares if she got fat, she’s depressed.

  14. I am 160 lbs @ 5’4″ and wear a size 8. This kind of article is exactly why women have an unrealistic idea of what is healthy for them. Sure, my BMI is “overweight” but my wait to hip ratio is “healthy”. Also, my Mom is 5’3″ and she weighs 190. While she is very overweight, she looks about the same as Lisa Marie does in one of the photos I saw in the Enquirer. So this article really makes me mad for so many reasons. But as someone said, they are allowed to print it, and be a-holes, b/c its free speech and ppl buy it.

  15. ummm im sorry i dont mean to be rude but she looks WAAAAAAAAYYY heavier than 165. but she is short so it would show up on her more i guess.

  16. the first thing i noticed wasn’t her weight, but rather how deeply unhappy she looks in these images.

    the press are the lowest common denominator anyways.
    we already know this.

  17. There is no way that you weigh 160 lbs. and wear a size 8. I am 5’4″, weigh 129 lbs. and wear a size 8 and am trying to loose 7 lbs. so that I can wear a size 6. I was always 115 lbs. and wore a size 4 until I got in my late 40’s – I would love to be that size again but am ok with being a 6, I am 58 yrs. old. Lisa Marie seems to be struggling, so sad.

    • Sorry Clare, but your wrong! its all about how you carry your weight, a person that is out of shape and 160 may wear a larger size than someone more tone or more shapely. its all about how yu carry your weight. I wear 167 and wear a size 8. my measurements are 36/30/42. i have big hips, small waist and a porpotioned bust size. I recently lost alot of weight and was also shocked when i tried on a size 10 and they were too big. i was 227 in dec 2009 and as of today may 3 2010 i am 167 lbs. anyhow point is that it is very much possible to weigh 160 and wear a size 8, depending on your body shape

  18. I am 5’6”, 165 pounds and I wear a size 6 US / sometimes an 8. Of course it’s possible, it’s all about how much muscle you have and about your proportions. I wear size 10-12 in UK and 38-40 in Europe. Most people estimate my weight around 135 because I am very proportionate.

  19. I weigh 160 lbs and i am now a size 8. I gained over 40 punds after i moved away from homw. I have now lost 15 since last August of 2009. Yes, i am overweight but i still do not look the way Lisa Marie looks. Unless i cant see it myself and others can. She does look huge but then again, My friend is my height 5 3′ 1/2 and we both fit in the same pants, even if she is 30 lbs heavier than me. I carry my weight in my thighs and butt so it is possible to weight 165 lbs and fit into a size 8, which i am wearing as we speak.

  20. Lisa is pregnant in those photos. If she has gained weight, it could very well be because she quit smoking cold turkey the first part of the year. I think that is wonderful and it took lots of strenghth to go it cold-turkey without any quit smoking aids. Let’s give the gal a big “Way to go” and stop sizing her up. I am so proud of her for giving up the smoking habit…I know that was hard to do.

  21. Couldn’t have happened to a better person. Karma is a real b*tch, isn’t it? Looks like her trash mouth ate a few too many tons of trash. Who’s the “freak” now?

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