Alessandra Ambrosio: “I’m a Curvier Girl”

Alessandra Ambrosio: "I'm a Curvier Girl" 1

Did she actually say that??! Yes, she did!

In what context exactly?

“I’m very lucky to work for a brand that wants women to be healthy… You need to be able to fill out the bra and the panties, so yes, I’m a curvier girl.”

Umm… OK.

Rosie is talking about the “the curvy model and the anorexic model” as well, so watch the video and tell us what you think!

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114 thoughts on “Alessandra Ambrosio: “I’m a Curvier Girl””

  1. Is she really curvy though? Perhaps the length of her torso disguises her curves or maybe she is just thin with big boobs….curvy to me is more about the waist/hip ratio and not sure what hers is to be honest.

    • She is almost flat chested (when she is not photoshopped) and she is extremely thin. I thought that maybe she was “naturally thin” but reading this statement of hers makes me really think that she is seeing something else in the mirror than I see in photos.

    • She used to be “curvy,” when she was younger. She hada little more weight on her, so her hips and thighs were wider, and her waist was smaller before she had a baby. But now she’s more of a ruler, and a ruler is not “curvy” to me no matter what size it is.

      • She was never “curvy”, just curvier than now. Someone skinny with curves would be Marissa Miller, Alessandra has always been kind of straight.

    • Yes I agree ! Really silly !

      And it makes me feel very unconfortable… If she thinks and dare to use the word “curvy” when she’s not far from being a walking skeleton, no wonder why so many girls feel bad.

      Body issues are important, some girls even suicides because of that. Back in the day when I was anorexic and bulimic, these kind of comment would have make me stop eating for weeks.

      • silly is an understatement… bizarre is more like it.
        Irresponsible too, but honestly I’m focusing on the LOL aspect.. I just find it hiliarous- was she joking?

      • Curvy is not a synonym for bigger or fat. She could well indeed think she is curvy, as curvy has more to do with bone structure than size, although, I don’t think she is curvy even in terms of bone structure.

  2. I think it’s quite clear that Victoria’s Secret wants to portray the idea that they are marketing themselves towards traditionally “womanly” bodies and curves, while wanting to keep up with the skinny trend. It isn’t the models intellect that should be questioned, but the brand’s for obviously instructing these girls on what to say and how to depict themselves in the media .. I’m sure that most of their models see themselves as quite thin and consciously work hard to be that way.

    • I agree. Sometimes when I hear the things they make these models say it makes me laugh. They are always talking about how Victoria’s Secret has the best lingerie, when they do not. I’ve bought a few things from there before that have fallen apart after I’ve only worn them twice! And saying they have the lots of variety in bra sizes, when you could never find a size such as 28F in a VS store… it’s all rubbish to help advertise the brand as the best lingerie store on the planet.

    • I so agree! I am tired of companies like VS promoting their models like that… or when the SI magazine promotes their bikini girls. Did you see the pictures of the after part? They were all smoking cigs and looking skinny and unhealthy as hell while during the SI photoshoots they look flawless and curvy. Oh the magic of photoshop.

      Plus she is not curvy, she’s skinny. Not the ugly anorexic kind of skinny but the pretty kind of skinny. Shame she can’t admit that and goes around saying stupid stuff like that.

  3. She’s either delusional or thinks we’re all too stupid to know she’s trying to jump on the ‘curvy is better’ bandwagon.

    She’s not curvy at all.

  4. adriana lima is/was curvy,and skinny at the same time,but she is an apple,so it’s normal for her to have skinny legs,but at least she has b❆❆bs unlike this one

  5. i think they are saying this because this is a PROMOTIONAL video for VICTORIA SECRET, they’re probably being paid to do this video and thus portray the image VS wants to give off: one of being accepting of any woman’s body, be that curvy or thin

    these models can’t actually think they are curvy women, i doubt they do

    • xDDDD Exactly! She would probably pick someone actually curvy as skinny :S

      God, she’s lost sooo much weight lately :S

  6. if she’s curvy, i’m obese ! … i think she stole the only one word i like using to describe myself ! yes, i’m proud to be curvy ! i don’t want to be mean or criticize models, but they all are skinny, and it ain’t hard to have b❆❆bs as plastic surgery exists. it doesn’t make her curvy ! so use the RIGHT words : “i’m a little less skinnier than the others”

    • I absolutely love your comment !

