Bar Refaeli’s Beach Body in Allure Magazine

Bar Refaeli's Beach Body in Allure Magazine 1

Wowza! Check out that beach body!

Bar Refaeli looks ultra leggy, slim and curvy in Allure Magazine this month, where she’s rocking summery looks, from swimsuits to leotards and feminine dresses.

Bar Refaeli's Beach Body in Allure Magazine 2

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Bar Refaeli's Beach Body in Allure Magazine 3

Bar Refaeli's Beach Body in Allure Magazine 4

Bar Refaeli's Beach Body in Allure Magazine 5

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65 thoughts on “Bar Refaeli’s Beach Body in Allure Magazine”

  1. What I’m impressed by is that the shoot flatters her through careful selection of poses and angles by the photographer, and less ( I feel) through simply photoshopping the image.

    Bar isn’t my fave model, but I do like that she is of a more “healthy” size.

  2. she looks great she has a nice body, but i’m so tired of her face expression….i’ve seen a few shoots and she makes exactly the same face. and i hate that she has her mouth open

    • sorry, but where do you see a healthy/toned body here? her legs are super-untoned, her arms are not toned either… that’s not healthy IMO

      • Even if her body is softer than many other models, it doesn’t make her unhealthy.

        You do realise there is a healthy body fat range for females that can range from being super defined very soft bodied. She’s obviously somewhere in the middle so I can’t see where there is a problem.

        • i didn’t say unhealthy. but i wouldn’t classify her as healthy either. healthy is a bit more than body fat… and imo she is lacking muscle mass to support the health claim (and probably endurance too ;))

          • Well saying someone is ‘not healthy’ is the same as saying they are ‘unhealthy’ is it not?

            I think unless she actually has muscle wasting or bone density problems, having a somewhat soft or ‘untoned’ body doesn’t mean she has health issues. We don’t even know her weight to get any idea how much lean mass she may be carrying.

            And who really knows anything about her fitness levels other than her doctor or personal trainer?

          • I agree with you Kate! I only see a nice, healthy female body! the truth about her health doesn t show in the pics!!!!!!!!being extremist isnt healthy at all, too much skinny or overweight…NOT GOOD

          • You are absolutely ridiculous! She is obviously healthy! Healthy doesn’t have to be visible muscle. Bodies are all built differently. If she isn’t healthy then everyone else on earth must be doomed..

        • @toned – you can’t tell if someone is healthy or not just by looking at a picture of them, overall health has many factors not just muscle tone or lack of. You could be looking at a picture of someone who is really ripped but they may have a whole host of health problems you just dont know. The whole point (I think, she can correct me if I’m wrong) of Kate’s post when she said Bar looks healthy was that, on these sites, the term is used very loosely and meant more like, healthy as oppossed to some celebrities we see who are either cleary very underweight and undernourished looking or very overweight and obese/boderline obese.

          Anyway, on to Bar, I think she looks stunning and I dont care if she isn’t super toned, she is tall and naturally beautiful and holds the weight well, so even if she isnt muscular she still looks better than an average person of average looks and height would even if they were super toned. And the pic with the man between her legs is funny lol.

          • That’s right, snoops! I think you can only speculate something about someone’s health just by looking at their picture in very extreme cases.

            And, toned, beware the STDs, toned people may have them too!

  3. She got the perfect figure. Long legs, smal waist and big t–s. But as you said she has a dull face.

  4. She is gorge – I wish more models looked as healthy as Bar (BMI-wise).

    side note: I think the 3rd and 5th pics are a bit tasteless (tho that’s probably the photog’s decision).

  5. Now this is a hourglass figure. She has all the right curves in all the right places. Her legs are very nice. B❆❆bs look fabulous. Love the bodysuit on her!

  6. I love her various assorted shoes through out the shoot. She has the body type of a model in 90s, which is great. She looks like barbie <3

  7. I like these pics a lot, esp the 1,2 and 4. She’s not the most strikingly beautiful person irl imo, but she makes a great swimsuit model.

  8. Wow, she looks amazing! Her body is to kill for! And I love her face as well, I don’t understand why ppl say it’s average

  9. I’ve never been a fan of her facial expressions but I’ve always loved her body. She looks great…and so does the guy behind her in the last pic!

  10. I like the softness of both the pictures and Bar Refaeli! She has my favourite celebrity body (alongside of Mia Wasikowska – she has such a beautiful posture!). Bar has a great nose, and it is funny how her mouth always looks as if she was sulking, but I think it also suits her.

  11. She looks amazing, love her body. It’s so feminine, with curves in all the right places. She’s blessed with a good body constitution, great proportions.
    I wonder how can people judge someone’s health by muscle definition. One might work out regularly but not look muscular/particularly toned because not everyone is able to achieve this muscular looks, especially women who naturally don’t build muscles as easy as men. What’s wrong with having soft and feminine body? Aren’t women supposed to be womanly?
    I think it’s simply irresponsible to call her not healthy enough. Health depends on many factors, everybody knows that. It just simply annoys me when everyone talks about health based only on looks.

  12. One of the British newspapers/sites published these yesterday, praising her for her lack of cellulite. Maybe she does, maybe she doesn’t, but I know that when I lift my leg like that, I don’t have any either!

  13. I think she’s beautiful and has such a great not to mention HEALTHY looking body! Nice to see these days. Especially for being a model!

  14. I wish that guy wasn’t there. In the first picture, he’s almost a Mindf&&& and, in the fifth, well… Just why was that one taken at all? =P
    I don’t love the third one either, by the way.
    As for bar, her body looks spectaculous in ALL of the photos.
    I know her face is not the most unique in the world, but since it’s cute and doesn’t ruin her appeal, I’m fine with it.

  15. The first picture looks like a poster for a horror movie.
    The young, blonde actress on vacation is stalked by the mysterious, sociopath serial killer.

    Seriously, why is he in the shadows like this?
    And why do I still fail to see what’s so appealing about Bar?

    • well my first thought was that he looked like he was waiting for her to join him in the dressing room 😉 but I can see why would think he looked like a crazed stalker. lol.

  16. I don’t know why but I just can’t come around to like her! Her face is so…unspecial and sometimes looks very aged, that third photo especially.

  17. I’m not the biggest fan of Bar – she looks healthy enough, but I find her face boring. I’m also partial to long, skinny legs, and Bar’s are definitely not fat, but they aren’t exactly what I think of when I hear the word “modelesque.”

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