ANTM (Plus-Size) Winner Whitney Thompson Gets Naked for ‘Love Your Body Day’

ANTM (Plus-Size) Winner Whitney Thompson Gets Naked for 'Love Your Body Day' 1

Remember size 10 winner of America’s Next top Model Whitney Thompson? Well, these days, she is the poster girl of ‘Love Your Body Day’ – and she is joined by Miss Plus America winner Chenese. The Daily Mail says:

Whitney Thompson has stripped bare in a bid to get women to love their bodies – no matter what their size is.

The full figured model, who won season ten of the hit U.S. show, America’s Next Top Model,  poses naked with a fellow plus size model, Chenese Lewis for an ad for Love Your Body Day.

ANTM (Plus-Size) Winner Whitney Thompson Gets Naked for 'Love Your Body Day' 2

How do you like these ads? Do they send the right message?

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80 thoughts on “ANTM (Plus-Size) Winner Whitney Thompson Gets Naked for ‘Love Your Body Day’”

    • Agreed. They claim they love their bodies and yet they get photoshopped and have skin like barbie dolls, doesn’t sound like love to me.

    • How is it possible for these pics to send any message when their devoid of any emotion or feeling that real PHOTOGRAPHS have. These are just plastic computer images.

      Once again the media perverts any sort of real goodness or truth.

    • In the first pic it also looks like they photo-shopped the nipple out too. I don’t understand why nipples are so offensive. It just looks weird an alien without a nipple there.

  1. These look more like paintings than photos; i like the effect.

    I like the message. Afterall, you have to live with your body so you may as well like it. Even if you are underweight or overweight you can find something loveable about your body, whether it be good skin, no wrinkles, no side effects from smoking; etc. As long the message doesn’t follow the typical trend of ignoring health issues in the face of happiness I think it is positive.

    However, if the message is promoting love of all body types then I expect that they will include a range of women at different sizes and of different shapes.

  2. Whitney’s breasts in the first picture look like floppy pancakes…they’ve been photoshopped flat.

    I don’t like this photoshoot. I wouldn’t say it’s trashy, because sometimes the naked body CAN be art, but it’s certainly uninspired, and does nothing for the plus-sized model being accepted as norm cause.

      • IT’s not that they did it on purpose. But they abused the airbrush tool, therefore turning a 3D surface, into a flat 2D one.

        Look in a Maxim magazine – all the models look 2d due to the ridiculous amounts of airbrushing.

  3. I always thought Whitney was one of the prettiest winners of ANTM. I read somewhere that she was told to gain weight for the show because she wasn’t large enough to be “plus size”, but also not skinny enough to do regular modeling.

    • Probably. There’s no such thing as normal size models. I can only think of one: Doutzen.

      Also, look at the backlash Crystal Renn recieved just because she lost a little weight since starting her career.

    • yea…it was all a conspiracy…they choose her at casting to be the first plus sized model..she was told to gain weight, which guaranteed her winning…(anyone that watched the finale knows that Anya should have won)

  4. Whitney is so sexy… And I don’t think her b❆❆bs are floppy… But anyway, who am I to judge the beauty of breasts? I am just a man, anyway… Men can’t judge the beauty of breasts, everyone knows (sacarsm, if you didn’t notice). Anyway, Whitney is sexy and so her breasts are. I’ll take them at anytime. At least, she has some. And THAT is important to me.

    • I didn’t say her breasts are floppy, I said her breasts are photoshopped to look floppy.

      God, I knew someone would just see the world, “floppy” and not read the rest of the sentance and then go on about how her breasts are not floppy.

  5. It’s a great shoot, a bit too airbrushed? Perhaps it was on purpose to give it an effect?
    But I think it would be better (for the message) if we could see their real skin, with all the flaws….

  6. I wish that to love our bodies we didn’t have to be photoshopped to the point of plasticity and insinuating sexuality by being naked and thisclose to the next girl. Sure it comes across as beautiful, but hasn’t there got to be a more creative way to love ourselves? This same image has been depicted too many times before with no effect.

  7. I’m sorry you may all wanna attack me for saying this, but the pictures look kinda gay. Hugging another naked woman doesn’t really speak ‘I love my body’ to me.

    • I agree with you Essence.

      Before the PC Police goes off on me, I have nothing against homosexuality. Two of my close friends are gay, and I’ve actively rallied against Prop 8 in CA.

      But I feel like here they’re trying to send the message “Love Your Body” but are instead catering to men’s lesbian fantasies. That kind of crude way of soliciting attention is something that I don’t equate with confidence.

      • From the photos provided, I really don’t see a strong “love your body” message. Instead what I see are two naked women in close physical contact and to me that certainly has a gay overtone (Wouldn’t that be the common reaction if 2 naked men posed together?). However, I don’t think this is designed to play to mens lesbian fantasies since most usually prefer that the women involved be much thinner(“Barbies”, if you will). Also, I don’t believe seeing photographs of two models with perfect (photoshopped?) skin and good bone structure really makes the average large woman feel any more comfortable with her body.