      You’re my new hero ^^

      I think Versus should write it somewhere on her website, to remind us that with plastic surgery, everything is possible so we should not envy the models !^^

  7. WHAT A JOKE! she is a ruler shape who fills out her bra with multiple chicken cutlets! knowledge of silicone stuffers does NOT make one curvy!

    AND she is brazilian? has she been walking around her whole life with her eyes closed? brazilian women are KNOWN for their curves. clearly she is NOT even close to curvy by that standard.

    as someone else said, i have not ever liked her face OR her body…but now i just think she is a joke – stupid and irresponsible. that being said, i actually didn’t mind rosie in this.

  8. haaaaa! I will not rant I will not Rant I WILL NOT RANT ooops too bad I’m gonna keep this short and and simple Alessandra you arent curvy and Rosie Smokington oops I meant Huntington Whitley isn’t alarmingly thin but hell she’s not curvy either. Alessandra has no t*ts a– or hips or thighs unless when shes in the catalog and they airbrush her to death the same goes for Rosie until recently because she has gained some weight. Victoria’s Secret is a sellout who has now conformed to the fashion industries standards. They used to hire curvy girls and now there hiring for the most part all of these super thin girls except for Doutzen, Miranda, Candice S, Emmanuela,Marissa and the other old angels like Heidi and Adriana that have been modeling for them for years. So moral of story hire size 2-8 girls with hips thighs b❆❆bs and a bum the end smh!

  9. Listen, she is delusional but it’s not her fault. It’s the fashion industry. They tell her she is curvy and not like a typical high fashion model and that she probably needs to lose 5 – 10 lbs to be completely skeletal in order to do more prestigious runway shows. It’s THEIR fault. They have deluded her.

    • Lol, oh yes, now let’s all cry ’cause alessandra thinks she is curvy and she has been deluded. Please. She is either a hypocrite or is saying what she’s supposed to in order to get paid for it (so hypocrite or hypocrite, but for money). She really does sound ‘honest’ in the video, right? 😉

        • I did understand very well. You were blaming this whoever they is. I merely said it is quite possible that she really knows what the reality is but is doing this for the money; she’s not being honest, business is not honest and we ought not to forget that for models modelling is a business.

    • shauna, i totally agree with you.

      more and more we are hearing about the “return of the curvy model” and by that we get… miranda kerr? alessandra ambrosio? these women are NOT curvy but the fashion industry says they are only because they don’t look skeletal. and if you ask me, miranda kerr (who is considered a ‘curvy’ model as well) is a STICK figure. alessandra at least has a little more muscle mass than miranda.

      when i hear the fashion industry say that these women are curvy it honestly blows my f-cking mind (excuse my language!). so yes, i agree, she is being told she is curvy and though i’m SURE she knows she is thin and not curvy, i think she is going with the ‘trend’ that she is ‘curvy.’

  10. LOL. Can’t stop laughing. Her statement is hilarious! So how about Kim K., J. Lo, Beyonce? Estimating by her measures they are probably obese, right? 😀
    Anyway, I hope she doesn’t think she’s curvy and she was only forced to say this for the ad. However, this ad is sending a wrong message for young girls and misrepresent the image of a curvy/healthy body.
    On the other hand, if she honestly thinks she’s got curves, she might have some kind of eating disorder.

  11. while it annoys me when people use the word “curvy” as another word for overweight… and I believe that curvy is more about the way your body is built than how much you weigh… COME ON!!

    How could she possibly think that?! Having breasts doesn’t make you curvy honey it makes you a woman. You’re a thin model.

  12. The word “bizarre” was right on the mark, @pannonica. The only time VS models were EVER curvy was when Laetitia Casta and Tyra Banks were on board. It all went downhill since then.

  13. Yeah she is pretty thin. But I’m going to say a fact right now, the word “CURVY” does Not mean thickness. Like Kim Kardashian,Beyonce, JLo, Mariah carey.
    The word “Curvy” means the way your body is, Adriana Lima is curvy, Miranda Kerr is curvy, If you have a shape to your body you ARE CURVY! I’m a size 0 and 1 and IM CURVY, because i have a butt and b❆❆bs and a shape to my body.

