23 thoughts on “Barbara Palvin and Izabel Goulart Shine in Venice”

  1. Izabel is predictable AF. Barbara looks cute I guess, although I’m underwhelmed by both of their looks. The material on Izabel’s dress looks cheap as well.

  2. Izabel has the dream body with a nice bum and perfect proportions not to mention she is quite toned,I think she would look even better with a few pounds more since her face is kinda gaunty and her skin started to look sorta unhealthy.As for Barbara she is sooo cute and angelique as always.Btw while I was watching an old Moschino runway I saw her in a short skirt and I was shook as I didn’t know she has this very odd shaped legs(almost bow legged) and walk. She looked still very graceful tough.

  3. First, kia and me are not The same person.
    Second, NO WAY: Barbara’s body is billions times better than Elizabeth’s , and incredible in general. its not even a fair competition.

  4. Wow Barbara is so stunning, she looks like a complete doll. Izabel has a great body, but she’s always a no for me. I find her face hard to look at, and her personality is unbearable. Not going to lie, Izabel’s fiancé is super hot … every time I see them together, I think he is the prettier one.

    • I assume you’re talking about Izabel because Barbara has a flawless face. Actually seeing these photos reminds me of a video I saw on Youtube talking about Angel Skulls vs Wtch Skulls… the channel that creates those videos is messed up, but I can’t help but think Barbara to have the Angel face, and Iza the wtch!

  5. I just want to point out that Izabel is about 10 years older than Barbara so it’s not very fair to compare their faces and lush over how much better the younger one is. Izabel is very active and always promotes fitness and exercise, while Barbara looks so soft it’s not even funny. Sure, she is prettier facially, but I don’t think she has the healthiest lifestyle and looks to only rely on her youth to pass for a model for a little longer.

    • Barbara has a way better face than her even in Izabels prime. I don’t agree that Barbara is unhealthy, but let’s be real would Barbara have a career as a model at her height and weight if it weren’t for her flawless face – no way. I don’t get how you can say she only has her career because of her youth. She’s 24 and has been around for ages, I don’t see her stopping anytime soon. I can respect different opinions, if you would rather have izabels face and body than Barbaras face and body, I can understand that. It’s unfair to say you think Barbara looks plain just because you don’t like her body. There’s no way she could have the career she has if she had izabels face. YOu really think Izabel would still model if she were 5’4 and not as thin? also you talk as if izabels career hasn’t been dead for ages

      • I didn’t say any of those things, you are putting a lot of words in my mouth. I recognised Barbara has a great face. But let’s see her in 10 years, ’cause 24 is young, no matter what you are trying to imply. And no, Iza wouldn’t be a model at 5’4 and not thin. But she is not any of those so what are you talking about?

  6. Iza’s body is super fit but Barbara is 100 times more beautiful face wise. No competion, Barabara is a perfect, sensual, young doll.

        • sure, if you would rather look like izabel, cool that’s your opinion. i’m just sick of people calling barbara plain, just because you think she is “too fat” or whatever when you know dam well she has one of the best faces in the entire modeling industry. you think she would have a modeling career at 5’4 and her current weight with a face like izabel’s? she’s been in countless beauty campaigns, and at 24 has a bigger career than izabel ever had.

          the hate for barbara is so insane, i’ve seen people call her a wh*re just because they think she is too fat.

          • Barbara has pretty eyes but I don’t get the hype about her beauty either. But of course I don’t care for typical eurocentric features that are so popular right now.

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