  8. The second photo is gorgeous… the first one mmm not so much. The whole nudity thing was completely unnecessary, I really dislike it.

  9. They are both beautiful, but not much BODY showing! It kind of says “But you have such a pretty FACE!”

    Of course plus-size girls can be stunners! Show their bodies, people!

  10. i saw her at the indy 500 up close and she really didn’t seem that big! like a typical college girl after she gains the freshman 15 maybe.

  11. Love Your Body because Photoshop can remove ALL your FAT ROLLS, double chins, flabby arms and cellulite!
    Ohh, and Photoshop can also make your NIPPLES disappear in one click!

  12. love the message and they are beautiful with nice bodies, but this type of plus-size is not very helthy. in reality people have celulite which makes the fat looks more like “blhuurg”. if all women had those bodies, no celulite, it would be excelent. but the truth is that women are not like that, they are photoshoped and i just don’t get why fashion is only concerned about plus-sized models and skinny ones i mean, what about REAL and healthy sized women?!

  13. the first thing that stood out to be was that chenese is missing a nipple. heh
    second, it looks like a lesbian photoshoot. imagine they had two guys naked hugging like that. nothing against gay people of course but this isnt a message about hugging other naked women. i dont see how that has to do with loving your own large body
    third, idk. like someone said, real big girls have rolls and cellulite, dimples, etc. fat isnt a big blob of smoothness over a human body.

    i think they need to make more things on how to dress different body types rather than photograph everyone naked

  14. she is part polish.

    otherwise she’d be huge all those gorgeous german/dutch models have roots somewhere else.

    lord knows northern women have the tendency to be heffas.

  15. But hey – anyway – if you love your body, it doesnt mean that anybody else will. believe me. (I’m not talking bigger girls in particular. I mean any shaped girls.)

  16. Fat or skinny, these campaigns are especially useless with the excessive photoshopping. Everyone’s said it already, but I had to add my complaint to the pool. 😉

  17. So much photoshopping going on here! I seen these pics the other day along with the contestant with the tiny waist from the new season.

    Versus you should post the pics of the girl on antm that the judges could fit their hands around her waist.

  18. How is it possible for these pics to send any message when their devoid of any emotion or feeling that real PHOTOGRAPHS have. These are just plastic computer images.

    Once again the media perverts any sort of real goodness or truth. BTW being overweight is not healthy or balanced either- it’s either one extreme or the other grrr. Dysmorphia people, Dysmorphia.

  19. Whitney is a very pretty girl, and the pics are nice enough i guess. But they need to stop sending the “love your body” message, and then photoshopping the hell out of themselves.

  20. Ugly ugly photograph. If this is supposed to make me think that being fat looks beautiful, it does not succeed. I don’t really get the whole “fat is beautiful” campaign. As a woman, I would never want to see pictures of fat guys with potbellies in magazines…and guys aren’t out there embracing their blubber…so why would I want to see fat women? Their fat is not attractive.
    Also, what’s up with all the girl-on-girl action in these naked chunky model photos? I don’t get that. Are they trying to symbolize female acceptance of fat here? Or, like, the more female flesh, the better? Or safety in numbers?

    I would love to see a photo of a hot, ripped guy (think David Beckham) with one of these chubster women. That would look even more grotesque.

  21. Can’t believe size 10 is ‘plus sized’ seriously, wtf… that’s perverse. No wonder we’re all so insecure. Look back at like playboy in the 60s or whatever. The women were size 10 or 12 and they weren’t called ‘plus size’. This holding up the women like ‘look at them, they’re fat and they love their bodies! YAY’ is so condescending and annoyingg.. they shouldn’t be made novelties of, they should just put them in normal fashion shoots and not make a song and dance about it.

  22. i’m all for loving your body, but these girls look like cartoons, what about loving your body without soooo much photoshopping!! i mean i get it that they have to retouch a blemish here and there, etc, but geez this is ridiculous

  23. The fact that there has to be a separate “Miss America” for plus-size women makes you think that even the organizers know that a plus-size model would never be able to win the standard competition because even they think that it’s not as attractive to be plus size. Don’t hate at me either, I’m just being blunt and honest. And as for the photos, the Miss Plus America girl’s facial expression is ok, but the ANTM girl looks so bored and out of it.

  24. though chenese is gorgeouse i feel a little sick looking at the first pic =S, i have nothing against plus size people ( cuz I am one lol) but her body naked is not attractive, that’s just it.

  25. I do not know whether it’s just me or if everybody else experiencing issues with your blog. It appears as if some of the text within your posts are running off the screen. Can somebody else please comment and let me know if this is happening to them too? This might be a problem with my web browser because I’ve had this happen before.

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