    • i do agree with what your saying to an extent…but Miranda is not curvy…you can be thin and curvy (tho its not that common) but candice would be much closer to that than miranda!) miranda is straight up and down in candids and no b❆❆bs in candids

  14. I think by now we know what celebs means when they use the word curvy. Even then she didn’t say she’s curvy she said she’s curvier; there’s a difference. In the context of what she’s saying i’m guessing she’s comparing herself to other runway models who are of course even thinner and ‘curvy’ in celeb land is used to describe size as well as shape. It’s like saying a raisin is ‘curvier’ than a peanut.

    To Bebe, I too define curvy in terms of shape rather than size though I probably wouldn’t describe a size US 0 as curvy with butt and boobs; i’d probaly use the term shapely instead.

  15. I follow the high fashion industry. She is thinner than about 90% of all the high fashion models I’ve seen. The only ones I can think of who are around her size (a little smaller or bigger included) are about 14-15 years old. A lot of them have way more “curvy” hips as well, and she doesn’t really have b❆❆bs anyway. Rosie, the model next to her, is curvy.

    BTW I dont think she used curvy meaning shapely. “I’m very lucky to work for a brand that wants women to be healthy”- when people use curvy and healthy in the same context they usually mean a bit bigger/fuller.

  16. I was waiting for this post. I just can not believe this. She really said that. It is not about her being thin, cause thin people can be curvy too, but she is not curvy. She has no butt, so “filling out the panties” is just ridicilous. So is filling out the bras, since her b❆❆bs are small. I honestly like her, but this is making me re-think that thing again

  17. How ridiculous.

    She’s not curvy. She’s straight up and down. Her hips are narrow, and her chest is flat, and the only way she gets any curvature in her pictures is by twisting herself in the most ridiculous poses.

    I swear sometimes when I see her I think she’s doing some kind of ADVANCED YOGA CLASS, she’s trying so hard to push out her small bum, and bend at her waist, and shove her chest to the other side.

    Oh, and copious amounts of photoshop. Let’s not forget that.

  18. I’m honestly surprised that she would say such a thing. I mean, she’s not the pinnacle of intelligence, but she’s never really been dumb either. In most of her one-on-one interviews, she talks about how she wishes she had breast and boobs. I feel like this is something she was told to say, or was taken out of context, or something. But who knows.

    One thing is for sure, she is not curvy, whether you think curvy means big, or hourglass, or bone structure. She’s not curvy by either 3 definitions. The only curvy VS models that I could think at the top of my head are Candice and Doutzen, and Doutzen is too much of a ruler to be exactly “curvy.” However, I also think that at one point, Ale was curvy…she had hips, thighs, and a small waist. Just not anymore.

  19. She’s got little b❆❆bs and a tiny bum. She’s not anorexic by any means even tho people often say this. Being that tall and that slim makes you look even thinner than you actually are. She’s so beautiful!

    • correction- none of us know whether she has anorexia or not. anorexia is a mental disease, not a description of a bodytype.

    • correction- none of us know whether she has anorexia or not. anorexia is a mental disease, not a description of a bodytype.
      Unless you personally know her and her exact diet and cognitive processes- you can’t say ‘by any means’ that she doesn’t have an eating disorder- same applies for someone who calls her anorexic without knowing those things.

      I hope this didn’t come across as a personal thing (that is not the intent) but I hate that usage of the term.

      • Maybe we’re from different countries or something. I used to think that ‘anorexic’ was used to describe a person with anorexia nervosa, so as long as she/he had the disorder, it didn’t matter if they were fat or thin, they were still ‘anorexic’. However, my brother, who is a medical doctor, told me that in medical jargon, ‘anorexic’ is used to describe people of lower than a certain BMI (15 I think), no matter whether they were healthy eaters or suffering from anorexia nervosa. Hence even people who were forcibly starved through poverty etc are also called ‘anorexic’ since it is a description of a body type. On the other hand, the proper medical term for a sufferer of anorexia nervosa is ‘anorectic’. So an anorexic girl might not be anorectic, and an anorectic might not be anorexic, if you get what i mean!

        • anorexic in Latin means lack of appetite, so if somebody had a lack of appetite I could understand medical professionals using “anorexic” to define them. However, for the most part the term has evolved to describe people who are suffering from anorexia nervosa, whether or not they have an appetite, and whether or not they are underweight (anorexics usually start at normal or even bigger weights, but they are still “anorexic” if they meet the symptoms).

          Around here, medical professionals just use “underweight” or “severely underweight” to describe those with a BMI of 15.

          • Or starvation; i’ve read, just these days, that according to the World Health Organisation a bmi under 15 (or 14.5, can’t remember exactly) is classified as starvation. If we don’t give credit to the WHO, i don’t know to whom we could give it. Underweight is anything under 18.5 (even though a doctor i have seen considered 19.5 to be the healthy weight limit).

            @Pannonica, Jo and Casey: very good comments!

  20. That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard since Kim Kardashian claimed to be 109 lbs (or whatever she said exactly).

    She is curvy in the same way that light is when it bends through glass, slightly bent, to be more precise. Possibly her brain is also a little bent.

  21. Forget whether is not she’s curvy (although, of course, she isn’t!)… how STUPID does she sound? She is having trouble stringing sentences and that is not attractive.

      • doesn’t matter shes been here for years shes the quintessential stupid model all she cares about is partying and fashion and every time I see her when shes not doing work for vs and before she has the baby she had a drink and a cigarette in her hand. How many european models have migrated over to the states and they speak eloquently in a matter of months or less than a year. I’m not trying to throw in race I’m just making a minute observation on how its based on the person and if they want to educate themselves. Look at Giselle and how incredibly smart and intelligent she is.

        • Natasha O, I understand that you are not trying to throw race into it – but check your facts first. Being from Brazil does not automatically make you non-white. Alessandra is the daughter of Polish and Italian immigrants to Brazil, which makes her a South American of European decent.

        • I agree that she does party a lot, but I’m not so sure if that makes her dumb.

          Not everyone can be great at languages, but they may have other skills that would lead one to call them intelligent. e.g. I’m slow with maths, but know a lot about languages, biology and psychology. If people only saw my maths skills they may well conclude I’m an idiot, but if they see my other skills they will change their minds.

          The thing is, we never get to see her trying any other task apart from modelling, so we don’t know if she is clever in other areas and just bad at learning another language. To me, it looks like the first few things she picked up were annoying filler phrases such as ‘like’ and ‘you know’ and she used them from the beginning when she didn’t know enough words and it has become a habit that makes her sound rather dumb.

          • agreed @ ella I but at least to me she’s not the brightest star in the sky @esmeralda I never said it didn’t make her non white just said that it depends on the person and you are right when it comes to her background nevertheless what I should have said is look at so and so model and how she learned english in a matter of months

  22. she’s not curvy, she should have said about being strong and athletic as that would have been a believable angle maybe – tho she is looking pretty thin lately.

    On a completely different note, i love Rosie’s accent, don’t really follow the angels much apart from whats on this site and for some reason didn’t expect her to be british

  23. clearly, shes not curvy..i think all she was trying to say is that she can fill out a pair of bras and panties..nth to physco-analyze though, as it is, her english isn’t fluent she was probably trying to say something else..
    whatever, as long as your healthy..
    rosie has a cute accent!

  24. Man, oh man, I won’t lie. I am a happy Victoria Secret customer. Their bras have been the only bras that I have found to fit me amazingly. My first time being “officially” measured for a bra was when I stepped into my first Victoria Secret store and the sweet clerk INSISTED that everyone get their breasts measured. I went in there a 34 C and came out a 34 D lol. Their bras were like heaven on my chest lol.

    Now on to miss Alessandra. I don’t personally find her curvy right now at her current weight, but if that weight is potentially where her body falls with a disciplined fish and greens diet, meh, who am I to say she’s unhealthy? Imo, I wouldn’t place her in the curvy department. That goes to Doutzen, or Jessica White and that booty. ^_^ With that said, if she’s eating right and her body places itself there, then i say more power to her.

  25. curvy? curvy doesn’t mean fat but it does mean having hips, b❆❆bs and a waist. she’s just straight up and down with none of those things!

  26. she is not curvy, she is a classic skinny model, i like her face but i think she kinda followed this weird model-actress tendency become skiinier than before she had a baby. Rosie in recent pictures that were posted here she looked model-skinny, but in the set of pics from which the one in this post is taken there was one where Rosie stands near her carton picture in which she’s scary skinny…
    VS’s models always were thin but still in the past they had some set of models with wider hips, cute booties and b❆❆bs that could really fill B-C cups…and now they’re gone.

  27. oh and another thing – she says she can ‘fill out a bra’ but it is with chicken cutlets…and i actually do not like the way VS models look in their bras these days. they push up every ounce of flesh they have and rather than looking full and sexy, they look pained and forced and awkward. it looks sort of desperate. though it makes more sense and looks better to use larger breasted models, since most of their bras are really meant to enhance the effects or your chest, they can use smaller busted models, but they just need to accept their size and not try to make it something its not. if they don’t like that, don’t use models without boobs!

  28. I totally agree what people are saying about Alessandra’s remark. I met her at the 58th & Lex store in Manhattan on March 1st. I was absolutely shocked at how thin her arms were, I am considered thin at 125 lbs and 5’9″, but her on the other hand must be considered anorexic! Her BMI cannot be healthy right now and she is taller/thinner than I am. I always thought Alessandra was one of the curvier models, and she used to be at a point, but now my role model views of her are smashed because of her image now. I almost felt like saying to her “Eat a cheeseburger!” I’m disappointed that nearly all of the VS models are becoming gradually thinner as the years go on. What is this world coming to? Oh well, there’s not much I can do but rant. But my final remark is that she is DEFINITELY not curvy.

  29. May be if Alessandra quit smoking she’d gain 10 lbs. She does claim to be at her natural weight but is a smoker. All my friends who are super skinny and also smoke mysteriously gain weight when they quit/try to quit.

  30. Curvy doesn’t mean fat, no matter how many people want to use it as a euphemism. Curvy is bone structure. You’re born with it or not. A defined waist is one of the things you have to have to be curvy. I don’t think many overweight people have that.

    • Don’t think anyone is saying curvy means fat. AA may have a tiny waist but her hips don’t flare out enough to be considered curvy, that’s problem.

    • Whoever said curvy equals fat? What about learning to read before patronizing? And curvy means boobs, small waist, hips and bum. Alessandra has neither of those. Period.

      • Whoever said I was patronizing? Most people on these boards use curvy as a euphemism for fat. I never said Alessandra was curvy, just saying that just because you’re thin doesn’t mean you can’t be curvy. Just stating the truth over here.

  31. hahaha maybe she’s just confused because her English is not so good….. or maybe she’s just a bit silly.Her body is amazing, just not in a “curvy” way even though I have to agree with Uma Curvy does not mean fat like so many people seem to think!!!!
    Rosie sounds rather dim…

  32. Is she retarded? Is VS retarded? Do they they’re audience is retarded? We can all clearly see how they have switched over to using skinnier models in the last few years, but I guess they want to keep the reputation of using curvy models while actually using sticks like her. Either that or they are all in a different plane of reality than the rest of us.

    • Well said !

      I thought the fashion industry was changing for healthier figures, I never thought it would be quick but…
      I’m not so sure. I’m not sure models will soon represent all kind of feminity. Which is a shame !

  33. Curvy? She’s practically skeletal.

    Seriously, what a dumb thing to say, not only is she alienating herself from all women with REAL curves, but also very irresponsible as this gives young girls the message that curvy actually equals incredibly thin. Grr!

  34. doesnt curvy mean hourglass shape? i think its possible to be considered skinny and curvy at the same time buut her overal body shape seems rather straight to me…

    • LOL!!! So true. I saw an ad AA did for a VS bikini…. she had her arms over her head… she looked *bad*. She had weird lines and lumps from her skin going over her bones and it was nasty. Not sexy or attractive at all… certainly not how I want to look!

  35. She has a distorted perception of herself
    She is the one of the thinnest people I have seen
    She looks like a starving Ethiopian
    She needs to get help

  36. Well, curvy is definitely a shape, not a size…. Yet Alessandra doesn’t have a curvy shape like Candice Swanepoel does. Alessandra’s more straight.
    You can be a size 16 (US size 12) and have a straight waist, because fat is evenly distributed all around your body. Similarly you can be a size 2 on top with size 4 hips, so your waist looks defined.

  37. geez every comment or article i ever read about these angels is just a further reinforcement of the fact that they’re a pack of self-obsessed, thoughtless morons…get a clue love

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